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Subject: The Wager- chapter 1This story is protected by copyright laws! It is intended for adults only! The Wager
Chapter grand lolicon tpg 1The traffic along Fifth Avenue was Jammed! Frustrated lolicon pics forum motorists were
honking their horns and reving their engines. Along the sidewalk the
throngs were hustling and bustling along with pedestrians barely avoiding
each other as only New Yorkers were able to do. Small little Freddy-
disheveled dirty and hungry- was fighting his way uptown in loli bbs naturist story search of a
source of food when he saw a cop approaching from the opposite
direction. He quickly darted into the nearest store only to realize it was
a jewelry store and they would not let his filthy, stinking eleven year old
body inside. He tried to hide in the alcove and was relieved to see the
policeman pass by without noticing him. His relief was short lived however,
when he felt two hands grab him by the shoulders and hold him tight."Freddy, I've been looking all over for you. You had us worried sick."
exclaimed the man holding him.The look Freddy gave the man back was not a friendly one."Let me go Daniel Johnson! I don't want to see you. You left me- deserted
me and left me stranded! I could have died you know. You never even called,
you rat! I couldn't pay the rent. Everyone was asking where you were and
the that cop and Social Services young loli virgins came and dragged me away. They took me to
a home in Brooklyn where they watched me like a hawk- even at school! and
the big kids kept beating me and little Joey up. I finally snuck out
through a bathroom window at school and made it to the subway station and
got away and---" Suddenly Sammy was crying and sobbing on Dan's
shoulder. Then he pulled away. "Let me go you- let me go!"Dan pulled the sobbing boy back into him and said quietly, "Take it easy
Freddy. Everything is going to be all right. They arrested me and took me
to jail. When I Finally got to a phone I tried calling you but you never
answered it. I told my lawyer to call you but- That bastard! He must have
called Social Services! I'll kill hentai flash loli him." Dan got down on his knees before
the boy and looked him in the eye but Freddy only looked away." Look, give
me another chance- O.K.? I have a good deal going and I want you to be
included so- - -"""So you can be arrested and go away again. It's been six months you know!""I know, I know- but believe me this deal is perfectly legal. No cops
involved. It includes all the food you can eat and a nice place to
live. Believe me- - -""Why should I believe you?""Look just give it a chance. I know your hungry. ukranian loli nude models
When was the last time you
ate?""Yesterday morning. I got something out of the trash. O.K. I'll go for now
but you gotta promise me that I can leave any time I want to."
"You have my word buddy, but I think you are going to lolicon imageboard
like this one. In
fact I am sure you are. Let's go."Dan steered Sammy over to the curb. Then he held out his hand and a black
limo pulled up. He opened the rear door and motioned for Freddy to get in."Wow! what is this. We aren't working for gangsters are we?""No way," Dan relied. This is all legit. I told you your going to like this
one. O. K. Rodney we can go now and don't porno 13 lolits years mind the stink. We'll get this
one washed up as soon as we can." When child pussy lolit
they were both in and buckled up
Rodney took off. Dan reached young hot lolitta out and pulled a soda out of the fridge. Then
he grabbed a small bag of pretzels. "Here, chew on this for now. We'll get
you some real food when we russians loli get to the hotel.""Hotel!" Freddy exclaimed. "We're goin' to a hotel?""Yes sirree buddy. From here on in- if we don't blow it- we're going to
live like kings. I'll explain more when we get to our rooms." Then in a low
tone he added, "We can't talk here- O.K.?'"I getcha." Freddy whispered back winking at the same time. In no time flat
they were at the hotel. A door man opened the car door impressing Freddy
even further. Dan steered them quickly through the lobby and into the
crowded elevator. He realized too late he should have lolicon comics free waited for an empty
one. The look and smell of Freddy' was turning the other occupants off. In
fact at the first free lolit 16 stop everyone but Dan and Freddy quickly got out- a few
of the passengers even holding their noses.Dan mumbled something about "Kids these days" to the departing
passengers. When they were gone he added, "Now we have the car to
ourselves." They got graet lolit bbs off at the top floor. In the hallway there were only
two rooms. Dan led them to the one on the left. He slid his key card
through the slot and they went in."Wow!" Freddy exclaimed. We're living here?""No way," Dan replied. This is only a way station. As soon as we clean up
and get ready we are going to our new home. It will be even better. Just
you wait."Freddy turned and said, "O.K. Tell me what's going on.""I'll get started while your getting ready for your shower. While your in
there I'll call down and get pics lolit
you some new teen loli stories clothes.""Aren't you going to shower with me? Don't you love me any more?'"I love you so much that I have been forum loli frantically combing Manhattan for you
for three weeks you little bugger! Now get on the bed and we'll get these
stinky clothes off while I begin to explain. O.K., first things
first. We're being employed by a Mr. nn loli forum
Jacob Vanderkill the second.""You mean THE Jacob Vanderkill- the billionaire?"Well if you include everything it's more like the trillions- but yes,
that's the man.""Oh.""Anyway, to go on, you see Mr. Vanderkill has a brother James and a sister
named Adelia. It seems that Mr. Jacob and his spinster sister . . .""What's a spinster?""She is not married and is getting on in years. Anyway it seems that they
are upset the brother James is what they call a "snob" and his wife they
tell me is even worse. The believe in "hobnobbing" only with the elite- the
upper crust and that all of us "plebes' are made by God to bow down to them
and serve them, so Jacob has made a friendly bet with his sister that he
can take a guy off the street and fool their brother and sister-in-law and
pass him off as a highly refined gentleman. So as they were sweet lolite movie
releasing me
from Jail not knowing how I was going to live or eat and worried like hell
about you I was met by this highly polished gentleman and invited to
dine. I had no idea who he was or whether I should be worried or not but
being hungry, I went with the man. He took me to a pizza joint and over
some slices and a coke he told me who he was and that he had checked me
out. At first I thought he was putting me on but he showed me some
identification and since he was paying for the meal I took him at his
word. I told him about you and that I was worried about where you were and
he agreed that my having a son seemed like a good idea and that he would be
glad to check you out. He found your social worker- and boy did he work her
over the coals- and he found out that you were missing and we've been
looking for you ever since."Then Dan reached down and took off Freddy's shoes and threw them in the
waste bucket.'"Hey! those are my shoes.!" Freddy ls post portal loli
yelled."No anymore their not!" Dan relied. "We'll get you new ones. Now lift up
you arms and we'll get that filthy shirt off." That too went into the
rubbish."What am I supposed to do- run around naked!"That's not a bad idea," Dan replied, "but don't worry we're gonna have new
clothes here for you by the time you get out of the shower. By the way, are
you still ticklish?""NO!" Freddy yelled but he couldn't avoid the tickle attack.Dan let the laughing boy go. As Freddy collapsed on the bed Dan child naked loli undid the
button on the boy's pants, unzipped them and pulled them down. Now the boy
was in front of him in all his glory! Freddy did a little "bump" pushing
his mid section forward, grabbed his penis and said, "want some?""You bet," Dan replied- but after you shower." and he slapped the boy's
rear end. "Oh, nice!" he added as Freddy ran to the bathroom. As soon as 3d erotica loli he
heard the shower start to run he grabbed the phone. First he rang up the
Men's store in the hotel lobby and explained that the airline had lost his
son's luggage and that he had been wearing the same clothes in flight since
yesterday and that they need something informal for the boy to wear ASAP!
After giving Freddy's sizes he hung up. Next he called room service and
ordered some food. Ravioli was on special and loli russian 13 year he knew that Freddy would
love 15 loli gallery that. No sooner had he hung up the house phone than his cell phone
rang. He looked at it and saw that it was Mr. Vanderkill."Hello sir. I'm glad best lolits links you called. Yes, I found him. He's here cleaning up
now. I know that you pretty teen bbs loli have been worried. Thank you for loli bondage
your concern. Yes, he
seems to be fine. A little shell shocked and very hungry, but fine. Yes
sir, we can be ready by then. About an hour and a half. We'll get him fed
and watered and then we'll go down to the men's shop and see about getting
him properly dressed. See you then. Good bye." As he was hanging up there
was a knock on the door. He opened young lolitta sex movie it to get the delivery from the men's
shop. He signed for it adding a nice gratuity and closed the door. He laid
the new shirt list loli and designer shorts on the bed putting the new shoes lolicon hentai incest and
socks on the floor. Just as he finished up Freddy came strolling naked from
the bathroom."There was only one toothbrush so I used yours. Whoa- is that for me? Way
cool."Yes sirree buddy- it's all for my special boy. You like?""Well yeah! For that I have something special for you." Freddy said holding
his penis in his hand. Dan knelt down and took the boy's rod in his
mouth. Wetting it down he slowly began pumping in and out. Freddy let out a
sigh as Dan continued to pleasure him. As Freddie came to his dry little
climax Dan let go. Freddie almost collapsed into his arms. Dan Kissed one
of Freddy's nipples and then the other. He then worked his way up to the
boy's neck. Soon their lips met in a wet and passionate kiss. "I missed you
so much." He said. " I thought I was going to lose you. It would have
nearly killed me. I'm so sorry. We have to make sure it doesn't happen
again. Come lolity teen pussy on. Let's get child loli model
you dressed and fed and watered. And I'll tell
you more of what's going on."As Dan was dressing the boy he continued to explain what was going to
happen." For your part you will be getting a tutor who will bring you up loli picture to
speed You've always been smart and before your parents dies they raised you
well so that shouldn't be a big problem. Beginning next year you'll be
going to a very exclusive private school.""Really! No more public school, that's great?""That's right! Only the best for my boy. The thing is that brother James
has a really snooty son named Daniel- actually it's James Daniel- but they
call him loli bbs japan
Daniel- and always by his full name. No nicknames for their
precious Daniel. It's Daniel you will have to fool and he's going to be
tricky. We have almost two months to prepare. The bet starts on Christmas
Eve and runs for six months. We are being provided with a house and
servants for this period. The deal is if we get away with it and pass
muster until June 24th we get to keep the house and the servants and I'll
be provided with a good job that pays well and you get to continue at the
private school until you graduate and if you get good grades maybe even
college. ""And if we fail?""We get paid off and I still get a chance at a good job- but we don't get
to child lolitta porn
keep the house- and believe me the house is a mansion! Now I know that
you were raised to speak proper English and you can put on that spiffy
talk. I've heard you so that part shouldn't be a problem. Mr. Vanderkill
will explain the rest when he gets here. Now let's go eat.""When they were through Dan took them down to the lobby to the men's shop
to buy Freddy a suit.He explained that they didn't have time to get one
taylor made as they were going to a social gathering that evening and hoped
that they would have something that would fit the boy off the rack. They
managed to find a nice blue suit that matched lolicon image board sites Dan's. After purchasing a
dress shirt and tie they had Freddy dress right there. He left the shop
looking "real spiffy." They returned to the room ready to meet
Mr. Vanderkill who arrived right on time.When introduced Freddy held out his hand like a real gentleman and said in
his best voice, "I am very happy to meet you sir."Mr. Vanderkill explained that they were to masquerade as real father and
son. He hinted that he suspected what their real relationship was and said
that there was nothing to worry about. Both his great grandfather and his
grand father were rumored to be "boy lovers" and if that was the case here
he would certainly not be judge mental. "If that is the case, however, it
is best we keep it under the table. Now as to you little loli boy Frederic lolicon orgasm Burke, your past
has been legally obliterated. The courts have free loliteen sealed all your
records. Daniel is now legally your father and we have birth certificates
to prove it. You Daniel are now officially Jonathon P. Throckmorton and you
Frederic are, Unfortunately, Jonathon P. Throckmorton the second. Sorry
about that but we had to find some real names that matched with Buffalo
which loli gallerie is where you are from according to your birth certificates so in
addition to your school work you are both going to have to learn a lot
about Buffalo. Your mother was killed in a plane crash. She was running
away with her boyfriend. Frederic we will say that you don't know about
that. My nephew may find out about it and bring it up. If he does you
should just under loli pics
say that you do know about it but you don't want to talk about
it. That should cover that. I have friends there to back this story up but
we may have to fly you up there for a while to familiarize you with the
area. Freddy, or should I say, Johny, do you have any questions?"Yes, sir. I have one. I had a good friend at the home in Brooklyn. He is
only;y seven and they treated him very badly. I was wondering if . . . '"Oh yes, you mean your friend joey. He has asked about you. When my
investigator found out what was going on at the home we had Joseph
removed. I assume that you are worried about him.""Yes sir, I am. Is there any way I can get to see him?"" What I think we can do since we have taken a liking to your little friend
ourselves is, if little lolis galleri
it is all right with your father we can have him live with
you two in one way or another. We can say that he is the son of one of the
servants- or"- and then he paused- " we can say he is your cousin and his
mother is ill so your dad is taking care of him. That is if it's all Right
with your- oof"That last came as Freddie- now Johny- forgot all decorum and ran over and
hugged Mr. Vanderkill."I'll take that as a yes." said Mr. Vanderkill."Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" shouted the lolite models bbs boy. "I was so worried
about Him!""Is that all right with you Mr. Throckmorton?""I don't think pussy girls loli
that I have much say in the matter." laughed Jonathon
P. Throckmorton."All right then we will have him delivered to the house tomorrow
afternoon. I'll meet free bbs loli you there then. Have Rodney take you to the house as
soon as you are ready. You two get settled in and lolicon gallerie I'll be there in the
afternoon. David, the butler will show you around. He kinder fuck loli has been with us for
years and of all the servants he is the mpegs lolits
only one who is in on this. He is
also betting on you- sight unseen so he has a vested interest in seeing you
succeed. If you need any advice talk to him- in private mind you. Good
day. It was nice meeting you young japan lolitta small man. You have lived up to your billing."Fifteen minutes later Fred and Dan- 3d loli sex animation Now jonathon and Johny- were on their
way to their new home.
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