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From: Beautiful Creamer
Subject: Try Boys 7Try Boys 7
By Beautiful Creamer
One -- Making the BreakCharlie Bohner was pretty sure that he was about to make the biggest, most
expensive, most depressing move of his life.And he saw no way out of it.The hall had been rented. Caterers, florists, musicians, gownmaker -- all
paid in advance. Invitations sent and accepted.And yet...Was marrying Monica Clampthighs the right thing to do?Two weeks before the alleged wedding, Charlie didn't think so.They weren't even married yet and Monica was already a nagging,
manipulating emasculator.Charlie would have probably called it off long ago if Monica hadn't been so
effing gorgeous. And stacked. Forty-two double-dees. Legs to die for.And yet...Monica wasn't exactly generous with her favors.Downright stingy, she was, as Yoda would say.Though they had been engaged for ten months, Monica had never permitted
anal sex to defile her personage. Nor had she allowed Charlie to frost her
immaculately made-up, impossibly beautiful face with his hot, male cream..
Monica hadn't even swallowed a thick, creamy load of Charlie's "hi-test
baby fuel."In other words, none of the stuff that makes a man feel like a full,
complete man.Would things get better when they were married?Charlie seriously doubted it.Charlie was feeling depressed about it all that Friday night as he and
Monica ate dinner at Monica's favorite restaurant. It was always Monica's
favorites that they chose as a couple.[Sigh]Nevertheless, massive social pressure would have probably pushed Charlie
into a "life sentence" -- "marry in haste, repent at leisure" -- situation
with Monica if that fateful, loving couple hadn't entered the restaurant
that night.Heads turned throughout the restaurant when the couple entered, because the
duo were two things one rarely sees. First, they were openly,
passionately, unashamedly in love. Second, they amature nymphet pics were what some might call
an "unconventional" couple.The man was in his mid-thirties, tall, fit, and Clooneyishly handsome. The
women in the restaurant noticed that immediately.The other member of the couple made the women look away in obvious
distaste.. And made the men sit up and pay "rigid" attention.The man's eager, submissive lover was a boy. A beautiful boy, no older
than late ten -- early eleven. A beautiful boy, dressed provocatively in
the shortest shorts, the briefest t-shirt and the strappiest, pinkest
sandals.Oh my.Charlie gulped as he watched the man and boy settle into their booth and,
ignoring their menus virgin nymphets and the disapproving stares of the room's women, begin
to kiss each other's mouths with wet passion.Oh my.Charlie didn't know why, but his cock was in the full, upright position. A
condition it had rarely known as his wedding approached.Charlie knew what he was seeing was "wrong." Or so he had been told all
his life except for the wisps of change that had been forming in recent
months during the evolving "Try Boys" movement.Try boys!Indeed!That man in the booth was certainly trying a boy. His tongue was licking
the young beauty's tonsils. The boy was squirming and grunting in heated
pleasure. Freed from the surly bonds of shame, the lovers had slid their
hands below the table and were obviously fondling each other's "personal
possessions."Oh me oh my!It was all so flaming hot!So completely what Charlie..."I SAID, did you hear me, Charlie?" Monica said. "I said, isn't that a
despicable display? Those animals should be thrown out on the pavement and
hosed down with cold water. Then horsewhipped!"Something snapped inside Charlie's heated brain. Something that should
have snapped long ago. He looked at the man and boy. In love. Giving
themselves to each other. The boy regularly and enthusiastically permitted
his man to cum all over his pretty face -- Charlie was sure of that. And
he knew that three or four doses of anal sex were the minimum daily
requirement for the two of them.Then he looked at Monica. Men would crawl across broken glass to slide
their cocks between her boobs, Charlie knew that. If she let them. Good
assets -- stingy shocking nymphets pics
distribution.No contest."Thanks for everything, Monica, but I'm out." And Charlie got up and left
the restaurant, a stunned Monica and child nymphet models his old life.
Two -- The star of Charlie's new life.Now most men, given what Charlie angel nymphets stories series
had just done, would do one of two things:
1) find a sympathetic bartender and/or 2) begin to fill sandbags around his
home in anticipation of the inevitable, full-frontal assault the scorned
woman and her father would conduct against his precarious life.On the long walk home (they had driven to the restaurant in Monica's car),
Charlie decided on something else entirely. He decided to act on an
impulse that had been prodding him (and he had been ignoring) for over a
year.Charlie passed his house and, drawing a deep breath, rang his next-door
neighbors' doorbell. Half-hoping that no one was home. The other half
desperately counting on a response.The door opened and Charlie saw Gina Moistbum, his next-door neighbor for
the past five years. A nice, sweet, 35-year-old mother of three, most
notably her eldest, 11-year-old Trevor Moistbum. Who was the object of
Charlie's full attention at that moment in the space-time continuum.Gina looked at Charlie with curiosity, which evolved into a small smile.
She said, "Hi, Charlie. I thought you were going to dinner with your
fiancée tonight."Charlie gulped and leapt. "That's nymphet sex young over, Gina," he said. "I realized a few
things about myself. Important things. I was wondering...[gulp]...is
Trevor home?"Gina looked at Charlie with great interest. For a terrifying moment,
Charlie thought she was going to scream and call the police.But then she smiled warmly and said, "At last, you've come to your senses.
Come on in, Charlie."[Whew]What did Gina mean, come to his senses?Charlie soon found out.Charlie entered the house and noticed that Gina's younger children, Molly,
7, and Kevin, 5, were watching TV in the family room. But Trevor wasn't
around.Gina offered Charlie a seat and he took it.She spoke first. "I presume you're here because you realized that a
nagging, manipulating emasculator like Monica wasn't for you. And you want
to start dating our sweet, innocent, beautiful, 11-year-old Trevor. Is
that right?"It was exactly right, but it sounded odd, said out loud. Charlie nodded
sheepishly in response.Gina studied him for a moment, then said, "Well, that's the best news we've
had around here in a long time, Charlie. Trevor will be thrilled. He's
been in love with you since he was nine. He's even kept himself a virgin,
hoping that you would be his first. I told him not to get his hopes up,
but here you are."Charlie's heart leapt. Trevor loved him! And always had!??!!?The first pang Charlie felt was love, followed by a sharper pang of regret
that he had wasted two years he could nymphet wild have had with Trevor on that Monica
she-demon. But then it was back to love."Is...is Charlie here, Gina? Now, I mean."Gina was enjoying Charlie's anxiety. Small payback though it was for
keeping her son waiting for the cock he needed all this time. Then she
said, "Charlie's here. The poor boy needs `relief' three or four times a
day, so whenever Charlie needs to "empty," nymphets underwear models his Daddy skins his little peeny
knob till he spurts. No fucking or sucking. Those activities Trevor
wanted to save for you. They're having a little `squeal and squirt'
session right now in Trevor's room. Want to see?"Charlie's ears were burning from sexual excitement. He was going to see
the love of his life naked. Being wanked -- clinically more than
erotically -- by his Daddy. Then what?Oh.Charlie followed Gina up the stairs to Trevor's room. Gina entered without
knocking and Charlie followed closely behind.It was a startling sight!Several of them, actually.First, Charlie was struck by the sight of his own picture displayed all
around the room. Candid shots taken, presumably by Trevor, of Charlie
working in his backyard, with his shirt off. Or just standing on his
porch. Many pictures were blown up to poster size and mounted over most of
the walls.Then Charlie was struck by the raw beauty and eroticism of the naked
Trevor.. Who was lying on his back, naked, except for a pair of skimpy,
white, silk, bikini panties hooked around his left ankle.Trevor's eyes were closed, so he didn't see his Mom or Charlie enter the
room. But Charlie saw Trevor.The boy was an angel fallen to earth. A slim, pink body complemented
Trevor's gorgeous face, which was scrunched up cutely, in eager
anticipation of impending orgasm. The boy's large, brown, puffy nipples
were erect and almost teen fuck nymphet begging to be kissed. The head of his tiny, 3.2-inch
penis was exposed by his Daddy's loving, manual attentions and was drooling
juices that would satisfy any man's thirst.Jack, Trevor's Daddy, saw Gina and Charlie enter the room, but didn't
react, other than to feel happy for his son. He knew lil nymphets raped that Trevor was near
his "boy's time," so to finish him off, Daddy rubbed the pad of his left,
middle finger across his son's anus ring as he wanked him.That did it.Trevor cried out, "Oh, Mr. Bohner! I love nymphets lovers
you!" Then nymphette porn teen
spurted five creamy
ropes of boy's cream all over his flat, silken tummy.Charlie Bohner's bad day was getting a lot better.And youngest pedo nymphets so was Trevor's.The boy's well-nippled chest was heaving with the aftershocks of his orgasm
as his pretty eyes fluttered open.Was he dreaming?Was that really...?Oh.Rather than scream with shock or faint from humiliation at the lewd show
which he realized he had just performed, Trevor merely smiled and said, "I
knew you would come to me some day, Mr. Bohner. Is today the day?"It was.And Charlie said so. "I've been such an idiot, Trevor.. Messing around
with that ungrateful, though very large-chested, Monica. But that's over.
Can you forgive me for making you suffer?"Trevor's eyes filled with happy tears and he opened his arms in submissive
invitation. Which Charlie eagerly accepted after the obligatory, momentary
hesitation, during which he briefly considered the loss of his full
heterosexuality. Very briefly, nymphet nude toplist
since something way better was panting and
gasping for him.Charlie leaned over and, in an impulse of passion that startled them both,
scooped up a liberal portion of the sweet boy's cream that had formed a
lake surrounding Trevor's belly button, then lovingly applied that
nutritious treat to Trevor's lips before he kissed the boy.Charlie's first boy.Trevor's first man.Kissing with four wet, cum-filled lips. Then tongues.It was Charlie's first taste of "puerile pleasure pudding" and he found it
indescribably delicious.If people actually "swoon," Trevor swooned as he and his dream man shared a
deep, cummy kiss.The boy's little peeny was all stiff and needy again as Charlie laid his
hand on it. The first cock, other than his own, that Charlie had touched.All of Charlie's apprehensions about being "gay" disappeared as he dipped
into the boy's little cum lake with two fingers and rubbed the creamy
goodness all over Trevor's stiffie and dangly treasures.Kissing.Fondling.Oh my!Trevor was so deeply appreciative of every millisecond -- every touch.
Giving himself -- obviously and completely -- to the man he loved.Which thrilled the man.Charlie was in charge of the lovemaking -- truly in charge -- for the first
time in his life. He nymphet model art would know for sure if he made his lover cum -- for
the first time in his life. And he knew that his lover wouldn't nag,
manipulate or emasculate him when it was all over -- for the naked asian nymphets first time in
his life.It was magnificent.And yet...Being in charge meant...he was...in charge. Of the agenda.. What was
next? Should he suck Trevor's cock? Have the boy suck his cock...and
SWALLOW?!?!?! Should he eat out the boy's virgin asshole and then FUCK
him?Yes to all of it!!!!But not dark nymphet nude beach
here.All those pictures of himself nymphet b on the walls were creeping Charlie out.
Plus...Trevor's Mom and Daddy were cool, but still...you know.So.Charlie stood, gathered the naked Trevor into his arms, kissed him deeply
and tonguily and said, "We're going to my house and make love all night."Tears came to Trevor's eyes and he nodded once.He was going to be fucked. At last. By the man of his cummiest
dreams. Though he was hoping for a little more "slap and tickle" than just
"all night." All weekend, at least.Trevor was pretty sure that once Mr. Bohner got a taste of Trevor's pussy,
the boy might be missing school on Monday arina nymphets
too.Charlie carried the happily squealing boy out of the bedroom, where he
half-expected to see the boy's parents.Not there.They walked down the stairs, Trevor's tiny panties were still dangling
around his left ankle. A nice look for him.Charlie figured he should at least notify the boy's parents that they would
be next door ridding the boy of his troublesome virginity, so he looked
around...There they were. On the couch. Gina's skirt was eternal nymphets thumbnails up, her panties were off
and she youhg nymphets
was squealing and cumming as Trevor's Daddy rubbed her clittie and
kissed her.It was extremely heartening to for Charlie to see that in America, some
people still had solid family values.Best not to disturb Jack and Gina. So man and boy slipped out the front
door and turned left toward Charlie's house free nude nymphet
next door.And would have gotten there unnoticed if Mr. Geezer hadn't been walking his
dog.The sight of Charlie carrying a naked Trevor made Mr. Geezer (and Sparky)
stop and take notice.Would the old gent run home and call the police??? The FBI?? Interpol??Not exactly."Hi, guys," Mr. Geezer said. "I was wondering when you two would get
together. If you didn't do something soon, I was going to fuck Trevor
myself. Have fun."Man and dog walked off. Both giggling naughtily.Charlie asked himself, "Am I the only one in the neighborhood who doesn't
`get it?'"Apparently so. Though the one "getting it" that night would be Trevor,The pretty boy's anus was twitching at the thought of how it would feel to
be fucked. It was going to be awesome, he was sure of that!Since he wouldn't be a virgin after tonight, Trevor mused, maybe some day
next week he would let that nice Mr. Geezer have a "sweet treat" or two.Charlie took the stairs two at a time, laid Trevor carefully onto his
king-sized bed, then rapidly undressed.It was way cool when the boy gasped audibly at the sight of the naked
Charlie. And his fat, eight-inch, sissyboy-pleaser.Charlie lay next to Trevor on the bed and the lovers took some time to young nymphet toplist
acquainted with each other's beautiful bodies.Touching. Gasping. Exploring. Panting. underage naked nymphets Rubbing.Charlie lay on his little nymphets underage fuck back as Trevor gave nymphetes his fat cock a proper examination.Trevor's pretty eyes sparkled as he looked at his imminent impaler. It was
beautiful! So thick and hot and hard.No woman would appreciate that cock the way Trevor would. He was sure of
that.Trevor ran his soft fingers all along the long, prominent, blue vein that
ran along the left side of the shaft.He giggled when Mr. Bohner moaned appreciatively.He would have to suck pearl nymphet it. To a creamy conclusion. Right away. And that
was that.The man needed relief. And Trevor nymphet nude pictures wanted to give his man a vivid preview
of the paradise he would inhabit with Trevor.Trevor skinned Mr. Bohner's knob completely.So much drooly stuff was leaking out. The man was fatally excited!
Because of little old Trevor.Oh dear. The knob was turning so q nymphet models red that it was almost purple. The way
Daddy's did when...Trevor blushed when he thought of Daddy. Mom didn't know about Trevor
sucking Daddy's prick. He didn't mean to. It just happened. Like 20
times or so.The classic, 21st-Century excuse. "I didn't mean to climb into that tower
and shoot 27 people, your honor. It just happened."One day, just two months earlier, Daddy was "milking" Trevor, as a medical
necessity. Mom was grocery shopping with the two younger kids. And,
though Trevor had taken a blood vow to let Mr. Bohner and only Mr. Bohner
take his virginity, cocksucking didn't count, right?And poor Daddy was so stiff and needy. Which Trevor could see right
through Daddy's khakis.Trevor's curiosity and naked nymphet top Daddy's "condition" collided.
Then it just happened. Daddy was standing, with his pants at his ankles
and Trevor was on cuties nymphets
his knees with a mouthful of hot cock.Daddy spunked really quickly. And copiously.So quickly that they had time for it to "just happen" again before Mom got
home.And so copiously that Trevor almost choked. But he swallowed it all
bravely. And loved everything about cocksucking.Daddy was the appetizer, Trevor reasoned. Mr. Bohner was the main course.Trevor's entrée was served. Hot nymphets young teen
and ready.Trevor knelt next to the reclining Mr. Bohner (proper sissyboy cocksucking
is always performed on the knees!) and began to adore his big prize with
soft, moist kisses.Charlie was ecstatic. Monica hadn't sucked him off in weeks. And when she
had, it was a perfunctory procedure. Monica's eyes kept saying, "Is it
over yet?" and she would frequently complain about her jaw getting tired,
so "please get nude art nymphets it over with."Cumming ain't fun if it's under the gun.Trevor would suck Charlie off all day if that was what his man wanted.
They both knew that.And Trevor, who claimed to have no experience, was already a superior
cocksucker to Monica.The boy knew where the good spots were and he licked them. The sensitive
"arrow-point" on the underside. The pouting peelips. Various "groan
spots" on the knob. loltas nymphets pictures
And he cuddled Charlie's hairy balls black nymphet porn as if they were
indeed the crown jewels.Trevor loved the "taste of man." And he loved the power he felt as he gave
his man pleasure.Oh dear.The man's little twitches and grunts told Trevor that the "sissyboy's big
reward" was imminent.And it would teens art nymphets be a gusher!Trevor backed off a smidge at just the right moment, taking two thick,
creamy ropes full in the face, then capping the knob to swallow the
entirety of the last four spunk-spurts. As the boy gasped and sweet nymphet sex gobbled, he
milked Charlie's balls for the last, nutritious drops.Perfectly done.And most russian underground nymphets
pleasing to the blowjob-for-the ages' recipient.Charlie Bohner's upper skull had separated from his body.He had never had an orgasm half as good in his life.And it was only page one of a beautiful love story.Page two was a tasty one.Beginning with some cummy kissing -- something Monica never permitted.
Mostly because she would run to the bathroom to "wash off the icky"
whenever Charlie spurted anywhere on her person.Then it got tastier.Regaining the initiative, Charlie "ordered" Trevor to straddle Charlie's
shoulders, face nymphet pre nude the man's feet, and sit on his manly face.Which introduced them both alpha top nymphets to analingus.A very friendly act. And right up there on the intimacy scale.Trevor squealed with fierce lust as Mr. Bohner's tongue explored his
pooper.His man loved him. No doubt. You don't tongue the anus of someone you
don't love.Again, Charlie enjoyed Trevor's enjoyment.Making your lover tiny nymphet porn
happy is as much fun as being made happy.Then Trevor gave Charlie a vivid illustration of his happiness. In five
creamy spurts and a squeal of helpless lust.All over Charlie's hairy chest.Which would have produced an encore erection in a dead man.Charlie and his erection were very much alive.And ready to fuck.Trevor dismounted from Charlie's chest and lay on his back. Batting his
pretty eyes at Charlie, the boy lifted his knees up to his ears. Offering
the sweetest treat korean nymphet
in the world to a rampant boylover.Lovingly, Charlie slid two fingers into Trevor's wet, but still tight hole.The boy gasped. Then writhed and squealed when Charlie found his "boy's
place" and began to rub it mercilessly.Daddy had never done that.It was agonizingly exquisite.Was such pleasure possible?The boy's little tickler didn't get hard, but he had a whopper of an
orgasm. Drooling out a few thin drops of semen as he whimpered and
shuddered through his first prostate-centric orgasm.Page three awaited.Through the haze of killer orgasm, Trevor felt Mr. Bohner slide a pillow
under his hips, then lift his thin calves onto the man's strong shoulders.Trevor knew his time had come. It was said to be painful. But the boy
would endure it or die trying.There was no dying involved.But a bit of pain.Just a bit.Charlie was gentle but relentless. Pushing through the boy's squirming
discomfort and tears until he top 50 nymphet sites felt his balls resting on Trevor's
bottomcheeks.In.All in.Paradise.For Charlie at least.The jury was still out for Trevor.And then it was OK.The pain dissipated. And pleasure reared its gorgeous head.Charlie pulled back, then thrust forward. Clipping Trevor's prostate in a
very pleasing manner.More of the same followed.Every thrust reached a new plateau of bliss for them lilotas nymphets both.Charlie learned what love was -- a partner who loved fucking with you.Trevor learned what being loved was.Trevor's guts were on fire as his prostate was deliciously tormented. When
his second prostate orgasm happened, Trevor wasn't sure he would survive
it.He actually felt his toes explode.Trevor's orgasmic contractions on romanian nymphets the man's nymphets nude moodel delighted prick threw Charlie
off the skyscraper roof. He convulsed in creamy ecstasy. Pumping his
manliness into the boy's cum-hungry "pussy."Lying there, semi-exhausted, side by side after a reluctant dismount,
Charlie managed to say what he had to say..."I nymphets youngest
love you, Trevor!""I love you, Mr. Bohner, the boy said as he lay next to his dream man, his
stretched, sore anus leaking sperm and semen.Two more satisfied disciples of the "Try russian nymphets fuck Boys" movement.
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