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Subject: T R's Tale Chapter OneThis story is fiction. The characters are adults in adult situations.Warnings: The only person you can ever hope to truly know is yourself.
Trust no one; use condoms. If you are not of legal age or in a jurisdiction
in which this document is illegal, go way. This is my story. Please respect
the copyright. Sojourn1950yahoo.comI have no connection whatsoever to any product, service, personality, or
copy righted material that may be included in this story.This is not a jerk off kind of story, sex doesn't even happen until the
third chapter. I would like to think my sex scenes are hot enough. If you
have suggestions on how to make them hotter, I will gladly listen. I am
kind of new at this.The warm wind directed by the cranked out vent window made my shirt flutter
against my chest. The breeze kept my face dry but did nothing to nymphets movie free alleviate
the streams of sweat trickling down my back and pooling at the waist band
of my wranglers. I unsnapped my shirt and let the breeze eat up the sheen
of sweat on my chest. The droplets that collected on the hairs tickled like
a thousand dressed nymphets
mosquitoes trying to gain access to my flesh. I tucked the shirt
between my back and the young ukranian nymphets
seat in an effort to soak up the sweat. The sweat
was not what I would get from my usual morning run, but I reasoned that it
was at least something. I could have rolled up sweet top nymphets
the windows and turned on
the AC, but there is something about Segar that cries for wind in your face
and a burning desire to "roll that power on".The "Lumbering Behemoth Jeep" aka LBJ, was my baby. I found LBJ in a
neighbor's barn when I was a freshman in high school. I think I was the
only one who saw humor in the fact that the real LBJ had a big dick and was
fond of flashing it in order to intimidate other men, wish I had photos nymphets nues
seen it.
We towed her into the school's auto shop and began to rework her from the
frame up. I begged, borrowed and stole to get what she needed. free nymphet clips
she was in good shape. There was virtually no rust. By the time I graduated
high school she was showroom fresh. Gray exterior with gray leather
interior. Someone referred to her as an "American Land Rover"... To me she
is superior. The tailgate has a subtle image in shades of gray and black.
It shows a cowboy and a black stallion facing off within a corral. The
cowboy is trying to lasso the rearing stallion. No, I didn't do it, I am
not artistically inclined. A friend of a friend had done the drawing in art
class. It actually took more time to render the tailgate than it did to
overhaul the engine. I like the fact that the mural is subtle yet
distinctive. When it comes to LBJ, I know every bolt, nut, and washer.
She's mine.I knew later, as the heat built and I got further away from home I would
use the AC and replace Bob with something a little more sedate. But right
now it was Rambling Gambling Man and I was slapping the driver's side
mirror with my left hand. Segar always helped me not to think. I think too
much. lovely nymphets nude pics It's always been like that. I sometimes envy those that seem to
muddle along without a single well thought out opinion. I have often
wondered what it would be like to come home to a wife and two point five
kids. To come through the door and utter the most thought provoking comment
of my day, "Honey, I'm home. What's for dinner?" Yeah, right. That's not
me, on so many levels.I was in a particularly good mood. I was heading to an interview that was
the job of my dreams. Ah, dreams... Fuck! I hate it that shit can sneak up
on me when I least expect it. I closed my vent and rolled up the windows
and turned on the AC. I knew that even Segar couldn't help me now. I slowed
the lumbering beast and set the cruise and let my thoughts take me. Shit!
Bet that fucker with the littel hot nymphets mindless job and 2.5 kids never had to put up with
his brain pulling pedo pix little nymphets him down like this./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////?Growing up gay is tough on any kid. Growing up gay in a small sweet little underage nymphets
Texas town,
as I beyond tough... it's impossible. I never let anyone know. At
least not until nymphets nubiles
I was far from home... petit nymphets porn if you can accept that Colorado is
"far" from Texas? In college I had a few experiences with guys, enough to
know where my preferences lay.I'm Gay. See, I have to stop and think about that label... I did say
it. "Mom, Dad... I'm gay." What I should have said is, "I'm a man angel nymphets child
who is
physically and emotionally attracted to other men." Fuck labels... They're
important on food, medicine and cigarettes. They have no application to
people. Labels belie any other potential one may possess.When I went to college I knew that back home, I had a girlfriend, friends
and family, none of whom had a clue. Each time underage ukranian nymphets I went home I slipped
quietly back into the "straight suit" that hung in my closet. Fortunately,
the girlfriend got married the summer before my senior year of
undergraduate school. My family and friends were a lot more upset about it
than me. The fact that I had been dumped allowed me to beg off anytime they
tried to fix me up. My friends all assumed the wild sex I refused to talk
about was with coeds. I never argued, why should I. I have fucked alumna as
well as lesbian nymphet sex alumno. I just preferred the later.Just like I've nymphets incest
always preferred ranch life to city living. After all it's
in my blood. I was raised on a farming ranch just outside of a little town
northwest of Beaumont. City life just always seemed like a too heavy
coat. So why did I commit to work at a small animal clinic in Denver? I was
in love or lust and either one will make you do stupid stuff. So, no small
town for me, I was to be one more gay Vet in Denver.Hold on let me start from ... if not the beginning then at least I'll start
at where it makes sense to me.Two weeks away from becomingTimothy Reed Boudreaux (pronounced Booed-Row), DVM, still "T. R." to family
and friends, the love of my life, Professor Robert Wortham Palding
announced he was about to become a first time father. We had been lovers
for almost two years.We had met in a gay bar in Steamboat Springs. He was a history professor on
the same campus where I was studying my ass off to become a veterinarian.
He was and probably still is the youngest department head at the
university. I suppose if you're invited to present papers at Oxford and
have had two best sellers in historical fiction... well, being made a
department head just comes along with the other perks. He was smart, I'll
grant him that... a lot smarter than I. He was and for all I care, still is
married.The first time I spent the night in his condo, I didn't know who he was.
The next morning, after a round reminiscent of the night before, we
introduced ourselves. I had come with some classmates and told them I ran
into a "family friend". We spent the weekend in his condo. As much as I
like skiing... I like good sex better... And this was great sex. The last
night we made plans to meet back on campus. He came to dinner at my
apartment and there he told me he was married. By that time I was too much
"involved". Like a fool, I believed he was trapped in a marriage that was
in name only. They almost never had sex and no children.In love and war, sacrifices have to be made. I'd accepted a position with a
small animal clinic, at which my orientation was not to be an issue. Small
animal medicine is fine, but I really wanted a cross section. I didn't want
just production (bovine, swine and sheep) and I didn't want just small
animals. I wanted to be the Vet equivalent of a family medicine MD. I
wanted to work with farm and ranch animals and nymphets nn people I understood. I have
a problem with folks thinking dogs are people and cats should be
worshipped.With Robert, I was looking at building a life together. I would keep my
apartment until Robert, child nymphete model
never Bob, and I made more permanent arrangements.
I should have asked what he was willing to sacrifice. Even after the
"divorce", I figured he would have a hard time living openly as a gay
man. We talked a lot about i am fool nymphet other things... not so much about us. Looking
back I know that I should have forced the whole issue of "us" a lot
sooner. I guess little nymphets phtc deep inside, I knew how it would play out. I just lied to
myself. There is no fool, like self made fool.For almost two years we had been lovers. It did not help the situation or
my ego to realize that I was the other woman. You could say that I suddenly
understood the situation all too well... even if it took me almost two
years. I didn't like what I had become. I suppose having been closeted for
so long, just seemed normal to avoid appearing as a gay couple.It would be unfair to say he didn't care for me. Still, I believe he loved
his wife, or rather his "life" more. Too bad she didn't have a dick to
stick up his ass. If she had I wouldn't have been scrambling, trying to
find a new position.Here I was headed west to interview for a job that seemed to fit my needs.
Now, if they could accept a gay Vet with a slightly damaged ego... we would
be a good match.You may wonder why I chose to go back to live in an environment that was,
to say the least, oppressive toward my orientation. Well, I could nonnude ukrain nymphets
tell you
about roots and home and Texas. All of these played a roll, and yet it was
not really any or even all of those nymphetts bbs that sent me running back to small town
Texas. In Denver, I could and would no longer hide my orientation. I didn't
have a rainbow sticker. I just flat refused to answer inappropriate
questions and never denied my orientation. I learned to counter the nosey
by asking, "Why, are you hitting on me?" The straight face I showed always
seemed to make them nervous. Sometimes I was made nervous by their
admission nymphette video
that they were in fact "hitting on me". I didn't cheat, I was in
love. It's strange that as I grew more comfortable with my "gayness",
Robert seemed to be withdrawing deeper into his closet. When he made his
announcement and the break finally came, I took stock and decided "no more
lies". I gave my regrets to the small animal clinic. I got a tattoo to
remind me. That hurt.Tibiipsi dicvera"To thine own self be true".?Robert was a painful lesson, I never wanted to delude myself again. That
tattoo was arced in half inch letters above my right nipple. So, after all
that why am I going back...? innocent nymphets fuck To tell the truth? To start where it all began
and become at last who I really am? I think I was angry. I was looking for
someone to try and knock the chip off my shoulder. Now that young nymphet nudes I was "out", I
think I was looking for someone, anyone to give me some shit about sucking
dick, or taking it up the ass. Anything that would allow me to strike out.The worse reaction I got was from one of my babt nymphets
best friends... he just turned
and walked little nymphest
away. I had my fill of living like I should. I had fucked up by
loving like I shouldn't. I wanted to be at peace with myself even if it
meant I might not have anyone who loved me.I decided I needed to change. Change my location, change my direction and
most importantly change me. Before I left Denver I went out and bought a
rainbow sticker for LBJ's rear windshield.Once back in back in Texas, I got a concealed weapons permit and packed my
snub classic nymphet nosed 38 wherever I went (I wasn`t stupid... in all things.) I also
spent the summer coming out to my family, friends and even my old
girlfriend. I even told my mare... she was more concerned about the
carrot. Family ties were strained but not broken. I figure in time we will
become close knit again. If not, at least I'm at peace with myself. I had
two older brothers so I was not the end of the Boudreaux line.Through a former professor I learned of a small practice just nymphets 13 yo pics the other
side of Dallas that needed some help. I made a phone call to introduce
myself, faxed a resume, letters and anything I could to get the job. It was
just what I was looking for, a small town near a big city. I hoped I nymphet non nude models
what they were looking for. I decided to drive over and personally
introduce myself.I spoke on the phone to "Doc". He was the senior partner and looking to
retire. As soon as they found someone they thought compatible with the
practice and the community, he would begin to participate less and less in
the practice. Eventually, I would be allowed to buy into the practice. I
arranged a time that was mutually convenient and headed the nymphet collection out the next day.We had decided that I would stay overnight in a local motel and we could
get better acquainted.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////When I arrived it was just after noon. I called the office to let them know
I had checked in and would be looking around town. I spoke to "Doc jr". I
wasn't sure if this was a father son operation. At any rate Jr. better
known as David Jantzen, insisted I come on over and introduce myself and he
would show me around bella nymphets
the clinic. I had found the clinic before I had
checked in so going back there was no problem.The clinic was pretty much a functional building. nymphet erotic story The lines were
clean. There were cottonwood trees at either side. Well trimmed hedges
separating the building from the wraparound sidewalk. The reception area
was clean, spacious and inviting.There was only one nymphets best erotic
client waiting, a black Great Dane. A single bark then a
wag of the tale told me he most likely wanted to be friendly. Looking for
and getting permission from the owner I approached and knelt down and
extended the back of my hand for sniffing. He must have liked the smell. He
licked my hand and tried to lick my face. I roughed his head and jowls and
scratched behind him behind the ears. His owner, a lady in her forties,
said, "Bruno had aspirations of being my watch dog. Unfortunately he is
more apt to hold a flashlight for any intruder that attack. He must have
been what they poland nymphet had in mind when they said, "His bark is worse than his
bite". I'm Julie Evans and you've met Bruno. You're new in town. What
brings you to our thriving metropolis?""Well, Miss Evans I'm T. R. Boudreaux nymphets pic pre here checking out and being little nymphets free pics
out to become the newest Vet. I like the looks of your town. Now if the
Doctors and staff like me, I might become a permanent resident of
your... thriving metropolis.""Oh, please call me Julie, all my friends and customers do. I run the diner
over on the highway. Sooner or later everyone in town passes through
there. I have a feeling you'll be a regular. I am damn near psychic. Enough
so I scare the pants off most of the town's "born again". They have too
much to hide... what about you T R? You got a lot to hide?"Bold as brass, tough as nails and still very likeable. Julie would fit in
well as "Miss Kitty" in any Dodge City. I smiled as I remembered that Matt
seemed to prefer the company of men. Her probing I accepted as good natured
nosiness. I laughed and said, "Miss Julie, you are a breath of fresh air."Still on my knees, I heard a voice behind me say, "No she's not, she's just
fresh." there was an openness and humor in that rich baritone.At the first sound, I turned my head and saw boots. My eyes climbed up
strong legs to a well defined torso and onto a smiling handsome face. He
was wearing a white lab coat over an open collared shirt. Tufts of soft
black hair were escaping from that collar. A five o'clock shadow draped a
strong jaw line and an honest, warm, open smile. His eyes were blue gray,
like someone added ink to milk. I stood and extended my hand. He was maybe
an inch shorter than my six feet. His grip was strong and friendly, that
matched his smile. His face went strange and he stared down at our clasped
hands. It was then I realized I had shared some of Bruno's slobbers. We
both laughed. We understood it was simply an occupational hazard. He wiped
his hand on his lab coat and I wiped mine on my handkerchief."David Jantzen, we spoke on the phone. Don't let Julie fool you with that
mumbo jumbo sveta nymphs about being psychic, she's just intuitive. Still, she unnerves
a lot of people, if they're naive enough to listen. My advice is don`t. She
told younger nymphets naked me the other day I was soon to meet the love of my life. Not likely to
happen around here." Bending slightly he scratched Bruno behind his
ears. Bruno's response was to slobber more and let his tail beat a rhythm
against the closest chair. "Maybe she cute nude nymphet meant you, eh Bruno. Are you the love
of my life?"Julie stiffened and pointedly ignoring David, she said, "Doc jr. here is
lucky Bruno never learned any attack commands. I know when I been
insulted." The scowl she gave was intended to melt paint... faded into a
smile almost immediately. "Mind what I told you Davy, it may be closer than
you think... Love seldom gives advance warning. Best heed it when it
does. You might be able to avoid heartbreak."David looked as if he had questions for Julie. Instead he asked about
Bruno. Seems the nude nymphet videos big lug was fond of swallowing odd items. The latest had
been a six foot feathered boa. Bruno had just past it last night and this
morning. It had been traumatic for him and Julie. Bruno was here to be
checked for any tears the string may have caused. The three of us took
Bruno 3d nymphettes into an examining room where David and I lifted a compliant if not
wary Bruno onto an examination little nymphet sex pics table. David turned on the endoscope, put on
latex gloves and grabbed some lube. Julie and a technician named Alma held
Bruno's head. David examined the anus for any tears then carefully inserted
the probe. The screen showed no signs of trauma.David stripped off the gloves and washed his hands. "Julie, keep an eye on
this guy. I don't think this is the last you'll see of him swallowing
strange objects.""Davy, I'll do my best. I was thinking about a muzzle." This was said in an
almost threatening nymphet comic tone. Bruno tucked his tale and looked pleadingly up at
Julie. She laughed and slapped his flank and said, "I was only teasing, you
big dummy." That pleased Bruno and he responded by beating out nu nymphets
a rhythm
with his tail against the examination table.We walked Julie and Bruno back to reception and David took me around for
introductions. Doc had been called porn forum nymphet to a ranch to check on sweet nymphette be a mare showing
signs of imminent delivery. He would most likely be back in the office
sometime tomorrow. I was a little concerned that I might not meet him. I
had good vibes from David and was impressed with the clinic overall. It had
a staff of four techs and three assistants, plus two
receptionist/scheduling personnel. Everyone seemed to be friendly and
welcoming.I really wanted to ask if any other candidates had applied. I just couldn't
figure out how to go about it without sounding like a jerk. David showed me
where my office would be... ok, the new Vet's office. Then he took me into
his office and explained the operation. We would get one day off during the
week and would be "on call" every sixth weekend. I was confused if there
were three Doctors how could it be that we could have such a long break
between duty weekends. David explained that there was one other Vet clinic
in town. We covered for them and the coverage was reciprocated. He
explained that I would get to meet that crew if I took the position. His
phrasing left me hopeful... I hadn't yet broached the issue of my
orientation.Behind the clinic was a boarding kennel. The staff there handled phone
calls after hours and on weekends. They notified the duty doctor if
needed. I was impressed with the available equipment. Sonography and x-ray
equipment was state of the art. Surgical areas were well equipped and even
complex procedures were readily accommodated.This place was the perfect set up for a new Vet to get his feet wet and get
well qualified in a hurry. David asked if my room at the motel was
comfortable and suggested that while Doc would be most likely unavailable
he'd show me naked nymphets cp
around town then we'd go to Julie's yo nymphets galleries
for dinner.
I respond to all emails that say more than "good job". I would like to hear
what you think. The first two chapters are have no sex. If you are curious
as to other stories I have posted on Nifty, check out , "Gordy comes Home"
in Adult nymphets lol nude sex
Friends and "Not yet Doc" in Relationships. Let me know what you
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