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From: Chartoeaol.com
Subject: Truck young nymphet post Driver and Tim-5This is the 5th chapter to this ongoing story. Again this story is fictional
but really enjoy the comments about how real the story seems.If you nymphet top models
have any comments plaese send them to nymphet teen model nude
Truck Driver and Tim-5 Tom and Tim retired to their bedroom and started playing the new
games. Tim was not very good dark nymphets pussy so Tom suggested that they play some of the
older games until he got use to the controls. They played on for about an
hour when Tom said he was going to get something to drink and wanted to
know if Tim wanted anything.
As Tom was getting the drinks he noticed that Chuck and his dad had
gone to bed and had 9 yo nymphet closed nymphets homemade videos the door. He told Tim as he handed him his
drink that when the door was closed to their dad's bedroom that it was a
rule that you knock and wait until they tell you to come in. Tim said he
would remember that and he was ready to try another game.
Tom put in one of the new games and grabbed the other control and
showed Tim how to use the different buttons to play the game. They tried
it a few times and Tim was catching on purity fast. They continued to play
for another hour when Tom started yawning. Tim noticed and asked him if he
was ready for nymphet rape photo
bed. Tom said he was a little tired but he would stay up if
Tim wanted to.
Tim looked at him and said, "I think I have had enough for
"Ok, we can go to bed." Tom said as he started taking off his
Tim just watched him, as he wasn't sure what he was doing. When
Tom looked back at Tim he started laughing and said, "I forgot to tell you,
but I don't wear anything at night." "Of course if you want me to I can
put something on."
"No wear what ever you normally do or in this case what ever you
normally don't wear." Tim said as he got up and started removing his
They both moved over to the bed and crawled between the sheets.
Tom then proceeded to tell Tim what his dad had said when he asked him why
he had not tried to do to him what he did with Tim. Tim rolled over and
looked innocent nymphets archives right at Tom and said, "I can help you if you want me to."
"Ok, but what are you going to do?" Tom asked.
"Wait and see." Tim said as he got forbidden nymphets pedo
out of bed nymphets porn 16 y.o. and nymphet no nude legal went to one of
the drawers where he had put some of his things. When he returned he had
the little dildo that he had got from Bill and a little jar of Vaseline.
Tom wasn't sure what was about to happen but his dick had started growing.
"Roll over on your stomach and spread your nymphetes ukrainian legs, and don't worry
you are going to love it." Tim ordered.
Tom rolled over and slowly spread his legs apart as Tim moved in
between them. Tim then opened the little jar and smeared some of the
Vaseline on a couple of fingers. He then spread it on Tom's little tight
asshole. He moved his fingers up and down along the opening until he could
feel the little muscle guarding the entrance relax. He then pressed his
finger ever so slightly at the center of the asshole. It didn't allow his
finger in and he wasn't going to force it.
"How does that feel?" Tim asked as he continued to rub up and down
on the opening.
"Feels kind of good, when are you going to push something in?" Tom
asked as he started wiggling his ass from side to side.
"Ok, but it is probably going to hurt a little when it first goes
in." Tim said as he placed his nymphet 100 toplist
little finger at the entrance of the hole.
He then slowly pushed in as he rolled his finger left and then right.
Tom's body tensed up as the little finger slipped in up to the second
joint. Tim stopped his finger until Tom had relaxed and his asshole
released its grasp on his finger. He started pushing the finger in and
out, as Tom's asshole seemed to open up and except the intrusion.
Tim pulled his little finger out and replaced it with his index
finger. He started moving it in and out a little faster as he noticed Tom
reach underneath himself and started playing with himself. Tim kept his
action up for a few minutes until he noticed Tom's ass start pushing back
against his hand.
"Roll back over on your back and pull your knees up to your chest."
Tim said as he pulled his finger out. Tom said nothing as he rolled over
and did just as Tim had said. Tim them grabbed the little dildo and spread
some Vaseline on it. Tom was holding onto his knees that were almost
touching his chest as he looked down at Tim to see what he was going to do
next. Tim placed the dildo at the entrance to Tom's ass as Tom waited for
the pain he was sure was coming. The next thing he felt was the vibrating
of the dildo when Tim had turned the switch on. Tom couldn't believe there
had been no pain when the dildo went in and then he could not believe the
feeling he was getting in his balls and dick from the vibrations of the
Tim moved away and just watched as Tom released his legs and let
them slid down to the bed. By letting his legs down it put the dildo in
direct contact with his prostate and he grabbed his dick just as it started
shooting cum strait into the air. Tim noticed it and moved over and moved
Tom's hand away and started sucking on Tom's cock. Tom's cock had not gone
soft and Tim knew that it wouldn't until he probably removed the dildo.
Tim continued to suck on Tom's cock as he continued to cum every
few minutes. Tim then reached down and started slowly pulling and pushing
the dildo in Tom's asshole. This caused Tom to move his hips up and down
as he tried to meet every stroke of the dildo. When Tom started cumming
Tim pulled the dildo out and sucked on Tom's dick until it had stopped
shooting and had gone soft in his mouth. He gave it one last suck and
released it from his mouth.
Tim noticed that Tom was exhausted and wasn't long from being
asleep. He moved himself up next to Tom and then pulled the cover over
both of them. Within minutes Tom was sound asleep as he had snuggled up
next to Tim. Tim relaxed and was very soon sleeping also.
The next morning Tim woke up as he was dreaming of someone sucking
on his dick. When he got awake he realized that he wasn't dreaming. Tom
had his entire dick inside his mouth and was bobbing up and down on his
cock. It was only a few seconds before Tim was filling Tom's mouth full of
cum, which he was able to swallow without loosing a drop.
"And good morning to you too." Tim said as Tom released his dick
from his mouth.
"Sorry, but when I woke up your dick was sticking out and I just
felt I had to repay you for last night." Tom said as he moved to get off of
the bed. "Come on and we can get a shower before our dads get up. As Tim
got up he noticed the dildo ls nymphetes bbs still lying on the bed and grabbed it and took
it with him to the shower. He figured it needed to be cleaned as well as
they did.
They both got into the shower as Tom started ukrainian nymphets ru
washing Tim's
back. Tim lathered up ukranian nymphet pics
his front and then turned around so he could wash
Tom's back. As he washed Tom's back he also washed his ass and slid a few
fingers in the crack of Tom's ass. He then pressed against Tom's asshole
to see if he was sore or anything else. Tom spread his legs and pushed
against Tim's fingers. Both of them were a little surprised when his
fingers slipped in a little and Tom didn't feel any pain. Tim moved his
fingers in a little further and then pushed them in and out a little.
"Hey we better finish bathing and get out of here before one of our
dads come in." Tim said, even though he really wanted to do more.
They both got out and were drying off when George came in and
started peeing in the toilet.
"Did the both of you sleep all right?" He said as he let out a
sigh as he continued to relieve himself.
"We slept great Dad." Tom said as he reached out and goosed his
dad's ass.
He and Tim ran back to their room and quickly dressed and then
plugged in the new game and started playing. They both knew it would be at
least half an hour before they had breakfast and that was plenty of time to
get some practice in on the game. Finally they heard Chuck call them, so
they turned the game off and raced to the kitchen.
George noticed that Tom had a very healthy appetite compared to
normal for him. He wasn't sure about Tim because he had not eaten
breakfast with him before.
"Nice to see the two of you eat so hardily." George said as he
looked at Chuck.
"Yeah, looks like they both burned up a lot of energy." Chuck said
as he grinned at George.
"Have the two of you decided on what you are going to do tomorrow?"
Chuck asked.
"Can we do what we want to in the sleeper compartment if we go with
you Dad?" Tom asked as he looked at George.
"I guess that will be all right, can't get into much trouble up
there." George said.
"Ok, then we will go with George." Tom said as he looked over at
Tim to see if he had anything else to say.
"All right then the two of you will need to be ready to leave
bright and early in the morning." George said. "I will be hauling some
fruit back; do we need any here or for the shelter?" He asked looking at
"Yeah, they gave me some money at little nymphet wild sweet the shelter to buy some oranges
and apples and if there are any vegetables where you are at, pick up a
couple of cases of tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots." Chuck said as he
handed some money nymphet young girl pics to George.
Tim and Tom both got up at about the same time and carried their
plates to the sink and then ran back to their room. Chuck and George both
knew that they would be at the games all day if no one bothered them.
George and Chuck finished cleaning up the table and stove as they both
decided that they could get a lot of work done around the house if they
left the boys alone.
Chuck went back to his desk and started working on some paper work
and George went outside and started checking things on his truck. He was
outside about ten minutes when another rig pulled up in virgin nymphets tgp front of the house
and Bill stepped out. He walked over to George and shook his hand and
asked it Tim was around.
"Sure he is inside playing one of those video games with my boy
Tom." George said. "Come on in, I'm sure he will be glad to see you."
The two of them went inside and Chuck got up from his desk when he
noticed that Bill nymphete met art was with George. They shook hands as George went back to
get the boys. When Tim saw Bill he ran up to him and gave him a big hug.
Then Bill shook Tom's hand as he pulled him in and patted him on his back.
"I was in the neighborhood and I had promised to come by and see
Tim when I could." Bill said.
"Just wanted to say hi, and see how he was adjusting to life in
California." Bill continued as Chuck offered him a seat.
When he sat down Tim sat right beside him and leaned up against
him. George could tell that this was making Bill a little uneasy.
"Well Bill you going to be in town very long?" George asked trying
to take some of the tension out of the air.
"Oh, I will be heading back home when I leave here." Bill said.
"As I said I promised Tim here that I would come by and I was missing him a
little and wasn't sure how he was adjusting to his new home." "Seems to be
doing all right." xxx little nymphets
Bill said. "Not trying to move in on anybodies feelings
here just was a little curious about him is all."
"How about something to drink?" Chuck said as he got up and headed
to the kitchen.
"Why don't the two of you go help Chuck with the drinks?" George
said as he looked at the two boys. They both jumped up and left the room.
"Look Bill, you don't have to have a reason to come by." George
started. "Tim and Chuck aren't that close yet but they are getting along
very well." "I don't think you will be bothering either of them by coming
around." "I know Tim enjoys your company and I know Chuck and he doesn't
mind if you visit." He continued. "So as long as Tim wants you around, it
is all right with Chuck too." He said as the three returned with drinks
for everyone.
"Glad everything is working out for Tim." Bill said, "I will be
coming by this way about every two weeks, and it will be nice to be able to
stop and chat for a while before I have to head back out on alt binaries nymphet the road."
"Maybe on one of these trips when I have a short turnaround Tim and Tom can
go with me." Bill continued.
"Hey that might be fun." George said. "Of course I hope I don't
run into the two of them in some old truck stop shower." George said as he
started laughing.
"We will have to see about that when the opportunity arises."
Chuck said. "Bill, before you leave today you be sure and get our phone
number and that way you can call us when you start out this way and we can
make plans for them to be ready." Chuck continued. "Now I know you can
stay around nasty nymphet nudes
for lunch, that way I can get George to fire up the grill and
cook some steaks."
"Sounds great to me." Bill said as he placed his hand on Tim's knee
and squeezed it.
"I get the message." George said as he rose to leave the room.
"Now why don't the two of you show Bill how to play those video
games while I get the salad and potatoes ready to go along with the
steaks?" Chuck said.
Tim and Tom both grabbed Bill by an arm and pulled him up to his
feet and led him to their bedroom. small nude girls nymphets When they got there Tim started telling
Bill about everything his father had bought him and then proceeded to tell
him how to play the games as though he was an expert at them. Tom just let
Tim talk as he dutch nymphet pics could tell that Tim was excited to see Bill. Tom just let
Tim fill Bill in on everything that had been happening, but he became very
embarrassed when Tim started telling Bill about their fun in the bed the
night before.
Bill noticed that it had caused Tom to blush so he reached out and
rubbed Tom's head and told him it was all right. He then asked Tom if Tim
had told him about his first time with the dildo and how often he had used
it. crazy holiday nymphets bbs This seemed to relax Tom as he picked his head up and continued to
play the video game. Bill stood up and excused himself and went back into
the kitchen. When he got there Chuck and George were busy preparing the
meat and getting other things ready for the meal.
"Do you guys mind if I nymphet young asian use your shower, I have been on the road
three days strait and haven't had a chance to wash the road off of me?"
Bill said.
"Sure, no problem just follow me and I will show you where
everything is." George said as nymphet manga
he headed down the hall.
After he showed Bill where the extra towels were he looked at him
and said, "If you need someone to help you wash up I have a couple of
capable hands."
"Thanks, but all I really want is a good hot shower, have to take a
rain check on the other." Bill said as he left to go get his travel bag.
It took the better nymphets video free part of an hour for Chuck and George to get the
meal ready and Bill was able to take a long shower. As he was in the
shower Tim came in to use the toilet but couldn't keep himself from looking
in the shower at Bill. When Bill noticed Tim looking around the shower
curtain his dick immediately sprang to attention.
"I see you really do miss me." Tim said as he reached out to grab
Bill's dick.
Bill pushed Tim's hand away and said, nymphet lotita "Don't start anything that we
don't have time to finish."
Tim looked a little hurt but then decided Bill was right. Bill
noticing the reaction from Tim as he cut the water off and grabbed Tim on
both sides of his head and looked right into this eyes.
"Now tell me the truth, is everything all right with you here?"
Bill said.
Tim was caught off balance by the reaction of Bill, but when he
caught his breath he nymphet junior portal
said, "Yeah, everything is great except your not
"Good." Bill said as he reached down and kissed Tim full on his
lips and slid his tongue into nymphet pix bbs
Tim's mouth. At first Tim didn't do anything
but then responded by returning the kiss.
"Hell, didn't know how much I really missed you." Bill said as he
broke off the embrace and asked Tim to underaged naked nymphets bbs
hand him a towel. He then told Tim
to go back to his game and let little nymphets naked
him get dressed. Bill took his time and
shaved the three-day's growth off of his face, blow dried his hair, and put
on clean clothes. He then returned his bag to his truck and went to see if
there was anything he could help George and Chuck with.
When he arrived in the kitchen, only Chuck was there and Bill
looked around to be sure no one else was around. He looked at Chuck and
said, "Don't want you to take this the wrong way, but if something happens
and you need some help, russian schoolgirl nymphets no matter what, with Tim you give me a call."
"Seems like I got a little bit more involved with him than I thought I
Chuck looked at Bill and then reached out and gave him a big hug.
"I want take it the wrong way, and am glad bbs new nymphets someone besides myself
thinks he is special." Chuck said. "I am still having a little problem
with dealing with his sexual wants, I think it goes back to my upbringing."
He continued. asian child nymphet "I know that you and George and maybe Tom have been with him
but I get a funny feeling in my gut when I think about doing it with him."
"That's understandable, give it time though, I am sure that it was
not easy the first few times you got with any man." Bill said.
"That's true, as a matter of fact the first three or four times I
got sick as a dog right after the sex." Chuck said, "At first I thought I
was doing something physical that was making me sick." "Eventually the
sick feeling went away and I really started enjoying it." "Guess this is
the same type of situation." Chuck said as he moved away from Bill and
started taking some glasses out of the cabinet.
"Thanks, for the chat, I feel better all ready." Chuck said as he
moved past Bill to the table.
"I think the steaks are ready, and I know the rest of the meal is,
why don't you go get the boys and tell them to wash up and come eat."
Bill left the room and walked to the bedroom where the boys were
and told them to clean up and come eat. When he nuide nymphet returned to the table
George was spreading his body about his chair and motioned for Bill to sit
across the table from him. This placed Bill in a tgp little nymphet chair between where the
two boys would be sitting.
"Dig in, we don't have to wait on the boys." George said loud
enough for the boys to hear.
It immediately brought a response from down the hallway as the two
raced to the kitchen. They all sat down and proceeded to eat as much of
the food as they could. All of the meat was gone and most of the salad and
bake potatoes.
"Didn't make any dessert, figured we could ride to the mall and get
some of that high priced ice cream they sale there." Chuck said as he
started clearing the table.
"Hey let the boys do that and we can go into the living room and
let our meals settle." George said as he rose to leave the kitchen.
The boys made no protest as they started grabbing the plates and
glasses and carrying them back into the kitchen. The three men moved into
the living room and sat down. Chuck and Bill sat down on the sofa as
George leaned back in his chair and reclined back. He started rubbing the
sides of his stomach and complaining about eating too much. They all sat
there and talked about where they were from and how they had ended up where
they were now.
George noticed that Bill kept glancing at his crotch and it was
getting George a little excited. George reached down and adjusted his dick
and balls a nymphet 13 naked couple of times when he noticed that Bill was watching.
The boys came running into the room wanting to know when they were
going to go get some ice cream. George looked at Chuck and said, "I don't
think I want any at this time, but if Chuck wants to he can run the two of
you to the mall and can bring Bill and I some back."
"Fine with me." Chuck said, "Besides I need to stop and get some
groceries." "You two go get into the car while I get the keys." Chuck
said. "The two of you can talk truck talk while we are gone." He said as
he patted George's gut on his way by.
The boys were out the door and followed by Chuck when George
started pulling his shirt over his head. He then stood up and pushed his
pants down and then off of his feet. He sat back down in his chair and
pulled his balls and cock up to where they appeared to sit on his legs.
Bill was watching as he felt his cock grow and he knew he was too excited
to stop. He got up and took his clothes off and walked over beside George.
Even though he had been with George that one time, he hadn't really
realized how long George's cock was. There was at least eight full inches
and no telling how long it would be if George wasn't so large.
Bill reached down and grabbed George's cock just as George reached
out and grabbed his. They both moved their hands up and down each other's
shaft until finally George said, "Let's take this to the bedroom." George
got up and as he turned to walk off Bill reached out and grabbed George's
ass with both hands.
"Like that?" George asked as he pushed back against Bill's hands.
Bill just moaned his approval as they both headed down the hallway.
George moved to the middle of the bed and lay down on his back and
then pulled his legs up as high as he could.
"If you want this ass you have got to work for it." George said as
he waved his dick at Bill. George handed Bill some straps and then told
him to attach the knotted ends to the bedpost at the head of the bed, he
then reached around and slipped the ends with the leather bands around his
ankles. This held his legs up in the air. Bill watched George as he
scooted his ass lower and lower down the bed until the straps had pulled
his ass almost off of the bed. He bent his knees that allowed him to let
them swing out to the side.
"I believe I am ready now." George said as he started shaking his
rock hard cock at Bill.
Bill moved down between George's legs and let his dick slip into
his mouth. He started slowly working George's dick down his throat. Each
time he pulled it out of his mouth he would pull the skin up over the head
and then plunge it even further down his throat. When he had George's
entire dick down his throat, George grabbed him behind his head and half
way held him in place as he started bucking his hips at Bill's face. Bill
could feel George's cock begin to swell even more and he braced himself for
what was nymphet model pictures
about to happen. Just when he thought George was about to cum;
George pulled his dick out and started pumping it with his hand. He still
held Bill's head with his other hand as his dick started squirting cum tiny nymphette all
over Bill's face.
George then pulled Bill on top of him and started licking the cum
off. When he got to Bill's mouth he pushed his tongue inside and gave him
a long kiss. When George broke the kiss he told Bill he cold now have his
Bill slid down and started kissing George's asshole as if it were
his mouth. He licked around and then pushed his tongue inside. He was
happy to feel that George's asshole was eager to take his tongue because he
wasn't sure how much longer he could go before he exploded.
He pulled his head away from George's asshole and lined his dick up
with it. George pulled his knees further nymphets mpg toward his head thus opening his
asshole even more for what was about to come. When Bill pushed his dick in
George just let out a long moan as it sank all the way in. George then
released his knees and said, "Ride it as long as you can."
Bill started pumping in and out of George's asshole in long slow
strokes allowing his cock to get coated with the ass juices inside. When
hid dick was sliding in and out with ease, he pulled himself even closer to
George's ass and really started pumping. Just when he was about to nymphets porn links cum
George grabbed him and told him to slow down for a second. Bill did and he
noticed the desire to cum subsided a little and he started up again. Bill
also noticed that George's cock had gotten hard again. Bill reached down
and started pumping George's dick as he continued to pump into George's
The next time when George tried to make Bill slow down he was too
late, as Bill's dick erupted inside George's asshole. When George felt
Bill's dick empting inside him he couldn't hold himself back crazynymphets com as his dick
squirted cum on his belly. Bill collapsed forward on George as he tried to
catch his breath. George told him not to move as George started working
the muscles in his asshole. Bill could feel the attention he was getting
inside George's asshole and just started moaning his approval.
George wrapped his arms around Bills shoulders as he started
pumping his hips up at Bill's dick. After a few minutes Bill raised
himself up and started pumping his dick in George's asshole. This time
Bill lasted for a good ten minutes before he had to cum. The two of them
laid there for a few minutes until George told Bill to help get him lose.
They then went into the bathroom where George started washing Bill's back
and ass. As he ran his hands in Bill's ass crack he stood up and rubbed
his now hard dick up and down the crack.
Bill leaned over and spread his legs and said, "It's only fair if
you pretteen nymphets
get some of mine."
George immediately grabbed his dick and placed it at Bill's
asshole. He pushed gently and when he felt the head of his dick enter, naked nymphete pics he
pushed with all his might. Bill had to place his hands on the wall in
front of him to keep from being pushed into it. George was all but out of
control as he grabbed Bill's hips and thrust into his ass as hard as he
could. Bill knew that George couldn't possible last very long at the speed
he was going, and he was right as he felt George's dick swell and then seem
to explode as he felt the hot cum deep inside.
Bill had to get a firm hold on the wall as George all but fell
against him when he came. George rested for a couple to seconds until he
was able to catch his breath and put his weight back on his own legs. nymphets bbs nude
then leaned down and started licking the cum out of Bill's asshole. Bill
just moaned as he felt his dick start to grow again.
"Please stop, oh please stop." Bill mumbled as George pulled his
head up.
"If you don't stop I will get so exhausted that I will have to
sleep for days just to recover, and I have got to get started home today."
Bill said.
"Ok, understand." George said as he stood up being sure to run his
hands up both sides of Bill's body. Bill just moaned as he stood up and
turned around to face George. Bill leaned in to George and kissed him full
on the lips.
They both got out of the shower, dried off, and got dressed just as
Chuck and the boys pulled into the drive. The boys came into the house
each carrying grocery sacks. They placed them on the table and then
returned to the car to get sexy little nymphets nude
the rest of the food.
When they were finished Tim came into the room with two small
cartons of ice cream and offered them to Bill and George who were not just
resting in the living room. Tim handed one of them to George and the other
to Bill.
"Tom said that you liked that kind." Tim said as he handed George
his carton. "And I hope you like the flavor I picked out for you." He
said as he handed Bill's his and then sat down beside him.
"When do you have to leave?" Tim asked Bill as he watched him
taste the ice cream.
"I have to be leaving within the hour, if I am to stay on
schedule." Bill said as he looked at his watch.
Tim seemed a little disappointed and the rest of them noticed it in
the way his head seemed to droop.
"Hey he said he will be coming back and the two of you might get to
take a trip with him." George said trying to cheer Tim up. "Besides we
have to get ready for our two-day trip that starts bright and early
They all stood up as Bill got up to leave and said their good byes
as he walked to his truck with Tim in tow.
"I will call within the next two weeks and make arrangements for
you and Tom to go with me." Bill said.
Tim looked up at Bill with tears in his eyes and hugged Bill and
said, "Yeah, I know, but it still hurts to see you leave."
Bill climbed into his truck and started pulling away as the four of
them waved at him. George reached down and squeezed Tim's shoulder and
said, "You have a good friend there."
"Now let's go put away the groceries and start packing your things
for the trip." Chuck said.
They all went inside and went about getting hot sweet nymphets
things ready.
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