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So here is the new deal about Okanemac and gknu. I just picked up a new copy of Googlepedia, good book by the way, and I've learned some new tricks to help me make some Okanemac (money). I still need you guys to click on the adds and follow the contest rules as usual, but from now on I will be taking better care of this gknu than I was before. The only way to be entered into this contest is to email your full name, email, and the name of the person who told you about the site and contest to Thanks for your help and good luck! If you have any questions email me at or at

Please read the Contest Rules Page before participating, and remember, you must click on the add before you submit your name, When you do this it provides me with a record of who has clicked the add!

To view the prizes click here!

Email Submission address:


December 9th and I've made $16.74. That is like one-hundreth of the way to our goal. Also, I really haven't been updating this site. We are all a bunch of slackers. Oh well, keep playing the game and spreading the word. And don't forget about making me some Okanemac, Okanemac, Okanemac. free search engine submission Add Me! - Search Engine Optimization
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