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Subject: Tuleman's New Friends Chapter 14 AuthoritarianThis story is iintendedfor adults only. Minors may not read further.
story contains male on male sexual situations.
Tuleman's New Friends Chapter14 Monday morning at 7: 15 A.M. Bob Sommers opened up his front door
and Shannon nymphet sleepover
walked in. Bob took his shorts off and sat down in his
favorite chair and waited for Shannon to strip naked. kneeling, Shannon thanked Bob for nymphet cumshot
letting him come beautiful nymphettes nude early to suck his
cock. Bob pulled him forward, his hard cock slipping into Shannon's
mouth. "Suck slowly boy. It will always be here for you. After practice
tonight, you will come back again. Frank will be here too so you'll have
an extra cock to suck." Bob said "Now my little faggot cocksucker, You listen to me and listen good. "By now, you are starting to understand your addiction to
cocksucking. I took you to the glory holes so you could get your fill of
cum. Eating cum has become important to you even if you don't know it.
Just like your brain rewarding you with that pleasure feeling when your
mouth has a cock to suck on, your body's internal system has latched on
to sperm for energy. Like the energy drinks college and pro athletes use,
your body uses cum for quick energy. I'm afraid that your playing level
has suffered because you have needed underage nymphets nn cum before the game. Not having the
cum in your system has left you sluggish and dazed. Surely you can
remember how alive and strong you felt after consuming all that cum.
Because of the protein and vitamins in the cum, you probably weren't
hungry for several hours. The cum has the power to make you a better
player than you would have been without it. So you see, being a
cocksucker is a very good thing for your career. Some pro players use
steroids russian nymphet com but they have been outlawed as illegal drugs. Sperm young ukranian nymphets is natural
and cannot be ruled illegal. However, only a few players are cocksuckers
and that means they and you have an advantage over average players. Shannon nodded his head as he held Bob's cock firmly in his mouth,
afraid to suck on it. He knew it was important to listen to what Bob
was telling him. He could only feel love for this man who'd come into his
life. How many times growing up had he wanted a father or friend who
could teach him. Cum seemed to have a bitter taste to him, but he hoped
that he could acquire a taste for it. He was going to need a lot of it if
he was going to fulfill his dreams of playing pro basketball. Shannon felt Bob stiffen and heard him let out a groan. Warm cum
spurted into his mouth. He concentrated on not gagging as Bob pumped his
important protein into his mouth. Instead of thinking of the cum as a
sticky mess, He now looked at it as energy medicine. Finally, his lips
milked the last of Bob's cum out. Feeling some running innocent nymphets juniors girls down his chin, he
caught it with his fingers and scooped it into his mouth. "Good boy Shannon, I think you got it all this time. Now come over
to the kitchen table. I innocent pussy nymphet want you to have a good productive practice
tonight. You need to be aggressive and assert yourself. Bob laid preeen nymphets nn out two
slices of thick bread and spread peanut butter on one slice. "I want you to cum on the peanut butter. This is what you're going
to start eating for breakfast everyday. Stand up close to the plate boy."
Bob said with a chuckle. "Here, I'll do it for you this time.." With one
arm around him, Bob aimed Shannon's cock nymphets pedo toplist
downward as he stroked it. Only
a couple strokes were needed as Shannon squirted his cum onto the
sandwich. Bob used his finger to spread it evenly over the sandwich.
Using the other slice of bread, Bob pt nymphets wiped his finger and nymphet leotards
Shannon's cock
clean, before laying it on the peanut butter. He gave Shannon a coke and
told him to hurry up and eat. Shannon felt totally humiliated as he
looked down at the sandwich. Shannon picked it up and started eating and
quickly nymphet bodies took a gulp of coke. He could taste the cum slightly, but the
peanut butter masked index of pics nymphet it so he could finish it quickly. "Go wash your face in the sink, but not your mouth. You'll be
able to taste that cum most of the day. Hurry or you'll be late for
school. I'll see you after practice boy." Shannon parked his car and hurried into school and ran for class. He
was just a little late but he lucked out nymphets chill site as the teacher just shook nymphets pirate bay her
finger at him when he barged into class. He found his seat in the back homemade nymphet pics of the class next to Jerry Dunn who
looked at him funny. " Hey, I'm just a little late, what's that look all
about?" Shannon said. "Dude, you look like someone busted you in the mouth. Your lips are
swelled up." Jerry replied. Shannon turned back to his books and looked straight ahead. He now
felt panic. His mom mentioned that his lips looked small nude nymphets swollen. He wondered
if sucking cock so much was the cause. Can people now tell that nudists nymphets pics a guy is
a cocksucker by looking at his lips, he thought. He ran his fingers over
his lips and thought he could tell they were bigger than usual. little nymphets fucking Ahh shit,
they were bigger. little nymphets portal
I have cocksucker lips. He gave the teacher 100% of his
attention, not so much because he was interested but more as a way to
avoid Jerry. nymphets pedo world "Where have you been man, I haven't seen you around all weekend."
Jerry asked as they filed out of the classroom. photo nymphete "Oh I had to do a bunch of stuff for my mom and trying to rest up
for the game tomorrow night. We play K.C. West and they haven't lost a
game yet." Shannon said, getting a book from his locker. "Hey, did you ever find out who put that porn in sweet love nymphets
your locker?" nymphet video Jerry
asked grinning. "Fuck no. Hey did you do it?" Shannon said looking at him. wild and crazy nymphets
"Hell no, man, I wouldn't do that. We're buddies." Jerry shot back. african nymphets pics
"If I find out, they'll have to suspend me cause I'm gonna kill him.
Shannon said as they walked to their american tiny nymphets next class. As the teacher droned on, Shannon's thoughts were filled with
remorse over how his horny little nymphetts
life was going. Deep down, he knew he didn't want to
be the way he was. That damn Terry had ruined his life. He and Bob and
those other guys were fucking up his life. He felt the chains of their
control over him to be too much. erotic nymphet yana
Peggy Sanders had stopped him in the
hall and flirted with him and she was such a knockout in her short
cheerleader skirt. Long legs all the way up to her ass. She'd nymphets pic galleries asked him
if he was excited about the alpha top nymphets Homecoming dance after the game. He was
afraid to ask her to go with him without getting permission from Bob. She
was just the kind of girl his mom had been scaring him away from. Shit,
he thought, his own mom was also responsible for the fucking up his life.
Don't be getting serious with girls, she very young nymphets
kept harping at him. You get a
girl pregnant and your life will change right quick and you can kiss your
life as you know it goodbye. He nymphet usenet archives needed to get rid of Bob and those other
guys. They need him, He didn't need them. He had to tell them he was
going to quit sucking cocks. Yeah, he could stop doing that. No, he knew
he didn't really want to stop. His fucking body was out of control and he
couldn't stop it from doing what it wanted to. Maybe he could quit them
and go back to the adult video place. He couldn't remember the guys name
there, but he'd told him he could come back anytime. It would be fun to
go there after practice and suck some cock. Maybe he'd let him do it for
free. His hand was laying on his hard cock and squeezing it. As he was
feeling better about deciding to stop sucking cock, he nude child nymphs
found himself
mentally back at the glory holes sucking cock after cock after cock. Buddy took his tray and spotting Terry nymphets teen 8 sitting all alone, asked him
if he could share his table. "Hi, Buddy, sure, sit." Terry said cheerfully. "I never did get a call from you." Buddy said, opening his coke. "Yeah, well I didn't know if you were serious or just being kind."
Terry said. "I don't have a lot of nymphets sex sites
friends asking me to call them." "maybe you don't have the right kind of friends." Buddy answered. Terry looked at the boy, thinking how cute he looked. Looking around
to see little nymphets tgp illegal if anyone was close nymphets pics illegal enough to listen, he softly whispered. " Maybe
you haven't heard, I'm a cocksucker." Buddy looked into his eyes and smiled. "I know, that's why I was
hoping you'd call." Both boys sat nymphets webcam 14
there, silently eating their lunch. Finally, Buddy
stood up and picked up his tray. "I know a quiet place in the country if
you'd like to see it. Meet nymphets movies pass me at my car after school." He little girl nymphets pics
dropped his
tray off and walked out of the lunch room, cp underage nymphets Terry sat ukrane nymphet there watching him. He knew he was hard and knew he was
going to see Buddy's quiet place in the country. After basketball practice, Shannon had to tell some of the guys he
couldn't hang out with them this evening, he had to do some things.
Pulling out of the parking lot, he made a bee line to Topeka Blvd and
headed south. He parked outside Sensations in the back little nymphets panties
of the store so no
one would see his car as they drove by. Entering, he say the same guy
that he'd sucked. "Hi boy, welcome back. I was hoping you'd remember what I told you
and come back." He said. "Hi, I'm sorry but I forgot your name but yeah, you told me I could
come back anytime, so I thought I'd ask if you were sincere about that."
Shannon said, looking down at the counter. "I'm Walt and you nymphets sexy girls bet I nymphet art links was." He said extending his hand. "Come on
and I'll let you in the same booth. I put an outside lock on it so you
won't have to worry about someone coming in on you. I'll let you in." He
said. "Uhh, No, I can't stay right now, but I'd like to come back later if
you'll be here." Shannon replied. "Sure, come in whenever you want to. We're open 24 hours a day."
Walt said. "Here, take this card and show it to whoever is behind the
counter and they'll let you go in without buying any tokens. I'll be here
tonight until 11 so I hope you'll stop in later." "Thanks Walt, I'll try to make it back tonight." Shannon said,
taking the card before heading for the door. "You do that you cock faggot basketball home sex nymphet big shot." tiny angels nymphets photography Walt said softly
as the door closed. Shannon parked his car in front of Bob's house. There was a pick-up
truck in the driveway. The garage door was open and Bob's car was there.
He felt nervous not knowing exactly who was with Bob. He rang the bell
and waited. my nymphetes sex
To be continued
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