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From: Mike Kliewer drawings of nymphets
Subject: Trucker's LoadTruckers Load
By Michael Kliewer
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As a very horny college guy, I should have had my pick of the hot frat guys
on campus. Unfortunately, I petitenymphet always thought those guys to be jerks, and
really had a taste for more blue-collar types. My fantasies always involved
garage mechanics, road crew workers, but especially truckers. Not sure why,
but the thought of some big nude bbs angels nymphets beefy guy, driving the roads, being all pent-up
and horny, just got me going. It was the mystique if nothing else that got
my dick hard.I was attending one of the local colleges, as my parents couldn't quite
afford much more. I didn't mind as it kept me relatively close to home, and
I knew the area well. As a high school kid just driving the highways and
the back roads, I found out where a nymphet nubile angels
number of the rest stops, and trucker
haunts were. At the time I did little in the way of experimenting, but did
take note of those I wanted to get back to once I was not living at home.
You see I am not exactly out. Sure, I know I video young nymphets porn
love dick, and know that I am
gay, just haven't come around to telling anyone. I used to be the big tiny teenage nymphets man
on campus during high school. I was nymphets in the nude the quarterback for the varsity football
team, president of the student council, and voted one of the most popular
guys in school. I had it all it seemed. I had the looks, 6'2", 210, dark
hair, blue eyes, and a nice hefty package, and the brains. The girls were
always looking to get into my pants, as well as some of the guys. Of course
I went along with the charade, but I knew I wanted the guys more than the
girls.Now that I was living on campus, and away from most of the people I knew, I
could stretch my wings a bit. I wanted to explore those hidden desires of
sucking a guy's cock, of eating his sweaty hole, of getting fucked, and of
fucking. My nymphet children pure fuck fantasies all these years was to meet up with a hot trucker in
some abandoned rest area, and do him right there. As a jock I always loved
the smell of a locker room, and the way it made me feel. There was a
masculinity to those brick walls, and steal containers that sent a shiver up
my spine. Even the local mechanic had my balls tingling. Every time I
would go in for an oil change, I would undress him with my eyes. His name
was Zeke, and he was probably in his thirties. Zeke had taken over the
garage from his father, and really enjoyed working on cars. He always wore
those one-piece mechanics overalls, with the zipper down the front. No
matter what time of year Zeke would always have it unzipped down to his
navel. I guess he really enjoyed showing off that buff, hairy chest, and it
gave me, if not the ladies in town something to dream about. You see, once
you got to the navel you couldn't help but notice the trouser snake doing
down his leg. It was thick and long, and that was soft. I often dreamed
about Zeke lubing my hole up with motor oil, and then sliding that huge cock
into my jock ass. I would imagine the exquisite pain of his tool stretching
my hole out, and massaging my guts. Then I would feel him shoot his load
deep inside me. Before leaving he would present me with a bill for a tune up
and lube job for the play. I always thought that was so funny.Well my hormones were getting the better of me and it was only Wednesday.
Had been studying hard for exams coming up, but the constant hard on in my
jeans was distracting. I figured I would take a break and drive down to one
of the rest areas on the outside of town I had discovered. I drove past
there a number of times before, watching for flow of traffic, and for police
cars. I know that the police are always on the look out for men having sex
in the restrooms, so wanted to scope the area out first before trying
anything. Being as nymphets pics porno this was one off the beaten track, I didn't think it
would be too crowded, and less likely a place the police would keep under
constant surveillance.I drove up to the building, and as usual, it was pretty deserted. I decided
to get the lay of the land, and walked into the restroom. As you walked in
there was a wall that sort of blocked your view of the urinals, and the
stalls. Once around that corner there board nymphet nude link
were three urinals on the far wall, no
partitions between them, and three stalls. I decided to check out the
stalls, as there are always messages written on the walls, and through the
second and third stalls someone had made a glory hole. The only ventilation
for the room was a small window on the wall in the third stall. The room
smelled musty, but yet very masculine. Sort of the way a locker room smells.
My asian nymphets nude
dick was hard and precumming, just on the smell alone. My heart was
racing as I hoped I would be able to find some action in here.I decided to walk back to my car and sit around and wait. I didn't have to
wait long. About a half hour later, a big Peterbilt truck pulled into the
lot, and I could not quite make out the guy behind the wheel. The driver
opened the cab door, and stepped out. I almost lost it. The man was my
fantasy come true. japanese model nymphets He was about 5'10", 200 lbs, dark hair, full beard and
mustache, and had just a slight beer belly. He fit into his jeans well,
with a nice big ass, and a full crotch. As he walked over to the building,
he glanced in my direction, but didn't react much. I waited a couple of
minutes, and then walked into the bathroom. I tried to act pretty natural
looking for where he might be. pedophile nymphet black
I spotted him in the last stall, with his
jeans down around his ankles. I was nervous as hell. I wanted to go through
with this, but the butterflies in my stomach, almost made me puke.I nymphet angle model summoned up my courage and walked into the stall next to his. He
obviously knew this place, as these were the only stalls with the glory
hole. I unbuckled my jeans and slid them slowly down my legs. I was hoping
the stud might be watching through the hole. I sat down on the toilet, and
started immediately stroking my cock. I tentatively looked into the underage nymphets fucked hole,
and its positioning was excellent. I could see that he too was stroking
what seemed to be a beer can size cock. He had his big paw wrapped around
the shaft and slowly moving it up and down. His other nymphete photo hand was cupping, and
playing with his heavy ball sack. From this vantage point, I could now tell
that the man was covered in a fine carpet of dark hair from head to toe it
seemed. nymphets photo collections As I was staring through the hole, mesmerized, the man tilted his
head down to see if I was watching. I jumped back in surprise and almost
pissed myself. Then, I heard the man move around in the stall, I looked
down, thinking he was leaving, but he was just standing up. Slowly, the
mushroomed head of his cock world nymphet model came through the hole. I stared at the cock
slowly inching through the hole. It seemed huge.I knew that I could not resist this temptation. I bent my head over, and
taking my tongue, licked over his piss slit. I was rewarded with the
wonderful sweet taste of his precum. I then took and slid my tongue to the
underside of the shaft. My tongue felt that warm silky skin moving across
its rough surface, and also felt the cock jerk in reaction to my touch. I
waste no further time in enveloping that cock head in my warm mouth. I
closed my eyes and proceeded to taste and savor this treat. As the trucker
felt my underage cutie nymphets ardent motions, he slid the rest of his cock into the hole, allowing
me full access to his shaft. Not having sucked dick before, I gagged
attempting to take the whole thing. Its wide circumference stretched my lips
wide. My tongue danced across his cock, my spit lubing its passage into my
throat. I was lost in my lust for dick. It tasted slightly salty, and yet
sweet at the same time. I could feel the man enjoying my manipulations of
his dick.>From behind the partition I could hear the trucker's guttural moans of
pleasure as his cock disappeared down my throat. The more I went at him,
the more he groaned. Along with the groans came the "Oh, Fucks", and the
"Yeah cocksucker take my dick". His words were music to my ears. All this
time pretty nymphetes I had waited for this, my fantasies paling in comparison. As I sucked
his thick shaft I worked my own slick cock. My ass hole twitched in hopes
of feeling nymphet land the trucker's hot rod slide into me. I wasn't sure where this
scene was going, but I wanted more. Apparently so did the trucker. He
started to slowly withdraw his hard cock from the hole. nymphetsites biz
My stomach lurched,
fearing I had done something wrong. He peered into the hole, and whispered,
"Hey man come on into my stall so we really can go at it". I quickly pulled
up my jeans, and without fastening them, exited out of my stall and into
his.As I walked in he was again seated on the toilet. He had his ball cap slid
back on this head, his shirt was open, exposing that nicely build, hairy
chest. His jeans were down at his ankles, and what I hadn't noticed before
were his powerful legs. In his hand he was stroking the most beautiful cock
I had ever seen. He had a slight smile on his face, as he looked me over.
"You a asian nymphet models
jock, boy?" he asked. I just nodded. "Damn but I love hot jock cock
suckers, haven't had one like you in a long time." "Why don't you get down
here and suck this cock for awhile boy". It didn't take me long to get
into position. I managed to pull my jeans paradise pics nymphets
down again, so I could play with
my own cock while sucking his.It was a strange situation. I had lost too tight nymphet
all touch with reality. The only
thing that existed for me at this moment was this man and his dick. I
looked up at him briefly before continuing my exercise. His eyes seemed to
see right through me, and what I wanted. He spread his legs wider to let me
get more comfortable. I rested my one arm on his thick thigh, and let the
other linger on my own prick. He nymphet top ls started to moan softly as I got into a
good rhythm. I glanced up and could see he had leaned back his head, closed
his eyes, and was manipulating his nipples with those big paws. I took my
one hand off my cock and raised it nymphets and tour up to his powerful chest. I holland nymphete free ran my hand
through very little underage nymphet the coating of fur, and felt incredibly in awe. My mind raced with
attempting to etch each second of this experience in to my mind.In what seemed like hours I continued to swallow this monster cock. The
trucker repositioned himself, and now was leaning over my back, and
attempting to get his hand into the crack of my ass. Because of the way we
were positioned, the process was a bit difficult. Instead he lifted me up so
that I was standing in front of him. My cock was leaking precum like a
faucet, and he stared at my 8-inch dick. He pedo nymphet grabbed a hold of hit, and
started to stroke it. "I don't normally suck cock, boy, but in your case I
am making an exception", and with that he swallowed my cock to the hilt.
The sensation was so powerful I almost came. I gasp in shear no nude nymphet underwear
pleasure of
the act. I grabbed onto the trucker's head and pushed my cock further into
his mouth. He did not resist, but started to lightly bite the base of my
shaft.He started to really deep throat my cock, and pull on my balls to keep it
steady. I could tell that he was a master cocks man. Just as quickly he let
my cock plop out of his mouth. He looked at me, and said, "You know boy,
that is one sweet lollipop, but you know I have to have your ass!" With
that, he spun me around so that nymphet beach my ass was in front of his face. His
massive hands started immediately to massage, and manipulate my well-muscled
globes. "Damn boy, you have a fine ass, sure the coach like it too, didn't
he?" I didn't know what to say, but just let him do his thing. I suddenly
felt the hairs of his beard and moustache rub across my ass. The sensation
sent goose pimples over my flesh. I was tingling in anticipation of what was
next. He gently bit and licked the mounds of my ass. He would tease me by
spreading my ass apart and then blowing at my hole. My ass hole twitched.
He knew he had me, he knew exactly model nymphets site how to make me concede to him.He then told me to bend over and spread asian nymphets top sites my ass for him. This I did. He
then took his tongue and from underneath my legs to the top of my ass, and
licked me clean. The trucker then proceeded young nymphetts
to eat my ass in earnest. As he
continued, munching, sucking, licking, and working his tongue into my hole,
I was opening further and further up for him. I was virgin territory and he
knew it, but he also was good at what he was doing. This wouldn't be the
first jock cherry this trucker took. He then started to work his index
finger into my hole. The intrusion shocked, me and I tightened up. "Relax,
boy, this is only going to help loosen that hole up for my dick" "I don't
want to hurt you, but you will need to be a lot more open than you are now
to take it" I relaxed as kds bbs nymphet much as I could. I closed my eyes and concentrated
on the sensations. As he worked another digit into my hole, I could feel
myself give way to him.By the time he had three of his thick fingers working smoothly in and out of
my hole, nymphets photos nude
I knew he was ready. He spit into my hole and worked the slime
into me, he then told me to back up and then teen nude nymphets sit down on his cock. He said
it would go easier if I controlled how far and fast it went into me. I did
as he said. The trucker held his cock in position, as I aimed my waiting
hole to his cock head. As it hit my sphincter, I tensed a bit, but then
started to push out with my hole. I then started to sit down on that
monster. As his cockhead rammed through my virgin hole, it stretched it
wide, and the pain was startling. "Relax stud, take a deep breath, and just
let it go naturally" The trucker's reassurance was just what I needed. I
pushed out more with my hole, and then suddenly the cock head popped
through, as well as the first couple of inches. My mind exploded with the
impact. I had never felt anything so painful, yet ptite nymphets boys site so pleasurable in my life.
I relaxed my breathing and pushed down further on his cock.It took some work, but soon I had the sensation of his pubic hairs tickling
my balls, and I knew I had all nude nymphets pedo of him in. I then started to raise and lower
myself up on that shaft. The trucker held my hips and helped guide me
further down on him. I could feel my ass lips drag across the slick flesh
of his cock, and knew that I was truly his. He filled my guts up with his
cock. His cock was now in control of thumbnail gallery nymphet all my pleasure. As I got more into
the action, I was now impaling myself hard onto his dick. He was growling
in pleasure as my ass squeezed tightly over his dick. He pulled me back onto
him and now was biting my neck as he pistoned his fuck tube into my jock
ass. He possessed me totally. Never had I imagined that being fucked would
control my soul. We continued that way for several minutes, his pushing
into me and me pushing down. Then he wanted to change positions.
Standing up, without loosing his position in my ass we turned around so that
I was now bent over the seat to toilet and he was standing little african nymphets behind me.
Grabbing my hips he started to power thrust his dick into my wanting hole.
"Yeah fucker, going to take that fucking jock cherry and tear it up" "You
are going to love having me mark the insides of your ass with my juice." I
had to admit he was right. From the moment that his dick invaded my ass, I
was teen nymphet angel his for the taking. He knew how to make me feel good too. He would use
slow wild nymphets top
deliberate strokes to intensify the nerve reactions, and then in the
next second, churn my insides with his hip motions. He possessed my ass.I was in another place in my mind. There was not time where I was. I was
totally in the moment, in this environment. The smells seemed to be
intensified, the sounds louder, the reactions greater. I knew I would never
be the same mentally. I was exploring a realm of being I only imagined.
Here, the reality of this bbs nymphet portal man, fucking me with that hard thick cock, and
making me feel more alive bbs dark nymphet
than I have ever felt, I knew what I was. I knew
what my place with a man was; I knew that my ass was there for his use. I
needed to have done this years ago, but maybe I wouldn't have had the
emotional stability to hairless nymphet pic understand. I did now. As he continued to attack my
hole, my hands were top nn nymphets
working my own cock. I was about to loose it, but
wanted to last until after he came. I noticed his breathing getting more
rapid, and his thrusts more insistent. I could feel his shaft grow just a
bit wider. Then it happened. He slammed into me, cursing under his breath
and loading my ass with his juice.I never conceived of nymphetas nonude
what it would be like to actually feel a man's cum
shoot inside me. The cock jerked, and stream after stream of hot trucker
cum was coating my insides. I couldn't hold off nude nymphets 12 yo much longer and started to
come as well, shooting my jism all over the toilet and the floor. The
trucker held my hips tightly against him as his climax slowly subsided. We
both were drenched in sweat and sex. He retreated out of my ass with care,
and waited for me to recover. He held me close to him as we both caught our
breaths. Just then we heard some one clear his throat. Standing in the
doorway, and leaning against the sink was a cop. "Nice show boys, now lets
talk about how you're going to get out of this"To be continued
Please let me know your comments.
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