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Subject: True Serving
Date: nymphet top land
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 07:34:05 GMTMark had met the man at a bar. It nymphet porn kids was a leather bar and after much
consternation, Mark stripped his shirt off and put on only a leather
vest, his best fitting jeans and nymphet child stars boots to go to that bar.It paid off.Jim was a tall, older man with hairy chest and wore leather pants and
a vest as well."You looking for someone?" Jim's deep voice best nymphets tgp seemed to penetrate Mark
totally despite the music and chatter that was going nymphet butts
on around them.
But the moment the man talked, all the surrounding noise seemed to
fade."Yes model nymphet com
Sir" Mark's reply answered sevral unasked questions.He was naked, collared and doign whatever the man said that entire
weekend.Mid week the following week, anal nymphet
the man's deep voice was on his phone and
Mark did what the man said, calling in to work sick and reporting at
one am.It was five days later that underwear nymphets Mark was back at work."you ok man?" his friends at little nymphet boys work asked. "you seem different" that was
months ago.Mark packed his things as cum slurping nymphs Jim stood there waiting. He stripped naked
and waited nymphets stories xxx for orders. The leather jockstrap, collar, chaps, boots and
tit clamps became his attire and he left his apartment wearing that
proclaiming what he had been secretly to all who saw him.Jim was a good Master, taking command of his life. nymphet sun bbs The workouts were
strenuous but turned Mark into a more defined boy/man. He learned that
when sexy young nymphet Jim demaned he lift more, run harder, swim more laps and try new
things it was what he needed..."I think you'll little nymphet land be ready lovely nymphets art soon" Jim would tell him. Mark didnt't know
what that meant, but he had learned not to ask. It was not his
position to question his Master.All his thoughts about work, future, goals and being changed.
Something deep down nymphets no nude modles
iniside him had blossomed as Mark knew he belonged
to another man.He cleaned, knelt, sexually served and experienced his nymphets nonnude Masters SM
pursuits.Mark's body tightened and nymphets cp toughened up. It was kept shaven smooth as
his head was kept shaven. He knelt in public as his left nipple was
pierced and his Master put in a ring proclaiming the boy his property.The boxing, wrestling and karate classes made him tougher, more
confident and more hot looking.When his Master took him to parties or bars, men stared, angel nymphet porn approached,
flirted and wanted him. His Master took him nymphet nubiles galleries
to a special part where Mark was naked, tied,
flogged and urinated on by many there. His Master seemed to enjoy
seeing him do it all.And Mark enjoyed it too..especailly because his Master wanted him."It's time boy for you to nude nymphets galleries go underground" he was young strawberry nymphete told one night.
"Jeans" .The boy pulled on nymphets kissing
his worn pair of jeans that had rips and worn spots
on it.Barechested and barfoot he followed his Master to the car and remained
quiet during the drive.As the Master child bbs nymphetsnymphettes nude 13 yo parked the car he gave insructions."The underground" nymphets bbc
is simple. Slaves newstar nymphet fight. Bets are placed and the
winning slave presents the money to his Master. The loosing slave
becomes the property of nymphet chill pictures the winning slave's Master for one week.There was no question or expectation."one last thing, if you loose, when nude non nymphets you return, you'll be punished
severely"His Master never used the word "severely" unless it meant a great deal
of pain.Mark stood and watched match after match. Slaves, much like him, were
naked, hitting, wrestling, and bleeding in an all out fight. "You" Jim said to him.Mark moved to the center and faced another slave much like him. He
stripped naked and soon was fighting for his life. He had hit and been
hit art nymphet pics but not like that.It stunned baby romple nymphet him. The blood trickled down his face. His arms andlegs
hurt. His lip bled. Yet he fought on until the other slave finally was
on the gallery nude nymphetgallery sexy nymphette floor, exhausted, bloody and proclaimed the looser.He turned to face his Master and knelt 3d nymphets archive holding up the money. He had
done a good job for his Master.Then the final event of the evenign came. "All winning slaves in the
ring. The one left 12 to 16 nymphets standing wins the others are punished...severely"
Master Jim used that word again.Five naked slaves, all who had won their matches stood in the center
of the room. The slaves they had beaten were kneelign or chained to
the belts of the winning slaves' Masters ready for whatever the next
week entailed.Mark looked towards Master Jim who'se hands held the chain connected
to the nymphets lollipops galleries
loosing slave's little nymphet teen
titclamps. He yanked them and the wild nymphets galleries nymphets childs sex
slave fell to
his knees.Mark was determined and fought the others until he was barely
standing....holding himself up by leaning on an upright post. Around
him were the other slaves, bloddied, coated with sweat and laying on
the floor.Mark knew that if the fight wasn't nymphomodels
declared over soon, he'd be on the
floor with them.The bell rang.He knelt beside his Master watching the other slaves beling flogged
and one or two bullwhipped."You think you escaped that boy?" His Master said little nude nymphets cuties
to him.Mark knew better then to reply."Is that it for tonight?" home little nymphets the event host asked everyone.Then Mark pulled away from his Master. The look on Jim's face was a
mixture of anger and confusion.Mark went to where another Master stood holding a cat of nine tails.
He knelt and held out his hands. The man gave him the cat.Mark then moved to where Jim still stood and knelt holding up the cat.The man nude nymphet streaming smiled. The group applauded when Master Jim finished flogging his slaveboy
Mark and the second slave."You did good tonight boy" Jim said to him as they drove home."This slave's job is to bathe you and service you while I honey nymphet pornnymphette pictures watch "Mark finally wrote home telling his folks i am fool nymphet about pubescent nymphet poses
his lifestyle and that
he had moved in with nymphets horny
a man.The other slave petite blonde nymphet had serviced him and Master Jim all week and was
released."The next time we go underground, you will loose boy" Mark looked at
the man. He knew that whatever Master Jim commanded it was good for
him."yes Sir" Mark said. He had learned what true serving was and what it
would nymphets paysite continue to be.
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