Google Adds Contest Rules

Ok, here are the rules.

Only one click per computer, that means an individual can enter the contest as many times as they want as long as its from a different computer each time. IP addresses will be recorded and viewed to insure that you comply with this rule. If you attempt more than one click per computer you risk legal action being taken and a lawsuite due to charges of FRAUD. Also, all school computers share a network so they all count as the same computer. This means they are off limits for this contest so please do not use school computers to enter!

The only way somebody can win a prize and to make the contest applicable is if the website makes ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. If the site makes at least $1000 then one lucky contestant will win a 60 Gig Video Ipod. If the site makes at least $5000 then one lucky contestant will win a 42 in. Flat Screen HDTV and the Ipod prize will be omitted.

The only way to enter.
Email Submission: Email your full name, email address, and the name of the person who told you about the site and contest to me Zac Boswell at or

I will be placing updates regularly on the activity of the contest on the homepage of this site.

Once the $1000 mark is reached I will select at random the winner of the contest. The same applies for the $5000 mark.

If you enter the contest and the site does not reach the $1000 mark do not be discouraged, you will not recieve any spam or junk mail from me or this contest, and I thank you for your submissions.

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