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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Tunnel chap 57Hi all,As I told a few others who help me out when I need some pre and proof
reading I put something extra into this chapter emotion wise. I don't know
if it will show but it mentally tired me writing it. Just so all of you know
what is going on I have found a few things to try when it comes to keeping
the story going so other than seeing the story from Tommy's eyes over the
next few chapters but not immediately... I am going to spend cp models nymphets
mostly all of
not all of those chapters seeing the story through other boys eyes. There
will be fun, sex, talk and the other usualy assortment of things that make
you all keep coming back for some strange reason (Wink,wink) Many thanks to
all of you who continue to write and support my story with your praise it is
truly what keeps me writing above and beyond the fact that I love doing more
and more stuff with the boys. We are a long way from 100 chapters but if
things continue and people keep finding this story and sharing their joy
with me about how they love or like it I don't see why we can't make that
mark one day. I know the story innocent nymphets gallery
drags sometimes but not every chapter can be
A+... keeping that in mind I will keep trying to do my best without
repeating myself as much as possbile. It does happen... I don't always get
to read back enough and occasionally I might do something I have done before
but as in all aspects of the story feel free to tell me and we will laugh
about it and move on. I hope I can continue to live up to the level of honor
(lol) that some of you have bestowed on me. So shortly things will turn
through other boys eyes but do to the fact that Tommy is such a key factor
in the story he will be around but hopefully on a limited basis for a while.
Also the holidays will be coming up soon in the story and all bets are off
as to who takes front storyline for them. In between and as often as
possible you will start to see more of the other boys. Probably starting in
late chapter 58 or in 59 the latest. Until next time all be well and take
care. Dwedno.Chapter 57. Emotions Rule!I had Chance right where I wanted him. He reached to his sides and grabbed
his waistband of his underwear and began to lower it."Stop, please?"He looked at me."I want to do that, okay?"He didn't say anything just walked around the bed and stood in front of me.
I grabbed his shirt and pulled the pajama top off him and then did the same
for his undershirt leaving him naked from the waist up. Now I reached for
his underwear and looked into his eyes. I smiled and he smiled back. With
one tug they were on the floor and ukrainian nymphets underage I was now looking at a beautiful stiffie.
I reached out and felt his beautiful hard took and gave it a quick stroke.
He said nothing, just kinda closed his eyes for a second."You sure are beautiful Chance. Get on my bed."He did as I asked and laid his head on my pillow. I took my hand and felt
each of his little titties. They are small and appealing, and then I worked
my way down his belly to his stiff hard cock. It stood out for me pointing
at the ceiling waiting to be touched, all four and a half inches of his
sweet manhood. I reached out and took hold of it and he smiled. I gave it a
few soft strokes and he gasped and briefly closed his eyes. What a sweet
body! I slowly stroked him and watched his face as I took great pleasure in
making it count this time. He was basically quiet at first but now was
starting to squirm some and make some low moaning sounds as I get him deeper
into pleasure. Occasionally I would reach down and rub his nut sack. His
balls were right against his body so fondling them was difficult at best so
rubbing them worked just fine. I wanted to taste him but I didn't want to
give him total satisfaction this time. I grabbed his cock after playing with
his sac for a bit and as I gave it a squeeze a droplet formed at the top. He
must be getting close. I stroked a bit more nymphets tgp sex and he squirmed a bit more."Tommy that feels so good I am starting to get that feeling where I am gonna
cum soon." He said to me.I slowed down my pleasurable torture and extended the enjoyment for both of
us a little longer. Then the most unfortunate thing happened. There was a
knock at the door and the door handle jiggled."Tommy its Shawn why is your door locked?"Chance's face went from pleasure to panic as I put my finger to my lips and
shushed him."Go in the bathroom and shut the door." I told him quietly."One second Shawn, be right there."As Chance quietly shut the bathroom door I scooped up his underwear and
shirt and ran it to the bathroom and threw them in and then ran over and
unlocked the door. Good thing I wasn't undressed. I was sure hard though!"Sorry Shawn, Chance is here we are talking about his brother and he wanted
privacy so I locked the door. he is in the bathroom now.""Oh okay do you want me to come back later?"I thought to myself yes and no but another three minutes and at least Chance
would have messed himself but it doesn't matter now. poor kid must be so
upset he was probably seconds away from leaving me a special present now he
is wondering or learning how much it sucks to be that close and not cum.
Blue ball-i-tis! Shawn came in and a few seconds later the toilet flushed
and a dressed Chance came out looking okay but I could tell he was upset."Shawn I need a minute with him so we are gonna go out in the hall okay?""No Tommy its okay I have to pee I will go down the hall and use that
bathroom.""Thanks Shawn."He headed down the hall and I shut the door."Sorry pal I hated to do that to you.""No more then I hated to have it happen. That was close and it really sucked
big time! I was almost ready to cum when he knocked and as I went into the
bathroom all I though was damn, damn, damn! I looked down at my hard-on and
thought about it. I almost jerked off in the toilet but I let it go away. I
know what you mean by horny now Tommy.""Sorry, we knew he was coming back but he came back at the worst possible
time.""Tell me about it! Do you think we can finish up?""Where and when?""I don't have those answers but all I do know is my balls ache and I need to
finish somehow."I wanted to laugh. I didn't though."If you can find a place where you feel comfortable naked I will be glad to
finish you.""Okay well I hear someone coming I guess Shawn is back I'll go look around
and if I do find something I'll come back.""Okay not too late though because you never know what might happen in here.
After all you got me horny too!"He laughed."We were both ready to cum huh?""You have no idea Chance.""Okay Tommy see you later."He headed for the door and met Shawn as he left. He went out and Shawn came
in."I conquered the world tonight!" he said to me as he came over for a hug."So you mean you pissed off all the boys and beat them?""Yeah. but I didn't think of it that way.""Maybe I said the wrong thing cutie but if you keep killing them no one is
gonna want to play you eventually.""Then what do I do TJ, lose on purpose?""I can't tell you what to do sweetie. You have to decide how you want to
play. If you want to be champ that is great but when you are number one
sometimes it's a very lonely place to be.""Really, do you think everyone would be mad at me?""No, not unless you brag about winning and I know you Shawn that isn't who
you are.""Sometimes I cheer a little.""That's fine and normal.""Good, I was scared.""You are a great player and they know that so you have to decide whether to
lose or keep winning. I can not tell you how to handle that problem.""Yeah I guess you are right. He sounded all depressed. I never thought about
winning all the time this sucks.""Yeah and you know what else sucks?""Huh? Oh yeah. me!" he said cheerfully."Well yeah but I meant me. How about you get on that bed and I take you off
to a place nude skinny nymphets where you won't think about winning or losing?""Huh?""Shawn you know sometimes I think you are the smartest boy in the world and
other times I wonder. get on the bed and I will suck you off boy!""Ohhhhhhh, yeah I would like that a lot."I just shook my head and he laughed. He got on the bed as told and he got
comfortable."Shawn?""Yeah TJ, he said looking right at me. When are you joining me?""You are still dressed silly boy.""Yeah I know so what."Then an idea hit me."Good stay dressed."I got on the bed and pulled off his shirts and left his sweats and undies
alone."Lay back and relax."He did so. I moved up to his chest level and got in really close to his
titties. I started licking each one and the quickly became hard. I looked up
at him and he was watching me and he smiled."Did you like that?""It was different."I moved in and gave him a kiss on the lips and then went back down and
kissed each tit again. I slid down some and placed kisses all over his chest
and belly. He began to giggle a little. I went farther down and started
running my finger over the outline of his penis and then I stopped and moved
in closer. He smelled of laundry detergent and a little boy scent. I took
hold of whatever I could grab of his nude euro nymphets
sweet member through his clothes and
began gently nibbling on it with my teeth very softly and with my lips all
the time through his sweats. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed so
I must have been doing something right. He was hard. I did this for a while
and until there was nothing else to be gained by it."Shawn when did you shower last?""Just a few hours ago after the pool.""Oh yeah, right. Did you wash well?""I think so.""Did you get all the nooks and crannies?""Huh?"I laughed."Did you do your butt well?""I guess so. Why all the questions?""You'll see."I reached up and grabbed his sweats and underwear and pulled them off with
one tug right down to his feet and then pulled them off his feet and threw
them aside. All that was left was his sweet hard-on."Roll over."He did as I asked without saying a word. I spread his legs wide as they
could go and got down between them. I spread his butt cheeks and checked for
cleanliness. He was fine so I spread his butt cheeks and looked at his cute
pink hole. It was time to teach this boy about rimming! I got him close and
stuck my tongue in and rolled it around his hole."Ohhhh, hey what are you that feels good!"That was all he said and then he was quiet. I ran my tongue back and forth
over his hole and covered every square millimeter of it. Then I wet my
finger and slid it in just pdo kds nymphets porn
a little but enough to let him know where I was.
He was still silent but squirming some now. I removed my finger and pulled
his hole open enough to slide my tongue in some more and went about it
again. He suddenly let out a moan and it was very unusual to hear anything
from him."Tommy that feels so good. Ahhhhhh!"I did the finger thing again each time loosening him up a little more and
then following up with my tongue each time burying it a little deeper and
each time getting more reaction from him either by him moving his hips
around or by him panting or moaning on some quiet level. He was deep into
this now. Again I buried my tongue into him and licked all around and he
shuttered from the feeling. nude littlle nymphets
This time I took my finger and put it more than
half way in and started to move it back and forth finger fucking his sweet
butt with it. At the same time I reached under and took hold of his penis
which was solid and pointing upwards but stuck under his body. He helped
some by lifting his hips so I could grab it. With one hand I started jerking
back and forth on his hard member and with the other I was making his butt
mine. I took my head and tried to reach in and grab his testicles. They were
away from his body and I just got them and started sucking them in between
my lips. He was bucking now with every push from my finger into his ass and
moaning like he never did before every time I sucked on a nut. I did this as
long as I could and he was getting closer private nymphets galleries and closer to the point of no
return. I could hear his breathing began to labor now and I had full control
over his lower body. My finger easily slid all the way into his butt and I
had total ls magazine ukrainian nymphets
access to his hardness with my hand. With all three things going
together I sped up what I could basically finger fucking his ass and jerking
his tool and within the next minute he let out a loud moan, called my name
out and bucked his head back before his little body shook all over from his
orgasm. I stopped and let him be as he enjoyed his pleasure. I also moved up
to his level next to him and when he finally opened his eyes he was looking
at me."Hi." Was all he said."Are you okay?""Wow he squeaked out. That was great I am fine."I moved in and stole a kiss from his cute lips and lay back and waited for
him to make his next move. He lay there for a little bit on his back and I
watched his belly rise and fall with every breath he took for the next few
minutes. I reached out and put my arm on his belly and began running my
nails over it and his soft cock slowly began to grow a little from my touch.
I was going lower and lower and he was motionless and quiet the whole time.
Once again he was hard and standing up after a good five or so minutes of me
doing this to his belly. I leaned over and took his hard piece of love tool
into my mouth and started playing with it with my tongue. This lasted all of
a minute before he asked me to stop because it was too powerful kids porn nymphets for him to
take. As he put it, it tickles too much. I looked into his eyes. I so loved
this boy! I moved up and got right up to his face and brought my lips in to
kiss him. I placed several quick kisses on his lips and all around them
including the end of his cute nose. Then I move down and we locked lips and
I kissed him for a moment. When we broke that kiss he looked at me."Thanks." He whispered.He sat up and pulled off my shirts and then pushed me back on the bed. I was
already stiff as a board so it wouldn't take much right now to set me off,
plus the fact that I haven't cum in over a day didn't make things too
difficult on me right now to know where this was going."I love you TJ."I smiled at him and he grabbed my sweatpants and underwear together and
pulled them down. The only problem he had was trying to get them past my
solid member. I helped out there and he tugged them off the rest of the way.
My eyes closed as his hand grabbed me and started to stroke my now happy
member. It has been a while since someone else made me feel good. He stroked
me for a while and then moved in and started to lick me up and down and all
over until he was satisfied. He went down on me as far as he could and
grabbed my balls and massaged ls teens nymphets
them as he started sucking me. I closed my
eyes for a while and as I felt myself getting close I opened them and looked
at him. I reached out as he stopped for a moment to rest and brushed his wet
hair back off his forehead. It has now grown enough that it comes over his
forehead some. I ran my hand down his face and he smiled at me. I winked at
him and then he moved back to finish his blow job. I was already wet so I
knew it wouldn't take long now before I would blow my load. He did an
excellent job playing with my balls causing my toes to curl under as I got
closer and closer to the time. He looked at me once more as he slurped my
cock back into his mouth and took as much of me as he could without choking.
The boy was good and I was ready."I'm gonna cum!"And with that seconds later I started firing stream after stream of love
seed into my cuties mouth. Four solid streams of cum filled his mouth before
he backed off of me and let me go soft and enjoy my orgasm. When I opened my
eyes he was laying next to me rubbing my models nympha nipple."Thanks sweetie you were awesome.""And you tasted great TJ."I sat up and looked at him."Just as great as you my love and I do mean my love. Shawn I care so much
about you!"I stroked his head some as he leaned on me for support."Come on let's go shower."We got up and I looked at the clock before we headed in to shower it nymphets gallerie was
11pm. I started the water and set the temperature before we got in and I
grabbed the new wash cloth and as soon as we were done taking our turns to
get wet I began to soap up the cloth and then I was ready."Turn Shawn I am gonna do your back."As I lowered the shower massage he turned so his back was facing me and I
began to soap him up. I washed him well from neck to butt cheeks and very
close in between those sweet buns."That feels so good TJ I love it when you wash me.""Good, I'm glad cutie I enjoy doing it."I finished washing him and then he did me. We played a little but mostly we
washed away the sweat from our session of love. After we got out we dried
off and I was ready for bed but I was dying to see how much snow we had. I
dressed in my boxers and a tee shirt and headed downstairs. The house was
quiet now and whoever went to bed last at least turned off naughty nymphets ixtractor all the lights.
The night lights I have set up were doing their job. I ran into Kyle while I
was downstairs and he told me before Chase called home and talked to Cameron
for about a minute but not much longer and he told him he was having a great
time here as was Chance but he also told him that Chance knows about what he
did to him and is pretty upset. That sorta ended the call abruptly."I'll talk to him in the morning to see what else happened."I can imagine that Cameron thought he was past his mistake but I can't
really guess if he thought he would have to deal with Chance bbs post nymphets too. What a sad
way to learn a lesson! I put on my coat and looked out the side window
before opening the door. I turned on the outside light and opened the door
to what almost was a blizzard of snow. The wind was whipping around and the
snow was deep. Kyle backed off and my legs were taking a beating from the
wind. It was coming down quite heavily and had to be at least a foot deep on
the ground. Looks like tomorrow I get to play with the plow and see how much
fun that will be. I ukrainian nymphet index couldn't see past the lights on the outside nymphets ls forum of the house
and the temperature was totally freezing out. I quickly shut the door."We are getting clobbered with snow Kyle.""Yeah I looked before. Are you gonna use the plow tomorrow?""I think I have to if we want to go anywhere.""Do you have any place to go?""Nope, I am just going to take it out and have fun with it.""Oh, sounds like a real blast! He said sarcastically to me. I am going in my
room. Night bro.""Hey Ky can I come in with you and talk for a bit?""Yeah I would like that. We haven't had any time together for a while."I followed him into his domain and he shut the door. I sat on the couch he
has in the main room and he sat next to me."So what's going on in your life? I asked. Are you seeing natural nymphets anyone here?""Wow bro that's the first time you asked me such a private question, what
gives?""Guess I just want to know if you have been having fun with any of the boys
and since you don't talk to me about it I decided to ask.""Well Chance came over to me today and he is pretty cute. We talked about
you and how he and his brothers lived at the farm and then he asked me a
really interesting question.""Oh?""Yeah I didn't know how to answer him but I did my best.""What did he ask?""He asked me if I was ever with a boy or girl. Now tonight you ask me almost
the same question after we have been back together for almost six months.
You never asked about my personal life before. What gives TJ?""Why did you say you didn't know how to answer him?""No that's not fair don't change the subject I asked you something first.""Okay I don't know why he asked and I swear I had nothing to do nymphets info land
with him
asking you anything. He came to you on his own.""Okay fair enough." Kyle said."Now you tell me what I asked.""I um... well are you really sure you want to ask me that?""Kyle. why is that such a hard question to answer? You know I am with Shawn,
hell everyone including Jon who is supposed to be my boyfriend knows I am
with Shawn almost every night.""Look TJ it's not that it is hard to answer but you might not like my
answer.""Okay spill it!" I demanded."Okay if you really want to know but I don't want to hear it from you at
all.""Kyle?""Promise me you won't be mad or yell!""You have my word Kyle.""Well you sorta answered it yourself.""Huh?""Its Jon bro. I have been talking and spending school passion nymphet
time with Jon. He came to me
last week and asked me if he could come in and chat with me. I invited him
in and we made small talk for a while. Then the fact that you and he weren't
doing anything came up and he really looked upset about it so I went over to
him and just rubbed his shoulders a little to calm him down and the next
thing I knew I was sitting next to him on the couch and he leaned in and
gave me a kiss on the lips."I was shocked and stunned."No wonder he hasn't been around asking me to do stuff with nymphet hard
him.""Exactly, are you mad at me?""No Ky I couldn't get mad at you for that I haven't been paying much
attention to him and it's my fault.""He really cares about you TJ and we didn't go past kissing. Nothing sexual
happened because he still feels like you want him.""I don't know what to say bro. I love him but I don't want him to wait for
something to happen. I just love Shawn more. I fell in love with him.""I know I see it when you look at him. I know he is just ten and its your
decision to be with whoever you want but you can't leave Jon hanging on any
longer its not fair.""You don't have a problem with Shawn and me?""Tommy he is my best friend and yet we talk about everything together but
you. When I ask him anything about you he clams up. You have him trained
well.""I would like to take credit for that but that is all Shawn Ky, I never told
him what he can say and can't say. I only asked him not to talk to or around
Jon so he doesn't get upset if he hears anything.""So you are telling me that Shawn is that smart?""Bro you watch him play those games you tell me.""Good point. He is impossible to beat. Sometimes when I play him I almost
don't want to even bother starting a game with him because he is that good.""So I think you answered it yourself. He is really smart for ten and I love
him almost as much as I love you.""Really? You are that serious about the boy?""Yeah really, I almost think that I would be lost without him in my life now
Ky.""Wow that is pretty serious. Does he know?""He nymphets wet tgp
knows I love him and I know he loves me. On what level he loves me I
don't quite know but I see it sometimes when he looks at me Ky. A few times
I caught him just staring at me.""But you don't know how strong that feeling is?""No not really because he is only ten and I hate using age as a factor.""You have to, I'm afraid that since he is that young and that smart he
actually might not comprehend real love yet. That doesn't mean he can't
understand it he just might not know what it means in his heart.""Yeah I know. I sometimes think he just says he loves me because I saved his
life.""He still brings that up?""Yeah he brags about it anytime some asked him about us or him being around
me so much.""Wow, I'm no expert but that sure sounds like he is in love with you for
saving his life and not because his heart is with you.""I know. It upsets me but I know. That's sorta why I left Jon hanging on so
long.""It's not fair to him and maybe to me.""Maybe to you, come on Ky do you care about him or are you just testing the
waters to see if it will work?""Of course I am testing the waters Tommy. Up until the comet I thought I
liked girls and now that there aren't any I have decided to try a guy just
to see if I can deal with the boy things. Do you really want me to get
personal?""That's up to you it won't turn me off but I don't know how much you want to
talk about with me.""You are my brother, I will tell you anything you want all you really ever
had to do was ask. I just figured you wanted to give me my space and not get
involved with my personal life.""Yeah that was part of it and the other part was I didn't want to make it
seem like I was trying to control anything with you when it came to how you
live or who you sweet nymphet teens choose to have as your closest friend or I guess partner.""Well with your permission I would like to choose Jon. I am sorry that might
sting but he needs someone and he came to me almost in tears that night
feeling so lost and alone.""You have my permission, not that you need it.""No Tommy I did need it. I love you too much to ever go behind your back
like that and truth be told I am glad we talked tonight because if you
didn't come see me I was going to have to come see you eventually."I smiled at him and gave him a big brother hug."I do love you Kyle Nicholas more then I think you sometimes know.""I know Thomas Justin, I know!""Good and if you call me Thomas again I will give you something I haven't
done to you in months.""Oh yeah what is that?""Don't push me bro, you know how much it will take for me to tickle you.""Oh sure use the only thing you have on me.""Kyle. don't bust my balls you know you won't win.""Thomas, Thomas THOMAS JUSTIN!"He was purposefully looking to get to me for some reason. Maybe he hasn't
had enough attention from me and this was his way of dealing with it while
he has my total attention."Okay you really want it? You know if I start this time you are gonna piss
your pants before I stop?""I am past that you don't have that kind of control over me anymore Thomas."He was looking to play I could hear it in the tone of his voice. I so love
him but he was asking for it."Are you sure you want to wet those jeans? I mean once I start I am only
going to give you an occasional chance to breathe."He thought about it for a second and stripped off his jeans. It was almost
like he wanted me to torture him for some reason. I wonder if that was
always his game. Now we were both in boxers and I felt a little weird. Mom
used to break video nymphets
things up before it got crazy but he never hurt me, ever he
used to come looking for me to tickle him until he couldn't breathe
sometimes when we were younger. Now for the first time in months he is
making me do it again. And he even took off his jeans. This is serious fun!"What are you waiting for Thomas I am in my boxers now."I took him and easily lifted him up and carried him in to his bed and threw
him down. I got up on top of him and went right for his sides. His most
ticklish spot! I dug in deeply and he let out a yelp and began to laugh like
I remembered. I didn't let go of him. I went back and forth between his
sides to his arm pits and he quickly turned red. He gasped for air in
between giggles and I was relentless as I attacked him. After all he was
warned. He yelled out time once and I ignored him knowing how far I think I
can go and attacked him on his sides again and then up to his neck and upper
chest where he was also very vulnerable. He was kicking now as he tried to
get me off him but he never won with that. I was much stronger then him and
still am and he is pretty strong. He yelled out air and I stopped for a
second knowing that was the key word that he could always use."So you had enough yet Kyle Nicholas?"His red face staring up at me with tears running down his cheeks from
laughing so hard."No, bite me you big turd!"That was all I needed to go back to my torture. I once again attacked his
weakest spot which was his sides of his body. He yelled and bucked trying to
break free of my tickling but he was quickly tiring from all the attacking I
was doing."Okay Tommy stop little nymphets hot
I give, I give you are gonna make me pee.""I warned you before no mercy!"I went just a little harder on his sides and sure enough for the first time
in forever he let loose and began to piss his underwear immediately making
me stop. He took deep breaths trying to catch his breath and I got off him
and took a look to see how good I got him and how badly he leaked. He was
soaked in the front of his boxers and that was being nice. He sat up and
looked at me."Damn you I thought I had that beat! You are the only person I know who can
get me that bad."He made it sound like there are others.his face still beet red, he got up
and gave me a hug."Thanks.""Thanks? For what Kyle you actually wanted me to do that on purpose?""Uh ukrainian nymphets org huh. Don't take this wrong but it really. well it turns me on.""Ahhhhhh, why did you have to tell me that? You are my brother I am not
supposed to do that to you and since when are you being so open and that
honest with me?""Oh can it bro, I don't want anything sexual from you I just enjoy it when
you do that.""Ya know I don't think I want to know anymore Kyle. I mean I have done a lot
of stuff with a lot of different boys but you aren't one of them, you are my
brother!""Relax and hear me out okay?"I was quiet as he stood there in his piss soaked underwear forming the words
and me waiting for him to talk himself out of this. Then he did something he
hasn't done in years. He totally shocked me for the second time tonight. He
stripped off his shirt and before I could stop him dropped his boxer's right
in front of me and stood there totally naked. I turned red with
embarrassment. He got me! Like it or not he got me! I think that was his
plan to get even! It was like looking at a train wreck though I couldn't
turn away. I finally got to see what I had wondered about for the last few
years. How big my thirteen year old brother was and not because I made it
happen, because he did it in front of me and to make things worse he was
semi hard from all the stimulation I just inflicted on him. He was a decent
size for his age not that I was about to measure but he was easily 5.5
inches and not totally hard. I felt like he was almost showing off! That's
as far as I am going to take it, after all he is my brother and that just
about closes the book on anything I wanted to know about him now."So you gonna stand here with that little thing hanging giving me a show or
you gonna go get dressed now that you embarrassed the shit out of me?""I got you. Not how I wanted to but I made you red and finally got even.""If you want to call showing me your cock for the first time in about four
years getting me then yes you did. You not only shocked me you made me give
you half a hard on. Now before I call you a total pervert do you want to at
least cover that little thing up or do I have to get you another pair of
boxers?""Yeah I guess so. I just wanted to get even with you for all that torture
you gave me by tickling me over the years even if I enjoyed it and I knew I
couldn't do it with strength so I had to get even somehow and it might have
been wrong but at least I feel even tonight! AND. I don't have a little
thing! Since you want to bust my ball and we are telling all tonight I am 7
inches hard!"Now I was had. My brother was an inch bigger then me last time I checked!
At age thirteen he had me beat! He probably will grow more too! Do I dare
say anything to him? Did he know and this was he way of getting even or was
it just that for some reason tonight he wanted to little nymphets youngest totally clear the air on
everything that was private or should have been private between us."You win Kyle. I am beaten, you win! Now go get dressed!"He finally turned and went to get another pair of boxers. I knew it was
wrong but I snuck a peak at his ass and it's just as cute as Shawn's. I
think I grossed myself out. But boy did I learn more than I ever wanted to
tonight about my brother! I think my face is still red! I am just glad he
didn't ask me how big I am because I am embarrassed enough! He came back to
me dressed in a clean pair of boxers and grabbed his shirt and put it back
on."Okay smart boy so now that you have shown me everything you have one
question! Why now? What did you gain by showing off your stuff to me and
bragging how big you are? I am your brother and last time I checked we
aren't supposed to brag about that kind of stuff."Why not? I didn't ask you to touch it or ask you for anything sexual. I
admitted to you what I have and I am proud of it and you gave me permission
to see your now ex-boyfriend which also let you know I like boys! That is a
lot for one night but you know what brother? I am proud of all of it and I
am glad I don't have to worry about hiding it anymore.""You thought you were hiding what from me?""All my personal stuff.""Yeah well I wasn't about to come knocking on your door and ask you how big
you are now that you are thirteen. Next thing you will probably do is tell
me the first time you were able to cum if I ask.""I will if you want.""NOOOO!!! That's okay. Thanks but no thanks.""Why are you embarrassed TJ? I mean I know we are blood but like I said we
aren't sleeping together or anything its just some innocent fun. Okay then I
won't tell you when that happened, age 12 right after you found me, but I
want you to tell me something.""KYLE! That wasn't fair!"He laughed as he continued to spill his guts to me."One more thing Tommy."Okay here it comes! I cringed."What do you have hiding in those pants that make all the boys in this house
happy?""First off it's not all the boys Ky. that isn't fair! You are really getting
a kick out of all this talk aren't you?""Sorry you're right I didn't mean to make you sound like a whore. But come
on fess up how big are you? You know everything about me now, how can you be
so mature with the other boys and with me you act like a scared five year
old""That isn't fair. All I am thinking of is how brothers should act when they
are together and it's never been about sex it's been about love and
respect!""Yeah well that's all fine but like I said I am not asking you for sex or to
touch me down there. Besides honestly think about are freaking out
over me being naked in front of you but you don't have a problem with making
me pee my pants by touching me all over my body?"He had a point. Little brat he was. he was the one winning tonight and don't
ask me why this is all about winning and losing I guess it's a sibling
thing."Tommy you are stalling which means you are hiding something!""Give me a break I am still taking all this in do you mind if I take my
time?""Yes I do because I know you and the longer you have to think the easier you
get out of things!""Okay you win 6.5"! I said, last time I checked and I hope I have grown
since I checked months ago because if you really are bigger then me..."
"If I am bigger, what?""Nothing, there is no way I can compete with you I am almost done growing
and you are only thirteen and probably have two or three more years to go.
If you are lucky you will be 8 or more!"He smiled. Said nothing just smiled. I knew what was going through his head
and I was feeling a little ill over all this now. Brothers aren't supposed
to do this kind of thing. But what I really guess I am bitching about after
all this is that things were different before the comet hit. I never would
have even thought about talking to my brother about this kind of stuff but
since the comet hit am I young teen nymphet suddenly really embarrassed about my brother
showing off to me and being bigger! I don't really have that answer to what
made things change but it does bother me some."Okay so now you know are you happy you are bigger than me?""No, happy isn't the right word more like pleased. But this wasn't about who
is bigger it was about finally getting even with you for all the tickling
you have done to me over the years.""Come on Kyle you are nymphet comics going to this extreme because I am stronger then you
and I tickle you? You told me not five minutes ago you enjoyed it how can
you make it about getting even now?""It just happened. It doesn't change how much I love you or care or any of
that shit! You need to understand something bro. All my life I looked up to
you and don't get me wrong I still do and always will but all my life it's
been about you! Older, bigger, stronger, first born and so on. now finally I
have young naked nubile nymphets something you don't and I really wish I could say it bothers me but it
doesn't! I am glad, I don't know how or why I got the bigger dick but I am
glad!""Kyle! Enough with the bigger dick stuff!"He laughed."Bro, do you really think this will ever end? I mean like I said I love you
and respect you but do you really think I am gallery nymphets russian going to just not talk about
the one thing I finally have that you don't?""Please don't tell me you are going to brag about it all over the house?""Hell no, that would just be wrong but Jon will eventually find out if we
get that close and I can't tell him to be quiet.""Oh come on TJ that is the easiest question to answer out of all this stuff
we talked about tonight.""It is?"He walked over to me and looked directly into my eyes."TJ as much as you don't believe it listen to me!! Jon, Shawn, me and who
knows how many others in this house. we all love you and respect you! What
would make you ever thing that Jon would want to hurt you even if you strung
him along for the past few months. He might be mad at you for it but that
doesn't change his love for you.""How can you know that?""Because he told me so!""Oh." That shut me up!I just reached out and grabbed him and pulled him to me. I didn't want to
cry but a tear rolled down my cheek and I didn't really care anymore if he
saw it or anyone naked nymphets forum password
did."Thanks Kyle, I squeaked out. I really needed to hear that."I held him for a little bit and he squeezed back just as hard as I held him.
When we broke our hug I looked at him as I wiped my face. He wiped too. I
guess we both shed a tear. I started to laugh."Okay all of a sudden something is funny? You go from crying to laughing
what's that about?""I was thinking.""Oh here it comes.""Okay so what if I want to do it again?""Do what?""Take you and throw you on your bed and russian nymphet tickle you till you pee yourself
again?""Then I guess I will wet another pair of boxers when you decide to show your
muscles off again. I guess I will have to just deal with it when it happens
but I know you and I know you would never ever hurt me on purpose so I am
not too worried about it.""Well you are right there; I would rather die before hurting you Kyle."I gave him a hug and we just held each other for a while. As weird as this
night has been I don't really want it to end. I broke our hug and while I
held him by both arms I looked right into his eyes."I do love you very much Kyle and I hope you never forget that. You have my
blessings with Jon and please tell him. no you know what I will talk to him
about it. It's not fair for you to have to say things I should.""I love you too Tommy, thanks for letting go of him. It really is the fair
thing to do for him not me, for him!""So you gonna see him tonight Kyle?""If you want details of what we do I will gladly tell you everything but I
think I know you better and that isn't you.""No I don't want details. I think I am gonna go now. Have a good time with
him and when I see him we will talk."I turned to go."Bro?""Yeah Ky?""I might see him tonight but I don't know if he is sleeping or waiting for
me to contact him.""Thanks Ky, good night."I walked over and opened his door and left his room. I went from total
control freak and happy that I was one. to an embarrassingly smaller but
still proud young man tonight and if it wasn't my brother who actually
humiliated me into a reality check, I would probably have killed whoever it
was but I can't say that because it was Kyle. I am mad he has me beat though
but he did look healthy with nothing on! When all of this finally sinks in
its going to scare me to relive seeing him naked again in my mind I just
know it! Okay enough of that.. get the image out of my head. Think Chance,
Chance, Chance. Ha-ha. I headed upstairs and into my room I guess Shawn got
tired of waiting. He looked to be asleep on his side of my bed. I left as
quickly as I entered but this time I was heading for Jon's room to apologize
and cut my losses on one of the smartest and best lovers I ever had even if
it was brief. I just hope I am doing the right thing and Jon isn't too mad
at me for keeping him waiting so long without any answers. I knocked on his
door."Come in.""Hi Jon.""Tommy, what's up?""I don't quite know where to start but I just left Kyle.""Oh I see."I could hear the worry in his voice or maybe it was just all around sadness.
I can't tell anymore tonight. I can only guess. Kyle has sorta blown my
mind."Look it's not bad for you. It's bad for me. First I am sorry I have
neglected you so long you deserve better. I had a very special chat with my
brother tonight, the first in a long time and after asking him point blank
what is going on in his life he beat around the bush for a bit and then he
told me he wants to be with you now but he told me I have to let you go
first."He just looked at me."He actually put it that way to you?""That was the synopsis I got from his explanation of our chat.""Wow aren't we using big words tonight.""Do you know what it means smart ass?""Yes Tommy basically you are telling me over all what he meant right?""Yes.""Jon?""Yes Tommy?""Do you still love me?"There was a long pause.he couldn't or wouldn't look at me and he didn't
answer. I felt like an ass standing there waiting for him to say something,
anything to sooth my wounded and very fragile ego at the moment."I guess that says it all Jonathan. I hear your silence loud and clear!"Totally deafening silence!"I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I am sorry and I don't hold you
to anything and you don't owe me anything. Not even an answer to my question
I guess.I thought you needed to hear it from me but. you are free to be with
my brother and you deserve better then I have offered you for the past few
months. I am sorry."I turned and left his room fighting back tears. Not tears for my ego, tears
for what I just lost. He never looked at me after I asked him if he still
loved me and I was pretty sure I got my answer from that silence even if
Kyle thinks he still does love me. For some reason he didn't say it when I
needed to hear it most and that broke my heart. Maybe he feels some justice
now I don't know what kind of punishment I deserve for making him think he
was mine and that he would just wait for me as long as I wanted him too but
fair or not he got what he wanted tonight and I probably got what I
deserved. I headed back to my room, undressed and got in bed as quietly as I
could so I didn't wake Shawn. That would be the last thing I nymphets 10 y.o. need right now,
him seeing me cry. It would be an hour of explanation. I lay there as
quietly as I could and just sobbed as I attempted to fall asleep. I didn't
know if it was because I was hurt or because I caused someone I care about
so much pain waiting for me or maybe because it was over a while ago and I
didn't have the balls to admit it to him or myself. Eventually I drifted off
to sleep thankfully Shawn never woke while I sniffled a few feet from him.With all that I went through last night, I slept well. surprisingly. and
only Shawn waking up before me and eventually waking me up after patiently
waiting for me to wake on my own brought me back to life. I guess he finally
got me out of my deep sleep with a lot of shaking."Tommy are you awake yet? Its 8am get up and look how much snow we got.
Tommy, come on wake up!"After he shook me the third time I finally realized I was being shook."Okay Shawn stop rocking the boat I hear you.""Come look out the window it's still snowing and everything is covered.""One minute Shawn I have to wake up first.""Okay sorry."I finally sat up and put my feet on the floor, I wasn't in any mood for
anything at the moment because I still remembered last night clearly. I
think I slept but `that' kept going through my head all night on some
incestuous level. I just kept seeing Kyle naked over and over in my dreams
or some kind of reality. I stood up and walked over to the window and looked
out. Sure enough it was still snowing and all you could see was white."You are right Shawn there is a lot of snow out there."I turned around and went back to the bed and got back in it."Aren't you getting up Tommy? Usually you love mornings and the snow too.""Shawn I am sorry its not you but I don't feel well and I just want to be
left alone okay?""Sure TJ, sorry. is there anything I can do for you? Lay with you, rub your
back or get you something to eat?"I looked at him. He has a look of worry on his cute face."I love you so much cutie but right now I just want to nymphet pics rape
be alone. Go down and
eat and enjoy the snow. Thanks for caring so much.""Okay Tommy see you later."He went and opened the door and left shutting it behind him quietly. I got
back under the covers and tried to fall back to sleep. Eventually I did but
it took a while.
A little bit later there was a knock at my door. I chose to ignore it but
the knock got louder and louder. Finally whoever it was went away. That
happened again some time later and again I chose to ignore it. It wasn't
Shawn because he would come in without knocking. I rolled over looked at the
clock and noted it was 11:30am and then it hit me why I was still in bed and
I closed my eyes to try and escape my pain again. A few minutes later my
door opened and someone was shaking me. I opened one eye and it was Shawn."TJ wake up Kyle wanted me to check on you and see when you are getting up
and the guys are hungry and so am I. It's 12:00 can you make us food? The
snow is so deep when I went out in it; it was up to my knee. Its awesome
Tommy, it almost stopped now.""Shawn tell Kyle I don't feel well, tell whoever is hungry to find something
or someone to feed them and I am glad you are enjoying the snow. Please
leave me be unless there is an emergency.""Okay Tommy. Sorry."He walked away and shut the door and I closed my eyes and 3d nude nymphets
drifted back to
sleep and away from my problems again. There was another knock at the door
and this time it opened and Kyle was yelling to me."Tommy, come on get up I want to talk to you.""Kyle, I love you but go away I want to be alone, I don't feel well.""Okay but its 2pm and I just wanted to check on you. Can I get you
anything?""No thanks just want to rest.""Okay, I will talk to you later then. By the way I measured the snow and its
18" just so you know.""Thanks, bye."He got the hint and left. I was alone again and thought about getting up to
lock the door but I drifted back to sleep before I did that. I woke again
some time later on my own, finally everyone let me be and it was dark out. I
slept the whole day away in bed. What a cheap way out of my problems. I
finally sat up and thought about what I was going to do once I left the
room. I didn't have any answers so I just got dressed and headed downstairs."Tommy you are awake! Shawn yelled out and came running to me. I was so
worried about you."I hugged him tightly."Thanks cutie that makes me feel good knowing you care so much about me.""You know I do TJ why would you think I didn't?""I didn't mean anything by that Shawn don't misunderstand me okay?""Okay. Are you hungry, thirsty or sick? Do you want anything?"I leaned over and whispered into his ear."Yeah I want a blow job get on your knees.""Right here? Okay if that's what you want."He actually went to his knees. I picked him up and gave him a kiss."You really would do that for me wouldn't you?"He looked at me his cuteness was indescribable."If you wanted me to I would do that for you anywhere."I leaned over and kissed the top of his head again."Every day you give me another reason to love you Shawn. Thanks."I don't know if he got the meaning of that but he smiled. I headed to the
kitchen. We thankfully were alone while we had that moment but as he
followed me in we now had company and of all the people I didn't want to see
first Jeremy, Kyle and Jon were at the table having something to drink and
chatting."Morning or should I say evening bro?"I looked at him and he laughed. I gave him the finger and everyone laughed."Are you feeling better now?" Kyle asked."Not totally, no.""Can I do something for you?""No you can't, thanks though. I imagine you kept the house in check today
while I zoned out?""There were no problems and everything was quiet from when you left last
night until I saw you now."I looked at everyone."Will you excuse us please? Kyle."I pointed towards his room. He knew, he got up and I followed him leaving
the others to just guess what this was all about. We entered and I shut his
door."What is so urgent that you needed to drag me in here?""How about me sleeping all day and then you telling me everything is okay?""I tried to tell you this afternoon but you just shushed me away.""Sorry I was feeling really low and just wanted to hide.""Why big brother? What happened last night that would make you of all people
hide? You are the strongest willed person I have ever known and that
includes dad!""Before I answer that just tell me this. did Jon come see you last night and
what have you and he talked about today?""First, no he never came down and I didn't go after him. When you left I
went to bed alone. Second other then small talk nothing TJ, we haven't even
had a moment alone today.""Okay sorry. Then you wouldn't know this.""Honestly I don't know anything TJ all I did was think about you and hope
you were okay all day you had me worried sick and that includes the whole
house including Jon you dumb ass!"I grabbed him and gave him a hug. He held me tight and squeezed the stuffing
out of me."Please Tommy no more shit like that. I don't want to worry about you
especially after what we did together and talked about last night. Things
changed between us last night TJ. I love you more then anything and I wanted
to tell you that and because I couldn't hurt you ever I am not going to see
Jon."A tear rolled down his cheek as he said that to me. I wiped it away and held
him again for a second."Don't you dare even think that you silly, silly boy. You deserve that
happiness and I would feel horrible if you changed your mind because you
cared more about my feelings. I waved my finger in his face.don't you dare!
After we are done you go out there and take him in here and you tell him
exactly what he wants to hear and what you want to say to him. I talked to
him last night Kyle he couldn't or wouldn't answer me and I told him
straight up that you are all his and I am out of the picture so to speak. We
talked but when it came to answering the tough question he stayed silent and
I walked away and cried myself to sleep."He looked at me as another tear rolled down his cheek."That is my fault TJ I know it."I held him firmly by both arms about three quarters of the way up and looked
him directly in the eyes."No! I love you more than anything in this world Kyle. Don't you worry about
me! I said softly to him. I fucked up and now you go take him and pick up
the pieces of my mistake and enjoy being with that boy. He deserves more
than what I can offer him and you are a prince when it comes to affection!"He hugged me."I love you Tommy."He wept silently in my arms after that for a little bit. I just held him and
thanked God I had someone so close to me that I can love this way. After a
minute or so he broke away from me and dried his tear stained face off."I am sorry TJ.""For what Kyle?""For being bigger then you."I just lost it I smiled and started to laugh. He didn't know what to do as I
grabbed him and kissed the top of his head."Only you Kyle, only you could say something so priceless and special! I
can't top that. There is nothing I can say to even come close."I put my arm around him and we walked out of his room together. We got in
the kitchen it was obvious we had a very emotional talk both our faces were
still a little moist. I let go of him and he looked at Jon."Jon, I said go with him please."Jon got up immediately and they left the kitchen together. Shawn looked at
me."You okay TJ?""Yeah cutie I will be."He came over and sat on my lap as I sat at the table. Jeremy was totally
lost but I didn't care it was none of his business."Are you okay Tommy? He asked. You don't look too happy.""I'll be fine Jeremy, thanks.""Sure. And just so you know I honestly don't know what is going on and I am
not asking but if it means anything to you or not I just want you to know if
you want to talk about it I will gladly listen. You saved my butt and I owe
you so anytime you want just say it.""Thanks big guy. Thanks a lot but right now its late and I am totally
exhausted and need bed so good night!""Okay nite Tommy."Shawn followed me out and up stairs and when he got out of what he
considered Jeremy's earshot he asked me."Are you really tired after sleeping all day?""Let's go in my room okay?""Sure."We went in and I shut the door."Kyle and I just had a big talk and the only reason I am telling you this is
because you are one of Kyle's closest friends.""Okay TJ.""Right now I just want you to give them space so they can be together.""Give who space?""Jon and Kyle.""Huh? Oh wait are you saying that they might be together now?""If they choose to they can.""So does that mean the reason you came out with Kyle and it looked like both
of you were crying is because you gave up Jon as your boyfriend and Kyle
wants to be his boyfriend now?""Not boyfriend but how about friends and then whatever happens is between
them."He sat silently for a moment and thought about what he just learned."TJ if you just gave Jon away well that doesn't sound right if you and Jon
broke up does that mean I am all yours now?""Before I answer that I have a question to ask you first.""Okay ask.""Look I know you are ten and you have a lot of growing up to do yet and I
don't want to upset you or mislead you in any way. You with me so far?""Yes.""Good, then don't take this wrong but. you are only ten I am going to be
seventeen in a few weeks. That is a good seven years between us cutie. Even
at your age you are as smart as anyone I know and maybe smarted then a few
in this house so do you think you can handle the age difference between us?
It's a huge thing to decide and forgive me for saying this but at ten you
have a lot more growing and maturing to do outside of the basic everyday
stuff.""I think I can handle anything as long as you are there to help.""That is great Shawn but what about love and devotion? Do you really
understand those words at your age or like I said are you still a little
young to fully know what that is?""I don't know Tommy I like to think love is something you feel for another
person and its based on how much you care about them isn't it?""Mostly I think.""And devotion. isn't that when you give yourself to someone? Sorta like all
of you including love?""I think so cutie but what I really want to know is do you think that say in
five years when I am almost twenty-two you will be fifteen, nah you know
this isn't a fair question don't worry about it.""Tommy? Can I say something, maybe it will help you decide?""Sure cutie say anything you want to me.""Do you love me?""Yes Shawn with all my heart.""Do you love anyone else the way little nymphets blowjob you love me?""I don't really think so, I mean outside of Kyle.""He is your brother he doesn't count. What about Jon, Tommy? How do you feel
about him now that you two aren't close anymore?""I still love him Shawn but I honestly think the whole time he was supposed
to be my boyfriend and I spent most of my time with you and you with me in
my bed at night when it really should have been Jon. So I don't really know
what to think.""I think it means you already have me as your boyfriend TJ.""Really? Not just my lover in bed and nothing more cutie?""I don't really know Tommy. I mean we sleep together I love you and I always
want to be around you. You saved my life but I got over that a while ago, I
just like to tell everyone so you know because I am proud of you for doing
that.""Thanks Shawn. You really are a sweetie.""I think I just want to be around you now because even at my age when I am
near you I feel funny.""Funny how?""I can't really explain it?""Funny like in your heart Shawn?""Yeah I think so.""Okay let me ask you this. How do you feel when I am not teen nymphette
around or if I were
to go away for a few days without you what would happen?""Nothing would happen, I would just miss you a lot and have a lot of trouble
sleeping at night because I am used to hearing you breathe and I am used to
your chest go up and down when I put my arm on you at night and mostly
because I feel safe when you are around."He had me more on a pedestal than anything and I don't belong there but all
those things make me think maybe we should do this but slowly.""That is so sweet Shawn, the nicest thing you ever said to me and I love you
for it. How about this? You and me we try it out for a few days and see how
it works. I mean there isn't much that is gonna change you already sleep
with me and hang with me unless you are playing your games.""So do I get to move in here with you?"Mmmmmm that's a toughie. It would mean I have to give up my space and never
know when he will be in here which might be most of the time playing that
game."Let me think about that okay I might need to adjust to that slowly because
I know you like your games and after a while they get to me.""Well that won't be a problem; if you are here I just won't play them.""How unfair would that be? Every time I walk in you are going to shut it
off?""No I wouldn't go that far but I would stop after I finish a game for you.""Let me think about it okay?""Sure, that sounds fair. Oh TJ I am so excited if I get to move in this huge
room with you. Can I talk to you about where my stuff would go?""Sure lets hear it."He looked around the room."I would like to put my game stuff over there, he pointed to one of the
walls, and is there room in the closet for my clothes?""Plenty I have two walk in closets.""Awesome.""What about if you aren't here and I want to have someone play a game with
me?""Then its one person at a time, fair enough?""Yes.""Anything else?""Yeah what about my bed?""You're funny! Why would you need your bed when mine holds both of us with
room to spare beside the fact that when you are in it you are usually on top
of me and wouldn't need the extra room anyway.""I guess so but what if I wanted to sleep alone one night?""Then you go back in your bedroom I don't think anyone is going to be using
it after our guests leave.""I guess that works.""So are you okay on everything if I decide to let you into my room
permanently?""I think so and I wouldn't have to knock anymore?""It would be nice if the door was shut but if I am sleeping you might wake
me.""Boy that does change things doesn't it?""Yup which is why I told you if you want to move in here you should underground nymphet think
about it and make sure it works for you because you will lose some of your
privacy that you get when you are in your room alone.""I see what you mean now.""Take your time and think about it.""I will TJ I will but I still am excited.""Me too cutie, me too. Oh by the way would that mean I would have to stop
calling you cutie?""Not unless you want to upset me that is my favorite nickname from you.""Just checking."He laughed at me."Stop calling me cutie you better not EVER stop doing that!"Looks like when he is 15 I will still be calling him cutie then. I laughed."Are we going to do anything tonight or are you going to go to bed?""What would you like to do?""I don't know but I sure liked it the other night when you licked my butt.""I liked it too it made me feel hot inside.""Can we do that again?""Only if we both shower first and then we will not have to worry about
anything.""If we shower you know what happens in there TJ we never get out without
having too much fun.""I guess that is a risk we will have to take if you really want to enjoy
what you are asking for."Just then there was a knock on the door."Come in." I said."Tommy I can't sleep." It was Chase and he looked cranky. It was the first
time I saw him all day. He was in is pajamas and was acting more like five
than nine."Hi Shawn, sorry to bother you guys but sometimes I have trouble sleeping
and I really didn't want to wake up Chance he is sleeping in Shawn's bed."That explains why he can't sleep he has the cot."Shawn I forgot if you agree to the other points there is one more. I get
people coming in at all hours as I am sure you know and sometimes you might
have to leave if we have a private talk or something so you might want to
think about that too if you decide you want to move in.""Yeah I see that, I guess I couldn't stay and work with you because they
want to talk to you not me.""Exactly, so think carefully because I really can't help but ask you to go
when this happens.""Yeah that would make it tougher.""I know but I wouldn't wake you to chase you out I would go out and find a
private place.""That's good to know.""Sorry cutie can you give me some time with him?""I guess. pedo girl nymphet pics I'll go down and see if anyone is still playing.""I think they are Shawn, said Chase I heard cheering when I was the top of
the steps.""Why were you there Chase?""I didn't want to bother you but I didn't know what else to do and at home
when I have a problem Cameron usually would help.""You mean you would wake him up?""Sometimes.""And he didn't get mad?""Sometimes."I looked at Shawn. He turned and walked out with a look on his face that
said I don't like this. But he knew he didn't have a choice."Okay so what does Cameron usually do when you wake him up and you can't
sleep?""Sometimes he gives me something to drink and sometimes he would rub my back
for me. Then sometimes he wouldn't do anything except tell me to go back and
lay back down and try again.""I see and what would you like me to do for you now?""Would you rub my back for me?"This can only lead to trouble I see it already."I suppose so but what if you fall asleep. You can't sleep here all night.""I know you can carry me back to the cot and just cover me okay?""Yeah, come on up on the bed."He came up and lay down on his belly in front of me. It felt a little weird
and I don't ls magazine model nymphet quite know what Chance would say but I started running my hand
over his back. With the big sized PJ's on there wasn't much to see so it
wasn't even close to sexual at the moment."That feel good Tommy you do it better then Cameron does.""I'm glad to hear that."I pushed a little harder and there were no complaints. He was looking my way
so I watched his eyes as I continued to rub him all over his back. My arm
was tiring some so I switched arms."Stop Tommy." He said.He sat up and pulled his top off and then his undershirt. Now mind you this
kid doesn't have a shy bone in his body from what I could tell yesterday
when he undressed to go swimming so taking his top off probably didn't mean
a thing."Is this okay for you?"It sure was now I had cute nine year old flesh staring m

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