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Related post: Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 00:06:40 -0400
From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: tunnel chapter 44Hi all,I finally got through this chapter! Its short and I apologize for that but I
needed to get this posted so I can announce some important news!! So much
going on in my life with some major personal changes right now that I barely
had time to get this posted. OKAY here is the latest news and to me quite
important. first off there are a few chapters of Tunnel done but not chapter
45 which of course needs to be finished before I can post all the others. I
actually have begun chapter 48 already with an idea that needed chapters to
complete so I skipped ahead to pursue my idea. Now I need to go back and
finish off chapter 45 so everyone can read the rest and catch up. Now for
the major news: I have been offered a website to post my stories on and
although all chapters will continue to be on nifty they will be at this new
location first. It will be my new home page for eventually all of my stories
as soon as time permits my host to get them all up. Right now chapter 44 has
already been up for a day there and all of Casey has been up for about four
days.PLEASE NOTE:All you "Casey" buffs can go and read approximately three new chapters that
are already there that haven't even made it to nifty yet. There will also be
a new story send up to both that site and nifty shortly with of course it
appearing there first. My new story is called "If You Only Knew" I hope
everyone reads it and enjoys another idea I have taken and run with. I will
ask for feed back just as I do with all my stuff when the time comes. So
for everyone who can't get enough Tunnel or any of the other stories that I
have written please go there first from now on but please remember any news
and information will always be listed on nifty since the website to follow
is only for the stories and nothing more. HERE YA GO:
http://www.paddedroom.us/ THIS IS MY NEW HOME.
As always I repeat.... my stories will be on nifty just not as quickly black child nymphets as
they will be on http://www.paddedroom.us/ I welcome all of you to go and
enjoy all of their stories as well as any future sneak peaks of all of my
stories from now on. Eventually all of my stuff will be posted there and
although not a lot of chapters are in every story I have over ten stories on
going on my computer at this moment that little dicks nymphets
will eventually be posted. Please
enjoy this chapter and feel free to look at the "paddedroom" site for my
stories anywhere from one to three days before they hit nifty from now on.
There will be no updates there as of right now just the story. All updates
will continue to be on nifty in these forwards or answered in e mails from
me to you personally. Sorry if I repeated myself but I really wanted to make
sure I made myself clear with this important news. Enjoy the story and as
soon as time permits I will post chapter 45 on paddedroom. Check frequently
or just email me and I will do my best to let you know when something nymphets 6 12 new
will be up. Dwedno..Chapter 44. A stranger comes into view.I lay there still wondering what was out there. Finally I got comfortable in
bed with Shawn at my side but on his side of the bed, half asleep for now
since we both got to bed just a bit ago. He rolled over a few minutes ago
and got quiet. I know as soon as I settle in he will move back and attach
himself to me little nymphets nues as he does most nights. Still no one knowing that we might
have a stranger in the neighborhood made me think. I did. I free gallery nymphets knew. It's late
and there is nothing I can do about it now but think and that is dangerous
when you don't know what to think. I'll worry about it in the morning when
it's light out. Apparently whoever this is won't bother us at night I hope
and I can only guess they must have been around for some period of time now.
Where do they live? Are they friendly? Are we safe? All questions rattling
around in my head as Shawn got comfortable at my side. I leaned over and
kissed Shawn hoping to put this out of my mind and focus on the cutie at my
side. He whispered good night to me again as I placed another kiss on his
face just touching the end of his nose with my lips. I lay back after that
and closed my eyes and fell asleep. Even with the thought of us being
watched I slept well and was awakened by Shawn several hours later. He had
the covers back and was running his hand over my chest underneath my shirt I
had on. It was Sunday morning dark nymphet paysites and as I cracked my eyes open he looked at me
and smiled. It was his normal sweet, cute and loveable smile that always
cheered me up or melted my heart."Morning cutie I see you have found a way to wake me once again.""Yup, morning to you too. You have trouble nymphet model top site sleeping last night little nymphet nudes Tommy?""Not that I was aware of why?""Because you tossed and turned a lot last night and you usually just sleep
and don't wake me.""I'm sorry cutie guess I have a few things on my mind.""Like what? My birthday maybe?""I smiled at him.""Maybe." I said and nothing more.He seemed satisfied for the moment and went back to running his hand up and
down my chest. Down far enough that he caused me to get hard. He wasn't
touching it but he was getting a little closer each time he headed south. I
just closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch. It was soft, sensual, starting to
make me hot."You keep it up mister and we might make a late breakfast this morning
instead of something close to normal.""He hehehee." He giggled.I smiled at him and leaned over and gave his lips a quick peck."You are so easy to love Shawnee. I am so glad I have you. I know I have
said it before but I hope you never get tired of hearing it.""Never Tommy, never."With that he moved further down and stopped rubbing my chest and started
making playful circles around my groin. He rounded my cock several times as
if he were aiming at a target finally coming to rest with his hand on my
hardness still buried in my boxers."I need to get that out Tommy so I can make it squirt for you.""So go ahead you know how to get it out, pull then down."Without another word as if he were asking permission to access my stuff he
yanked my boxers down in one big young nymph tgp pull. My cock hard as could be, sprung up
and lightly smacked me and then stood straight up staring at the ceiling
after discovering its new found freedom. Shawn took hold of it and began
stroking it. I closed my eyes as his strokes took hold of pedoworld child nymphet pics all my senses and
made my balls start to yell for some type of morning release. My hand found
his lovable bulbous ass under his pajama bottoms and I began caressing each
cheek as he continued to work on me. I knew at this moment I wouldn't last
long. not with his velvet touch and experienced hand teasing at me. He
stopped stroking and I felt his warm lips immediately touch my cock and then
envelop the head of it and whatever else he could fit into his boy mouth. He
began bobbing up and down and applying all kinds of pressure with his lips
on the head of my cock knowing my most sensitive spots by heart. I was ready
to blow my load after only a few seconds of his sucking and I really didn't
want a long drawn out session anyway so I warned him as my hand found his
butt hole. As I slid my finger into the rim of engel nymphets his nymphet model nude ass and moved it around
he stopped sucking me for a second let out a little moan and went back to
his lust girl nymphet job illegal cp nymphet
at hand. It was just another way of teasing me knowing nymphet movie galleries I was close
probably by the amount of precum I was filling his mouth with. Not being
able to hold out any longer and just because I could I began to cum filling
his mouth with russian nymphet angels my juices and at the same time to tickle my own senses I slid
my finger into his ass as softly and deep as I could. He attempted to say
something but was nymphet bbs portals distracted my shot after shot of my seed filling his
mouth. Between reaming his ass with my finger and him sucking every last
drop of my cum out of my cock I had one of my best ever orgasms. I slid my
finger out of his ass as the peak of the orgasm hit me and for the next
minute or so all I felt was the wave of pleasure that overtook my mind. As I
came back from no where land I opened my eyes to see Shawn smiling and some
of my cum that escaped his mouth hanging off his lip. I pointed to it and
his tongue quickly took care of it."Shawn I love you just a little bit more every time you do that to me, if
that is possible!""Yeah I know Tommy but why did you do that to my butt?""What stick my finger in you?""Yeah, it stung. You pushed a little harder then you usually do and it hurt
some this time.""I'm so sorry Shawnee I didn't mean to hurt you."I sat up as he rolled over and sat up on the bed next to me."Are you okay?""Yeah I am fine nymphets nudism but you did take some of the enjoyment out of what I was
doing and I almost choked on you when you did it. I lost track of what I was
doing and your cum almost made me choke.""I have done that before Shawn.""Yeah I know but this time maybe you went in wrong or something because it
hurt."I took him into my arms and gave him a hug."I am sorry Shawn what can I do to make it up to you?"He smiled at me."How about a shower and then you suck me off in there?""You got it."Well he certainly got any thoughts of some stranger out of my mind for a
while. I got up and off the bed, he joined me as we stripped of any
remaining clothing and we walked into the bathroom together naked as the day
we were born. I started the water as Shawn stood behind me and played with
the crack of my ass knowing full well it drove me nuts when he did that. Not
only did it tickle more then any other part of my body it also made my cock
grown hard again every time he did it. He knew that and always got a kick
out of it for some reason. Maybe the same reason I got off on fingering his
ass anytime I was about to cum. If always made the orgasm stronger for some
reason. Anyway the water was on and we were both in running our bodies under
it and getting wet. As soon as we were wet I immediately soaped up Shawn and
washed his back slid down to his ass and then reached thru and soaped up his
cock and balls from behind. This always gave me a thrill too for some reason
but who knows why. I let go and he turned around and I washed the front of
him from his neck to his legs not missing a spot, especially paying close
attention to his sweet cocklet and each nut for a minute at a time making
him rock hard. He rinsed off and I got on my knees and took him into my
mouth and began sucking his little cock. After a few seconds he fell back
against the shower wall and I settled in to give him a bit of payback for
the pleasure nymphet nude free pics he gave me earlier. Although he still was far from cumming he
had no trouble expressing his orgasm even though it was dry. Within a minute
of me sucking his cock he was shuddering as he head drooped and he let out a
long gasp and moan as the awesome feeling of the big "O" took hold of his
small body and made him quiver all over. I let go of him and slowly got off
my knees as he steadied himself with his hands. I stood up and after he
opened his eyes he smiled at me."That felt awesome Tommy! You always know what to do to get me the best
feeling in the world!!"I leaned in and kissed his lips and he returned my kiss as we held each
other and the lip lock for a little nymphets for free bit. It wasn't like kissing Jon but he
was getting there. I still felt a little weird kissing him but only because
I had about a foot of height on him and that was the weird part kinda
scrunching down to his level to lock lips. Never the less it worked fine and
we enjoyed touching tongues as I had taught him to do in the past."I love when we do that Tommy.""What?""Kiss like that and I get to touch forum cute nymphet your tongue with mine."I moved in close and just to give him more of what he liked I kissed him
again and again we touched tongues and played around for a bit that way.
Finally I had enough and I pulled away as I gave his nose a tweak and then
reached down and groped his balls for a bit. Not wanting me to stop he
spread his legs and began to get hard again. Its great being young! We
always spring back in a few seconds for more! I played with him for a bit
and then turned to wash my head as he began to wash my back for me. He did
well and as usual made sure he washed every inch of my ass and got in
between my legs and washed each of my nuts too. They were hanging now and
the close attention he paid to them made me jump as they became very
sensitive pedo nymphets when they were free floating like that. It tickled more then
anything and shot right up my spine to my brain. Not that it stopped him
from torturing me and making sure he washed them well. We rinsed off and I
turned off the water. I gave him a good, loud smack on asian child nymphet the ass that didn't
hurt; it just was a perfect shot on a wet ass that made a loud noise as he
left the shower. He turned and gave me a look when I did it but didn't
complain about pain so I just assumed I got the perfect smack in on him. We
dried off and a few minutes later I was dressed and he snuck out butt naked
into his room and put on some clean clothes. I was done before him so I
joined him in his room as he finished dressing and we walked down to the
kitchen together. He helped me set the table for breakfast and then I put
on the bacon and began mixing batter for pancakes. It was just after 8am and
I was sure as usual this would wake up the entire house as the smell took
over. Within ten minutes of cooking I heard footsteps and shortly after Jon
was downstairs. He came over to me and gave me a kiss good morning on the
lips and went to get something to drink. He messed Shawn's hair as he walked
past and Shawn just gave him a playful shove as if to say don't mess with me
dude! Within the next few minutes the house was full of bacon smell as more
noise could be heard upstairs. By 8:30 I had cooked enough to feed myself,
Shawn and Jon as the others began to file downstairs. Luke came down
followed by Trevor and then Kyle came in from his room. It was a new day and
at least Trevor was alive so to speak and gave us the honor of joining us
for some breakfast. After all he had to be hungry after not eating last
night. I had everything covered to keep it warm and within another five
minutes or so the rest of the boys were down or on their way down so they
didn't miss out on any food. Around here if you wait too long on a Sunday
morning you don't get anything and everyone knew this. Shortly everyone had
a seat and was eating. Joey and Billy were the last two down and I only
assumed what was going on in their room to make them late. I watched as
everyone gave Trevor a look at one time or another but he seemed so
engrossed 14yo nymphet art in his food that he wasn't really paying attention to anything but
that."Okay guys where you are done clean up. I cooked and all of you know the
rules after breakfast."I got a bunch of nodding heads and okay's nymphets terra as I left the kitchen. By now I
had one thing on my mind as I went to the front door and looked up the block
or really at a bunch of trees and shrubs knowing I couldn't see anything
from here, but it was just giving me some time to nymphetes ukrainian
think about whom the new
person in the neighborhood was and sexo nymphets russia how safe were we now. After a few seconds
Jon came up behind me and put his arm around my waist as he joined me in the
doorway with a hug from behind."Penny for your thoughts Thomas.""Where did you get that phrase nymphets youngest from?""Some old movie last night. The woman said it to some guy who was deep in
thought while he was staring out a window watching the rain come down. It
was ls dream nymphette one of those old movies you brought home in black and white. Really old!
I was bored last night after you and Shawn went to bed so I watched it. It
was pretty good for an old movie. There wasn't any cursing or blood just
something to watch for a change without any gore. I really liked it too."I smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the lips tasting syrup as I did."Don't you ever wipe your face?""Huh?""When I kissed you I tasted syrup.""Oh sorry."He ran his hand over his lips and wiped it on his shirt. I shook my head and
laughed at him."You are something else Jonathan."He smiled at me."So what ya up to looking outside?""Just wanted to get a breath of fall time air before it gets too cold to
open the door for a while.""Yeah I know what you mean, before long it will be winter and we will either
be stuck inside or go out and freeze in the chill."Of course we had a nymphet nn nude few weeks minimum before it would get that bad but you
could feel it in the air as we stood there. Winter was on the way. Most of
the trees were losing their leaves now and some were already barren. It
won't be long now before we need our coats to go outside."So what's really on your mind Tommy? I know you better then that. Something
is tiny teenage nymphets bothering you."I looked at him."Only you and Kyle can read me that well."I took him by the hand and lead him outside best nymphets tgp shutting the door behind ukraine little nymphets
us so
no one could hear."I'll tell you but you can not tell anyone not even Kyle okay?"He shook his head yes knowing I was serious."Twice now over the past few days I thought at first I was imagining things
but I think I saw someone. An adult maybe, someone a little older, but when
I ran out both times before last night either I was wrong or they ran away
or hid. But I think someone is in this neighborhood besides us and they know
we are here."He had a slight look of worry on his face."Are you worried?" He said to me."Not really. They didn't look ill, like they had the half baked disease or
something and they are probably as scared nude nymphets modeling or concerned as I am about any
danger of not knowing the other person.""You think so?"Not really but I wasn't about to alarm him."Yeah, for now anyway I do think that. Besides we have plenty of protection
between the house alarm and all the guns and ammo.""Yeah, your right Tommy, anyone would be nuts to break in to our house."Yeah I hope so! I thought to myself."Yup you are right my love anyone would be nuts to break in or try
anything."I reached over and gave him another kiss as we stood there on the front
stoop and enjoyed each others company alone. As usual my hand found its way
down to his ass and so did his but nothing was about to happen on the front
stoop. Well other then some groping. We nymphet angel models both ls nymphets magazine giggled after it went from
touch to tickle and I turned to go back in for now having had enough of the
outside."You coming?""Yeah Tom in a second."I stood and watched as he looked around to I guess reassure himself we were
safe and then he turned and looked at me and smiled as he came to me ran his
hand 14 year old nymphet
over my back and we walked back inside. We entered to find Kyle
watching us."What were you two doing outside?" he asked."Getting some air, I said. Is that okay?""Sure bro you don't have to bite off my head I was just askin.""Sorry Ky, I just have some things on my mind, I didn't mean to snap at ya."I walked over and gave him a hug that he returned and I kissed the top of
his head."I love you Tommy. He whispered to me. Please tell me if you have a problem
okay?""If it becomes a problem I promise I will bro, okay?"He nodded yes; I gave him another quick hug and a smack on the ass as we
broke out of the hug."I love you too Kyle."I walked away after that and he seemed to be okay as he headed to his room
or should I say wing of the house. He doesn't know if it's Trevor or
anything that is eating at me but he knows it's something. That will
eventually come out but for now its okay."Hey bro!"Geeze I barely got five feet away."Yeah Ky?""Just wanted to let you know since things were a little crazy yesterday that
I had Benjy drive me to get the decorations and party stuff for Shawn's
birthday surprise tomorrow.""Oh great, with everything going on around here lately I forgot.""If by everything you mean Trevor I completely understand.""Yeah him and some.""Okay well its nymphet slut all in my room if you want to see it.""Sure, now?""If you want. Jon you can come too.""Thanks Kyle."The three of us walked into his room and he shut and locked the door just
incase Shawn decided to become nosy or just barge in nymphet virgins on us. He didn't want
anything to ruin the surprise. He took us into his room and showed us all
the noise makers and birthday hats, streamers and so on and we finalized the
plans for tomorrow. He even had time to get Shawn presents. I was taking
Shawn out for the day after breakfast and the others were gonna set up the
house. We talked about it for a good 30 minutes and Jon now had a role in
this too. He was going to call me when they were ready for us to come home.
I didn't want to risk Kyle calling just incase Shawn got smart to all this.
We had everything set and we left Kyle in his room to do whatever else he
had planned. I think I am going to go back to the old neighborhood and Shawn
and I are gonna have a good time there unless he wants to do something else.
It's his call since it's his day. The rest of the day went quietly with some
fooling around and busting of Trevor's chops just because when he finally
came out of his room he acted so serious towards everything. It was dark now
and a few kids were starting to bark for dinner. I grabbed some meat out of
the freezer and decided to make something on the grill. About a nymphet nude cute half hour
later we were close to eating. Jon and a few of the others set the table and
warmed up some vegetables so I made sure everyone ate properly at least once
this week. We had corn, carrots and string home nymphets porn tgp beans with the steaks I cooked to
a nice medium red inside. I am thankful I used to watch my dad cook on the
grill all the time and he taught me how to make a great steak. We had all
the ingredients so flavor it properly so it looked great. Everyone that was
hungry sat and ate and just about all of us had a good dinner. Trevor took
his plate back to his room and for some reason Benjy didn't join us for
dinner but he came down after and had of all things a bowl of cereal. Oh
well. everyone cleaned up as usual and Kyle started the dishwasher as I went
up to my room. I naked nymphets free password
wanted a swim tonight so I changed into my bathing suit and
headed down to the pool. Of course I was spotted and before long I had
company. I got about three minutes alone in the pool before Danny,
Christian, Jon, Shawn and Billy joined me almost immediately. Shortly after
that I guess the others heard the commotion in the pool and Joey, Kyle Benjy
and Trevor joined us. As usual only Trevor wasn't there. With just about
everyone there we decided to play underage nymphet sex keep away and it wound up being a total
blast and lasting well into the night. By the time we were done I was a
prune and spent at least two to three hours in the pool. I had enough and
shortly so did the others and by 10pm I was heading back to my room to
shower off the chlorine from my body. I shut my bedroom door and started to
get ready for my shower. No sooner was I about to step into the bathroom
when there was the usual knock on my door."Come in!"It was Shawn."Gee how did I know you would pop in?"He was all smiles."Can I wash with you?"I said no as I smiled and he started to laugh. I went in to start the ukrainian nymphets images bbs water
and he was on my back practically pushing me into the shower as I was
adjusting the water flow."Will you relax a second? I haven't even gotten my bathing suit off yet.""Oh I'll help you with that." He said happily."Just hang on there you mini sex pervert!"He laughed. I wonder if he knows what that means."Come on Tommy I want to play with your butt.""I got something for you to play with and it's not necessarily my butt!"He started running his finger up and down the crack of my bathing suit. I
just turned and gave him a look. He got the idea and waited patiently for
the next minute or so."Okay waters ready now we can go in.""Yea! Can I take your bathing suit off?""Sure."He grabbed them by the bottom and yanked them down to the floor leaving me
naked in front of him."Okay you got me naked are you happy now?""Sure I am. I love it when I can see you this way."He stripped off his own suit and got in ahead of me. He was too much. One
night short of his tenth birthday I was once again being treated to a shower
with a sweet and awesomely cute naked boy. I got in with him and he
immediately grabbed the soap nymphete model and started washing my back and butt for me. Of
course this was just his way of getting to my ass. He washed me from head to
toe and I turned and he did the front paying close attention to my groin and
making sure I was very clean all over down there and of course the hard-on
that comes with all the attention he gave it. It felt great as he used the
soap as lube. As soon as I was washed off he immediately started to take
care of my hardness. He sucked like a vacuum cleaner and before long I was
close."You are getting me very close Shawn. Another few seconds and I am gonna
blow!He didn't stop or hesitate just kept sucking me off as deep as he could get
me into his mouth. I leaned back against the wall and let out a moan and
final warning. Then I began firing off shot after shot of my love seed into
his mouth. He swallowed all of it and finally backed off allowing me to
enjoy the end of my orgasm. I squeezed out a few more drops when I came back
down to earth and they fell to the floor of the tub and looked at him
afterwards."Shawn you are amazing. You never stop getting better at that. Pretty soon
you are going to be better then me."He smiled."I had a good teacher Tommy."I have him a hug and then washed him just like he did me only there was no
sex for him tonight in the shower I had enough water tonight."After you dry off I will play with you in my bed.""That's fine with me."He was out of the shower first and before I could even blink he out of the
bathroom and lying naked on my bed with his legs spread wide looking in my
direction as I walked out after drying off a few minutes later. archive nymphets I just shook
my head and started laughing at him."I'm ready!!""I see that."It was a picture that needed little explanation. Him with all of his naked
cuteness spread wide almost calling me to jump between his legs and get to
work. I stood there for a minute admiring him. His tan lines fading and his
inny belly button. I could still make out some tan from the summertime sun
but it was starting to fade now that we had cooler weather. He looked so
sweet just lying there waiting for me.
I went over and jumped on the bed and went right to work on his already
semi-hard tool. I started sucking him off just like he did to me in the
shower but running my finger nails up and down the inside of his rape nymphet
causing goose bumps immediate squirming. I ran my hand up to his belly and
then chest as I started to speed up on what I was doing. I could tell he was
getting close by the frequent deep breaths he was starting to take. Just
before he is ready he sucks in his belly deeply several times and it's
almost like a non verbal warning that the pleasure is starting to take him
over. It didn't take long after that for him to tell me he was starting to
get nymphets teens 12 yo the feeling which I already knew but didn't want to young nymphet thumbs let on that I knew.
Shortly after that he let out a moan and closed his eyes tightly as he had
his usually dry orgasm. I moved up even with him and as soon as he opened
his eyes he smiled at me."AWESOME! He said. I love it when you make me feel that way TJ."I was totally beat now that I pleased the soon to be birthday boy especially
after we did the same thing nymphets young 13 last night with almost as strong results. It was
close to midnight now so I just got comfy right where I was on my pillows
and Shawn put his head on my chest and his arm on my belly. I grabbed hold
of his hands with mine and we locked fingers as we fell asleep just like
that. both of us naked in my bed, on top of the covers and very content with
how the night went.To be continued...
dwednomailhotmail.com &http://www.paddedroom.us/ to read all my other stories in advance of
nifty from here on out. For more information read the forward at the
beginning of this story.
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