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Subject: THE VOLUPTUARY - Part II (GAY AUTHORITARIAN)THE VOLUPTUARYPart IIBy Bill Smith ( 6JEREMY and BENJAMIN ENJOY THE PARTY Jeremy friend, Benjamin, looked around the room as he continued to
knead the black server's balls. A good half of the servers had parked their
trays on the nearest tables as they sunk to their knees to suck a guest,
laid on their backs with their legs spread wide and over their shoulders as
one guests or another wanted to fuck them or were on all fours with their
legs spread wide and their butt posed high as guests wanted to fuck them
doggie style. Even in these various positions, all of the black slaves looked almost
identical - it was hard to believe they were merely half-brothers to
explain the similarities. But then he reminded himself the black slaves
had been highly selected at the time of their purchase on top of their
genetic heritage and all had been bred from wenches selected for their own
similarity. Even more remarkable was their seeming willingness to please
their master's guests, no matter what was asked of them and remarked as
much to Jeremy. "They're more than just willing," Jeremy commented. "Eager, I'd call
it. Look at that one the guy we were just talking to has one all fours and
is ramming him up his butt. Look at that smile on that slave's face as our
friend there is fucking him full force with that big dick he's sporting.
He's not just willing to take a pounding like that - he loli boy sex seems to be pleased
he's able to serve the guests." "Well, I suppose their training has a lot to do with it," Benjamin
replied. "But I guess it has something to do with what happens if they
don't do everything the guests want. Solid punishment can change a slave's
attitudes real fast." forbidden loli pics Pointing to his own slave attendant standing with a
full hard-on just a few feet away, Jeremy explained, "When I first bought
this slave, he didn't like anyone fucking his butt and sure let everyone
know it. A hopeless straight, I suppose. When I had my steward take the
bullwhip to him, he changed his attitude real quick and, after a few solid
whippings that left him unconscious, he never uttered a sound when he was
next fucked. After a few days of missed meals, he learned to beg to be
fucked. Now, he used to it and doesn't seem to mind at all - in fact, he at
least pretends he really likes a big one pumping up his hole. Same with
sucking a person off. At first he gagged ass pics lolicon incest and coughed and had to have his
mouth forced open. Now, he's down on his knees with his mouth wide open
with just a flick of a finger and takes the whole thing clear down his
throat so you're guaranteed he's swallowing the whole load. Furthermore,
he thanks you for the privilege of sucking you off once he's emptied
you. That's what solid discipline can do in terms of attitude." "But I still bet he'd rather we doing the fucking himself," Jeremy
laughed. "Probably, but slaves don't have choices like that and now he knows
it," Jeremy said with a chuckle as the slave he was discussing returned an
anxious, but defeated smile. "Well, bred slaves like these blacks wouldn't know any different
anyway," Jeremy continued. "After all, it probably never occurred to any
of them a slave would dare to object to anything a master wanted like you
said your attendant slave did. I take it your attendant slave was freeborn
originally?" "Yeah. I bought him at a sheriff's sale. He was just 18 then and had
been caught stealing cars for a chop shop. Up until his sale, he'd been
running around acting Mr. Big Shot what with the money from the chop shop
and fucking every broad he could get to spread their legs great loli for a little
cash. Actually, enslaving him has certainly been the best thing for
society at large and has saved the hard working taxpayers a lot of money
over the years. Now I'm feeding and housing him instead of the county and
he's serving some useful purpose instead of putting everyone's car in
jeopardy and spreading his seed all over bringing new little bastards into
the world for the taxpayer to worry about." Jeremy reached over and hefted Benjamin's slave's balls in his hand.
"Is he a good fuck?" Jeremy asked as he churned the balls in his hand
rather roughly as the slave gasped but never flinched. "Just average, but I'm working on it," Benjamin said. "I going to get
one of these black servers to fuck him for a little entertainment before
long. I thought he might learn something being screwed by an expert like
these black servers and Lord knows these blacks have the equipment to give
a good screwing with. I bet they don't have too many chances to do the
screwing instead of being screwed." "Don't be so sure, Benjamin," Jeremy replied. "I've heard Mr. Holgate
has them all screw each other for a little exhibition before the evenings
over." "Sounds interesting," Benjamin commented. "But I still want to make
sure my attendant gets a good screwing by at least one of them. Maybe I
better start now before they're all worn out." Jeremy felt the nicely tanned white slave stiffen that he was holding
by his balls. But, brazilian bikini loli pics before Benjamin's attendant had time to reflect on
forthcoming events, Benjamin already had grabbed one of the black servers
by his prick and was telling him to fuck his own slave. "Pardon me, loli forums galleries Jeremy," Benjamin said as he removed my hands from the
slave's balls and ordered his slave to all fours with his butt open for a
good fucking. "Yes, master," the slave attendant responded as he quickly sunk to the
floor to do his master's bidding, carefully spreading his legs wide apart
so his hole was fully exposed. Jeremy noticed Benjamin's slave was
silently crying as he complied with his owner's demand. "Now, slave," Benjamin instructed the black server, "let's see you
give my slave here the fucking of his life." "Yes, master," the black said without hesitation as he swiftly placed
his huge tool at the attendant slave's opening and plunged all the way in
with one powerful stroke. "Ugh!" Benjamin's slave moaned as he almost lost balance from the
powerful insertion up his butt. The tears increased as he struggled to
accommodate the big shaft rammed up his rear, but, if anyone noticed, they
could care less. He was only a slave, afterall. With no pause, the black slave began pumping long and deep into the
proffered slave's hole as sweat began to run free 3d lolicon videos off his jet-black hide. The
slave beneath him moaned and sobbed as the black went into full action,
already feeling like he was being torn in half. "Don't you shoot off too fast," Benjamin instructed the black slave.
"I want my slave here to remember being fucked by a real expert." "Yes, master," the black slave panted. "I'll hold off just as long as
I can, master," he gasped as the pumping picked up considerable speed, each
stroke designed to go as far up the hole as possible. "Look, Benjamin," Jeremy chuckled. "Your slave's getting rock hard
and dripping. That black's really massaging the hell out of his prostate
to get him dripping like that." "Well, I'm glad he's enjoying being fucked so thoroughly," Benjamin
said as he reached down under his slave's belly and wiped some of his
slave's precum on his fingers. Lifting his slave's head up as far as his
collar would allow, he addressed the slave directly. "Concentrate on how you're being fucked, slave. This is a good
learning experience for you. I want you to concentrate on how you can
improve the pleasure you're giving when someone's fucking you. Now use
those ass muscles to clamp down on this black's prick and see if you can
milk him. No use in him having to do all the work." After a few more minutes, Benjamin issued new orders. By this time,
the black slave was covered in sweat and was panting heavily with his
efforts. "Black boy, put it in all the way and then stop pumping. I want to
see if my slaveboy can pump a load out of you with his ass muscles." "Yes, master," the black gasped out as his violent hip motions slowed
down to a halt with his prick deep inside the slave he was fucking. Benjamin's slave grimaced as he made every effort to milk the prick
inside him with his ass muscles. He churned his butt around to enhance the
effort and it was obvious from his ass cheeks that he was working his
muscles the best he could. The efforts seemed to be working. "Ah! Ah!," the black slave gasped out. "Master, I'm going to shoot if
your white slaveboy doesn't stop milking me," he panted in ecstasy. "Keep working those ass muscles," Benjamin commanded his slave. Within the minute, the black slave bellowed out a huge animal like
grunt as he emptied his load up the butt beneath him. Benjamin's slave
felt the warm cum fill his rectum but continued to work his ass muscles as
commanded. "Keep going," Benjamin commanded his slave. "I want the last drop up
your butt out of that black boy." "Yes, master," Benjamin's slave said as he continued to work his
muscles. "Master, master," the black said as the last eruption was delivered up
the butt. "I'm all drained now, master." "O.K., slave, let up on those muscle contractions," Benjamin addressed
his own slave. "And you, black boy, you can pull out now and get back to work,"
Benjamin told the server. "But make sure you wash that prick of yours off
good before you go back to serving drinks. No one wants to handle a slimy
old prick covered with ass juices and lube when they're eating a canape." "Yes, master," the black promptly said as he withdrew quickly and
prepared to hustle off to the slaves' maintenance room to cleanse himself
properly before returning to upstairs with a fresh load of drinks on his
tray. "You fuck real well," Jeremy complimented the black with a slap to the
server's butt as he was leaving. "Thank you, master," the black said with a big smile on his
face. "And," he added looking at the white slave still on all fours, "your
friend's attendant can milk a slaveboy like me real well. He emptied me
good, master." Jeremy noted a look of comradery between the two slaves.
It was obvious from the look of relief on Benjamin's slave's face that the
use report' was appreciated. "You hear that, Jeremy?" Benjamin said as he sharply ordered his own
slave to go to the slave maintenance room and clean himself out. "A real
trained expert thought my slave here was learning a thing or two about
offering up a good fuck. It's those kinds of things that ups a slave's
value when you want to sell them off." As the slave was struggling to his feet despite a very sore ass,
Benjamin reached down and swiped up some cum running down his slave's
thigh. He tasted it and smacked his lips. "There's something about cum
out of a black slave - it's just a little tastier, it seems. lolicon image board
Take a swipe
and see what you think, Jeremy." Jeremy did scoop up a string of cum before the slave left for
cleansing and savored the wad in his mouth before swallowing. nasty lolitta vids
"I think you're right, Benjamin. Almost unique in its taste, but
delicious. Makes you think about buying a black stud, doesn't it?" "You read my mind, Jeremy," Benjamin said, taking one more swipe from
his slave's thigh before he was gone. By now almost all of the black servers were in full use one way or
another and most of them were too busy to be serving drinks. Instead, they
were either on their knees sucking guest's cocks or taking a guest's cocks
up their backsides. The air in the room was heavy with the swell of sweat,
semen and used lube. But then a loud gong sounded, struck by an extremely muscular and
heavy hung Asian slave who was actually golden in hue, and all 100 black
servers finished whatever they were doing to please the guests and
assembled in mass in front of the gong. Most had pricks gleaming with cum
or saliva, and most had mouths dripping a little cum. All had sweating
bodies that had obviously been used - the sweat simply highlighting their
bold muscular physiques and handsome faces. When all were assembled, the Asian slave again struck the gong.
Instantly, 50 new male white slaves entered the room. They were all body
shaved, all genitally ringed, and all tit-ringed and heavily collared.
Their nude bodies had all been heavily oiled so they gleaned under the
spotlights turned on upon their entry. They all carried spray bottles of
body oil and proceeded to spray the bodies of the black servers until loliats naked girls they
too gleaned under the lights with a new brilliance. The white slaves were
to the assembled guests the best looking assembly of white flesh they had
ever seen in their lives. It was obvious considerable attention had been made in preparing these
highly selected white studs for optimal effect. All these fresh whites
were lightly tanned, closely body shaved below the eye-brows, had their
finger and toe nails manicured and polished, had loli bbs picture their eye lashes curled,
their eye brows plunked, their perfect (capped if necessary) teeth polished
to a gleaming white, each had their head hair shaped to a uniformly trim
Marine cut that complimented their masculine facial features, and each had
been fitted with tinted contacts that turned their eyes bright green which
was highlighted by eye drops which made their eyes actually sparkle. To a
man, they were simply gorgeous - heavily muscled, strikingly handsome
faces, beautiful pecs, very heavily hung, and all outfitted to best display
their naked glory. All were hard the entire time they were in the room,
including their ringed nipples, and they teased their audience with
frequent lascivious winks and their banded genitals thrust out as far as
possible. The white slaves quickly coated the black servers in a fresh coat of
oil while 10 more glorious female slaves, all totally nude outside their
ringed tits and clitoris, paraded around spraying the air with fresh
deodorizing scents. Two of the female slaves were Chinese, two were
Latinos, two were mulattos, two were Middle Eastern, and two were American
blonds. All the female slaves had obviously had their tits suckled before
being presented and the rings in their clits made sure they were sexually
excited as they exhibited their bodies to the assembled guests. As they
circulated among the servers having their bodies oiled, their effect on the
black slaves, probably long deprived of contact with a female, was obvious.
Some of the blacks started dripping profusely, three shot off
spontaneously, and a dozen of so starting humping the air in their
excitement. A couple of the black slaves got so aroused they started
humping the white slaves oiling their bodies before a quick whip from an
overseer stopped that nonsense. When the new slaves had finished their tasks (and displayed their
bodies so well), they left the room just as they had entered and the 100
black slaves paired underage illegal loli off and formed 50 muscular couples engaged in heavy
fucking under a new round of enhanced lighting that made their bodies
dazzle under the heavy lights. When a slave had emptied into the hole of
his partner, his partner took over and fucked the one who had fucked him
until his own balls were emptied. When all had finished, the gong sounded
a third time. Again, all the blacks, their pricks coated with ass juices
and cum, their holes leaking a fresh load of cum, presented themselves in
full display to the guests who applauded their performance and then hurried
off to clean themselves downstairs with a series of freshening enemas and
fresh lubes and body oils. In a short while, the black slaves reentered the party rooms one by
one, now obviously freshly showered, cleaned inside and out, fresh scented
body oil on their gleaming bodies, and fresh lube leaking slightly from
their assholes. When all had assembled again, the Asian slave sounded the
gong a fourth time. "Masters and mistresses," the Asian slave announced in a deep lolipop sex galleries bass
voice as he stood in full display position with his legs spread wide and
his banded pelvis thrust forward to best show off his large
endowment. "Master Holgate invites you to pick any of these black servers
for your own enjoyment, taking them to the fucking benches in the adjoining
room or upstairs to the bedrooms all freshly prepared for your use. We
have as many bedrooms as there are guests so there is no need for you to
double up. And every black server is well trained to give you every
pleasure their body is capable us, as are all of us," he added with a wink
of his eye. "If someone beats you to your first choice, feel free to trade
the slaves around until you obtain something that will interest you. And,
when you are finished with one, those already used will have cleaned
themselves thoroughly and loli hard porn will be here by the gong awaiting a second or
third or fourth or firth or sixth using before the evening is over." "If blacks aren't your thing, don't despair. As you saw in the brief
preview we gave you with those white male slaves coating the blacks with a
fresh coat of oil or a few female slaves spraying the air for refreshment
just a short while ago, in the room to your right are hundreds of very
appealing white slaves awaiting your usage; in the room behind that there
is a nice selection of Hispanics, Polynesians, Chinese, Indians, and Arabs.
And to your extreme left and toward the back, there is a special room
filled with exotics - rough Brazilian studs, a few hermaphrodites, some
"girly" slaves dressed accordingly, some dressed as Roman slaves, some
dressed as slaves from the Antebellum American South, some dressed as
sweaty construction workers, some in scanty military or athletic uniforms,
and a few hung so heavy you won't believe what you're seeing. If you can't
find what best turns you on, just ask me and I'll probably be able to find
it for you. Young virgin girls, older women, the boys specially trained to
enjoy S&M, anything you can think of - we've probably got it in some cage
or another," he boosted. "Mr. Holgate wants to be sure everyone is totally
satisfied before the evening is over." "What about you?" one of the guest shouted out gleefully. "Just ask and I'm yours," the Asian slave answered without a moment's
hesitation. "But only after I make sure everyone is taken of, master," he
added with a lewd wink and a big smile on his face. "I'm going back to that German slave chained by his prick to the
curbstone," Jeremy announced to his friend Benjamin.. "He said he'd be
stationed inside the foyer for our use after loli 12 yo all the guests arrived. I'm
sure all the guests are here by now, so I'm not going to forgo the
opportunity to fuck that gorgeous hunk of meat another moment." "Go ahead. I'm going for one of those black servers before they're
completely worn out. Let's meet in front of the gong when we through with
them and then we can explore some of those side rooms they were talking
about." Benjamin informed his friend. "Sounds good," Jeremy said and he took off for the front foyer, his
attendant slave, still fully erect, right behind him. Jeremy's personal
slave had learned long ago to stay as one with his master since his
master's leash was attached to one of his tit rings and any failure on his
part to stay within a yard of his master led to some very painful jerks on
whichever tit was leashed that particular day.THE VOLUPTUARYBY Bill SmithCHAPTER 7THE GERMAN SLAVE When Jeremy arrived in the foyer, he spotted the strikingly handsome
German slave immediately. His penile ring was now leashed to a wall ring
and the slave was on all fours with this legs spread wide as one of the
guests was busily fucking him with a great deal of grunts, yells, and slaps
on the German slave's ass. It was like the guest was riding a wild bronc
the way he was carrying on, bucking in and out of the slave's hole while
hanging onto the slave's shoulder with one hand while another hand was
around the slave's torso and was gripping one of the slave's tit rings for
balance. "Take a ticket," another guest advised Jeremy. When Jeremy looked
quizzically at the other guest, the man pointed to a ticket dispenser right
beside the ring holding the German slave's penile leash. "There's only two
ahead of you if you grab a ticket right now." Jeremy quickly took a ticket and got in line between the two waiting
guests. "Thanks for telling me about the ticket. I never would have noticed
it otherwise. You know, I think this is the first time I've ever stood in
line for a slave to service me." "Me too," the man ahead of him laughed. "But then, I've never seen
anything quite like him before and, when I first saw him leashed out there
on the curb by his prick, I vowed I was going to fuck this hunk of meat if
I had the chance, and, apparently, we do. If we have a ticket in our
hands, of course," he laughed again. "But, Jesus, talk about sloppy
seconds. How many have fucked this slave already tonight?" "Plenty, if the number on this ticket means anything - #18 on mine,"
Jeremy chuckled. "That's not what I call fresh goods, but, I don't care.
Like you, when I saw this slave I said right then and there I wanted to
fuck him. Me, I've never fucked a slave who is led around with toplist loli bbs a leash
attached to a ring through his penis. Now that's control, buddy! By the
way, Jeremy's my name." "Jeremy, I'm Dave," the man countered with a big smile. "Seems like
we're both turned on by the controlled' look." "That and, as you said, that's one nice looking piece of meat whether
he's got a ring through his prick or not," Jeremy chuckled. "I just hope he
fucks as good as he looks - even if I am #18 this evening." "We have no idea how many fucked him out on the street before he even
got leashed here in the foyer. We may be number 118 for all I know," Dave
replied. "But, by God, if his hole is stretched to where I can't even feel
it, I'm still going to fuck him - it's the principle of the thing by now." At that moment, the German slave grunted and then gasped as the guest
using him jammed in all the way and arched his back as he shoot his load
into the slave beneath him. The Teutonic slave lifted his head up as far as
his tight collar would allow and every muscle in his body tensed as the man
using him filled his hole with fresh cum and tightened his embrace of the
slave's body as his orgasm racked his body. "Jesus," the guest exclaimed as his body shuttered. "Great ass!" "That's quite an advertisement," Jeremy noted. "Maybe the German isn't as worn out as we imagine," Dave
added. "There's hope yet for the fuck of a lifetime." The next guest in line wanted the German slave to suck him, so,
quickly, the slave assumed an appropriate position on his knees while cum
noticeably dripped out of his well used hole. After some noisy slurping
and swallowing, the German slave quickly enveloped the guest's prick all
the way lo loli tgp down his throat and both Jeremy and Dave studied the slave's throat
muscles as he hungrily took the entire shaft all the way down without so
much as a single gag or choking sound despite the most ample size of the
guest's organ - only a small moan as his throat ballooned out to
accommodate the large intrusion. In a remarkably short time, the guest was
arching his own back and, with loud moans and gasps, discharged load after
load down the slave's throat - the slave swallowed every drop so the
guest's prick was spotlessly clean when he worked it out of the slave's
mouth. "That didn't take long," Dave joked with the guest last using the
German. "Standing in line watching the others use him got me so hot I thought
I was going to shoot off just watching the others. That load was halfway
out of me by the time the slave swallowed by dick. When it was down all
the way to his throat lining, I felt it coming and I was on my way. But,
let me tell you, rush job or not, that slave sure as hell knows how to
suck. I'd recommend it unless you're dead set on fucking his ass." "We'll, fucking his ass is what I have my heart set on, but I'll take
a rain-check on a blow job from the slave thanks to your recommendation,
buddy." "Well, you're next and at least you won't have to swim around in my
spunk. He'll be digesting mine while you ram his butt." The slave obviously understood English because he had already turned
around and positioned himself for anal use by his loli cp next guest. He spread
his legs wide apart so his hole, still dripping cum, was conveniently
open. The chain leash hanging down from his semi-erect prick added
considerably to the erotic appeal of the still harnessed slave. "Master, I'm ready," the slave said politely, turning around to flash
a big smile to his next user. "I'll do everything I can to make it
pleasurable for my new master," he added sincerely. "That's the spirit," Dave said as, without any preliminaries, he
rammed his own very sizable shaft clear up the slave's hole in one huge
thrust and, without hesitation, started pumping away, giving the slave no
chance to adjust to his size, change positions, or even gasp from the
assault. "Uh! Uh!" the slave moaned as yet another fucking of his butthole
began. Jeremy, studying the erotic scene in front of him, noticed a few
tears spilling down the slave's cheeks as Dave pounded in russians loli childs and out of him as
if this was his one and only chance to fuck a slave. "Hey, Dave. Take it easy. You're pounding this boy so hard he's
started to cry," Jeremy commented as a joke. "I told you I was going to fuck the shit out of him and that's just
what I'm trying to do. Not too often," he started to pant from his
efforts, "do you get a chance to fuck something like this and who gives a
twit whether a slave cries or not when he's getting fucked. All that
proves is that he still feels it when a real stud is fucking him," he
laughed in a pant as he increased the tempo of his fucking and the slave
beneath him began to yield a muffled yell of distress. "Besides, he's all
slicked up good from all the cum in him. This boy is about as lubed as it
gets - makes for a real smooth operation let me tell you." With that, he
was too breathless to talk and within the minute, toplist loli shy
he too arched his back,
tensed his muscles, and deposited load after load into the now screaming
sweat-soaked slave beneath him. Withdrawing a dripping prick and ordering the German slave to clean
his prick, Dave smiled again and announced, "He's all yours, Jeremy, but
let me warn you, he's jammed full of cum at this point and his hole is as
hot as loli pedo innocent Hades." Jeremy fastened the tit leash for his personal slave to the wall ring
where the German's prick leash was lodged and ordered his personal slave on
his back. Turning to the German slave, still trying to catch his breath
and still on all fours, he said, "I'm going to give you a little break,
slaveboy. I'm going to have my own slave suck you, ring and all, while I
fuck you. That way you can shoot a load of your own for a change." "Thank you, master, thank you," the German slave said with now tears
of gratitude in his eyes. "I haven't been allowed to unload for two weeks,
master, and my balls ache with need, master. Thank you, master, I'll never
forget how good you are to this slave." "Just shut up and get your hole open as soon as my slave here scoots
under you and gets his mouth wrapped around your prick - at least as much
as he can what with that big ring and leash in the way," Jeremy
ordered. "This will be loli girl naked a first for him - sucking off a slave leashed to the
wall by a big ring through his prick," Jeremy laughed. Quickly, Jeremy's slave slid head first under the German slave, his
tit leash dragging behind him, and fastened his mouth around the prick, the
ring in the prick, and the end of the chain leash connecting the German
slave's prick to the wall ring. The ring's metal had a unique taste of its
own which mixed with the taste of the German slave's precum and crotch
sweat. Instantly, he felt the German slave's prick swell in his mouth
until it was fully erect and twitching as he tasted fresh new drops of
precum. Jeremy's slave then felt the German's body switch slightly and some
moans emerge as his master entered the slave above him and then felt the
ass muscles of the German start to churn as his master being pumping his
shaft deep inside the German's ass. Jeremy's slave (named "Fetch" by his current owner), hadn't been a
slave until about a year ago when he was caught smoking a joint at a local
bar. Only 17 at the time, current law mandated lifelong slavery for any
underage person caught smoking marijiana. After three months at the
state-run slave training center, he had been sold at the county auction
where Jeremy had spotted him and got him at a bargain price, considering
his youth, good facial features, nice muscular physique, and showy, large
sexual equipment. After his stint in the county slave training facility,
he was now obedient, eager to serve, and totally compliant with having an
owner use his body for any whim that entered their mind. Since Master
Jeremy had bought him for a "personal slave" Fetch had been displayed nude
ever since, had been used sexually five or six times a day in one capacity
or another, had been leashed by the rings in his swollen tits continually,
and, most importantly, had ceased thinking of any life before he had been
enslaved. He now accepted his life as a piece of property and expected
nothing more. Fetch's goal now was to please his owner at any cost to make
sure he got fed and watered regularly. It was the only way a slave could
survive. Even then, Fetch knew many slaves had masters or mistresses much
more demanding than Master Jeremy and dreaded the day he might get sold
off. He knew he was lucky to be blessed with an appealing body, handsome
good looks, and flashy sexual equipment - otherwise he'd be working in the
sewers or in some coal mine somewhere. Master Jeremy used him as a "fetch
boy," a secretary, a prestigious display object to impress others with,
fucked him a lot, had him suck him off at least twice a day, and loaned him
out for his friends' sexual use frequently, but his lot was no different,
in fact probably better, than most slaves in today's world. Everywhere he
looked, Fetch saw his perception of the world validated - there were slaves
everywhere doing whatever their masters wanted, including being down on
your back, leashed by a ring through your tit, sucking off a big German
slave, leashed by a ring though his penis, being fucked by his master. The German slave, aching in need, didn't take long to shoot off once
his ringed prick was enveloped by Fetch's warm mouth and gentle sucking.
His first volley into Fetch's mouth was huge and Fetch couldn't swallow as
fast as it filled his mouth. Cum was running out the edges of Fetch's
mouth, down his chin, even out of his nose as the struggled to swallow the
hot cum as fast as it was pumped out of the quivering ringed prick in his
mouth. On top of that, the German's organ moved in and out of his mouth as
the German slave was being ass pumped by Master Jeremy above. Fetch didn't
really know whether his mouth action had stimulated the German slave to
this huge discharge, whether it was a result of his master vigorously
pumping the slave's ass above him, or whether it was simply a case where a
slave under such prolonged need was going to shoot off at the slightest
stimulation anyway. Just as he felt his stomach filling up fast with hot
cum, someone in the crowd of guests around them tripped over the leash
running from the wall ring to his tit and stretched his tit painfully.
Fetch screamed in anguish at hentai loli tgp the pull on his tit just as he was swallowing
another huge discharge from the German slave and the two actions didn't
mesh - he spewed cum out of his mouth all over his chest, his stomach, and
even over his lower torso. He dreaded the punishment such carelessness
would lead to - his only hope was that Master Jeremy, busy fucking above
him, wouldn't notice. But the guests standing around looking at the delightful scene
certainly did, and made a big point of it. "Jesus, look at that German slave's cum all over that slave beneath
him. There must be a gallon all over the front of that slaveboy sucking
him off. What a slob!" one of the guests commented as he pointed to the
gooey scene below him. Fetch knew at that point his fate was sealed. Master Jeremy was sure
to remember that remark even though he couldn't see it himself from his
position above. He remembered the last time he had embarrassed his master
- it took five days from the bull whipping until he could actually walk
again and only the whipmaster's skill had kept his body from being
permanently scarred from the "correction." Fetch shuttered as he continued
sucking. No one had told him to stop and he certainly didn't want to add
to his master's wrath. Fortunately, the person tangled up in his tit leash was now loose and
he quickly swallowed all the cum left in his mouth and scooped up every
drop on his body he could reach with his hand, putting that in his mouth to
swallow along with the rest the German slave was still spurting out. By the
time he had scraped the last drops from his body, the German's prick began
quivering anew and it was obvious another load was going straight down his
throat. This time he got the prick as far down his throat as possible,
ring, leash, and all, so he wouldn't have so much in his mouth at one time
to swallow. The trick worked and the second round went directly down his
wide open throat and into his stomach. Fetch barely even tasted it this
time. Before Master Jeremy was through fucking the German, the slave had
fully emptied his balls into Fetch's mouth - five full loads before he had
been drained dry. But Fetch sucked on anyway, not having been told to stop
even though the German's prick was now limp. With a loud growl of triumph,
Master Jeremy arched his back, plunged all the way into the German's hole
and deposited his own load, spasming with each separate ejaculation. Finally, Master Jeremy pulled out and ordered his slave Fetch to stop
sucking the German slave and get busy cleaning his master's shaft of well
used lube, a thin coating of excess cum and some sweat from his exertions. As soon as Fetch slid out from under the German slave and positioned
himself to clean Master Jeremy's shaft as ordered, the German slave
collapsed on the ground beneath him and simply panted as he slowly rolled
over on his back so his penile leash didn't bite into his body from his own
weight. As Fetch cleaned his master, it seemed Master Jeremy had not heard the
other guest's comment on the cum all over his body and, for a short period,
he thought he was going to escape the dreaded punishment. But such was not
to be! "Fetch, you embarrassed me with your inability to keep from making a
mess swallowing all the cum as you knew damn well you are always to do when
ordered to suck someone off - even another piece of property like this big
German boy. When we get home, remind me to call the whipmaster - you need a
good reminder of what a slave's duties are." "Yes, master," Fetch mumbled miserably while still cleaning his
master's dick with his mouth. He shuddered as he thought of the horrible
pain awaiting him from the whipmaster's hand. But, there was no use trying
to plead or beg forgiveness. When slaves tried that, it simply led to
longer, more severe whippings. It was best to say nothing except "Yes,
master" or "Thank you for correcting me, Master," lolit model galleries
in occasions like this. The German felt well used but strangely satisfied now that this last
master had allowed him to empty his balls. The next ticket holder was
patiently awaiting use of his body and he was relieved when the next guest
indicated with his finger he wanted the slave in a position to suck him
off. It seemed like his asshole was going to get a little break. Besides,
at least for now, there weren't any other guest in line other than this one
simply wanting a little mouth action. From past experience, he knew it was
about this time in the evening that other party events drew the guests'
attention away from something so mundane as a handsome slave leashed by his
prick to the front foyer wall. Just as he thought he was on his last
"customer," out of the corner of his eye he saw another guest take a ticket
and watch his mouth slide up and down the prick of the guest he was
servicing. This new ticket-holder was a rather fat middle aged woman who
he had serviced before at the last party. He knew she would unhook his
penile ring from his wall leash so he could screw her, ring and all,
properly. How any woman could take all that up her cunt was beyond him -
the ring alone would have ripped most women to pieces - but not her! Oh
well, he remembered she was satisfied rather quickly and he would only be
asked to fuck her to two or three full orgasms until she would kiss him and
join the other party goers, no worse for the wear. It should be fairly easy
and then, most likely, he would be through for the evening and could get
some rest. After swallowing his master's load porn loli p vids
and satisfying the mistress
waiting, he'd about had it for one night! It would feel good when he was
flushed out, showered, shaved, and back in his cage, chained securely with
his prick leash to the ring in the front door of his cage so the slave
handler always had access to it.THE VOLUPTUARYby Bill SmithCHAPTER 8FETCH AND THE BLACK SLAVE Fetch was yanked by his tit leash to follow Master Jeremy back to the
main room where the gong was located and his master would meet up with
Master Benjamin, his friend. The timing was perfect. The two masters arrived within a minute of
each other at the big gong where at least a dozen black servers, all
freshly cleansed, displayed themselves provocatively for a second or third
use in the mansion's bedrooms above. "Jeremy, wait till you see some of the bedrooms upstairs, not to
mention the side room where they've stationed the white slaveboys. You
won't believe it!" Benjamin said excitedly. "Did you get to fuck that good
looking German boy with the ringed prick?" "Indeed I did, although, can you believe it, I had to take a ticket
and wait in line. But," he winked, "it was worth it. I thought he'd be
all fucked out since I was #18 to use him tonight, but I had Fetch get down
under him and suck him off while I fucked him - that did the trick and he
was as frisky as if I was #1 since no one had let him shoot off all evening
until Fetch took his load." "Good thinking," Benjamin said as he gave a quick glance over to his
friend's personal slave and noted the young slave didn't seem to be any the
worse for it. "Enough about me getting my balls drained. Tell me about fucking the
black slaves in Mr. Holgate's bedrooms, Benjamin," Jeremy smiled. "Or is it
best just to see for myself?" "You've got to see it yourself, Jeremy, but take loli diaper Fetch with you if
you're all tuckered out. At least Fetch could demonstrate with some of the
goodies you can choose from. All black, shiny, and hung like horses."
Benjamin never gave a thought as to whether Jeremy's slave had been
completely drained or not, what he would think about fucking just anything
put to him, or even whether he preferred men or women sexual partners.
Those weren't considerations when you were talking about the use of
slaves. With that, Benjamin stepped up to one of the black servers posing
in front of them, freshly cleansed in the slave maintenance center below,
and, taking his hand, wrapped it as far as he could around the slave's
exceptionally huge semi-erect prick and began stroking the long, thick
shaft. "I know they all look alike, but I think this is the very one I fucked
just a little while ago. Is that right, slaveboy?" he asked the black man
he was stroking rather roughly. "Yes, master," the slave answered in a deep bass voice as movies loli he thrust
his phenomenal organ further into Benjamin's hand. "Would you like use of
this slave again, master?" the slave asked humbly. "No," Benjamin said promptly, but my friend might enjoy seeing you get
fucked by his attendant slave, or, maybe, Jeremy, the other way around
given the size of this thing?" "The other way around sounds fun," Jeremy said. "Want to watch with
me, Benjamin?" "Why not? It won't take long and then we can explore underage lolitta schoolgirls
some of those
side rooms Mr. Holgate was talking about," Benjamin explained. Leading the black server by his prick, Benjamin headed for the
upstairs bedrooms again, followed by Jeremy pulling on Fetch's tit leash.
Fetch knew his other hole was now going to be reamed by the huge black
prick in Master Benjamin's hand and wondered if he could take the drilling
without some permanent damage to his rectum. He knew some other slaves
fucked for their master's amusement by huge studs who had ended up bleeding
with torn ligaments and a few of them never recovered from the assaults.
But, he thought somberly, he had no choice in this anyway so he better try
his best to relax as much as he could and make sure his hole was as loose
as he could make it. He could take the pain but getting all torn up was
something else. Within a minute, the foursome were upstairs in an available bedroom.
As Benjamin had suggested, the room was magnificent - this one was
decorated in Louis XIV furniture with the thickest rug Jeremy had ever seen
and beautiful hand woven tapestries hung on three of the four walls. On a
gold veneered bedstand, there were crystal jars of fresh lubricants, body
oils, and even an assortment of air fresheners. Jeremy motioned Fetch onto
the bed on his back and then ordered him to spread his legs and pull them
up over his shoulders so his hole was fully available. He then ordered the
black server up on the bed atop his own slave, telling the black to
position himself so both he and Master Benjamin had a good view of the
fucking at all times. By this time, of course, the black was fully erect
from Benjamin's manipulations. "Fuck him," Jeremy ordered. "And, mind you, I want a good fucking -
all the way in with some hard pumping, you hear, slave? And no shooting
off without permission, blackboy. I want this show going on until I say to
stop, slave." "Yes, master," the black answered as he immediately entered Fetch's
proffered hole and, with a loli sex tgp arillated agonizing scream from Fetch, slid his
huge organ inch by inch all the way up the lubricated anal chute of the
slave beneath him. Fetch broke out in a full body sweat from the strain as
he could no longer contain the screams of protest from his tortured body.
But, before the huge prick was all the way up him, the screaming stopped as
Fetch passed out, his head plopping back on the bed beneath him. "Is that far enough, master?" the black asked as he halted briefly in
his assault on the slave's hole beneath him. "No, slave," Jeremy said. "I told you I wanted you all the way in and
then to pump him hard. Are you deaf or do you just need a good whip to
teach you to obey your betters?" "No, master. I'm sorry, master. I'll pump him good and hard,
master," the slave trembled as he continued forcing his huge shaft up the
chute beneath him. Within seconds, the black was all the way in and started pounding his
shaft in and out of the slave beneath him at a frenzied pace as the sweat
rolled off his back and his breathing became ragged in his efforts. After a minute or two, Fetch regained some consciousness, felt the
overwhelming pain from the assault once again, and then passed out a second
time. "Let me pour some water on Fetch," Benjamin said. "No fun watching the
black pump all that into a dead animal." "You're right. He's just dead meat passed out like that. There's some
smelling salts here on the table," Jeremy announced, picking up the small
tube, taking the cap off, and placing them directly under Fetch's nose. Immediately, Fetch twitched, coughed, and came back to this world,
staring directly into the black slave's handsome face, now covered in sex
sweat. The pain in Fetch's butt was unbelievable and it felt like his ass
lining was stretched far beyond any breaking point. Fetch envisioned blood
pouring out of his ass as he was being fucked and wondered if he would ever
be able to walk again. As he stared at the shiny black face staring into
his eyes, naked loli teens he thought he must have died and was now in Hell. When he started
to pass out again, Master Jeremy put the smelling salts under his nostrils
once again and this time, he knew he couldn't escape anymore. He groaned
loudly and then gasped as the black above him pumped ever deeper into him -
so deep he wondered if he were up to his throat by now. Fetch couldn't stop
groaning as he tried to wiggle his legs and butt a bit so alleviate the
pain, but all that did was allow the black's prick to drive even deeper
within lolicon hentai pictures him. He turned his head to one side in total resignation of his
fate. Somehow, he felt he would die within minutes - raped to death for
the amusement of his master. Well, he wouldn't be the first slave to fall
to this fate. The black slave above him was caught up in trying to control his
pending orgasm, but no so much that he wasn't aware this same plight could
happen to him at any time. He too could be fucked to death in some little
spectacle or another dreamed up his own master, Mr. Holgate. Why just
last month, a big black slave he knew fairly well, caged next to him in
fact, had died when Mr. Holgate had a monstrous 15" dildo forced up that
slave's hole at a party exhibition and the slave had died hemorrhaging a
few minutes after it had been forced in all the way and pumped in and out
of him a few times. He remembered how upset Mr. Holgate was that the
expensive slave had died on him, as if it were the slave's fault
somehow. Mr. Holgate's solution to the problem: more and more dildo
practice with his slaves with ever bigger dildos so all his property
"learned" how to "cooperate" properly instead of wasting his money dying on
him. Well, at least, it didn't look like this "Fetch" slave was going to
die today. The black slave did everything he could to save this slave they
called "Fetch" from his assault, but he could hardly fake how far he pumped
into the slaveboy nor how long he pummeted the hole - that was up to his
temporary masters. "Hang in there," he whispered to the slave beneath him, the black said
so low the two masters couldn't hear him with all the panting and heaving
going on. "I'm going as easy as I can with you, boy," he whispered between
pants. "You can make it, my friend," he added as he pushed his shaft all
the way into the boy and lowered his face next to the slave's ear. "I
didn't think I could take it when they first put me to a big stud either,
but I did," he said encouragingly. "Stopped muttering around and get with it, japan loli porn site
slave," Benjamin said
irritably. "We're here to see you fuck, not hear your throat gurgling.
And remember, slave, no shooting off without permission." "Yes, master," the black slave said, panting heavily. "I'm fucking
this slaveboy here good and hard, just like you wanted, master," he added
for good measure, emphasizing with his heavy sexy loli blog
breathing how much effort he
was putting into meeting his master's demands. After five minutes, the black announced he didn't think he could keep
from shooting off much longer. Jeremy looked at Benjamin and both nodded their approval at the black
slave, now completely coated in sweat with the room reeking from the heavy
smell of sex. Without delay, the black plunged all the way into the hole
beneath him, shuddered over and over, and soon the tell-tale signs of thick
white cum were oozing out around his prick still deeply embedded into the
slave's hole beneath him. "Pull out, black boy," Jeremy ordered "and let my slave clean your
shaft." Then both of you down to the clean-up room and get your asses back
to the gong. A thorough enema for you, Fetch, and showers and re-oiling
for both of you bastards." "Yes, master," both slaves said humbly, although Fetch just mumbled
his response. The black had to help him off the bed and, once on his feet,
Fetch found he could barely walk from the soreness, but the black helped
him stumble out of the room and to the slave maintenance room in the
basement. As soon as the two slaves were out of their master's earshot, the
black smiled at Fetch, who was draped over his shoulder for support. "You're not bleeding, boy," the black announced happily. "You'll feel
a lot better after a hot shower and a fresh lubing." "Thank you for going as easy as you could, my friend," Fetch said.
"If my ass is still all there, it's thanks to you." "We slaveboys have to take care of each other," the black slave said
tenebriously, "if we're going to survive in this world." "I'm not sure we can always count on our owners to look out for our
best welfare," Fetch snickered. "Strange, isn't it? They pay a fortune to
own our bodies and then watch us depreciate the very goods they just
bought. Doesn't make much sense, does it?" "No," the black laughed, "but then, we're not the ones owning all that
property. They want to fuck us to death, it's their call. They own us,
after all." "Same as burning money," Fetch said. "Some masters do it just to show
off they can." "That's about it," the black scoffed as they reached the slave
maintenance room, now filled with dozens of other slaves no better off and
treated the same as these two. As soon as he was cleansed inside and out, Master Jeremy had told
Fetch to go outside to his master's car and wait until the party was over,
fastening his tit leash to the car's door. His master didn't want to
bother with his presence the rest of the evening and, Master Jeremy added
rather disgustingly, he was pretty well used up for anyone's pleasure by
this time. When Fetch got to the car and obediently fastened his tit leash to the
door handle until his master returned, probably many hours from now, he
passed the time watching the hustle and bustle out on the streets in the
early morning hours. Gangs of naked construction slaves, chained together
by their neck collars, marched by enroute to some building site with the
overseers whips already cracking down over their backs and rumps to speed
them up. Teams of six to eight huge draft slaves were harnessed best private loli pics
pulling heavy wagons delivering goods to the shops, due to open in a few
hours. Their drivers, atop the delivery wagons, urged them on with
steel-tipped buggy whips which tore into their backs whenever the wagon
slowed, leading to a fresh volley of anguished screams from the harnessed
steeds. Lithe young messenger slaves, picked for their speed, ran up and
down the street with their letter pouches flung over their shoulder, their
only attire the collar around their neck and the thick band around their
genitals. A mistress, carried on a litter by eight naked female slaves,
obviously picked for their beauty more than their strength, glided by on
her way to an early morning assignation with some lover. A large group of
handsome young nicely-muscled slaves, all blacks, heavily shackled and
chained together by their genital bands, were obviously being driven to an
early morning slave market, judging from their newly shaved bodies and the
fresh brands on their butts. A sign attached to a slave bringing up the
rear announced they were the latest batch from the "Paradise Breeding
Farm." Another group behind them of white female slaves, herded only by
leashes attached to their collars and an overseer smacking a buggy whip
occasionally over their butts, was keeping pace with the male animals ahead
of them. A sign on that group announced they too were from the "Paradise
Breeding Farm" and would be sold off as breeding wenches with "guaranteed
fertility." The stretch marks on their bellies did indeed show they had
already produced at least one pup not too long ago. The few free people on the streets at this hour availed themselves of
the opportunity to fondle the body of a nice-looking slaveboy simply
leashed to a car door with no owner in sight. Fetch, like all other
unattended slaves, was at their mercy without the protection of his owner's
presence. As the hours wore on, Fetch found himself again constantly erect
from their fondling, dripping some precum, and having his tits pinched and
rubbed despite how swollen they already were. dojinshi loli (It was no wonder slaves
tended to hover close to their owners or overseers at all times even
without a leash attacked to one part of their body or another.) Two ugly
middle-age men, dressed like they didn't have a nickel between them and
smelling like they hadn't washed in a month, seized upon the opportunity of
an unattended slave. They squeezed Fetch's balls until they ached, debated
whether they could have the deserted' slave suck them off before his master
or mistress returned, knowing that fucking the slave, which was their first
choice, was out of the question in that the cum running out of the slave's
ass afterwards would signal his owner he had been used upon his return.
Finally, looking up and black kinder loli down the rather deserted street at that time, they
decided if one stood watch while the other was sucked, it was safe enough.
Consequently, Fetch ended up taking two more loads down his throat before
his master finally got back to the car and put him in the loli porn video free trunk for the
trip back to his cage in his master's lolicon porn hentai fuck home.THE VOLUPTUARYBy Bill SmithCHAPTER 9THE ROOM OF WHITE SLAVES Jeremy and Benjamin went directly to the room where the white slaves
were positioned for the guests. Again, they were overwhelmed with the
magnificence of their highly selected bodies, the attention paid to fitting
those bodies for maximum appeal, and especially to the universal dazzling
white teeth, the huge genitals, and green eyes the slaves featured. A fresh
coating of body oil highlighted their gleaming hairless bodies and all
sported at least a semi- erection as they displayed their nude muscled
bodies for the assembled partygoers. "I always thought I preferred black slaves," Benjamin said almost in
awe, "but I'm rethinking that looking at these beauties." "There are a lot of black masters fondling these white slaves," Jeremy
laughed, "and even more taking them upstairs to use. Why is it, Benjamin,"
Jeremy asked, "we're always turned on by something a little different than
ourselves? You say you preference blacks to fuck and these black masters
here seem to prefer fucking a white slave. Me? Doesn't seem to make any
difference. What seems to turn me on the most is how much they are
controlled and subordinated. I just went ape over that white German
leashed by a ring through his prick. Now, that's control if I ever saw it.
And I always like to see Fetch leashed, especially by his tit. But he's
the same color as I am and it doesn't turn me off one bit compared to that
leash through his tit. That German I just fucked the shit out of was a lot
older than I am and somehow, the fact I could tell an older person to do
exactly what I wanted and he couldn't object in any way turned me on as
much as that big ring through his prick leashed to a wall. Benjamin, you
get turned on by black animal flesh at your disposal. I get turned on by
the degree of control I have over an animal. The fact a slave is just an
owned animal is what turns me on despite what color he is, how old he is,
or even how big his prick is." "Like hell you don't care how big their prick is," Benjamin snickered.
"Every slave I've ever seen you use has been hung like a damn horse, or
even bigger if you could find them." "Well, Fetch isn't exactly a freak, Benjamin," Jeremy said
defensively. "Big, yes, but nothing really abnormal as slaves goes these
days." "That's because you only go to the markets that feature the well hung
boys. If you went to the general market, you'll know Fetch is - well - at
least close to abnormal." "Well, if you can afford it, why not?" Jeremy laughed. "Look at these
Holgate slaves. All of them are practically wonders, especially these
white boys here. Whoever said blacks are hung heavier or built better
overall than whites hasn't seen these slaves here. And all with green
eyes!" "Well, are we just going to stand here talking about it or are we
going to try some of these beauties out? Those beds upstairs will look
just as good with some white meat in them as that black we had up there." "Didn't that Asian say something about some fucking benches in the
next room?" Jeremy asked. "There's no law that says you literally have to
bed a slave down - you can bench a slave down even better sometimes. Ever
used a fucking bench, Benjamin?" "Of course, Jeremy. In fact, I have two of them in my game room at
home. That's one piece of furniture I can't live without. If you want to
bench a white boy, I'm all for it. But, remember, you don't have the
privacy you would if we took the white slave we pick out to a bedroom." "That's part of the appeal, Benjamin," Jeremy smiled. "Fucking these
beautiful pieces of loli girl free
solid muscle right in front of everyone until those
green eyes of theirs practically pop out of their handsome little heads." "I'm game, as long as you don't mind me having a white slave suck me
off before I fasten him to the bench for a good ass fucking." "It's like you read my mind, Benjamin. That's exactly what I intended
to do too." With that, the two masters looked a number of white slaves over and
picked out two that most appealed to them, well into their twenties. Both
were no more than 5'10", ruggedly masculine in their facial features as
well as their physique, and both were strikingly handsome. Their overseer
gave each master a leash fastened to the slave's collar for leading them
out of the room to wherever the masters wanted to use the slaves. They
quickly found the room adjacent with the ornate, gilded fucking benches
made out of polished walnut with the gold trim, brass fittings, and a
multitude of thick leather straps to fasten a human animals's legs, arms,
torsos, necks, heads, etc., as the user may want. With a motion of his hand, Jeremy had his slave (whose slave name of
"Service" was tattooed on his forehead) bend over the bench where Jeremy
quickly fastened both ankles wide apart to the back legs of the bench, both
wrists to the front legs of the bench, and a thick leather band around the
slave's torso. The slave couldn't move more than a wiggle, but his
asshole, fully exposed now, was totally available to anyone. Without any
preliminaries, Jeremy moved in behind and started to fuck this beautiful
piece of meat. "I thought you were going to have him suck you first," Benjamin said
as his selection was on his knees in front of another bench busily
swallowing the master's shaft down to the root and then sucking for all he
was worth as his lips bobbed up forum lolicon sex and down on the now fully erect prick of
the man holding his collar leash. "Changed my mind," Jeremy said as, in one lunge, he pushed his own
prick all the way deep into the bowels of the slave beneath him, hearing
the white slave grunt lustily when his prick went in far enough to tickle
the slave's sensitive organs and the slave began to drip profusely from the
stimulation. This slave's name of "Pleasure" was also tattooed on his
forehead and he was now proving how well named he was. "He can suck a
second load out of me when he cleans my shaft off," he added. "Thank you, master," the white slave Service' beneath Jeremy muttered
as he responded to the deep fucking. Benjamin's slave Pleasure' looked up to his master's eyes as he
continued taking the shaft all the way down his throat in an effort to
thank him too, although hard loli pedo top
he couldn't with his mouth stuffed full at the
moment. "This is one tight piece of ass," Jeremy remarked as he pounded in and
out of the restrained slave. "I'm surprised, given the availability of
these party slaves. Looks like they'd be used enough to get kind of loose
in their holes." "Yeah," Benjamin said, "but special exercises keep a lot of them
pretty tight despite the use." "How's the blow job?" Jeremy asked. "The boys a pro," Benjamin laughed. "I wish I could take this one
home and just keep him in a cage handy for a good sucking morning, noon,
and night. About three a day ought to do it." The two white slaves were professionals. Within a minute, the first
slave strapped to the fucking bench had his user squirting hot cum up his
hole as he too unloaded from all the stimulation; the second slave was
busily swallowing a full load out of his user. Jeremy withdrew, unstrapped
his slave, and was too tuckered out to have the slave suck him outside of
simply cleaning his shaft off. Benjamin was no better. He did strap his
white slave to the fucking bench, but simply played around putting some big
dildos (attached to every fucking bench) in and out of the slave's lubed
ass until that slave, his prostate well massaged, shot a big load just like
his colleague had done just a minute or so before. The floor beneath the
fucking benches was practically white with cum and sticky as all get-out
from the evening's accumulation. Both masters mentioned the problem to the
room's overseer who promptly inquired if they were through with the slaves
who had serviced them. When they nodded that they were, the overseer
ordered both of the white slaves to their knees below the fucking benches
with the directive to clean not only their own cum off the floor, but
everyone else's while they were at it. "It will be a special treat for supper," he announced to the two white
slaves with a wink to both Jeremy and Benjamin. "Slaves love the taste of
cum," he explained, "so sometimes we give them a little reward," as he
watched the two slaves sink to their knees and, lowering their heads to the
floor, began licking up the numerous deposits all over the plastic mats
beneath the fucking benches. "Thank you, overseer," the two slaves said as they swallowed the first
load they had scooped into their mouths and quickly got their mouths back
to the mat to scoop africa loli porn up another load. "Love it, I tell you," the overseer said with some satisfaction.
Benjamin thought abo

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