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From: Rocky Wallbaum
Subject: Tucker's new job Things were working out fine. Rocky's trip to the city had been
fruitful so far. He'd been to the government agency and gotten his
passport papers approved. He'd made the Dental specialist appointment and
things were OK -- fine. And, while he didn't have time to drop by the
bathhouse, he did have a free hour or two to pedo pthc nymphet stop by the peep show. The 48
year old circled the block and found little nymphet model a spot about half a block away with
plenty of time on the meter. He pulled in, heart already beating fast at
the naked nymphets toplists thought of cruising the booths, checking out the magazines, and
finally, spewing my load nymphets ukrainienne nu in one of the cubicles, watching some good old guy
on underage nymphet forums guy porn.
Maybe this story is getting ahead of itself. Rocky lived a couple
hours' drive outside of Edmonton in a small, red-neck town. Since it was
the sort nymphets art photos of place where everyone knew everyone else's business, there
wasn't much action back home. On the few trips the man got to make to the
city, he tried to fit in some monkey business nymphet teen models with his other chores.
Rocky plugged the meter for two hours stay and wandered into the
store thru the bright sunshine. As the man walked in, he saw the guy
behind the front desk look up, but just ignored him, and headed to the
right. As he looked around, he saw someone had offshore pics nymphets
rearranged the entire store
since my last visit a few weeks back. He glanced at the front desk, tender nymphet and
thought the guy looked familiar, but then turned back to the shelves,
looking for the videos and magazines.
Meanwhile, the fellow at the counter was watching him, and thinking,
"He doesn't realize I am his nephew."
Rocky glanced around, looking for the way the videos were organized,
trying to find the older-younger section.
The man at the preeteen nymphets porn
counter watched from where the older man couldn't see
Rocky wandered a bit and then summoned up the courage to comics nymphets
come up to
the front, after rehearsing what he was going to say.
The counter man was talking dirty young nymphet to someone named Andy in the back of
the store and asked him to wait on me at the counter. The counter man's
back was turned away from models nymphets ukraine their new customer.
His eyes darting around so he never actually looked at the first man,
Rocky mumbled, mostly to himself, but loud enough for the clerks to hear,
"Why is his face so familiar?"
Smiling, the first man turned back, laughing softly, "Just have one
of those faces, I guess."
The older man, his eyes darting just about anywhere but at the
clerk, lesbian nymphet started blabbering, "Uh, I was trying to find the video tapes of...,
um, I mean..." Stopping, he took a deep breath and tried again, "OK, do
you have any videos of older guys and younger guys together - maybe like
uncles and nephews?" He looked down at the counter and then back up at the
man behind the counter...
Smiling with his head slightly cocked, the clerk offered "Yeah, 2nd
The customer's face turned even redder than it was as he half gasped,
The clerk grinned widely, "Yeah ...uncle Rocky."
"Oh shit," the man blurted, "uh sorry... my mistake," and incest porn petite nymphetslola boys nymphets then he
turned and looked like free child nymphet pic was going to run out the door.... Then the man
stopped, and sighed, and slowly turned around. Slowly. "I guess I am
busted...," and then snuck a quick peek up at his nephew.
Tucker smiled, and commented, "Didn't know you liked this stuff."
The customer replied, "Well, you know your auntie left me, right?
Well, this is why - I'm gay."
Tucker said, "No, I didn't know she left."
Rocky continued, "And well, I was just in the mood for some porn - I
mean shit, guys are guys? Right...? Well, your mom and her were pretty
Tucker muttered, "Sure uncle ...." and then grinned.
Smiling nude angel nymphet art for the first time, Rocky offered, "I think they both
disowned me."
"How tight were they, uncle Rocky?" Tucker asked.
Relieved, Rocky said, "I'm glad you understand.... I didn't young nymphettes porn
want to
stop seeing the family - but your mom and auntie made me feel pretty
unwanted." Responding to his nephew's comment, Rocky added, "Shit Tucker,
they were like peas in a pod, those two."
Tucker asked, "They said you were not welcome ..? I am sorry."
Rocky said, "It's OK.... I am a little embarrassed.... we should
grab a coffee sometime.... I better go.... You probably got work to youngest extreme nymphets underage do."
Tucker grinned and said, "No, I can take a break.... Come on back!"
Confused, Rocky said, "Back?" Then, noticing there was no one else
in the store, he commented, "Well, there is no one around - who else would
be in this kind of store so early on a Sunday morning.... How do I....?"
Tucker shaved nymphet japan cartoon
asked his workmate Andy to watch the counter and then motioned
his uncle, who looked up and smiled nervously at Andy. ukrainian angel nymphets
The older man
walked to the back room, saying "It's nice of you to want to visit...."
Tucker called back over his shoulder, "Hey, you're still family."
Rocky responded, "Awwwww - you always were my favorite... the nymphets nudes way you
used to climb into my lap and do all the giggling and squirming..."
Tucker motioned me to the office chair and leaned his ass on the edge
of the counter. Folding his hands on his chest, he asked, "Did you like me
climbing in your lap, uncle Rocky?"
"Yeah, it was fun - you were too squirmy though.... sometimes..."
Tucker smiled slyly and said, "I never told mom about those nights
when I stayed over at your place and you came in my room thinking I was
asleep, either." The boy's grin widened.
His eyes flitting around nervously, Rocky asked quietly, "You
weren't asleep?"
Tucker grinned back, shaking his head `no.'
"I always thought you were such a beautiful boy," Rocky explained,
sounding wistful, "and nymphet petite
you've erotic nude nymphets become a handsome young man. " Shaking his
head, and trying to change the subject back to safe ground, Rocky asked his
nephew, "So, how long have you been working here?"
Ignoring his uncle's words, Tucker softly said, ". . .never swallowed
those pills you gave me when you sent me to nymphet photos prepubscent bed."
Trying to stick to the safe ground, Rocky continued his old train of
thought, "You probably know all about the movies then...."
Tucker let him off the hook, answering his earlier question, "About
eight months."
Rocky had been rolling the boy's words around in his mind, and
muttered, "Pills - I never gave you pills." very little nymphets
He looked up at his nephew,
"Did your mama give you some sort of sleep aid?"
Aggravatingly hot nymphet models keeping Rocky off his normally even keel, Tucker
answered, "Yeah, I extreme nymphets pics seen a lot of the movies."
Rocky continued his other train of thought, "So, um, do they have
movies like I was asking about? I kind of have a fantasy about younger
Tucker answered, "Yeah we do... even some we don't put on the shelf
Rocky was reminiscing... "I wish I'd had someone older in my life
when I index of petite nymphets was growing up tight nymphets to talk to, to be friends with. Someone illegal very little nymphette who wouldn't
judge me, or hate me for being gay."
Tucker asked, "How young do you like, uncle Rocky...?" When Rocky
looked at him this time, the boy was grinning widely, reminding him of
those sleepovers and how happy nymphetts mpegs they both had been.
"Well, I remember." His uncle replied, "how horny I used to be when I
was 14.., so any age after underage nymphos that."
Tucker suddenly changed topics again. "I seen nymphets virgin you in here a few
times before, uncle Rocky." Then -- the boy had an uncanny ability to
change the stream of a conversation in an unnerving way -- he asked, "Was
that your first, uncle Rocky, when you were that age?"
Rocky couldn't answer -- that seemed a pretty personal question.
Tucker muttered, "Bet the pics you took of me then... you still
got...," and smiled broadly.
"Not really...," his uncle replied. nymphette young models
"I can't believe I am telling you
this! I was eleven, I guess - or maybe ten..."
Tucker bent over and his uncle could see the boy was checking him
out, watching the older man's every move.
"...When I remember wanting to show my friend my stiffie... and see
Tucker asked, "And what did you do then, uncle Rocky?"
"I got naked under my blanket and kept trying to invite him to pick
it up and look under it. He never did." His uncle said, somewhat sadly.
Tucker leaned toward his uncle, and softly said, "You`ve wanted to
tell me... I know you waited a long nymphet hottie galleries
time, haven't you?"
"I do have some top child models nymphets nice pictures of you, Tucker. And tons of wonderful
Tucker asked, "Really? When did you take them, uncle?"
His uncle replied, "One or two when you were sleeping, but I also
kept the ones others took, of you smile, your sweet face."
Tucker asked, "What about when you thought I was sleeping...?"
"Just a couple..." his uncle said quietly, then, looking down, he
continued, "I wanted to climb into bed and snuggle up to you, but I never
got the guts to do that."
Tucker reminded his uncle, "You did, several nights, uncle Rocky,"
the man said, grinning.
"I wanted us to go camping together - without the ladies..." Rocky
went on.
Tucker was persistent in trying to follow the story, underage nymphets topsites "...when u
thought auntie was at work..."
Rocky responded, "Well, that one time you had a bad cold, I figured
I'd warm you up. Because, everybody knows that snuggling is good for
warming pre nymphet thumbs a guy up."
Without warning, Tucker reached down and pulled off his tee-shirt and
turned slowly. "You see, uncle Rocky? No hair... what do you think?"
"Oh Tucker...you're like when you were nymphet index bbs
younger...." Rocky felt
himself stiffen. He lifted his trembling hand.
Tucker explained, "Yes, a lot of me looks that way."
Rocky started to get up, saying, "Maybe I better go, Tucker..."
Standing straight now, Tucker undid his jeans.
Rocky breathed, "Jeez, Tucker.. . Oh my gosh, you are hard.... Oh, I
have dreamed...."
Smiling at him the way he used to as a boy, Tucker 14yo nymphetes asked, "You like
my superman undies, uncle Rocky.
His uncle bent forward to look at his nephew's undies..., russian nymphets bbs
whispered, "My god...I never knew Superman was really the . . . " and
lightly tracing with his fingertips the outline of his nephew's hard tool,
"... a man of steel."
Tucker nymphet are naked smiled, watching his uncles sweaty and trembling hand on his
underpants. "You always did like them before." The boy moaned softly.
His uncle's fingertips slid inside the waistband, trembling. The
older man pressed his palm nymphet facial cum
into his nephew's shaft. The boy ground his
hips into his uncle's hand.
Tucker's other hand slipped down into the older man's lap, and
undid the belt and button, unzipping them. Rocky leaned forward, his hot
breath puffing lovley nymphets on his nephew's stomach. The older nude non nymphets
man had a quizzical look
on his face. His hand under the boy's shorts, hadn't found any...
Tucker smiled, "Lookin for something?"
"No hair?"
Tucker smiled back and held the waistband away from his tight abs.
"Take a look!"
Rocky pulled the shorts out and the boy's stiffie poked its head up.
The older man slipped his tongue out to touch the glistening tip of the
younger man's erection. Savouring the sweet saltiness of the prejuice, he
muttered, "Oh my gosh."
Tired of the gentleness, Tucker shoved his hard tool in the older
man's mouth.
His uncle stroked his own dripping cock as he suckled his nephew's,
going crazy for the boy dick.
Tucker groaned, "Yeah, suck it, uncle Rocky," and moaned softly.
Reluctantly, Tucker's uncle slipped off the boy's tool long enough to
croak, "Fuck Uncle's face, stud!" The older man gripped the boy's hot ass,
thrusting more of his nephew into his face. Tucker's boy hips slid the
throbbing member deep, deeper.
"Gimme your dick, boy," the older man moaned, muffled because the
youngster was fucking his mouth.
Tucker slid back up on the desk, where he could wrap his legs around
his uncle's head, moaning, "Yes, baby." The young man leaned back on the
desk, pistoning his hardon into the hot mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm."
His uncle kept up the suction, swirling his head, anxious to taste
his favorite boy's juice.
Tucker moaned, "Yeah, uncle Rocky, you like my hairless dick, don't
Rocky slipped nymphets ukrainian nymphet
the dick out of his lips, "Love it, stud." Then the
older man leaned his nephew back and his fingers went to the youngster's
nipples on his hairless chest.
Moaning, Tucker gasped: "All those times in bed -- you wanted me,
didn't nymphets nonudes you?" he arched his back, his eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure.
"Fuck yes! Twist them!"
Rocky complied, twisting his nips, and then bobbing up and down on
his boy pole, remembering how he had dreamed of this...
Slamming his dick into his uncle's mouth, Tucker grunted.
Sensing his nephew was close, Rocky though "Yes, fuck my face hard --
give me that load!!"
Tucker's body stiffened as he moaned, "Fuck yes!
As the boy's load kept filling his uncle's mouth, the shaft pulsing
and creaming, Tucker hissed, "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Rocky remained, swallowing feverishly, my lips and tongue continuing
to tighten and loosen, milking his nephew's churning nuts, swallowing his
cum. As the boy spasmed forcefully, popping his softening tool out of his
uncle's hot mouth, Rocky smiled, murmuring, "Such a massive load for
Tucker groaned and forced a weak smile as he came back to earth
following the mind shaking orgasm. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."
Rocky stood up and brought the young man close nymphet pleasure
to him, holding his
slender body in his strong arms, feeling it tremble, cradling his loving
and lovely nephew.
His head tucked against his uncle's furry chest, Tucker moaned
softly, "Mmmmm, fuck, that was awesome, Uncle."
Rocky just stroked the young man's hair, savoring the feel of his
body so close and the taste of the boy's juices on his tongue. "Thanks,
bud, the older man muttered. "Thank you."
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