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From: dwedno smith
Subject: Chapter 29 "The Tunnel"Hi all,I figured I would give everyone a break last week and just post chapters
with no crap in the beginning like this (LOL). Sadly the pace of all good
things must slow some. Time has finally caught up with Tommy and the boys
and we are at a point where the chapter posting will now become one or two
at a time only because I don't have the time to write non-stop and keep it
good! Believe it or not some thought does go into this. (HA HA HA) To all
of you that take the time to read this and write back to me as always....
THANKS so much for that!!E-mails have slowed to just new readers and although I totally understand
this, it seems like the story has lost a little of its edge with all of you.
NOW... I don't mean people aren't enjoying it I just think everyone who
continues to read the story has come to a point where there is nothing else
to say about it and just looks forward to whatever new stuff comes out
weekly. I will keep sending up chapters as often as I can now with no more
weekly restrictions. The only thing I youngest kinder nymphets will now do is post when I think the
chapter or chapters are ready to go up. So in ending this long winded BS....
I just want everyone to know things will slow some and I will send up as
much as I can when I can and I hope I don't lose readers bbs nymphets forum top
or their support.
Please even if its a line don't remain totally silent. Let me know if this
is still worth reading. Only because I thrive off of what all of you say and
at times its what makes the wheels spin and words come out for all of you
special people. Take care till next week.... Dwedno.Chapter 29. Getting to know the real Trevor.I awoke with Jon at my side and the smell of cum still lingering in the
room. It was brightening up outside and I felt like a billion dollars. I
started to remember how good I felt last night as Jon played with me and
sucked me off. My still naked body immediately began to send that
information to my cock and I looked down to see my best body part already
standing straight up at attention. I slept naked all night and it was
awesome! Jon's body heat must have kept me comfortable for most of the night
because the room suddenly felt a little chilly now. There was a breeze
blowing through the window and you could feel the end of summer coming now.
Jon had rolled over and off me during the night but as I turned to look at
him he was still out cold and on his back. I wanted to thank him for his
awesome performance last night so I decided the best way would be to wake
him to a blow job. Besides it was his turn anyway. Carefully not to wake him
I sat up and leaned over grabbing his boxers by the bottom and sliding them
off. Other then a smack of his lips he didn't even stir. I sat for a bit and
looked at the naked boy in front of me with his small soft cock just laying
there and his two amazingly beautiful balls lying right under it away nymphetes model nude
child nymphet pictures from
his body low in the sac. I nymphet 12yo took the stunning view in for quite a while
before I even made a move for his softness. Even in this state of boyhood he
looked sweet and ripe for the taking. I looked at him from head to toe and
wondered how I could be so lucky to have this boy of my dreams totally naked
on my bed smallest nymphets asleep with probably not a care in the world at this moment.
Finally my awe of him wore off enough that I leaned in as close as I could
and took a deep breath of his aroma. He still smelled a little of soap, a
lot of cum and all over of sweetness. I can't describe it any other way but
just to say he smells good. I brought my lips right up to his soft two
inches of manhood just lying there begging for my attention and started to
put my lips around it taking as much of it into my mouth as I could from
this angle. I had control of him for a good minute sucking and wetting his
cock before he finally moved. He was slowly awakening from his slumber in
more ways then one. He no longer had the soft two inches I started playing
with a little bit ago. He was starting to fill my mouth with his manhood as
he grew from my lip and tongue lashing. Finally he opened his eyes and
cleared his throat."Wow this is an awesome way to be woke up!"I stopped what I was doing for a second."Glad you like it sweetie. It's the least I can do for you practically
sending me to la-la land last night. If that is what drugs do for you I will
never need then with you around!"I shut up and went back to sucking him. He was now pretty close to hard and
I grabbed his soft nut sack and began to fondle each one in it as I
continued bobbing up and down on his stiff organ. I was now able to taste
some precum from him as I went up and down him as hard and fast as I ever
could with him in my mouth. I was going to town pretty good on both his nuts
and cock as I reached down and slowly began to move in between his legs
towards his ass hole. I haven't gone near it since he was raped well over a
week ago but I think its time to give it a try now. I reached in and touched
it and he let out a gasp. I stopped and looked at him."Its okay Tommy keep going I just haven't had that feeling in a long time
it's awesome!"I went back to all three things at once. His rock hard cock tasted great and
his balls felt even better as they started to tighten up some with all the
attention I was giving them. Now I slowly slid my finger in again and began
to run it over and over and all around his hole. He let out a moan as I did
this and I slid in my finger in just fingernail depth and wiggled it."Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh yeah that's what I have been missing that is such an awesome
feeling!!"I tasted more precum now and knew he wouldn't last much longer. I went a
little deeper and was now a knuckle into him. With no complaints I went
deeper nubile nymphet child sex and stopped only when I ran out of finger to shove in. I slowly
pulled out of his tight ass and he gasped hardcore nymphet bbs again. He was a little dry so I
ran my finger over his cock brasilian nymphets to wet it and went back into him. It left a
little bitter taste when I put my mouth back on him but I'll survive. This
was a lot better now and I began real nymphetpussy pics to speed up the rhythm. I was going at
equal pace with my lips on his cock and my finger in his ass. I could hear
him breath and knew from him tightening his ass muscles that he was almost
there. I went faster on both his cock and in his ass and he gasped and
yelled that he was cumming as his juices nymphet russians hit the roof of my mouth. I had him
right where I wanted now with his fast firing squirts of cum filling my
mouth by the second. I pulled out of his ass and sucked as hard as I could
on his cock taking all of his cum that he could offer. He was spent now as I
looked at him and got off of him and just watched as he lay still and
floated off to that place I was at a bit ago myself. I watched as his once
hard boy tool began to soften and shrink back down to a few inches. His eyes
opened and he smiled at me."Wow you are good Tommy!""So are you my sweet boy, so are you!"We kissed a bit and then I got up."I need a shower Jon! I don't know about you but between last night and now
I stink!""Yeah I am all sticky and I don't even want to know how I look. Can I come
in with you?"I smiled."Please?" I said.He sat up and we walked out together buck naked to the bathroom. No one was
awake and if they were I didn't care. He shut the door as I started the
shower and we got in after I adjusted the water to our liking. We took turns
getting wet and I grabbed the soap and started to do his back running my
soapy hands straight down to his ass and between his cheeks to his now
pretty much healed asshole. I didn't hesitate for the first time in a while
to reach in and wash him there."Oh yeah Tommy that feels so good! Wash my ass for me!"I chuckled as he said that almost sounding like a cunt in one of those
movies I used to watch that I stole from my father just so I could see the
man cock. He didn't even bother with my snicker as I soaped him up."Turn around." I whispered into his ear.I started soaping up the front of him, first his belly and then his cock
which surprisingly had grown again to hardness. It felt great with a handful
of soap and much easier to slide back and forth. I was going for another
shot at the gold with him. I stopped and soaped my hands up even more and
took hold of his hardness with one hand and took my other and slid a soapy
finger easily into his ass. I began to stroke him as fast as I could as he
gasped with my finger sliding into his ass. I had him going one more time
from both sides but without lips this time. He leaned back against the wall
making it a little cute nymphets nude
difficult to keep my finger in his ass but I tried as
best as I could to keep finger fucking him. Stroking off his hard cock was
easy now since he was inches from me and the soap made it that way."I real virgin nymphet am there again Tommy!"He warned as I wasn't going to stop this time, I was going right from start
to cum without a break. I never did this before to me or him so I didn't
know if it would make a difference at all. I sped up my jerking as fast as
my tiring arm would allow and he let out a moan once again and shot a few
squirts of cum out mostly dribbles this time since it was so soon after
before."Oh yeah Tommy, awesome! Let go."I did as he asked and he grabbed himself and finished off where I stopped
apparently milking the most out of his cock this time and knowing the exact
spot to hit and get what was left from this orgasm. He stroked himself a few
more times as I got up and leaned in to kiss his sweet lips. Eventually he
came back to earth from his second orgasm in an hour and I could only
imagine how good that felt. I don't think I ever tried to get two that close
together but nymphette cp
this horn dog was all man and did it with ease! He smiled at me
and took his now soapy hand and grabbed the bar of soap."Now it's your turn!"He began washing me and didn't miss a spot as I began getting harder. He ran
up and down my back and in between my ass cheeks without saying a word. He
slid a soapy finger in me twice. The first time felt weird because he did it
was so fast. The second time he went in all the way as I felt him push
against my hole. He pulled out and grabbed my cock and let the soap do the
rest as he began to jerk boynymphetmodel
me off. His other hand found my ass hole again and
he slid in one finger and then two causing me to gasp since my ass was still
virgin to a point. He fell in rhythm with his stroking of my cock and ass
and I grew closer to orgasm by the second. I had recovered from last night
and I knew this would feel great. He was almost there now as I fell back
against the shower wall myself and let him continue to finger fuck me with
two fingers up my soapy ass and his other soapy hand tightly stroking my
hard 6 inches."I'm cumming, fuck!"And I blew out a few wads of cum onto the tub floor as he pulled out of my
ass and eventually milked the last bit of cum out of me before letting go. I
grabbed myself to do the same as he did and try to keep my orgasm alive as
long as possible. He was great. Eventually I opened my eyes and without
warning pulled him to russian nymphetz
me and kissed him on the lips and then our mouths
opened and we played with each others tongues for a bit. We were each
holding one another's cocks and slowly stroking with soapy hands as we
kissed. It felt for lack of another word AWESOME!"I love you Jonathan, I said to him as I smiled when we broke our kiss. You
are the best!""Love you too Tommy. I am so glad I have you."We kissed once more and then washed each other without anymore sex. I for
one had enough for once. He probably did too but didn't say it. We got out,
dried off went back to our room to dress and went downstairs together to
eat. As we made toast Trevor woke up and came over to me."We are going today right Tommy?""Yes Trevor we are."He smiled at me, a rarity if any and went to the bathroom in the other room."Was that Trevor smiling?" Jon asked."Yeah can you believe it?""I never thought I would see that from him in this lifetime. Not after his
terrible attitude lately.""I know Jon but he is getting to go home today and maybe see his dad.""Huh? What do you mean?"I explained the whole thing to Jon about the burnt guy and what Kyle saw and
Jon just shook his head."So he doesn't have any idea if this is really his father?""No, none of us do. But he wants to go and I can't stop him now without
causing a mental disaster for him.""What if he sees this disfigured man and it is his father and dead?""I don't know Jon. I don't know. We have a plan but it can easily backfire
if it doesn't go perfectly.""Well good luck man!""Thanks but this isn't for me it's for Kyle and Trevor. I know I am just
going to have two cute crying boys on my hands especially if that is his
father and he sees him in that condition. Here he comes Jon.""Hey Trevor, said Jon. Looking forward to today?""Yeah, this is the best day since I have come here, I might see my dad."Poor kid doesn't have a clue! Just then Kyle came traipsing down the stairs."Morning Kyle.""Morning Tommy how are you two love birds doing today. You two were loud
enough so the whole house could hear you last night!"I looked at Trevor he just smiled at me and nodded yes. I swallowed a bit
hard but I really didn't care THAT much. I looked at Jon he was red faced. I
think I was too I just didn't want to admit embarrassment. Trevor looked at
Kyle."They were loud."They both laughed and Kyle went into the kitchen for something and his new
friend Trevor followed. I could tell they were talking but couldn't hear
exactly what they were hq free nymphets naked
saying. I looked at Jon."You horn dog! All that noise you made!""ME?" Jon yelled.I laughed."Who was getting it last night and who was giving it? He asked."I was quiet." I said then I laughed again."Neither of us were quiet Jon. One time or another we made noise. Lots of
noise!"He just nodded yes and went back to finishing up his breakfast with a shit
ass eating grin on his face. I was smiling too."Who gives a fuck I said to him it was so fucking awesome I don't care who
heard us!"We both started to laugh as Kyle and his shadow came back from the kitchen.
I knew this was going to be a tough day for both of them but there weren't
words to say to make it better, now or then. All three of us are just going
to have to ride this out and hope it's not his father. Well after he sees
him he might feel that way. Just then Billy came down in his pajamas and
Joey followed in his underwear. How quaint."You two sleep well?" I asked."Huh?" Billy mumbled."Turn around Billy."He did and saw Joey in his tighty whities."Joey you could have at least put on something. You're sticking out man!"He didn't seem to care. I guess after all that has happened over time he is
used to it now."You really think I care how I look Billy? You have seen me naked and so
have Tommy, Jon and Danny. Remember?""Yeah I do.""Besides, he added. After all the noise those two made last night who cares
how we dress now."Out of no where came a voice."Noise? What noise?"It was Shawn; he sleeps like a log and probably heard nothing.Everyone started laughing at the noise comment from Billy except Shawn who
was totally in the dark. Even I did as embarrassing as it should have been.
I guess it doesn't really matter anymore as long as Christian isn't around."Don't worry about it Shawn, you didn't miss much."Kyle told Shawn everything and he laughed, he was finally on the same page
as the rest of us now."Yeah well guys remember I don't care if you walk the house naked but we
still have a kid here so be careful okay?"Out of no where Billy blurted out."Yeah Kyle is back so we have to behave and dress properly."A chorus of ohhhh's went out as Kyle got dissed really bad from Billy. But
they turned to laughs immediately. Billy actually got someone and it was
good. Kyle didn't know what to say, a rarity if any. I got up and walked
over to him and whispered into his ear something good and as jabs were
flowing freely he let out his comeback and the place roared with laughter."Tommy! You have such a big mouth why did you have to tell him that?""You got him didn't you? So what if he comments about him being younger then
you and bigger."What Kyle said out loud was, `I don't know about you Billy but I hear I
still have you beat when it comes to size.'"All I said to him Billy was your size. I don't have a clue how big my
brother is and I haven't asked."Kyle blushed a little but he felt like he evened the score with Billy some I
think. We were all throwing sexual comment around after that until Christian
came down with Danny and we all grew quiet."What? Danny said? What did I miss?"I pulled him aside and told him and he laughed and thanked me for not saying
that stuff in front of Christian."I don't have a problem Danny but you know eventually he is going to either
hear or see things.""Yeah I know but I want to take it slowly, okay?""Sure pal."They went into the kitchen and someone yelled out something just totally
wrong but it was hysterical. I didn't catch who said it but it won't take
long for whoever it was to catch crap over it.It was to Billy and they said `hey Billy someone is still in the house that
you are bigger then' meaning Christian. The place roared! Billy turned and
looked at Joey who out of no where apparently said that and got in the best
and meanest comment of all. Especially since I think they are sleeping
together or something of the sorts and Joey usually isn't a meanie. I guess
he wanted to fit in and he took advantage of Billy since he knows him best.
Billy was beat red with embarrassment now and I guess Joey went just a
little too far because Billy ran upstairs putting an end to the nymphets pedo free photos fun. I got
up and followed him knowing someone had to calm 13yo nymphet models
him. I looked at the room."I know we all had fun and it's okay but enough now. Everyone stay here I am
going up to him."I knocked on the door to Billy's room. I could hear him crying inside. I
opened it and entered. He had his face buried in his bed. I shut the door
and walked over and sat next to him and put my hand on his back as he
continued to sob."Come on Billy, its okay we were all playing and no one is going to say
anything else about it, really Billy no one cares and Joey was just playing.
Come on pal you know Joey better then anyone here."He didn't say anything or move but he was still crying, I could feel him
shake. I felt bad. Finally he sat up and looked at me. He leaned over to me
and I gave him a hug."I know he was playing Tommy but of all the people to say something. He and
I just did it last night for the first time together Tommy. You know how
long and hard I have been working on getting him to relax and get to that
point where he can open up and just feel good about himself. Then he goes
and says that. He opened up all right! A stab in the heart to me. Last night
was awesome but he shouldn't have said that no matter what."He wiped his face."I know pal but you and him can talk it out, right?""I don't know if I want to right now."Ouch! He is hurting. japanese nymphettes midgettes He got up and grabbed some clothes."I ls nymphete pics am going out for a walk and clear my head Tommy okay?""Sure just be careful alone.""I will be. When are you leaving?""Shortly I think.""Can I go with you?""That's not up to me this time I would have to ask the boys, you want me
to?""Yes please do that for me?""Sure I will but you know I can't promise they will say yes.""I know. But it beats being here all day with loud mouth!""Okay go wash up and I will go downstairs and talk to Kyle."He got up and innocent nymphets nude
I followed, he went to the bathroom and I went downstairs. I
got to the bottom of the steps and everyone was still there waiting for me.
I almost forgot why I went up to begin with."Kyle, come with me."He got up and walked outside with me."Yeah, why so serious all of a sudden?""Partly because I have a question to ask you and mostly because I didn't
want to have to answer all of the: is Billy okay questions when I came
down.""Well is he?""He is hurt. Joey cut him with his comments.""So why are we out here?""Because I want to know if you have a problem with him coming with us today.
He wants to get away from Joey for a bit and...""Stop!" he said."What?""Before you make fifty reasons why he should go, he can't go.""Oh?""Tommy this is personal for me and for Trevor and if anyone comes it will
give the trip to a different meaning. Tell him you will make special time
for him after we come back. This might get messy Tommy and you know as well
as I do that we don't need an audience if it does.""Yes I see your point smart boy. How did you ever become so smart?""I take after my older brother."I grabbed him and gave him a whopper of a hug for that comment. It totally
blew me away. I didn't say anything else. When we let go I walked back in by
him and looked at Billy and he seemed to know without asking, I pointed
upstairs and we both went. I wonder what happened inside when free hairy nymphets he came down.
It certainly was quiet when nymphet bbs topsite
I came in and he wasn't talking to Joey that's
for sure."I kinda figured out the answer already by your face Tommy.""Yeah, sorry Bill but Kyle made a good point and I have to agree with him.
But when we get back if everything is okay how about you and me go out and
just be alone together for a while?""Awesome! That I can wait for."He gave me half a hug and headed back downstairs and instead of stopping he
went straight out as I followed him down. He did need time alone and I am
sure that him leaving straight from upstairs after our little chat left
little doubt in my mind of that and of course the others dying to know why
or what is going on. I looked at Trevor and Kyle."Are you two ready?""Yeah, I am." Said Kyle."Yeah can we go now?" Trevor added.I looked over at Jon."We'll be back eventually. You and Shawn have cells if anything comes up one
of you call me." I said as I looked at both of free erotic nymphets
them. "Jon you are in charge
if things get stupid."I looked at the others. Everyone was there except for Billy who was outside.
They all got the point as I gave them the 'behave' look. I smiled at Jon and
opened the nymphets portal gallery door to leave. We got outside and all three of us walked to the
truck."I'm scared Tommy.""I understand Trevor. This isn't a fun trip at ukraian nymphets all this is important to both
of you. I just hope it goes well."We got in the truck and I started it and took off. The drive was quiet and
felt very long even though it was only about 15 minutes. As we got close
Trevor started to direct me which way to go and Kyle was occasionally saying
if anything looked familiar."This is good Tommy, park here."I stopped the truck and we got out. They came around to meet me and we
started heading in the direction that Trevor thought would be best for now.
It was an overcast day and the threat of rain seemed to be in the air which
made it all the more eerie to do this. Other then us it was dead silent and
I actually got goose bumps up my back. All I know is I am glad I am packing
my .45 and it's fully loaded. We walked everywhere Trevor could think of
looking and about an hour later he seemed convinced that no one was around.
I looked at Kyle."What about you? Does any of this look like you have been here before?""No Tommy, none of it so far.""Okay Trevor lets head back to the truck and try another direction.""Okay Tommy this looks wrong anyway. Its dead here.""It's dead everywhere Trevor." Kyle said."I know, I know it is but you know as well as I do Kyle that I have to check
anywhere I might think my dad could be.""Yeah I know Trevor. It's okay."We hiked back the hour or so walk and spotted nothing and no signs of anyone
even being around this area. Finally we were back at the truck."I am soooo thirsty bro; we need to find a store.""Okay Trevor which way now? Preferably to a drink.""Over where you found me Tommy, let's try there."We walked towards that direction and it was a shorter walk this time. We
rounded a corner and the store I went into was in front of us."That's the store Trevor isn't it?""Yes that is where you found me. Come on lets go in. I am thirsty now and
could use something cold to drink too."We walked to the store and entered, Trevor going littel nymphets nued first. He headed right to
the cooler and grabbed a mountain dew. Trevor grabbed water and I grabbed a
coke."Well Trevor anymore ideas? So far no one is around and Kyle, you haven't
even found anything that looks familiar right?"Kyle shook his head no."I don't have any ideas Tommy I just want to extreme nymphets look around and I feel safe
with you and Kyle here. If we don't find anything I want to go to my house
next okay?""Sure Trev. I don't have a problem with that.""Good, I want to get a few things from my room."With that we all headed out and started to look around some more. We walked
in the other direction and started to see a few more benches."Anything Kyle? Anything look like what you saw last time?""Not really Tommy they are all just benches."We looked for blood or anything on the ground to tell us someone was there
at one time but found nothing at all."Do you remember anything with benches like you said the guy was on one?""I wish I could say yes but it was mostly a blur Tommy. I haven't forgotten
any of it; I just don't remember the details of the area."We walked on and I watched Trevor for anything. Any sign, any idea. After a
block or so he stopped."Why did you stop?""Because this is the end of town Tommy and I don't think my dad would have
wondered there even if he was sick. Let's go check my house okay?""Sure."I looked at Kyle and we slowed so we could talk and Trevor got a bit ahead
of us."I don't think we are going to find anything Tommy. This isn't what I
expected when we left the house.""What did you expect?""Well to tell you the truth bro, I thought that guy would be dead on some
bench and we would find him and find out right away.""That isn't happening.""I know. Now I am worried that this guy survived and got to shelter and
maybe died out of sight.""That's possible Ky, if so we will never know unless we search every house.""We are here! Trevor yelled from ahead of us. As he pointed. That is my
house."We were about three or so houses away because we were talking and going
slower when he ran up the steps and inside. As we approached he let out a
scream inside the house. I looked at Kyle."I hope that isn't what I think it is. Come on we have to get to him!"We both ran the short way to the house and up his steps. We entered and
stopped, he was standing about fifteen feet from us. As we approached I
could see a body on the floor in front of him and when we got next to Trevor
we could see the face or what was left of a face. It looked like the guy who
attacked Jon in the mall. Not the same exact person but the same deformity.
Trevor turned and ran to me and buried his face in my chest and began crying
hysterically. I picked him up and carried him out of the house."Come on kid its okay." I said trying to calm him.I put him down but he wouldn't let go of me. I turned to Kyle who was as
white as a ghost and beside me now in front of the house. He didn't look
much better then Trevor did minus the tears."Are you okay Kyle?""Not really that is the guy I saw Tommy."Trevor tried to speak through his tears."Thattttt's my daddy in thereeee... I know his clothes.."He buried his face back in my chest and started wailing again. I was afraid
this was going to happen. I looked at Kyle as a tear rolled down his cheek."Come here." I said to him.I grabbed him with my free arm as I comforted Trevor with my other. Now I
was holding both of them as we all stood there. I felt like shit and
basically didn't know what to do as a tear rolled down my face too. I just
held both of them for a while and let them both cry out their fears. Kyle
wasn't acting anywhere close to the way Trevor was but I saw he was upset
just the same. Kyle let go of me and I looked at him. His face was wet and
his red cheeks were full of tears. Trevor was calming some little nymphets fashion
but still holding
me tightly and crying. He began to cough now from the hysterics and terror
he witnessed inside. I was rubbing his back as he turned from me and gasped
for air. Finally he caught his breath some and seemed to calm a little too.
I looked into his eyes and the fear and panic was indescribable. He just saw
what I thought was one of the most horrible things I have ever seen in my
life and on top of it all it was his father. I don't know how he will ever
recover from this. I know I would be mentally destroyed if I saw that at his
age. Hell it's bothering me to no end now."Are you okay Trevor?"He shook his head no."Come on lets get you some water."I walked him and Kyle away from the house and Trevor had another coughing
fit and threw up this time. After that he seemed a little better but what do
I know. We walked back to the store and I sat him on the stoop and elite sweet nymphets went in
to get water for the three of us. Trevor took his bottle and drank it
quickly and began coughing again and spit out what he had in his mouth. I
rubbed his back and did what I thought was right. I felt so out of sorts
that I almost lost it now. It's a good thing Billy didn't come, this wasn't
a place for anyone else now. The three of us just sat silently for a long
time as no one spoke. Finally I cleared my throat and looked at Kyle."You okay?""I guess so. But Tommy that was just wrong. I mean." his voice trailed off
as dark sites nymphet Trevor looked at him."What was wrong Kyle? Seeing my daddy looking like a monster?""No Trevor you having to see him that way at all!""Easy guys. Let's not fight now.""All I am saying is that I feel bad Trevor had to see that.""I know Kyle but right now I don't know if anything any of us could say
would be positive."He just shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anymore. Trevor who was not
attached to me nor did I think even cared about me got up and came over my
me and sat down in front of me. I was sitting on the steps to the store
about four of them to get inside and I nymphet little tgp was on the top step. Trevor sat in
front of me and moved up right between my legs almost to the point where he
would be able to nail me in the nuts if this wasn't so serious. He learned
back to me without hurting me and I put my hands on his shoulders and for
the first time outside of that hysterical hug before he actually came to me
for comfort. I will admit he is only ten and this is very understandable but
the way he was at my house made me think he would never want anything from
me especially affection of any kind. As I placed my hands on his shoulders
he leaned back on me and grabbed my arms pulling me tightly to him."Tommy, when we came here I was hoping I would find my daddy and that Kyle
was right and I could have family again. Now I found him but he is gone and
all I have is you now. He bowed his head and shook as he began to cry again.
Please take care of me now Tommy you are all I have and if you still hate me
after how I acted at your house I don't know what I will do. I can't live
here now. I don't want to be alone anymore!"I held onto him as best as I could in this awkward position. I leaned in to
him."Trevor I don't hate you. I just didn't like your attitude and I will take
care of you. You are safe with us and nothing will happen to you I promise.""Thank you."He got up and wiped his face with his hands and his nose on his arm. I got
up and went inside and grabbed a box of tissues. We all needed that now
anyway."What do you want to do about your daddy Trevor?""Can you bury him Tommy?""I guess so. But where?""How about in my backyard? That way he will always be close to me and I will
know where he is from now on."Sure Trevor I can do that for you.""I'll help you bro, you don't have to do it alone.""Thanks Ky."We waited a bit more and when Trevor seemed calmer we told him to go wait in
front and with no thoughts of wanting to see nor drag this guy anywhere we
reluctantly moved the body after I covered his face so Kyle wouldn't have
problems either. We began to dig a hole and it got messy fast with nothing
but two shovels and our muscles it took forever to just make a dent in the
ground."There has to be an easier way Tommy my hands, arms and back are killing
me.""I know Kyle but I don't know of any other way and if you do tell me."An hour and a half later as dark began to set we finally had a hole deep
enough to fit him in. I was beat and I could tell Kyle was too. Trevor came
back after we warned him it wouldn't be pretty to see but I couldn't blame
him after waiting so long I would probably want to be with someone too. I am
sure he didn't want to be alone even if it meant seeing his father's burial
spot being free pics real nymphetts prepared. He was strong after that and didn't cry as far as I
could tell, not out loud nymphet porn kids
anyway. Finally as dark set in we had the guy in
the ground and I felt like falling in after him. Everything hurt from
working so hard on the hole that all I wanted was a hot shower and something
to eat now. We barely covered the guy up without collapsing from exhaustion.
I stunk and had more sweat running down my face then water over a dam. Kyle
was good through the whole thing and if he was bothered by it he didn't let
on once. We were done and back inside with Trevor as dark took over and
night settled in."We have to eat something soon Tommy. It's been hours.""I know Kyle, Trevor how are you feeling? Trevor? TREVOR!"He looked at me only when I screamed his name."Yeah Tommy?" he said."Are you okay?"He nodded his head yes. I went over and sat next to him and he seemed to be
okay but maybe in shock. I wasn't an expert and he didn't seem too well."We are going to shower and then go eat ok?"Again he just nodded."You go first Kyle and when you are done I will go.""With pleasure."He headed up and I heard the water start. About ten minutes later he was on
his way back down in the same clothes but looking clean."Feel better?""Yeah lots. Even with these stinky clothes on.""We didn't know so how could we have brought a change of clothes Ky?""Yeah I know. How is Trevor?""Not a peep out of him Kyle. He's starting to scare me we really need to get
away from here as soon as we can.""Well go shower and I will stay with him."I ran upstairs and washed as quick as I could but it still took a good ten
minutes to feel clean again and then putting the stinky dirty clothes back
on just soiled my body all over again. I put on as little as I could but
other then going naked I was in just my shorts and sneakers as I came back
downstairs."Hey sexy.""Ha, ha very funny Ky, my clothes stink I didn't have much of a choice. Did
he change any or move?""Not really Tommy I tried talking to him but he just nods his head yes or
no. at least he does that."I sat down next to him."We are ready to leave now Trevor okay?"He nodded yes."Okay let's go."I got up but he didn't. I turned to him and grabbed him gently by the arm
and only then he got up. We practically had to drag him out into the dark
but he naughty nymphet videos
slowly went still without saying a word. I can't imagine what must be
wrong with him but something is. That's for sure. We drove around and looked
for food and finally found a place with lights still on that looked okay."Stay here. I am going to check it out.""No Tommy I want to come with you.""Kyle if anything happens I will fire a shot then you can come running but
if this place has anyone inside and we both go then we can both be screwed.""Okay I don't like this but I understand."I got out and carefully walked up and checked out the place. After closely
looking I found it empty and little nymphet tgp I yelled for Kyle to come. He had Trevor with
him and after a bit they made it inside."Any change?""Nope nothing."We were now talking openly in front of him hoping he would erotic nymphets olya respond to
anything we say. So far nothing. We got 12yo nymphets something to eat and made him a
sandwich and sat down. He didn't say a word but at least he grabbed his food
and started eating it. Some sign he was okay on some level. At least I felt
okay he knew enough to eat. We ate and I went to wash up and then so did
Kyle."You want to use nymphette sex
the bathroom before we go back home Trevor?"He nodded yes and got up. He was a little wobbly but he staggered slowly to
the men's room and went inside. I was worried about him so I went over and
followed him in and when I got inside I found him standing there with his
dick out and just pissing on the floor with no idea of using the urinal or
toilet. I dragged the still peeing boy to the urinal but by the time I got
him there he was all but finished. Thankfully he didn't get any on himself
somehow. I got to see his little nymphet galleries cock again but at this point I didn't even pay
attention to it with so much else going on. It was more of a quick glance
before it slipped back inside his shorts."Pull up your zipper Trevor."He was doing as he was told but nothing more. I didn't get it and I wasn't a
mental doctor so I didn't have a clue what to do. I started walking him to
the door to leave and he turned and headed over to the stall. I could only
figure he had to go more but I just watched as he entered the stall and I
heard his shorts unzip and drop to the floor. Not knowing what else to do I
walked over and hesitantly looked in on him. The once shy and very private
boy didn't do a thing to nymphets sexy 12y hide himself from me or even seem to care I was
there. This was so wrong on so many levels but I didn't know what else to
do. I watched as he sat down and let nature take its course as I heard the
splashes in the water under him. Again I was concerned when he just got up
without doing anything else and started to pull his shorts back up without
even cleaning himself."Trevor you have to wipe your ass don't you?"He ignored my suggestion and chose to walk out as he was. I grabbed him
before he could leave the bathroom and held him in front of me while I
decided what to do about his sudden lack of cleanliness. I didn't feel right
about leaving things this way but I certainly didn't feel like doing the
cleaning myself!"Trevor go back and wipe your chubby nymphets
ass please!"No response. Again I asked but more firmly. Again he didn't do anything but
stand there and look at me not saying a word.
"Trevor please don't make me take you over and nymphette illegal do it for you. I can't have
you sitting in the truck with yourself all dirty you would stink us out of
the truck before we got home."He looked at me as if to acknowledge what I said but didn't move to do
anything about it. I was torn between leaving him that way and the thought
of wiping his ass myself. It wasn't even close to being a choice I wanted to
make. Finally I grabbed a roll of paper towels off the shelf next to me and
with a lot of reluctance I wet a few towels yanked down his shorts as they
were extreme nymphet movies and bent him zeps forums nymphets
over as best as I could. He didn't fight me at all which
totally blew my mind even more. I didn't want to do this but I didn't know
what else to do. So without further thought I started to clean him up. After
a few rounds of running wet paper towels between his ass cheeks and nearly
gagging from doing it I was somewhat satisfied that nymphets shocking he would be clean enough
to at least get home. Then maybe a cold shower might snap him out of this
stupor he is in. As we were finally leaving the bathroom a very nymphets ls magazine
patient Kyle
finally came in to see what happened."What is going on in here Tommy?" he said as he opened the door and entered."You really don't want to know.""You're probably right but it's young porn pedo nymphets been twenty minutes Tommy. I was waiting and
listening but it got quiet and then I had to come in. I didn't know what
else to do."We left the bathroom and I took him aside for a second and told him in so
many words what happened. He gave me a look of disgust but he understood as
well as I did I didn't have a choice."I'll take him out to the truck Tommy why don't you go wash your hands?""Yeah good idea, I'll be right out."As he struggled with Trevor some I went inside so I could clean anything I
had to off my hands. I was done quickly and got back to meet them at the
truck as Kyle was shutting his truck door."Took a while to get him in huh?""You have no idea.""I am sure I do but that's okay you don't have to explain just as long as he
is strapped in.""Yeah he is.""Good."I started the truck and we headed for home. I felt comfortable about the way
home now since I watched closely as we drove here. Without much trouble at
all I was back on the parkway, even in the dark, five minutes after we left
and we were on our way home. The cell phone rang after we got rolling and
Kyle answered it. He told me it was Jon and everything was fine but he was
worried about us. Kyle talked to him for about a minute and told him we
would be home soon and then hung up."He was worried since it was dark now. Everyone is inside and had something
to eat but he wanted to make sure we were okay.""Good, thanks Ky. We should be home soon.""Good I need to sleep after digging that hole I am whooped!""Me too bro, me too!"We drove the rest of the way in silence expect for a few burps that Trevor
let out. Kyle giggled and I smiled but that was all the excitement there nymphet incest fuck was
until we pulled up to the house and we got out of the truck and smelled
smoke.To Be

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