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Related post: Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 20:28:53 -0500
From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Chapter 37, The Tunnel.Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who used the new e mail address to
contact me. I got three nice comments and some ideas from three new readers
this week who took time to share their feelings with me or just ask when
more is coming out as I worked on Chapter 37. I wanted it out a day eariler
then this but as usual timing isn't perfect. I received a few more ideas in
the mail and some might work but not anytime soon. I don't want to drown
everyone in new characters and even though I would love to add more to the
story with eleven boys now we are going to need a score card at the
beginning of each chapter soon. Sounds like a plan.... j/k but the truth is
if I small ukrainian nymphets porno
do add anyone else I don't know who to add yet and how soon since the
storyline will stray away from who is already there. Some of the characters
are already falling into the background since it is hard to keep this many
people juggled in and out of a story without help. (and no I am not asking
for an assistant LOL) Almost feels like a soap opera with changing
storylines from day to day.... To the one person who asked about cameras and
Tommy being found out I just want everyone to know that I usually don't give
anything away in this part of the prestory but after thinking it over and as
of right now I only see damage coming out of that happening so for now (at
least) this room will remain private but will what is in Kyle's pants?
heheheheeeee...might be time to see what everyone else has been asking. What
is he hiding in there? P.S. No cliffhanger this time.... you know who....
Talk to everyone soon. Love, Dwedno.Chapter 37. New life to bring home?I stood and watched as Luke cared for his russian nymphets sex dog with love and kissed."Luke I know this is special but I think you might want to get him something
to eat. The water helps met art nymphet but I would guess he hasn't eaten in a long time."He sniffed back tears as he got to his feet."Thank you so much for finding and helping me!"He hugged me with his stinky clothes and as much as I wanted to enjoy it all
it did was give me a sick feeling. I wanted to hug back but I patted him
instead, he broke from me smiling as a tear rolled down his cheek."I'm gonna go open a can of dog food. Would you watch him for me?""Sure Luke go ahead."He only had one thing on his mind now. Saving his dog's life! He ran
downstairs and I heard the can opener and within a minute he was running
back up carrying a bowl of food for Patches. He put it down in front of the
weak dog and Patches immediately began sucking down the chow like it was his
last meal."I don't know much about dogs Luke but anyone who eats that fast I would
think would probably puke it back up! Can you slow him some? I don't want to
see him get worse."I didn't want to think about my own dog I had years ago and I didn't want to
become too attached to another dog. I swore I never would again after having
my heart broken losing my dog Harley when I was eleven. I am happy Luke
found his dog, very happy! But I will never get mine back so I am done with
pets. Obviously that wasn't much of a decision or consideration before this
but now it brings back the loss and it hurts all over again. Just seeing
Harley suffer after he was hit by that fucking car in the middle of the
road! I hope that person that hit him and kept going is dead now! A tear
rolled down my cheek as I thought about how he was yelping and shaking after
he was hit. I wiped my face and walked out of the room. Bad memories!! All
BAD!! He was only two and we got him as a six week old pup when I was nine.
He used to sleep on my bed! Cling to me when I was in the house all the
time! I couldn't get it out of my mind and finally I was brought back to
earth as Luke yelled for me. I ran back inside to him."What's up Luke?"I said as I entered the room. His back turned to me as he comforted his dog
on the floor. He turned and looked at me tears running down his face."Tommy he isn't eating! Please save my dog.. Please?"When I found him his tail was wagging now it wasn't. I had heard stories
about dogs hanging on until they were found by their owners so they could
say good bye. I hope this isn't one of them. This pup looks older though
like they had him for a while."How old is he Luke?""Eight, Tommy please. you have to save him he is all free young ebony nymphets
I have left from my
family and friends..his voice drifting off. he is all I have Tommy."He buried his head on the dog and began to cry. The dog lifted his head and
turned to Luke and tried to lick him. He was trying to lick his face. Luke
lifted his head and brought it to the dog and took every kiss the dog
offered. Then just as fast Harley put his head back down as it seemed he was
saying good bye to Luke. He rested his i am fool nymphets
head on the floor and shut his eyes.
Mine were filling with tears as I felt Luke's pain. It was like watching
Patches all over again. A tear rolled down my cheek again."Come on Har. you have to be okay I just found you!" he said.He was petting the dog but there was no movement. Pups tail stopped and he
just lay there motionless. I was dying inside as I watched Luke hold his
dog. I didn't know what to do so I figured a lie was needed just to break
this tension."Come on Luke he is resting and probably needs to sleep. He has been through
so much let's let him get some rest."I went over and helped him to his feet. He held onto me as I walked him out
of the room and into his parents he sat in their bed and looked at me."You really think he will be okay Tommy?""I don't know for sure Luke he was without food and water for a long time
and I am not a vet. I hope so. But meanwhile why don't you get out of those
clothes. You really need to nymphets model pictures take a shower and clean up before you get sick
and I don't want that.""But Harley?""I'll keep an eye nymphet pix bbs
on Harley for you okay?""Promise you will watch him while I shower?""Yes. Now come on let me help you out of those clothes."He lifted his arms as I pulled his tattered shirt off him. His upper body
was dirt covered and he really did stink."Stand up and take off your pants."He did as I said and so far didn't seem to care I was with him while he did
this. I guess he isn't totally shy. Well so far. He dropped his pants and I
got the first look at the front of his once white underwear. They were piss
stained and no longer white. More a shade of grey. He stood up and I turned
him around. The back was gross. Without going into detail let's just say
they were quite dark."Okay Luke it's your call you can get them off now or take them off when you
get inside of the bathroom."He put his hands on his underwear and was about to lower them when he looked
at me. Noting that I was watching him he stopped."Would you run my shower water for me Tommy please while I get clean
clothes?""Sure kiddo."I headed out into the bathroom and started his shower water. He came in
behind me still in his naked nymphetts dirty underwear and carrying a clean undershirt and
underpants."You okay now?""Yeah I think I will be fine.""Good then I'll be with your dog yell for me if you need something okay?""Sure but I have showered alone since I was ten I think I can do this now
you can go."There go thoughts of that fantasy for now. I headed for the door as he
pulled back the shower curtain and adjusted the water temperature. I turned
as I got to the door to watch him and either not thinking or just out of
habit he dropped his underwear before I shut the door. I wish I could say it
was a sweet sight but he was caked in days of shit and dirt from that bed he
was forced to sleep in. It wasn't a pretty sight but as I tried to look
beyond that he did have a cute ass, perfectly round from what I could make
out but I was clueless as to much more with things the way they were. He
stepped into the shower almost as quickly as he dropped his underwear and a
quick glance was all I got. I shut the door and went to see if his dog was
really dead. I wasn't looking forward to this. I got down on the floor and
put my ear on the dog. A heard a faint heart beat and an occasional breath
but that was it. I can only hope for Luke's sake the dog is strong enough to
pull through. He was kinda nice looking. Short hair with a cute face and
looked like a cocker spaniel mix of sorts. I wasn't a dog person, obviously
so I didn't really know the breed. At least he was alive for now and that is
all we can ask. I went down to see Kyle and told him what happened which
upset him quite a bit. He was a dog lover and wanted one as long as I could
remember. Now we had a chance and he was so full of mixed emotions boy nymphets nude that I
did all I could to comfort him after I told him that it didn't look good for
the dog. He was so excited when I told him we found Luke's dog that I really
didn't want to say any more. Now he is totally bummed out."Come on Ky, we can hope the dog will live. I'm sorry but you know as teenie nymphet nudist pics well
as I do we can't control this."I gave him a hug and he held me tight for a naughty nymphetts
bit."I have to get back upstairs just incase Luke needs me. We shouldn't be too
much longer I hope!""It's okay Tommy. I know you are doing your best."I put my hand under his chin and lifted his head till our eyes met."This sucks big time Ky, but we will get through this together. I love you
and I know how much you love me too. We'll make it!"I hugged him."Maybe we will find a stray some day Ky, who knows we keep finding more and
more kids alive all we can do is hope one comes along. It's a big world out
there and I am sure many people are still alive!"I kissed his head and turned to go back upstairs."Tommy!"I turned to him."Yeah?""Thanks, I do love you."I smiled and headed back upstairs. I walked up his steps to the bathroom and
the shower water was still running. I opened the door and entered quietly. I
couldn't tell what he was doing but I smelled soap. No doubt about that. I
am sure he was washing the grime off his body without hesitation probably
scrubbing his ass raw. I tried to see through the shower curtain but it was
too thick and as I listened all I could hear was the water and occasionally
his hand or the wash cloth flopping around. Even if he was jerking off which
I have little doubt he has done in probably a week or more I don't think I
could tell. I backed up to the door and knocked on it and announced myself
just in case."I'm coming in Luke just wanted to see if you are okay."He poked his head around the shower curtain. He head was full of shampoo and
it was running down onto his chest."I'm okay Tommy thanks for asking, just having a little trouble making sure
my back doesn't have anymore crap on it. I scrubbed myself so many times I
feel a little raw and I am red now all over from what that ass hole did to
me. I just want to nail him in the nuts again!"He went back behind the shower curtain and it sounded like he was rinsing
off."Well I'll be outside of you want me your dog free nymphet pedo is sleeping and seems to be
okay but I am not a vet so please don't get mad at me if I am wrong."I turned to go out. He popped back out from behind the shower curtain again
this time I got to see his upper body and no shampoo. He looked real sweet
now and I definitely wanted to see more!"WAIT! What do you mean if you are wrong? He is breathing isn't he?""Yes when I checked he was.""Oh good I was worried.""By the way Luke you look nice and clean now."I was trying anything to get more of him out from behind that curtain."Thanks all this time in here has made me feel human again. I am a shower
fanatic. Well that's what mom called me. I used to take two a day in the
summer. At one point mom would yell I was costing them too much in hot water
and she blasted me about cutting back to one shower. He laughed. I gave her
my sad look and she gave in. Mom was such a push over when I did that. Even
at my age."I laughed at him."So does that mean you will try it on me now? Well I just assumed you might
come back with me and Kyle to live. I trailed off.
It's okay though you're old enough to live here on your own and I am sure
you cook well and." now I trailed off.I had him so distracted he almost had his whole body out from behind the
shower curtain now. I actually saw his belly button and what looked like the
outline of his privates pressed up behind what was left of the shower
curtain that was still hiding him. I was starting to feel pretty good when
he notice and pulled the curtain back up. DAMN IT! Thought I was about to
get a present! He looked at me and seemed to be nymphet naked fuck blushing but he was already
red from his hot shower it was hard to tell."I haven't given that much thought Tommy. I wasn't even thinking about where
I would live now after I saw how bad Patches was.""Well you might want to think that over and if you decide I have a few
serious things to tell you that you might now want to hear."He popped back out again."Like what?""Like how we live.""We?""Yeah I am not living with just Kyle. I live with a bunch of boys all
together and I kinda am in charge so I don't know how you feel about that.""Wow that is a lot to take in all at once. Where do you live?"I told him a few more things and he looked interested but I didn't say
anything about being gay."Okay well that's all interesting but I need to get out of here now I am
starting to turn into a prune. Can you leave?"It was time to make a small move."I can but why should I? Are you ashamed of yourself?""Because I naked nymphet sites am naked and I don't know you and I am not ready to share myself
with someone I don't know yet so if you don't mind please get out so I can
dry off in private."Wow straight to the point. This boy nymphets xx has balls. I just hope he isn't another
Trevor! One of him is enough! I turned and left the bathroom as he shut off
the water. Guess I'll check the dog. I went back in his room and got on the
floor. No change. Still breathing but not strongly at all. I sat with the
dog for a bit and Luke came into the bedroom in just his underwear. I looked
at him from head to toe and he was a hell of a lot cuter now then he was
before. He had a slight bulge and without an undershirt on which I question
because I saw him bring one into the bathroom, he was developing nicely in
his upper body. No hair yet on his chest. He lifted his arm to scratch his
back and he had a small patch under there. Cute!! He is a keeper! Either he
is showing off or doesn't care what I see all of a sudden! I hope he wants
to join us. He didn't appear shy but private I can only guess."So how is he?""Still breathing but not very well.""Do you think he will make it?""I don't know Luke, I really don't know."He went from somewhat happy to depressed again. I got up and went over to
him trying to score more points with the 13 year old cutie."Look he is hanging in there for you. It's all we can both hope for. Let's
just wait and see."He looked like he wanted to cry again. But he didn't. It was my turn to be
bold now."So why did you nymphets nude photos chase me out of the bathroom and then come out half naked?"He looked at me like I just knocked the wind out of him with that question."Don't quite know Tommy. Maybe I felt like I was a little rude to you. But
you seem to be the type of guy that. well that was enjoying looking at me a
little too much. I wasn't sure so I came out this way. I have questions.""Sure ask.""Anything I want to?""Anything.""Are you or is anyone of the other boys that live with you gay and who is
running things?"Wow! BINGO!!!"Yes and yes, just about everyone has had boy on boy feelings or is gay. For
some they might be too young to know differently but the older boys are
pretty sure they are and as I told you I am in charge there for the most
part. Next?""I think that was quite enough for now.""Guess you won't be joining us then?""No I don't think so. I might have had a lot of boys as friends but I have
never touched another one and other then seeing a boy dick in the shower I
have never intentionally looked at one either.""Well I am really nymphets model galleries sorry about that Luke because you are really cute
especially the way you look right now. I guess I'll be going then."I got up and headed out of his room."Good luck with your dog I hope he lives and is fine. What should I do about
Jimmy?""Leave him there. I want to let him see how it feels like I did. to live
like me for two weeks or however long it was, I lost track of time hidden in
there. So at least I can give him back what he gave to me.""Okay good luck. Here is my number if you want me. I hope your phones work
otherwise maybe I'll come around sometime in a week or so and check on you.
I hope you're cooking skills and all the other things you know will get you
through and all the other things that you will get used to over time. I just
hope you aren't afraid of the dark or living alone my friend. Not that I am
trying to be nasty to you but I am sure you got used to that the time you
were in that shack. Take care until we meet again."I turned and went downstairs to leave. Kyle was still waiting patiently for
me and turned as I opened the door."Where is Luke?""Upstairs. He decided to stay.""Alone? Boy he has balls! Oh wait you told him everything didn't you?""Yup. Can't have anyone walking into our house without knowing that. It's
not fair Ky.""Yeah I guess you are right. Time to go home?""Yes it is. Ready?""Yeah I guess it is now." He said dejectedly.He sounded so gloomy but I didn't know why. I knew Luke better then he did
so far and I feel bad. We got into the truck and I started it. I rolled past
his house and turned around and beeped the horn as we headed back out past
the shack. I stopped and got out for a second and went inside to Jimmy."Looks like it's your turn to be treated like dirt boy. We are leaving but
Luke is staying here and I am sure he will take GOOD care of you now. Bye
ass hole!"He didn't say anything to me so I just left. I got in the truck and we
headed out of town. I got on the parkway and we started our twenty minute
ride back home. It was late and I was tired. We were just turning onto
Highview Terrace and began climbing the hill when the cell rang. I figured
it was one of the boys. I looked at the number and didn't recognize it at
all."Hello?""Tommy its Luke, some how Jimmy got loose and he is downstairs banging on my
door. Tommy if he gets in here he is gonna kill me please help me. Please!"I heard him drop the phone and a door slam shut. Then there was a lot of
background noise and all I could hear was his voice and occasionally him
scream something. Then someone picked the phone back up."Tommy please he is in the house now, I locked myself in my room but I don't
know now long I can stay safe in here! Please help me!"I turned the truck around and floored it. As I got back on the parkway I
told Kyle what happened and he had a look of terror on his face. I was
flying down the parkway doing about 120 easy according to the speedometer.
It took about seven minutes to get to his exit this time. Normally it takes
twenty or so. I was watching every minute go by like hours thinking and
wondering and hoping he was still safe! I must have been flying. I took the
turns to get there on two wheels it seems and I slammed on the breaks and
leaned on the horn as we got there. We both got out of the truck and ran
inside. Then we stopped in our tracks. Jimmy was sitting inside with Luke in
his lap holding a knife to his throat."I was waiting for you fuck's to get back here so you could watch me kill
this little prick.""Don't do it, please! Just put down the knife and let him go and you will
live.""Do you think I care about living anymore? Fuck no! I just want to kill this
little cute boy and then who cares about anything else!"He began to fondle Luke all over his body and put on a show for us. He
played with his balls through his clothes some and then ran his hand up his
chest and all over. Kyle came up and whispered to me he could take him out
if I wanted and Jimmy stopped and screamed over at us."What the fuck did he just say? Tell me or I will kill him now!"All I saw was red and the fear in Luke's eyes. I looked at Kyle and nodded.
Kyle moved to a different angle and Jimmy watched him. I moved closer to
distract Jimmy and he yelled again."Move any closer to me and he dies! Tell your brother to get back over by
you or he dies!"I looked at Kyle and he nodded. I moved one step toward Jimmy to get his
attention back and he looked right at me."Okay Jimmy just relax. We are going to back way off I promise!"Just then a shot rang out and my marksman brother nailed the bastard right
in the head. He dropped the knife and fell faint in the chair. Luke got up
and ran hysterically to me. He grabbed sweet young nymphets me tightly and began wailing loudly
as he held onto me with all his might. I grabbed him back and hugged the
cutie trying to calm him some but he was still freaked out. Kyle went over
and checked Jimmy while I watched him with my gun still drawn on him with my
free hand. He looked at me and made a gesture of death. I took Luke out of
the house as best as I could and sat him on his step. Another shot rang out
inside the house and I ran back in."Sorry I just wanted to make sure he was dead before I came out. I don't
need that attacking us while we comfort Luke!""Okay no problem."I headed back out to Luke, he was a little calmer now but still very shaken."Feel any better cutie?" I asked."A little bit. Thank for coming so fast and saving my life.""Ohhhh that's okay Luke. Besides Kyle is the one who saved you. I just did
what I could to distract the beast. Jimmy won't ever bother you again. I'm
just sorry he got free. I thought I tied him better then that.""You did fine Tommy he had a knife close by and cut the ropes. He told me
after you left he got up and headed here. He said when you stopped back he
was already loose but he didn't want to show you because he knew you would
either kill him or tie him back up. He scared the hell out of me, oh God!
PATCHES! I hope he didn't do anything to him."He got up and ran upstairs like his ass was on fire. I followed. When I got
in the room Luke was on the floor checking Patches and he looked at me."He is still hangin in there Tommy.""Good. Are you okay now so we can head back home?""I am fine but I don't want you to go. I mean I am coming with you. I can
deal with the gay stuff if you give me time I promise. But I am not going to
stay here. Not after that beast broke in. I could never sleep at night.""Sure Luke you can come, take your time and pack what you want, we'll load
you up and take off when you are ready.""Can Patches come?""Sure he can. We'll take care of him as a group okay?"He nodded yes and got up to get stuff to pack."I'm going downstairs and get Jimmy out of your house okay?""Yeah thanks that would be great! Tommy?""Yeah?""I want to check a few places for a few friends before we go okay? Maybe we
can find someone else alive, I know my friend Benjy has a well closed in
basement and I am hoping he lived.""Sure that would be great. I'll be downstairs."He smiled at me. Finally I got to see him smile. He was cute, and it was an
awesome smile! No doubt about it!(So what else is new right? Like we elite nymphets models are going to have ugly boys ha ha)I headed down and gave Jimmy a look over and then looked at Kyle who was
sitting in the chair."What's wrong Ky?""I killed someone today Tommy. I am a murderer. For the first time in my
life I took another persons life."I got on nymphets 16 years my knees in front of him. I put my hands on his knees and looked up
at him."Kyle I know you did sweetie, I am sorry you had to but we both know if you
didn't he might have killed an innocent boy that was already tortured by him
once in that shack. I am sure God will forgive you and even more when it
sinks in I am sure Luke will be your best friend in the world. It's not what
we want to do but what we have to do to protect who is important to us. Ky,
you know as well as I do that we didn't want Jimmy dead but we also didn't
want Luke dead even more! Jimmy made that decision for us Luke didn't have a
say so.""I know but you have to understand Tommy I killed someone.""I do Kyle I have killed three or four people I art nymphets free pics know it weighs heavy on your
soul. It bothers me when I think about it still but it had to be done to
protect others and loved ones."He looked at me. Deep into my eyes."You're gonna be okay 6 13 nymphets Kyle, you are strong and you are a good person and
most of all you Kyle Nicholas are loved by me and by a lot of boys who
cherish you and are waiting for you at home. They don't care what you did
here all they will know is you are a hero for saving a boys life!"He smiled at me."I love you Kyle Nicholas more then anyone in this world. You didn't do
anything wrong and I want you to know that above everything else that I
believe in you and I always will!"I got up and so did he. We hugged and I kissed his head and held him tightly
for a bit. Luke came over and we broke our embrace Kyle looked at Luke and
then at me. Without warning or anything he just blurted out."Wow Tommy you were right the boy cleans up nice and is a cutie."I smiled as Luke turned red."Sorry Luke I usually don't do things like that but wow from what I saw a
little while ago and I see now you sure changed some.""Kyle, I heard what Tommy said to you and most of what you two talked about.
Thank you for saving my life, after being with that creep for so long I
don't have any doubt that he would have killed me in a heart beat. He was
evil and you should know that he made me sleep in my own crap for a week.
Thank you Kyle, arobatic nymphets what you did for me is something special and I will never
forget about it for the rest of my life."He reached out and hugged Kyle and Ky looked like he nymphets nn models was in heaven. His back
was to me but I know he was enjoying this in more then one way. He was
really fond of Luke already and I could see that right off. He never says
anything like that out loud so children naked nymphet I think he really likes him enernal nymphet
too on top of
everything else. I wonder how that is going to go over when we get back with
whoever was in his room that night. Finally they broke their hug."Luker are you hungry?""Yes I am. Luker? I like that!""Good then that is your pet name. Kyle why don't you go help your friend get
his things while I drag Jimmy out."He got the hint and put his arm around Luke and they headed upstairs. I
have a feeling Luke might reconsider gay things in the future if he likes
Kyle this much already. Guess that camera might get some work in his room
after all. But I am glad I can't see anymore then the outside of his door I
wouldn't feel right if I knew too much about Ky! I took hold of Jimmy by his
hair and yanked on his lifeless body. He fell to the floor with a thud and I
thought about dragging him out by his cock for a second but decided it was
best to let him die with some dignity. I grabbed him by an arm and dragged
him out. When we got outside I pulled him buy the arms around the corner and
out of site. I wasn't going any farther and I didn't care if he rotted there
or not. We won't be back here anytime soon unless Luke freaks and demands to
come home. If that happens he can deal with Jimmy's body himself. I headed
back inside and they had everything Luke wanted downstairs by then. The
three of us loaded up the truck and then Luke got Patches and put him on the
back seat in a blanket and I started the truck."Which way Luker?""Go down there and make a left and then I will show you from there."I followed his directions and he pointed more and more until we got to this
big old house and I pulled up its driveway. We got to the house and I turned
to Luke."We are going in first with guns drawn you can follow but stay safe okay?"He nodded yes.I cracked open the door and yelled. Nothing but echo and we entered. Kyle
went left and I went right and we walked the first floor. No one in sight
and we met back at the front door and headed upstairs we got to the top and
again he went left and I went right. They were long halls with two or three
doors on each side. It was a huge old place and it showed art nude nymphet its age by the
looks of it. I was about to open a door when I heard what sounded like Luke
scream or yell. He was alone at the bottom of the steps but we searched that
floor. The basement? Oh God! I ran back and he was hugging someone? That
simple? Wow someone found him! I ran down and they broke their embrace. He
looked at me smiling."This is Benjy Tommy."Benjy reached out his hand. He was about 5'8 with dirty blonde hair and had
to be about sixteen. He was a little hefty I would guess about 160 pounds
and not quite as cute as everyone else but not totally ugly either. To rate
him right off he wasn't someone I would want to kiss. But I would do him if
I could. Hell why not? We shook hands."Benjy? Nice to meet you. I can't help but wonder how you survived and how
long you have been here? Are you alone?""Tommy, nice to meet you, who is that behind you?"I turned and looked it was Ky."This is my brother Kyle."They shook hands."So Ben how old are you?""I'm seventeen Tommy; I just turned two days ago. I celebrated alone. I have
been here since that explosion and was in my basement when it happened. I
really miss my family a lot too! All my stuff and my bedroom are down there
so its normal for me to be down there for long periods. Mom used to yell all
the time and tell me to go out and do something. I didn't have a lot of
friends outside of Luke anyway so it doesn't matter a whole lot to bbs acrobatic nymphets me now. I
have been eating what is around the house and going out when I had to, to
the local market to get food. I am alone Tommy I haven't seen anyone until I
just scared the daylights out of Luke and then met nymphet bulletin boards you two now. I am so
happy others are alive I have been so lonely!""Well happy birthday we will have a party for you if you want.""Thanks that's nice of you."He looked younger but who am I to judge. Someone my age! Wow, there are more
people alive then I expected. It's almost getting crowded in this area all
of a sudden."I guess you will be staying here with Benjy then Luke.""Ummm, no Benjy is a friend and I am glad he is alive but I want to go with
you now. I like you two."I see. How interesting. what I think he means is he likes Kyle.but I am just
guessing."That's fine with me. Benjy what are your plans?""I don't have any but if he is going can I come too? I hate being alone even
if I have all my stuff here. I can't even use most of it anymore."That one I have to think about for a second. I don't see him as any
competition so I guess he can come. Besides he can probably help in a few
ways too that the others can't. Like driving and babysitting. errr I mean
watching over the others. But that does come with respect and I don't know
if this guy will let anyone help or be in charge of them immediately or
ever. time will tell and that fills all the rooms now."I guess you can come we have two more rooms at the house but there are
rules and a lot of things you need to know if you are up to living with the
rules and so on you are welcome too. (And we are going to need a lot more
food!) I nymphets preview am sure the others won't mind if you don't. Can you drive?""I have my learners permit and have some driving time logged with my mom.""Good then we will get you a car or something. I guess you can help when we
need two drivers. We'll figure it out as we have to."He nodded and I took him aside and explained everything to him in private
(not that it was needed but I wanted to just in case he wasn't happy with
what I told him) while Luke and Kyle had time together. Which I am sure they
don't mind. He was shocked at some of what I said (The gay stuff and how
many of us live together) but he didn't have a problem with me being in
charge or too much issue with the gay stuff which is good since he can
always stay here alone if he did. From how he talked even though he is
seventeen he seems to be a bit immature for his age. Almost like he is slow
or a slow learner, I still haven't gotten him figured out at all. But I am
sure he looks wonderful in a bathing suit (NOT!) about fifteen or so pounds
overweight. Well weight isn't a problem what will be is how I am going to
manage this many under one roof! I feel like it's a fucking Holiday Inn now!
Just like with Luke we took what he wanted and the truck was now totally
full. Boy will the others be open mouthed when we get back! I can't wait to
hear them bitch! I started the truck and we took off for home. It was dark
now as I approached the exit and I smelled smoke again in the air. As we
climbed the hill Kyle yelled out to me to look left. Sure enough the city
was burning again. Miles away and we still saw flames. That pyro was at it
again."What's that all about Tommy?""Some one is out there Benjy setting the downtown on fire. That's why we
moved. Whoever they are almost burnt us out and almost killed one of the
boys.""Wow that sucks. Did you try and catch him?""Not yet, we looked a little but it's not easy with so many hiding places
and besides I don't want to become a sitting duck if he has a weapon. So we
decided to move out here where we could see the city and feel a little
safer.""Good choice Tommy. Said Luke. I used to have a friend that lived up here. I
know his address maybe tomorrow we can go check out his house?""Yeah that sounds like a good idea. I said. But first we need nymphet teen angel to get you two
settled and let you meet the gang."Just then my cell rang."Hello?""Tommy its Jon where are you? Someone set a fire again. I can see it from
the window.""Its okay Jon we see it too. We are climbing the hill now and I have a
surprise for you guys. Have everyone meet at the door.""OH really? So how many this time Tommy?""You know?""Well you said surprised. There aren't many things left to surprise us with
so what else could it be?""How about when I get there I give you a private surprise."He laughed."Okay we will be there in two minutes have them at the door okay?""Sure Tommy, bye."We hung up."Sounds like Jon.""Yeah Ky it was.""It sounded personal.""Not really personal Luke but you two are going to learn that a lot of
different things happen in this place. Give it time and decide how you want
to deal with it because you will see things here that you normally won't
elsewhere at times here."After that it was quiet and as I pulled up the driveway they were outside
waiting for us. I parked the truck and everyone came over and crowded us as
Luke and Benjy got out."Okay guys I know it's a little dark but when we get inside all of you can
meet them better. This is Benjy, as I pointed at him and over here on my
other side is Luke."They were greeted warmly by everyone, and then everyone helped as we started
to unload their personal stuff. Luke got his dog out and everyone cheered as
they saw him. I did some fast explaining and suddenly everyone was upset and
wishing Luke their best as they all took turns petting the dog. Everyone
commented on wanting a dog and was so happy this one was alive."Put it on the floor in front of the steps guys. I yelled to them as they
began carrying it in. Let them sort it and then all of you can carry it up
and help who you want to."Luke carried the dog upstairs as Kyle was taking him to his room."Tommy can I talk to you?""Sure Billy what's up, you feel okay?"He pulled me aside."I feel okay not great though. The water helped me a lot when we swam but I
feel a little sick.""Sick how?""Like I might puke.""Well what have you been taking taboo nymphets underage
or eating?""Not a lot. Just taking half of one art angels nymphets virgins
of the pills like you said when I have
pain.""Get the bottle for me."He headed upstairs and slowly climbed xxx underage nymphet them. He disappeared out of sight and
a minute later he was coming back downstairs to me. In the mean time
everyone picked a kid and helped carry their stuff up with them. He handed
me the bottle.
I looked inside and there were three and a half pills left. After some quick
math I looked at him."Billy there should be six or seven pills are you taking more then you
should?"He didn't answer me."Billy?!!""Yeah I guess.""What do you mean you guess? I told you to be careful with these they are
powerful and you could kill yourself? I got in his face. Do you want to die
Bill? I mean you have worked so hard to get better and you are almost there.
What is going on?""They take away the pain and make me feel really good Tommy so I just use
them when I feel like I need one.""Well I think you are hooked on them now Bill. That is probably why you feel
sick. Go get something to eat right now and you aren't getting these back.
>From now on if you have pain you find me or take two advil or something. I
am not going to let you O-D or kill yourself to feel better YOU GOT IT?""Yes sir.""Good! I care too much about you and so does everyone else. Now no more
pills unless you are really bad! Go eat and I hope it makes you feel
better."He turned and walked away with his head down."JOEY!!" I yelled out.He came into the hall at the top of the steps. I waved him down."Yeah Tommy why innocent nymphets girls archives
are you screaming for me?"I handed him the bottle."Yeah so? Its Billy's pills.""Open it."He opened it and looked inside."Damn! Where did they go?""Exactly! I said to him. In Billy is where they went. He has been popping
them for any bit of pain. Didn't you notice? I mean you spend a lot of time
with him don't you?""Yeah a lot but I haven't looked at him or been with him every second Tom.
You aren't blaming this on me are you?""No Joey I am not but I would have thought you might be watching him a
little closer and noticed he has or hasn't been in pain lately.""No, sorry I haven't noticed. I only do when he tells me he is. Then I tell
him to go take a half pill like you said.""NO! I said to take these when he was in a LOT of pain! And take Advil
otherwise! Damn it now I think he is hooked on them.""I'm sorry Tommy.""No Joey this is not your fault. It is his and probably mine for not
watching him better. I just wanted to tell you and find out from you if you
knew anything about it.""Sorry.""Look Joey he is your friend right?""Yeah of course and then some.""Yes I know. So now I need you to really watch him and he will probably get
mad or start asking why you are being a little nosy now tell him I told you
to. If he doesn't like it then tell him something. You love him right?""Well. kinda. I guess so.""Okay I chuckled; you care a lot about him?""Yeah that's true.""So if he gets mad or anything like that tell him that and that should take
care of it for now. If you see anything change at all I want to know
immediately! I don't want to chance losing him to drugs now Joey and I need
you to help him and tell me anything that might be strange okay?""Sure Tommy, no problem!""Okay go do something. I'll catch you later.""Awesome I want to go meet that Luke kid. He's kinda cute Tommy."I smiled at him."Yeah he is."I went into the kitchen to make some dinner since I knew Luke was hungry and
I am sure everyone else is now. Its 7:30. Shawn came in and over to me."Hey cutie. What's up?""I missed you."I got a big hug."Yeah I missed you too. I leaned over and gave his mop a kiss. So what do
you think about Luke and Benjy?""Luke's cute. Benjy is okay. He's a little chunky."I laughed."Yeah he is but that's okay right?""Sure I don't care how heavy he is. He won't be sleeping with me."I laughed again."You mean you don't get to have sex with the oldest kid in the house
anymore?"He looked at me?"Why, what do you mean why can't we have sex anymore Tommy?"Right over his head!"Silly boy. I meant Benjy.""Huh? He's older then you are? He looks fifteen.""He just turned seventeen two days ago. He is almost three months older then
me.""Oh you tried to confuse me. Now I get it."He punched me. I grabbed him and sweet nymphets galleries started tickling him. He started to squirm
and fell on the kitchen floor and let out a screech and then laugh. I
stopped as a few kids came in to see what was happening. Trevor came in and
so did Danny. Danny looked at Trevor."Figures Tommy is abusing Shawn again.""Abusing him? Said Trevor. Sounded like he was tickling him to me."Danny shook his head and I looked at Shawn and we both started laughing.
Trevor was clueless but we all got it. I lifted Shawn off the floor and
smacked his ass gently and went back to making food. He helped me cook and
get what I needed and when it was ready I sent him up to get the others. We
were having sloppy joes tonight. I set the table and then everyone started
to filter down. Jon came down and over to me."Hey sexy thanks for dinner." He said."You're gonna get sexy." I laughed at him.I made him two sandwiches on semi stale hamburger buns and he went to sit.
Trevor came over and I fed him and then so did Danny with his brother and
Billy hobbled in as I gave him a dirty look for the pill thing with Joey
behind him. Luke came in and Benjy followed. I gave them food and then Shawn
came back in. he waited with me until I was done feeding everyone."Where is Kyle?""I think he went to lay down in his room for a bit." Trevor said.Interesting how he knew that. I thought. I made a sandwich for Shawn."Go sit and eat. I am going to get Kyle and I'll be back to sit with you and
Jon in a minute.""Okay."I headed out and to Kyle's room. I knocked but got no answer. I let myself
in and walked over to his bedroom door. I knocked again. Again no answer. I
opened that one and he was lying on his bed sleeping. I entered quietly and
sat on the edge of his bed and began to rub his back. After a few second he
stirred."That feels awesome as usually bro.""How did you know it was me?""Because no one does that like you."He rolled over towards me."You tired?""I was a little. What do I smell?"He took another deep sniff."I made.."No wait! I want to guess." He cut me off as I was about to tell him."Smells like.. Shit?" he said.He started to laugh. I smacked him on the ass."Shit huh? Sniffing your own ass again?""Ohhhh brother that was bad! He said. You made sloppy joes didn't you?""Yup? Want some?""Hell yeah. You know I love them, that is one of my favorite things you used
to make me.""Oh well too bad we don't have any left you waited too long."He frowned at me."No you wouldn't do that to me."He sat up. I got up."Well you will have to come in and see."I headed out of his room and he yelled something at me. I didn't quite hear
it so I backed up into his room."Huh?""I said there better be some for me or I will disown you."I looked at him and smiled."Yeah I thought so." He said.I headed back to the kitchen and he ran after me and pushed me when he
caught up to me. I pushed back and we both started giggling. I got the last
shove as he went flying into the kitchen. I followed as the others saw him
come in that way and started laughing"Hey Kyle I see your brother finally got your lazy ass up!""Bite me Danny!""Yeah well you're lucky we saved you some grub!" shot back Shawn.He went over to Shawn who was pretty much covered in sloppy joe all over his
face."It looks like you are wearing most of yours Shawnie kid!"There were some more laughs as Kyle sat at the table and looked at me. I
looked back at him."Aren't you going to feed me?"I pointed at the pot of food on the stove and he stuck his tongue out at me
and got up to get his own. I looked over at Luke and Benjy as all this was
going on and they were fixated on us as we put on a show."You two enjoying this?"Ben shook his head yes and Luke swallowed."Is this always how it is?""Oh wait let me answer that one." Barked Danny."Not always like this. this is how it is around here. Sometimes a little
crazier but we have gotten used to the brothers and they are pretty harmless
most of the time."I looked at Kyle and nodded and then we both looked at Danny and gave him
the finger at the same time. The whole place busted out in laughter. Danny
just kinda turned red and put his head down. After the laughing calmed he
spoke."I gotta learn to keep my mouth shut! When will I learn to do that!" he
said.I went over to him and put my hands on his shoulders."Never smart ass!"I kissed the top of his head and went back to finish eating. When I sat I
looked at him and he had this look on his face of uncertainty. Like he
wasn't sure anymore about whether he was still the butt of the backfired
joke or off the hook all together. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I
looked at Christian and he was totally oblivious of the whole thing. Finally
I ate and started picking on Shawn who was next to me on one side with Kyle
on my other with Jon next to him."This is soooo good!" he said as he ate faster then humanly possible."Slow down before you choke numb nuts!""But it's good.""And there is plenty! I added. Slow down."That pretty much ended our dinner entertainment as some guys started to get
up from the table and go on their way. I finished and noticed someone got
lazy. I began yelling which brought the few that scattered away immediately
back into the kitchen."Are we forgetting something boys?"They looked at me like I had four heads."CLEAN UP!"I got mixed `oh yeah's' as they picked up their stuff. Finally dinner small nymphet pussy was
over and nymphet models top 100 as usual I loaded the dish washer. Luke came over to help me which
was appreciated but not what I wanted. I want the other lazy asses to pitch
in. So next time maybe they can all make dinner themselves. See how that
goes. Anyway that's done and I decided to head to my room for a bit. The
boys were scattered all over the house doing their thing now and I decided
to go for a swim. I got my bathing suit on and headed down to the pool. I
was alone! I dove in and began taking a angel nymphet gallery lap and by the time I got from one
end to the other I had company. I stopped and looked up."Hey Luker what's up?""Can I come in?""Of course. Go put on whatever you want and jump in.""But I don't know how to swim that good.""Do you want to learn?""Yeah that would be awesome, can you teach me some?"I thought to myself as long as I don't get too hard."Sure go change I'll be here waiting for you."Already I felt my cock stirring as I thought about how he would look in a
Speedo. I flopped around while I waited for him and about five minutes
later he came back with a tee shirt on and a suit nymphet fresh pics that was so freaking tight
I could nymphet boy mpeg make out exactly what he had in it. Unless he was hiding some it
wasn't a lot. He has a baby bulge at best which is sad for thirteen. Then so
is the fact that he can't swim but who am I to judge."Go to the steps and walk in as far as you can."I met him about half way as he entered. I let him get used to the water and
then I asked him what he knew. After a few minutes I listened to him first
then I began the basics with him. It was my favorite time now. Teaching to
float. Now I get to put my hands all over him and his cute ass as I held him
from going under. I was hard thinking about it. We went through the basics
and it was time. He got up with my help as I put my hand on his ass to
support him. He started to float as my eyes wandered to his small bulge.
With one had on his ass he put his head at water level and began to float.
He felt good to me as I purposely slid my hand up and down his sweet ass. I
guess he began to get suspicious after a bit and said he was getting down."So how was it?""What? The first lesson or your hand all over my ass?""Both? Since you asked. If you are going to be forward so will I!""Well the lesson was good and your hand wasn't that good.""Oh well I forgot you aren't into boys. Sorry I was really making sure you
didn't go under. I lied but he didn't have to know. I don't mind teaching
but nymphetteens I guess it comes at a little cost to keep you safe.""Yeah well if you were trying something it didn't work."I know I could tell he didn't get hard."Trying what to get you hard?"He got a little red faced with that."Sorry Luke I didn't mean to get carried away.""Its okay but I think I had enough for today. Thanks for trying."He went to get out."Wait please Luke. You don't have to go.""No its okay Tommy, really. I am not going because of how you acted I am
just not a big water fan but I promise when I want more I will ask again
okay?""Sure as long as I didn't do too much wrong. Besides I know when everyone is
in here you will want to be a part of it so you might want to think about it
before the pool gets so crowded that I can't take the time to teach you
safely.""You didn't I swear. I am just not used to so much contact from a boy. It
will be okay I just need time."I let it go at that as he grabbed his towel and walked out. What a cute ass!
I went back to my laps and next thing I knew I was getting splashed. I
turned and it was my cutie."Shawnie!! Nice of you to join me."He swam over to me. I immediately put my hands on him and he looked into my
eyes."Did you have fun with Luke just now?""Not really. He isn't into it like we are.""Too bad for him!"He said as he took my hand and brought it from his back where I put it down
to his ass."You can do what you did to him to me as much as you want to.""You were watching us?""Yeah the whole time. I got jealous and finally went to get my suit on. By
the time I got back he was getting out. So I missed some but I kinda figured
out that he isn't into boys. He looks pretty small too for thirteen Tommy.""I know he does not everyone is big for that age."He sure isn't. I hope I am bigger then that when I reach his age.""I know you will be.""So does he like anyone here?""Yeah he does like Kyle.""So? Who doesn't?" he laughed as he answered me."You were jealous? Of us? Awwww how sweet.""Yeah well anytime someone touches you and it's not me that happens.""Awwww poor Shawnie!"He splashed water at me and that began the water fight. As usual I won when
I attacked him and he yelped and tried to get away. I grabbed him and picked
him up by the back and groin and felt him some before I threw him back in.
He surfaced and looked at me."Oh that felt good. Do it again!"We played for a bit and my arms grew tired and I was starting to prune up
anyway it was well over an hour since I got in. I was surprised no one else
came in but it was nice having the pool to ourselves."I'm getting out I had enough.""Okay then I am too. Can I shower with you Tommy?""Sure do you have to ask?""Yup. Sure do. Don't want to make Jon jealous ya know."I smiled at him and rubbed his wet mop."Come on before we get caught and that really happens."We headed up to my room and went in. I shut and locked the door behind us.
Go start the shower cutie. I'll be right in.""Okay Tommy."I turned to do something and he called me. I turned to look at him."Sweet ass!" I saidAs usual he had stripped and was waving his cute buns at me."Go start the shower before I grab those buns!" little porn nymphet I squawked at him.That sent him inside and me back to what I was doing for a second. I
stripped down to nothing and joined him in the bathroom. It was a site. Both
of us totally naked standing there while the water got to the right
temperature. I adjusted it while Shawn played with my ass. If felt good but
I wasn't about to do anything just yet so I let him play and tried to ignore
it. TRIED!!"Are you having fun with my ass?""Yeah I love touching it. The hair on it makes you look so grown up.""Its not nymphet link forum as much fun as you think.""Well I can't wait until I get some."I thought to myself. Neither can I but don't hurry because there is nothing
sweeter then naked boys without that damn body hair. The fine blonde hair on
his body was deadly cute. It was awesome to just sit while he lay in front
of me at times and when the light hit him just right it was indescribable
how beautiful it looked on him. Words just didn't do it."Tommy? Tom!""Oh sorry Shawn I was daydreaming.""Yeah I could tell. Probably about Luke.""Huh?"He pointed. I looked down and I had a hard-on again."No silly I was thinking about you not Luke.""So I gave you this?"He said as he reached out and stroked it a few times."Yes you did now cut it out before I squirt all over you right here.""Kewl!""I'll kewl you! Get in there before."I didn't finish it he got in as I watched his fascinating ass enter the
shower. I followed. Not taking my eyes off it until he turned and I saw his
little hard cock as he waved it at me."Stop that or I won't be able to control myself."He waved it even more."You are asking for it!""Good! Come get me."I shot the three feet across the tub and grabbed him up as he let out a low
squeal with my touch/tickle of him. I took him and picked him up to me and
felt his little hard cock as I brought his body to mine. I moved him up and
down some so it could rub up and down me. It felt awesome as his little
prick ran up and down my lower belly. Finally I gave him a kiss on his
forehead and put him back down. I was rock hard. He grabbed my cock and
began stroking it as he looked up into my eyes. I was in heaven! I leaned
over and kissed him again but this time on his boy lips. I knew inside I
shouldn't because I only should kiss Jon there but he brought out all my
weakness and I finally gave in to him. He was looking so totally cute and
the feeling of him stroking me just totally won out. My lips met his and I
watched as his eyes closed. He really didn't know how to kiss that well but
I guided the back of his head with a free hand and brought our lips
together. I stuck my tongue out and he immediately reacted by opening his
mouth and touching his to mine. I took all of his tongue into my mouth as I
French kissed the love in front of me. Any thoughts of this being wrong were
gone now as the electricity between us went from a shock to damn near frying
us alive. He let go of my cock and I brought him tightly to me as we
continued to kiss. I couldn't tell if I was enjoying it more or he was. We
played with each others tongues for a bit and swapped mouth spit as he got
more and more used to what I was doing to him. Finally we broke our lip lock
and I looked deep into his eyes. What an amazing boy! I brushed the wet
hairs back off his forehead."I really do love you cutie! You have no idea how that just made me feel.""Yeah I think I do Tommy I can see the precum leaking and dripping off you
now."I looked down and sure enough I was leaking badly. It was pretty neat. I had
never seen myself that wet. I didn't care how old he was now he was in my
shower and I loved him probably as much if not more then Jon at this moment!
I could never admit to that out loud but I think I just fell in love with a
nine year old that I know I couldn't have. Or could I? I almost felt
embarrassed as that thought crossed my mind. But only for a second. When he
answered me it broke my thoughts."I love you too Tommy. You are the tgp illegal nymphets most important thing in the world to me."Wow pretty powerful from a kid his age to say."Thanks cutie. I know you care about me.""No Tommy l really do love you lots. I mean maybe I don't totally understand
what love means or is yet but what I know is you mean a lot to me and maybe
I am saying it wrong but when you saved my life that night things changed
and now when you say it to me I understand it so I am saying it back to you
just the same way."I took him and held him tightly. We stood there as one under the shower
water as it soaked us. Minutes passed and I didn't want to let go of him. I
didn't know how to feel or what to think as we held our naked bodies
together. It was something I can't explain and a feeling I wasn't sure I
could handle outside this private shower we were taking together. If this
boy really cared that much what am we going to do? Hell if I feel this
strongly about him what am I gonna do? This is wrong on so many levels but
who is going to tell me that? Outside of Jon that is. I didn't want it to
end and I wasn't rushing it either. I found my hands caressing his body all
over. He stood and took it all in not complaining or seeming to care at all
with what I was doing. Wherever I could reach without moving too much I
caressed. Eventually he moved his hands and just rubbed and held onto my ass
the rest of the time we were close. I felt like I was going to blow my load
without jerking off. Finally I broke our embrace."Look Shawn whatever happens in here stays in here. I am not saying that I
don't love you I really do. What I am saying is I love Jon too and I can't
hurt his feelings. Not now he is just relaxing with me around. I don't want
to hurt yours either. You are the sweetest thing in the world to me!""You aren't hurting me Tommy. I like this a lot. It makes me feel all tingly
inside and I love touching you. I guess its okay to feel this way isn't it?""Yes it is Shawn, astral nymphets bbs
yes it is. But let's just keep the serious stuff in here,
in my room okay? I mean we can do anything outside here but not kiss. Is
that okay with you?"He nodded yes."Sure Tommy I understand I am fine with it."He got down on his knees without me saying a word and took my hard cock into
his mouth. I was already close from that episode we just had and within a
minute of him sucking my cock so hard and so deeply between his lips I blew
my wad. I don't know how many times I shot but I know he backed off after a
bit and it flew all over. I was in another world as he lit my fuse and
sparked one of the best orgasms I had outside of being buried in Jon's ass
the other night. Two this powerful by two different people in almost one
day. I just hit the wall with my back as my legs went numb and Shawn grabbed
me as the nymphets schoolgirls nudes powerful feeling flooded my mind with pleasure. Good thing he
steadied me or I would have hit the tub for sure. My eyes were shut tightly
as I held onto Shawn for support. Finally when the last of the feeling
passed I opened my eyes to see Shawn smiling at me and wearing a bit of my
cum all over his face and chest. He didn't wash off because he was steadying
me. I leaned over and kissed his lips tasting a little of nymphette pics myself on them. I
whispered into his ear."Shawnie that was the best you ever did. You were totally awesome and I
don't think I could ever repay you for the pleasure you just gave me!""That's okay Tommy I really liked it and I love you so I don't care if you
do or not."I think we are thinking in two different ways. I am looking to give him the
pleasure he gave me and he is just happy to be able to give it and doesn't
quite understand what kind of payback I am offering. I washed off what was
on him and took him to me and held him until the hot water started to run
out. I lost all track of time and didn't care. We finished the shower in
semi cold water as we rinsed the soap off each other trying to get clean
before we froze. When we got out he was shaking a little as I took a big ass
towel and draped it around his cold body and grabbed another and started to
dry my sweet love. He grabbed me just as I was and hugged me again."You are nice and warm Tommy. Wet but warm."I grabbed another towel for myself and started drying off after he let nymphets david hamilton
It was chilly in there with the air nymphets nude tgp gallery
blowing. I forget to shut it down this
time and it cooled off the room really fast. We both dried off quickly and
left the bathroom. I didn't care what time it was or who was where. No one
bothered us. I got into bed naked and Shawn joining me the same way. I felt
his warm nakedness as he got close to me and his little cock rubbed against
me all soft and nice. I pulled the covers over both of us and put my arm
around him as we just lay there with the lights on. He put his wet mop of
hair onto my chest. We talked a little mostly about how much we just enjoyed
that shower together and finally we both dozed off and fell asleep just like
that. It was awesome!To Be continued....dwednomailhotmail.com
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