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From: Brad Goodman
Subject: The Truth About Me - Chapter 5This story is a work of fiction. Some parts may be based on real life but
the actual names have been changed to protect the innocent. This story
involves sex with boys and adult men. If you are underage or offended by
this type of material or it is illegal where you live stop reading. Please
think about all the other usual crap that goes here before going on. ******************************************************
I really appreciate all of the wonderful emails I got regarding the last
chapter. I hope you all enjoy this chapter as I figure we are just a few
chapters away from getting back to the story that began in chapter 1 and 2.
I really think the history of my family is important for most of the new
readers. Thanks for your support and kind words. Your comments and emails
are appreciated and can be sent to bradgoodman30hotmail.comThe Truth About Me lovely nymphets forum By: Brad Goodman
Chapter 5 When we arrived at the walkway next to the pool we back tracked towards the
lobby and beginning of the pool. Once we arrived at the waterfalls we found
Nick and Jacob playing and splashing one another there. I had a feeling
they nymphets sex portal would be attracted to the waterfall. To my amazement they were playing
with the boy from the lobby. He was gorgeous in his little bathing suit.
He had on an orange suit with Hawaiian flowers in white on it. He was quite
white and had small nickel sized brown nipples. His hair was a dark brown
and cute nymphets net he had deep brown eyes. This gave his face a nice contrast as it was
white like his body. His body was hairless and smooth and he had a very
nice belly button. His stomach was not skinny like Jake's, not flat and
firm like Joey's, and not flat and soft like Nicks. He had the slightest
little pooch on him the just made his little stomach stick out about half an
inch or so. He was not fat but definitely not skinny like Jacob. He was
splashing and playing with the boys like they were old friends. There was
another boy there with them. He was definitely Dutch. His mother was an
older lady teen nymphet tgp
sunning herself and not paying much attention to him. I saw no
father and as I later found out his mother was single. He was an incredible
site to behold. He must have been about 12 or 13 and did not have a hair on
his tanned, tight frame. He had nice little pecks growing in, and a firm
but soft looking flat stomach. His nipples were like the tops of bottle
rockets and about the size of a quarter. He had dark eyes and very dark
brown hair almost black. The best part was he was wearing a speedo and it
hugged his firm round butt. He had a beautiful round butt that stuck out
from his back and seemed to tease onlookers with its perfect shape and great
wiggle. I had to sit down soon or I would begin to have parts of me
sticking out for all the world to see. As I looked over the reclining pool chairs that surrounded the entire area
I saw two ladies next to each other with an empty chair beside them. One
waved at me and said "Over Here, Brad." I walked over and noticed a very
attractive lady in a two-piece bikini lying on a hotel beach towel. It was
the lady from the plane and as usual I could not remember here name for the
life of me. "Hello pretty lady." I tried to play of my ignorance with a
little over the top charm. She laughed and said "We saw the boys and
decided to let Bobby play with them. We saved you a seat here next to us."
"We?" I said with a puzzled look on my face. "Sorry about that, this is my
sister Sherri. She sat with Bobby on the plane because we couldn't get
seats together." "Nice to meet you Sherri." "It's nice to meet you Brad."
She was a nice looking lady for a late forty something. She was about 5'5
and 140 pounds. She held it very well for her age and she gave me a huge
smile. I took my shirt off and placed it on a small table next to my chair.
The lady from the plane was wearing sunglasses, but I could tell she was
looking me over as the expression on her face changed. She let out a little
sigh and then hummed "Mmm, mmm.""Monica don't be so forward, you will embarrass the man." Monica that was
it."That is okay, I am not embarrassed. I get it occasionally and if I hated
it I would cgiworld dreamwiz nymphets stop working out and get nice and fat." Monica smiled and added,
"Plus you should get used to it as this resort seems to cater to single
mothers." I did not see that on the website or in any of the literature.
Monica told me this was her third year here with her sister and her son and
that the single women have tripled. She thought that is little nymphets land why I picked it,
particularly because most of the single women were single moms so the boys
and I both would have quote "some one to play with." I just nodded in
agreement trying to say as little as possible. Through my sunglasses I began to look over Monica as she had done me. She
was very attractive. She was about 5'7 and had nice light brown hair. Her
skin was a light golden brown and she had a firm stomach with nice perky
B-cup breasts. She had just a little make-up on to highlight her natural
features and boy did it ever. She was jabbering on and I gave her all the
cues she needed to run her mouth and tell me her life story. I couldn't
stop looking her over, though. She was beautiful and had a great sense of
humor. I was beginning to get really warm from the sun and was ready to
cool off. I had been watching the boys, Joey had joined them, and they all
five seemed to be having a great time. I told Monica and Sherri I needed to
cool off and was going to play with the boys for a while. They both smiled
and said "Have a good time." I jumped in and created a big splash that sent
a wave of water over all the boys. "You're gonna pay for that one" scowled Nick. His nymphets movies free
face giving me a very
sly grin. He and Jacob and Joey all came at me and tried to dunk me. I
tossed them about the pool like rag dolls. They were having no success and
I was finding that my 255 lbs. of muscle was finally getting some use. I
flipped them, tossed them, tickled them, and dunked them repeatedly in the
pool. They were all laughing so hard and trying to get me we forgot about
the other two boys. I let them dunk me a couple of times and begged for
mercy. I then asked them "Who are your friends?" Jake said "This is Bobby
and this is Andre.""Nice nymphet preeten to meet you both. Where are you two from?"Bobby spoke first "I am from Houston.""So are we" I told him. I looked at Andre."I am from Copenhagen." He spoke great English. I smiled at him and he
smiled back."That is very cool." "Now which one of you were laughing at me when the
boys were trying to dunk me." Like an old black and white comedy they both
looked at each other then looked at me and coyly pointed at one another."He did." they both said in unison. Everyone broke out into laughter at
this and I replied "You both must suffer the consequences." I nymphets cp pedo
dove under
the water and grabbed both boys by the waist. I had Andre pressed against
my right shoulder and Bobby pressed against my left shoulder with each arm
wrapped around their backs. I stood up and had both of them dangling above
the pool surface with one on each shoulder. They were laughing and giggling
and I proceeded to dump them over my back and into the pool. Both boys
popped out of the water and came for me. I began tossing them about like I
did earlier to my boys. Now that Jake, Joey and Nick had some help they
decided to return to the offensive and their mission of bringing me down. I
was tossing the five boys around the pool and we were attracting quite a
crowd. Many other kids were now starting to come after me and wanting me to
throw them around. After about a half hour I had been through my workout
for the day. I pleaded with the kids to set me free and after a great
effort they finally let me out of the pool. I climbed out and made my way
back to my poolside seat. I sat down and nymphets portals collection quickly found myself the attention of many single mothers
waiting to talk with me. They were all shapes and sizes and from all over
the world. Finally, I looked to Sherri and Monica for help. Sherri was
asleep and Monica just grinned at me. "Help" I gasped faintly. She nodded
and said "Don't forget we are meeting for dinner at 7:00 sharp." With that
the ladies began to disperse as they assumed I was spoken for. "Thanks, I
was beginning to drown over here.""I know" she said "I just wanted to see how long it would take you to
realize the best thing here was right next to you all along." I just smiled
and laughed with Monica after that. "Well 7:00 it is. I hope you will let
me pay for videoangels nymphets dinner." I knew good and well we were at an all inclusive resort
and we did not have to pay for anything I just hoped she got the joke and
was not thinking that I was an idiot. She smiled a huge smile at me and
said, "Only if you let me buy you a drink first." We both laughed and laid
there catching some rays and just chatting about our lives. Before long I
was beginning to fade and was finally getting the nap I so desperately
needed. After about an hour Monica woke me and asked if I could watch Bobby
as she and Sherri went for a stroll around the resort to view the flowers
and plants. I told her no problem but I wanted to go down the pool through
the river to the bar at asian nymphets bbs the far end. Bobby was welcome I just didn't want
her to worry. She said she would meet us there in an hour. I agreed and
away they went. I got back in the pool and asked the boys if they would like to go down the
pool until we reach the end. Jacob, Joseph and Nicolas were very excited
about seeing the rest of the pool and were ready photo little nymphets nude for a little exploration.
Bobby seemed to be very excited about the prospect of a little pool
adventure himself. Andre said "I think my mom wants me to stay here, but I
will ask." He turned and yelled something to his mother in Dutch (I
believe) and she replied. He then told us they were going back to their
room in a few minutes and free pics nymphette
he could not go. With our party reduced by one we
began to make our way down the pool. I was floating on my back gently
sailing towards the other end of the pool. We past a whirl pool in the
middle of a large swimming area first. It looked like something out of
Greek mythology. It was surrounded by huge columns and had a single
entrance on the east side of the circled enclosure. We stopped and enjoyed
the jets for a minute and after the boys were ready we continued on our
journey. We went under thumbs nymphets several wooden pedestrian bridges and through
several narrow canals until we reached the next big pool area. They had a
really cool water slide here, a volley ball net, water polo nets and ukrainian nymphets elweb bbs a goal
for water basketball. The boys wanted to go down the slide several times
and once they had all completed several trips down the slide we pressed
onward. Our next arrival was a narrow passage we referred to as the river.
It was about 50 yards long and about 8 feet wide. This caused the water to
move more swiftly and was quite beautiful nymphet exciting for the boys. When we reached the end there was a separate children's pool and a lot of
jungle gym equipment. The boys told me they were not interested in the
"baby pool." The area just after that had plenty of room for swimming,
floating or relaxing. There was a little cove off to the side where they
had tiled chairs built into the pool. These were very cool and the boys and
I sat in the chairs for a few minutes. There was a really neat fountain
here with many streams of water spraying into the pool that the boys played
in while I relaxed and enjoyed watching their fun. They were having a great
time and none of us were thinking of any of the crap we had all gone through
during the past year. I told them just a little farther and we would reach
the bar. "Bar, there is a bar in the pool!" Joey exclaimed. "Yup, I think
I can see it right over there." With that the boys raced out of the cove
back into the main pool and right towards the bar. There was a stage behind
the bar and a live band was playing, but there was a DJ ready to keep the
party going or take requests. The boys promptly went right to the bar and
sat on the in-pool stools. I swam up and joined them. To my chagrin they
were ordering some alcoholic beverages. I looked at the bartender and told
him "Bebidas sin alcohol para mi naked nymphets bbs imgboard hijos." My Spanish is quite poor but the
bartender understood and said "Sin alcohol, si Senior." With this I told
him I wanted a margarita "con Suaza Hornitos." Sauza Hornitos is an
excellent tequila and the bartender told me no problem. He served us all
our drinks and the boys were so excited thinking they had gotten away with
getting alcohol. I never let them know what "sin alcohol" meant, but I did
tell them it was what they needed to say to ensure they were served what
they wanted. (Little polite lies are okay, I think.) super nymphets We enjoyed our drinks
and I got a second to go, and we were just about to head back when the DJ
started playing a very upbeat song in Spanish that I was informed was the #1
song in Mexico at the time. The staff was up on the stage dancing a dance
(not the macarena but something similar) and I was quickly singled out by a
very attractive young guy to get up there with them. I did not want to and
protested but the boys wanted me to do it. I grabbed Joey and said your
coming with me. He smiled and said "Okay." Damn my plot back fired. I
thought he would refuse giving me a good excuse not to go. We got up on
stage and the drunken crowd around the pool began cat-calling at the both of
us. I heard ladies saying some really obscene things but everyone was
having such a good time we just went with it. As we were dancing a very drunk European (I believe he was German) began to
dance on the bar and cause the illegal nymphets porn crowd to laugh hysterically. Joey and I
started laughing so hard at this fifty something guy in a lime green speedo
dancing like a chicken with a missing leg that we could not keep up with the
group. The boys were all loving this and before I knew it Nick and Jake
were up there with us. Bobby remained planted to his seat at the bar to
embarrassed to get up with them. When it was over the lady MC and the DJ
kept me and the boys up there and asked if they were all mine. I told them
they were and they told me that we were by far the best looking group of
guys here. I was definitely blushing even though I know they were just
being polite. It was true of the boys but I did not ever think of myself as
really attractive. The crowd began to make comments to us about us all
looking so good together and that all the boys looked like me in different
ways. This amused us all as none of us shared a drop of common blood. But
maybe what they say is true about people living together and then turning to
look like one another. We got off the stage and many women and men were
coming over and talking to me now. I was ready for a little quiet time and
here was all these people needing my attention. I looked over and saw Jake,
Nick and Bobby splashing and playing again, but where was Joey. I looked
around the pool and could not find him. I turned to see if he was back on
the stage and noticed him at the end of the bar. I noticed he was talking
to the attractive young Mexican boy who pulled me on the stage. This boy
was no older than about 16 and was wearing a staff t-shirt. He had a great
smile and incredible dark eyes. His hair was a little curly and he had an
amazing tan. He took off his shirt and got into the pool right next to
Joey. I could see Joey looking over his body and the boy looking over
Joey's fine body. Thoughts of the two of them touching each other and making love flashed
through my mind. I was jealous and turned on all at the same time. Nick
and Jake and Bobby swam over to me and announced they were hungry. I told
them we could go to the small dining area just next to this side of the pool
when Bobby's mother met us here in a few minutes. I yelled to Joey and he
swam over and his new friend followed. I told Joey the plans and he
announced that was cool with him cause he was hungry too. He then
introduced us all to his new friend. "Dad, this is Fernando. Fernando,
this is my dad." "Mucho gusto." I said."Tu habla espanol?" he responded."No, Yo hablo muy poquito, espanol." He then proceeded to tell me he had
learned English working here and has only been speaking it for about a year.
He had very good command and I was impressed. We all made small talk for
a little while and then he turned his attention to my muscles and took the
conversation there with him. "You work out a lot, huh?" I told him I
worked out a little and then he flat out asked me if I shaved my chest or
not. I had a little hair around each nipple and a nice happy trail from my
belly button to my crotch, but the rest was smooth. Before I could say
anything, Joey blurted out my little secret that I did shave my chest. I
think he was a little jealous now as he didn't like this kid eyeing me
instead of the kid eyeing him or that he didn't like me eyeing this kid
instead of me eyeing him. Either way his jealousy was now obvious and thank
god Bobby's mother arrived. It was time to go and we said our polite
goodbyes. Bobby asked his mother if he could go eat with us as soon as she
walked up but she told him that they were going to the beach and he could
grab something on the way down there. She and I finalized our meeting plans
for later that night and they were off. I was a little glad as we had been
here in Mexico for about six hours now and had not spent any time with just
the four of us. We all got out of the pool, grabbed some complimentary beach towels and
headed for the little cafeteria. It was quite nice with an all open area.
It was covered with many fans going but there were no windows or walls to
speak of. They had all kinds of food to choose from and we all just had
some hamburgers and hotdogs. We ate some nachos and had some fruit and then
we were all satisfied. We were having the best time just sitting, talking
and relaxing. We decided to check out the beach after we finished. They
boys saw a dessert buffet and rushed over to exploit its wealth. Once they
were finished I informed 8yo nymphets
them we should go back and get our stuff from the
pool and then put on some more sun block. No one was red or burning and I
wanted to keep it that way. We made our way up the pool path that ran the
length of the pool until we reached our stuff. We gathered everything up
and I lotioned the boys real good. I was sitting in the pool chair and they
took turns having me apply sun screen to their shoulders, arms and backs.
They stood between my legs and at times when I was putting the cream on Joey
he would step back far enough to rub his ass on my crotch or run his smooth
legs against mine. I was getting a little excited by all the rubbing of
their bodies but my fear of being seen with a boner was keeping it from
getting out of hand. Once they were all ready they all three put the lotion
on my back and shoulders and we were off to the beach. nude virgin nymphets The boys were
excited because the only beach any of us have ever been to is the one in
Galveston and the water there is so brown and murky you can't see a thing.
The water here was crystal clear and blue. They also remembered the website
and all the beach activities as we made our way down they path. They had
beach volleyball, archery, jet skis, para-sailing, and snorkling. They were
so excited they couldn't decide what they wanted to do first. nymphets nude photos
I told them
that we should just enjoy the beach today, swimming in the waves as we had 9
more days to do everything else. They agreed and when we reached the beach
we quickly found some chairs and put our stuff down. The boys raced to the
water yelling for me to come along. I went down to the water to find them
all standing there in awe at the beauty before them. We all went out into the water staying close just in case there was any
undertow. We played in the surf for an hour splashing, swimming, and
wrestling with one another. We returned to our room after exploring up and
down the beach for another hour and we were all ready to get cleaned up,
watch a little t.v. and relax before dinner time. I was tired from our
morning sex, the 3 hour flight, emotionally drained from my talk with Joey
and again physically exhausted from our love making, the wrestling in the
pool, the splashing in the surf and finally little nymphet pre tgp from our hour long walk in the
sand. Don't get me wrong, I am in pretty good shape as I do work out 5
times a week, but I was exhausted. I think now is a good time to give
everyone a brief description of myself so people don't get the wrong ideas
about my appearance. I consider myself to be an average looking guy, with
the exception that the average guy doesn't look like he belongs on WWE Raw.
(That is a wrestling show for those who may not know.) I am 6'2 and weigh
about 255lbs. I would not classify myself as fat met art teens nymphets
and neither does anyone
else that I know of. I am definitely not skinny nudist nymphets model or thin either. I have a
38 inch waist and a 52 inch chest that is completely smooth (but if you have
been reading you know that is not entirely natural). I have medium brown
hair with natural highlights and blue/gray eyes. They change colors
depending on what I wear which is kinda cool. As you may have guessed I am
clean shaven and take great pride in personal grooming and staying
physically fit. It is definitely a way of life for me and the boys as I
encourage all their athletic interests. I do not push football on them as
my left knee is a continual reminder of what I got out of it. Although, I
have mixed feelings about football because it provided me with many
opportunities and during my playing days a positive outlet for aggression
and anger I harbored towards my mother and father. Women are attracted to
my muscles and my money and definitely not to my facial features or
personality. I am somewhat outspoken and tend to speak freely about my
feelings on everything. I can also be a real smart ass about things. The boys all took turns showering and getting on some clean clothes and
then I followed suit. I went to lie down for a while, as we had 30 minutes
before we needed to meet Monica and her family for dinner. I found the boys
all in my little xxx nymphet bed nearly asleep. I went to get into the other bed and Nick said
"Come here with us." "You look a little crowded already." Now all three
boys pressed together tighter to make room for me on the end of the bed and
began telling me to please lie down with them. I had them spread apart and
make a space in the middle where I lied down between Nick and Jake. Joey
was on the other side of Jake and was almost asleep already. We lay there
not doing much nymphet teen young tgp of anything, just enjoying the few English cable stations we
were receiving. Nick and Jake have for many years enjoyed just rubbing my
arm or leg with their hand. They will just rub an arm or leg, or chest or
back for that matter for hours. I guess it is their way of feeling closer
to me. I was gently rubbing each of their shirtless backs with a small
circular motion and they were each rubbing me. Jake was on the right side
and was caressing my chest slightly up and down, while Nick was on the left
side rubbing my left thigh just above my knee. I never really thought they
did this rubbing for any sexual purpose but sometimes it got me excited to
feel them touching me so soft and tenderly. I get chills in my spine and
butterflies in my stomach from it to this day, even though they have been
doing it for over 8 years. We stayed like this for the next thirty nymphetas nonude minutes
and I enjoyed the love of my boys the entire time. When it was time to go I
had the boys get up and finish dressing and we were ready for a little
dinner. We met Monica, Sherri, and Bobby at the hotel bar by the lounge area. We
all had a drink and chatted a little about our day. Monica pointed out they
had a really neat show that was to begin at 9:00 called "Mr. Iberostar."
This I was afraid to go to because I thought it must be one of those cheesy
attempts to exploit male audience members. Unfortunately for me, I was
right. We hurried of to the restaurant where they had a buffet like nothing
I had seen before. Every kind of fruit, vegetable, bread, and meat was
there. They had pasta, Mexican food (go figure on that one), seafood, and a
huge dessert selection. The boys were making many trips and eating
everything they could. I warned them to be careful and not over eat and
they all looked at me like I was crazy, so I just shut up about it. We all
chatted during dinner with the boys really enjoying each other's company
ignoring us adults. Except for Joey. I think he regretted getting this
woman's attention focused to us because now he was getting jealous. He was
sitting next to me and always tapping me and adding some off the wall
comment to our conversation. I got the hint and turned our focus to his
activities and interests which seemed to please him more. We must have
eaten for over an hour because before we knew it, we needed to head towards
the theater. The theater wasn't far away but the boys were all stuffed and
not ready to walk a long distance or move very quickly for that matter. As
we walked I gave the boys an "I told you so" look but never actually said
anything. We arrived at the theater which had a good sized stage with a
large audience area with many tables. It was beginning to fill up and we
quickly found two tables next to each other so the boys would not be far.
Monica had grabbed my hand during the walk and I was ready for her to take a
seat and set me free. Joey was eyeing her and as they say "If looks could
kill" Monica would have been dead. The show began and as I feared it was one of those damn shows that got the
males in the audience to volunteer. When they asked for volunteers Monica
and Sherri quickly said here is one and pointed at me. The players in the
show quickly came down and grabbed me, pulling me out of my chair and to the
stage. The numerous women in the audience began cat calling at me and I
started to blush. I looked back and the boys were all laughing a lot and
really enjoying it. When they got me on stage they started grilling all of
the guys they had and when it was my turn I told them I was here with my
three boys who were really enjoying this too much. They asked where they
were, so I pointed them out and they quickly dispatched a crew member to
their table. When the player in the show got to their table they asked who
were my sons and who was enjoying this the most. Nick jumped up and was
laughing so hard no one could understand him. The girl in the show
announced he was so cute he would be good competition for his dad. With
that she proceeded to hurry him to the stage. The other boys began to laugh
so hard when that happened I thought they may be sick. They brought Nick up
and stood him next to me and said we were so much alike and a very good
looking father and son. We smiled and thanked them in unison which caused
the crowd to burst into laughter. There were about 10 guys on stage
including Nick and I and they made us go through several competitions were
we had to do skits, sing, and get ladies to give us their shoes and clothes.
At the end of australian nymphets each competition the crowd voted someone off until virgin hardcore nymphet
were just two other guys, me and Nicolas. One of the guys was at least 75
and the other was probably in his late forties. The crowd was really behind
Nick and the old guy. They then told us to do a sexy dance for the ladies
in the audience and played some cheesy stripper music. little doll nymphets The first to try was
the forty something guy and he just danced around a bit like a white guy
with no rhythm. The old man went next and he got into it but everyone was
afraid something may fall off of him. My turn came and I decided to take my
clothes off all the way to my boxers which got the women and crowd in an
uproar of laughter and cat calls. I was sure I would win now. Nick's turn came and the little cheese monster copied almost everything I
did stripping to his boxers. The crowd was laughing so hard I thought some
of them were going to pee on themselves. They were chanting "like father,
like son" over and over. I just kicked my clothes to the side when I was
dancing but this boy flung his clothes into the crowd. When it was over the
crowd voted him Mr. Iberostar. I got second and everyone seemed to have a
good time. The worst part was when I was watching him do his dance one of
the players hid my pants and that became the final joke of the evening. I
couldn't help but laugh when they turned up missing as some pervert in the
audience kept Nick's socks too (but his were taken for real). His socks
were stolen for what purpose I can only imagine. I never understood the
whole foot fetish, however his feet are very cute and I can see why someone
would like them. But seriously, stealing his socks, come on! We went back
to the table and the show wrapped up with a little more singing and dancing
from the players and then Monica asked if we were going to the night club at
the hotel. This place really was all inclusive to have a night club too.
It was 11:15 and we were all tired but the boys wanted to go for a little
while as none of them had ever been to a disco before. We all went and it
was cool like a European style disco with a round dance floor in the middle.
Monica asked if I wanted to dance and we shook our booties much to the
chagrin of Sherri and the boys. I got the boys out on the floor and Sherri
too. We were all dancing and having a good time before the serious party
animals arrived. After about 45 minutes we were all angels bbs nymphets ready to go back to our
rooms for a good night sleep. We walked Monica and Sherri back to their
room and after we said goodbye, Monica gave me a big hug and as she started
to pull back our eyes met, she leaned into me, and gave me a huge kiss on
the lips. Nick, Jake, and Bobby let out a big "Ooooooooh." I was never
going to hear the end of this. We parted and said we would meet at the pool
around noon or so tomorrow. The boys and I went back to our room to settle
in for the night. virgin nymphet sex movies
Nick and Jake were very tired and let their little shorts slide off to the
floor and slipped out of their t-shirts which they draped over the couch.
They went to their bed and plopped down and then fell fast asleep. I got
out of my blue jean shorts and took of my green polo shirt and laid down.
Joey kept looking at me with daggers in tiny nymphets his eyes and I finally asked him
what was wrong."Nothing!" he replied."Come on, what is wrong?" He looked at me, his eyes began to tear up and he
turned and headed for the bathroom. I got up and followed him in shutting
the door behind us so not to disturb Jake and Nick."You said you loved me and then you kissed her right on the lips." I looked
at Joey and he was really sobbing now. Tears were running down his face. I
kept asking myself why he was so upset. Jake and Nick didn't mind at all
and he was really torn apart by it.I answered "First of all I did not kiss her she kissed me and second I do
love you very much and third why are you so mad about nymphet gallery model
this?" He shook his
head and buried his face in his arms and began to cry more now. I started
running through everything in my mind, trying to figure out what was going
on. Then just like a movie where a light goes off over someone's head, it
came to me."Are you mad at me because you think I was like Ron acting like I love you
for sex and then going to a woman for real love?" He looked at me and
nodded. I can't believe he understood naked kids nymphets what I said because I know it did not
come out right. "Joey, I love you so much. I do not want you to think you
have to have sex with me to get my love. Therefore, we will not have sex
anymore. You can live with me, I will take care of you, and I will hug and
kiss you like a father does if you let me, but no more sex." He looked at
me sheepishly and then he began to cry more with a heavy and steady stream
of tears running down his face.He looked up and finally let it out "That is not what I want. We made love
today and it was the best thing I have ever experienced. I just feel like
you were cheating on me and didn't really love me. You are the only person
I have ever loved this much and it hurt me to see you kiss her or her to
kiss you."I saw the hurt in his eyes and said "I will not let her do that anymore. I
didn't enjoy it at all. You mean too much to me to hurt you like that
anymore. I am sorry. It is weird though that you don't say anything about
me kissing Nick and Jake." Joey stopped and caught his breath and tried to get his emotions under
control. "I know you love them because of the way you look at them and take
care of them. They were here first and I respect their rights to you. If I
had been here first I would no nude little nymphet not share you with anyone." I looked Joey in
the eyes and put my hand on his cheek, gently wiping away his tears with my
thumb."Joey, I love you so much I would not want to share you either, but because
I love Nick and Jake the same way I sacrifice my feelings because I want you
boys to be as happy as you can be. Seeing you enjoying yourselves with each
other makes me the happiest. When you boys are together and smiling and
laughing I feel the greatest feeling of all. You boys happiness means the
world to me." He cracked a little smile and tried to hold back his emotions
a little more."I want you to make love to me again."I shook my head youngteens model nymphet and said "Not tonight, you need to learn the difference
between love and sex. If you truly love someone you don't need to have sex
with them. Love means just being there fore some one always." He began to
protest and I just gave him a stern nurgles nymphs look and he stopped. I had to pee so I
let loose my milk snake and began to pee. Joey came right next to me
whipped out his semi-hard member and did the same. When we were both
finished young lovely nymphets
we washed our hands and went to our bed. His nipples were erect
and pointy tonight and I could tell he was horny, but nymphets naked ls
I was not going to do
anything with him until he finally learns the difference between sex and
love. He pressed his firm, warm body against mine with his nipples rubbing
against the side of my stomach and one on the middle of my stomach. He laid
his head on my chest and I wrapped my arm around his shoulders with my hand
resting on his side. We slept like that all night long and never once did
anything sexual. His breathing was calm and soothing to me and the little
fart popped a boner during the night and had a nocturnal emission all over
my leg. His little member found its way out of the boxer opening in the
front and blasted his cream on my thigh. I wasn't going to have sex with
him but I couldn't stop him from dreaming about it. The next morning the boys were ready to try all of the beach activities
offered. We got up, got ready and I applied sun screen to all the boys
which I must admit was quite enjoyable for me. We signed up for all the
other activities we could that day and our itinerary ended up like this: 9:00am-10:00am Parasailing
10:30am-11:00am Jet Skis
1:00pm-4:00pm SnorkelingIt was after 4 when we got back and I just wanted to take a nap. The boys
were not so tired and wanted to go to the pool for a little while. I put
some more sun screen nymphet porno pics
on them and let them go russian lesbian nymphets telling them to come back to
the room around 5:30 or 6:00. I went back to the room, showered and put on
some boxers and laid down on top of the covers for a little nap. Thirty
minutes latter the door opened and Nick came in. He came to the bed and
climbed over me so he had tiny nymphet a hand on each side of me with his face above mine
and his feet still on the floor. I opened my eyes and he said he got a big
boner and wanted me to take care of it. "Why did that happen?" I asked him."I was at the pool and saw all the good looking guys around the pool and
then I saw a guy about your age, built but not as mush as you and then it
just popped up. I couldn't wait to come back and be with you."I looked and saw his little trunks were well tented in the young nymphettes porn front and even
saw the nylon with a thicker wet spot on the tip of his tent where his
pre-cum began to soak through. I looked him into his pale blue eyes and he
leaned into me and our lips met. The electricity I felt go through my body
each time one of the boys kissed me always amazed me. It never lost its
luster. We kissed with just our lips for several minutes and then his
tongue slipped into my mouth. I could feel it probing the roof of my mouth,
the right cheek, the left cheek and under my tongue. I was quite hard myself now and I felt his warm soft hand running over my
chest and stomach. He loved to touch my muscles and I often thought he
could get off to just this alone. I reached my hand up and started playing
with his left nipple. Then I used the other hand to fondle his right one.
He was breathing heavy now and I could hear his sighs as I pulled, twisted
and caressed his nipples. They were erect and I could tell his enjoyment
level was going up by the way he was trying to jam his tongue down my throat
and into my chest. I put a hand on each side of him and lifted him up
positioning him right above me with a leg resting on each side of me. He
sat right on my covered boner and pressed his flawless bubble butt against
it. His ass was by far the greatest ass I have ever seen. It was firm,
full, soft and smooth. Just looking at its form was enough to bring me to
orgasm. I was now caressing his side and running my hands over his hips and
rubbing his nylon covered butt. He was rubbing his ass cheeks back and
forth over my member causing me too leak profusely. He broke our kiss and
stood up. I reached up and pulled his swim trunks down and his rigid penis
snapped back slapping his crotch and belly. The pre-cum left its mark and a
strand ran from just below his belly button to his purple head. His balls
were pulled tight to his body like a boy fresh out of a pool. They almost
could not be seen they were pulled so tight little nymphets free pictures to him. I quickly pushed my
boxers down releasing my own engorged member. I had leaked so much pre-cum
while we were kissing it looked like I had pissed my pants. I kicked my
boxers sweet young nymphette gallery off to the floor and smiled up at Nick. He lowered himself and I
pulled him forward so his cock was right in front of my face. I licked the
head of his russian nymphette
cock and opened my mouth and used my lips to nibble his mushroom
top. I closed my lips just around the bottom of his head and gently pulled
back, sliding my lips over his head to the tip. I did this a second time
and when I reached his piss slit it opened and his body stiffened and he
released his cream naked nymphs nn right onto my lips. He kept splashing me with is cum for
four shots. I slurped it up as it hit my lips and tasted his sweet cream.
His breathing was shallow and quick and his balls were rubbing on my chest.
It was awesome that he was so excited he had his orgasm quickly. He slid
back and rested his head on my chest as he recovered. I couldn't see his
little pals but I definitely could feel the little marble boys rubbing
against me. I was hard and leaking and needed a little relief myself. I
was rubbing his back and caressing his ass and he was sliding his left leg
across my crotch. His leg rubbed against my penis a couple of times and
then I let loose my own load. I shot all over him with streams of my white
liquid soap landing on his ass and legs. He was still recovering from his
own orgasm and did not say a word or move a muscle. When I was finished I
just lay there stroking his back as he lay on top of me. I loved it when
the boys laid on top of me like this. I could feel his heart beat and hear
his breath as he drifted off to sleep. I too quickly slipped into my own
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