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From: Dwedno Smith
Subject: Tunnel, Chapter 82Hi and thanks for coming to read another chapter of Tunnel. This time
something has changed. I will always be thankful to Nifty for all their
help and I will never stop putting my work up on nifty as long as they
allow but since I now have my own website I need help to keep it
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So that said this is how the story will now be read....Every time a new
chapter comes out it will be placed on nifty with the First half there for
all to read. Due toppless ukrainians nymphets
to the fact that I am recruting more readers to my page
the entire story including the last half of it will be available only on my
website until the next chapter comes out:
In the next chapter I will include any of the missed story from the
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information about Tunnel and others to talk to about the story. Not to
mention many things I add into the forum about the story that you just dont
get by reading it. So please make an effort to help me out and get more
information about Tunnel. Thanks for your cooperation in the matter. DwednoChapter 82. More questions but few answersMatt stood there in front of Bryan as he sat on his bed. Unsure what to do
or how to say it properly to keep Austin safe he stumbled for the right
words and even more important the correct way to explain this to Bryan. If
there is one..."But Matt why would you come and say anything at all to me if you weren't
sure about telling me more than he is acting weird? Everyone has been
acting weird since the comet hit months ago. What is different about Mike?""Because I don't want to make a mistake and hurt anyone or piss him off
more cute little nymphets videos then he already is.""Then who is Matt?""Ummm... Mike.""Okay, you are talking in circles. What is wrong with Mike? Is he hurt or
pissed off? Are you two having problems?""No, uhhhh... you see... boy this is going to take some explaining.""Then take your time and explain yourself. There is no rush, I just want
you to naked teen nymphets get it right and tell me what has you so flustered.""Sorry. I have been watching Mike since we left the top nymphets kid mall. Not every second
but enough to see that there is something going on between him and
Austin. I wanted to talk to Austin last night about it but I decided to
stay in my room and wait till I talked to you first."Authors note...Okay now all of you are asking... When did the dream start... and where is
the line where Matt and Mike stopped talking and what is real and what is
the dream... Incase you are confused...When Matt was trying to decide if he should butt out or not he did just
that... he stayed in his room and finally fell asleep. The dream picks up
in Mikes head from alfasex nymphets there. When Matt was listening in the hall we were
already in Mikes dream until when Mike woke up. ukrainian nymphets forums That was the entire
dream. So no, Mike never did anything to Austin, and no, Matt never told
Austin to watch out for Mike and Yes Mike and Matt did have the argument
where Mike told Matt to butt out of his business. Beyond that they don't
know anymore about his dream yet unless Mike decides to share it. Mike
finding Austin when he leaves the bathroom is real and ironic but he does
go back to bed and Austin to his room and no one was hurt. In the end Mike
was so messed up from his dream that he just needed to go back to bed
immediately and outside of Mike and Matt's argument about Matt staying out
of his business in the game room the rest is just the dream."So Matt did you or do you have a problem or is there a problem with Mike?"
Bryan asked."Up until last night no we were okay but after we were done playing in the
game room I approached Mike and asked him about Austin. He got really hot
and told me to butt out of his business. I was scared after that because he
didn't say anything to make me feel like Austin would be safe or not
threatened.""Matt I will be the first to tell you that I don't know him that well but
he actually threatened you?""Yeah I told him to leave Austin alone and he told me to mind my own
business.""I can understand him being upset Matt if he thought you were butting into
his personal affairs. I will talk to him okay? Maybe it was just a
misunderstanding on his part.""You had to be there to see the anger in his face and how he threatened me
Bryan. It wasn't funny he was dead serious! He scared me and made me fear
for Austin.""Okay, okay I do understand you but I need nymphet guestbook to talk to him. If there is
something wrong I will deal with it but I can't determine that until after
we speak. Fair enough?""I guess. Just keep an eye on Austin for now.""I will."
Back down the hill:
Tommy and Jon are leaving the house to go plow."Wow I guess he was right Jon, look at the smoke.""Yeah TJ it looks big do you want to go check it?""No, not right now... if its nymphet tgp archieves
still burning later after I get back from the
farm I'll come and sexy young nymphet grab Kyle and DJ and we will go with a nymphet free post few guns and
check it out. I have too much to do today to go check while that pyro burns
half of downtown down.""Okay TJ."They walked over to the garage, Jon opened the door for TJ, and they got in
the truck. TJ fired it up and switched it over to four wheel drive and
backed out of the garage. The snow was deep but powdery and he easily drove
through it with four wheel drive. It took all of three minutes to drive up
the hill and park next to the plow. They both got out and Jon brushed the
bulk of the snow off the plow before they both got into the vehicle."This isn't going to take long Jon with the snow so light and fluffy."He fired it up and let it sit for a minute before moving."So you think you will have the road clear quickly?""Yeah and boy am I glad we got the salter already on the back of this thing
so when the road gets bad we just have to pull out the level over here and
the spreader starts to run and throws salt out on the road behind us.""That's neat. I almost want to try it.""When you are ready Jon we will get you some lessons but not before winter
is over. The last thing I want is you getting hurt in an accident when no
one is around to help us put you back together.""Yeah I know... that is the only bad part about living this way... and peteen nymphets of
course not having our families.""I agree with you but if we did have our families then we wouldn't have
this problem would we?""I guess... I see your point. It would be back to normal life."They started to drive and plow the road well up and down the hill as TJ and
Jon talked."You remember last spring Jon, the day that had the big drug bust down the
block from your house? We were watching it on TV nu teens nymphets young and it was big news. The
local papers and radio and TV had it all over for a week.""Yeah young hot nymphet I remember we were playing whiffle ball in the street in front of my
old house that day. It was great. Shawn was on your team and you had
Joey. I had Danny and Billy along with Paulie from up the block on my
team.""Right... but who else played... it wasn't Kyle he was watching and talking
to Kylie at the time.""Oh yeah Kylie... I remember her. He had a crush on her we should remind
him about that and see how red he turns.""Yeah Jon, I am sure he will turn red after he hits you for bringing her
name up. I remember you used to bust him so bad because it was Kyle and
Kylie!""Yeah I got him good about that but, I don't think so about him being
bothered by that anymore... but do you remember we played for almost an two
hours straight that Saturday. It was Gary from down on Seville St. That's
who your other player was.""Yeah now I remember. Yeah and we were tied up and going into extra innings
and the cops came down the road and told us all we had to clear the street
and go home because it was too dangerous to be outside.""Sure TJ so Gary and Paulie went home along with Kylie and you, Shawn, and
Kyle lovely nymphets top came in my house and we hung out and watched TV and I guess Billy and
Joey went home too. Hey wasn't that right about the time that you almost
got into a shit load of trouble for touching that kid from school?""Gee thanks for reminding me Jon... it was that time."He laughed."It doesn't matter now does it?" he nymphette porno
said."No but I was scared when he told on me. He swore he wouldn't say anything
or go tell his mom on me. After he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone if
I played with his balls and got him hard he did anyway!""Who was it TJ? What was the kid's name? I never got to ask you about it
because it was such a bad thing I didn't want to hurt your feelings and
then the comet hit and I forgot about it till now.""It was Willie Woodruff. He was 13 and man was he cute. I wanted to do him
so bad in the ass!""But what happened TJ, I mean how did he tell on you and what did you do to
him?""Well we did go to a private spot; ya know the one over by Lairds place?""Oh yeah, sure.""Yeah and we went and hid out of site and he said to me, Tom if we do this
you better do what I want or else... I cut him off before he could finish
giving me orders by touching the outside of his pants with my hand and he
shut up immediately.""Yeah models nymphet pedo but that wasn't all was it?""Fuck no Jon... suddenly he was all quiet and I started to tell him what to
do.""And he listened?""Shit yeah. In no time flat I had his pants down and I could see his hard
dick through his briefs.""Damn that is hot; you are getting me hard now TJ."He reached out and check Jon's cock."Yeah Jon I feel it, its getting hard okay?"Tommy laughed as he let go of Jon."Finish telling me the story before I lose control over here.""So anyway I had him down to his underwear and he was sporting wood. nude angel nymphet So I
told him to take them down. He looked at me like yeah right... so I yanked
them down and he stood straight out. I was like damn nice cock Willie. He
turned red faster then anyone I had ever seen get embarrassed. So I grabbed
his cock and suddenly he got all quiet and quickly relaxed again after he
told me to let go and all that wining shit about hurting him and being
gay. He never pulled away Jon... I started stroking him and it was
awesome. He had to be freaking close to six inches and he was just
thirteen... Jon he was fucking huge for his age! That ass hole had me beat
in size and I was so jealous but not then, afterwards when it was over and
I left him.""But what happened TJ?""Well... I start stroking him... all of him and he starts getting all weird
on me. I wasn't sure at the time but he had a condition I didn't know
about. Still not really sure. He was red and all excited and he says to me
Tom I don't feel good I think something is wrong... I ignored him and kept
playing with his cock and balls. They were the hottest thing I ever had
seen at the time! Then all of a sudden he yells out really loud and starts
to cum... man I swear I never saw so much cum before in my life but I
didn't stop. I stroked at least five shots of cum out of him and squeezed
every bit out I could. Then he smiled at me and immediately started to
shake after the smile. I knew he loved it but we never got to talk about
it. He fell to the ground and I panicked. So I just left him there and went
to a phone and called for help. I was so scared and he was half naked. From
what I heard the cops got there and searched. Eventually they found him on
the ground laying in his own cum. Pants and underwear still down and he was
just coming back from his seizure when they got to him. He told them what
happened because he was so scared and next thing I knew they were
questioning me but it wound up his word against mine and then the parents
got involved and boy did my parents ream me out. There was a neighborhood
lady who claimed to have seen us but I heard that she claimed to see a lot
of things. But erotic nymphet teen gallery
it seemed they still believed her and I swore my life was
over Jon!""You mean your parents; they didn't believe or did believe you TJ?""I wasn't sure if they did or not but either way they were mad because the
cops came to the door and had accused me of playing with another boy and as
they put it masturbating him until he ejaculated. I almost died from
wanting to laugh at their explanation and at the same time died another way
from being so scared I wanted to piss myself. They told my mom that there
wasn't enough evidence yet to do anything but they wanted her to know what
her son did to another boy and he might need some serious counseling.""Wow TJ that was some story.""Yeah two days before the comet hit everyone was slowly finding out and I
was getting looks that made me feel like shit... I wasn't sure what to do
and all I wanted was to go hide somewhere but there were still a lot of
people that didn't know which is probably why I got to hang nude teeny nymphet out with you
guys up until the comet hit and we all went into the tunnel that day. I
don't know what would have happened if the comet didn't hit but all I do
know is that within a few more days all of the parents in the neighborhood
would have known and I bet none of you guys would have been able to be
around me anymore.""Wow so you were right then I guess TJ that you just made it. Now I know
why my mom and dad were probably arguing that day about something. They
wouldn't tell me but I swore they said your name and now that I think about
it I bet it was because of what you did.""I bet too Jon but the good news is that is over now and thankfully I got
away with it and stupid ass Willie is long gone but damn I wish I could
have sucked him off. Too bad he didn't survive man would I have given him
some payback Jon. I swear what I could have done with that hunk of meat he
had! What a sweet, hot, long, and thick cock he had and I got to play with
it and probably I would bet now he orgasmed so strong for the first time in
his life that it caused him to seize up and all that happened afterwards.""All I can say is I am jealous of him and it makes sense to me TJ all of it
does naked nymphets forum downloads now. I guess I am glad it's over too because if I would have lost you
back then I don't know what would have happened to me. I would probably be
dead now because I wouldn't have been in the tunnel.""I know Jon, it's freaky, but I doubt any of the guys would have been in
the tunnel and we would all be dead, even me. I can't speak for the others
but Kyle would still be alive because he survived and alt binaries nymphet
he was out of the
tunnel. But we don't even know that for sure.""All I can say is I am glad it's over with.""Me too Jon, dark angels nymphets
me too! And the other thing is with all this talking we are
done too. nymphet girls bikinis
We have been up and down the hill both ways now and we yakked for
so long I actually got all the snow off the road and its barely noon.""So now I get to go home and you get to go to the farm with Shawn.""Yeah sorry Jon I mean I guess you could come if you want but Shawn and DJ
are coming and I don't know how bored you would be.""I don't either but I think I might stay here and get ready for when you
get back, so ya know we can hit the tunnel and nymphets mpg nude get more videos.""Yeah I know all right ls nymphet girls
Jon... I am dying to see more too."We headed back to park the plow and as we drove past Bryan's house a few of
the boys were out playing. We stopped and talked for a second."Hey Ryan, how are things? You and Todd okay?""I guess but he is coming so you can ask him asian nymphettes yourself. I just wanted to
come out for a while and get away from all the arguing and yelling inside."Just then Todd walked over."Hey Tommy, how are you feeling?""Better thanks. How are things with naked nubile nymphet
you and your lsland nymphet angel brother?""Ehhhh, okay I guess.""Well you know where I am if you need me. I looked at Ryan. You too Ry!""I know Tommy, thanks." Ryan said.I reached out and messed Todd's hair some and he smiled at me."Thanks again for everything Tom I will talk to you soon I promise.""Great. Tell them we are going to the farm in a bit so make room for milk
and eggs.""Oh great Tom, I will let them know when we get back inside.""Good, so what is all the yelling about Ryan?""Huh?" he said."Ya know in the house?""Ohhhhh, it seems Matt, Mike, and Bryan are working things out between them
after a disagreement last night.""Oh I see. Guess I will find out more about that later.""Good luck Tom they aren't telling nymphet child nude
us a thing.""Yeah but you have to remember, Jon said. They will tell TJ...""Yeah, Ryan said. I guess you are right Jon.""We have to run guys I need to get to the farm but I will talk to nymphets and fairies
both of
you soon, right?"They both shook their heads yes and we waved goodbye and I took off."TJ they are really cute brothers.""I know Jon, boy do I know!""Yeah... he said dejectedly... probably already have seen them naked."I looked at him."See I knew it... which one TJ or both and are they hot?""Jon... Geeze you are as bad as me.""You wish! He said. Now who was it?""Todd." I said. Not really wanting to get into the Ryan parts since it was
private."Damn I hate you!" he laughed."Yeah I know you do Jon.""I want to know more, please?""Remind me later Jon we are at the truck and I don't have the time for that
explanation now.""Okay I will but you better tell me everything including how hot it was and
how big Todd is!"I smiled at him again."He is big isn't he?"I didn't say but I gave him the look and hand gesture like `yeah really
big; and he got all silly or giddy like. But not crazy or mad, maybe more
jealous or excited... We got out of the plow and back into the truck and
headed back down the hill so I could get Shawn and DJ and we can get ready
to leave for the farm.
Meanwhile back up the hill:
Bryan, Mike, and Matt were just starting to have the talk about what
happened last night. We go back an hour before Tommy met with Todd and Ryan
outside and fill in the blanks about what was going on then and is going on
now...Bryan walked in after knocking on Mike's door."Mike when you get out of bed I want to talk to you.""Yeah I expected that but you could have given me a second to at least say
come in.""You are right; I am sorry but still... I just got done talking to Matt and
we need to get past this immediately so get up and see me right away.""I will I just need to use the bathroom first.""Okay."With that Bryan left and headed back to his bedroom. He will wait young nymphets nude for Mike
there. Mike finished up in the bathroom and his walk down the hall from
one end to the other consisted of what am I gonna do if Bryan throws me out
or punishes me. He got there and knocked on the door."Come in, Mike walked in. Shut that please."He shut the door and walked over to Bryan."What can I do for you Bryan?""Tell me what happened last night between you and Matt in the game very young kiddie nymphet
room.""We got into a disagreement over Austin. He seems to think that I have been
watching Austin too much when we are together.""Is he right?""To a point he is but Austin was a real ball buster on the way here and I
wanted to handle it myself.""But why does Matt think you are going to hurt him?""I don't know Bryan. We got in each others face last night and I told him
to back off. I don't have any problem with Matt or didn't until last night
and I was planning on handling the issue with Austin nymphets and sex on my own.""I am going to talk to Austin and then I will get back to you okay?""I guess." Mike said.Just then there was a knock on Bryan's door. It opened and Matt poked his
head in."I am talking to Mike right now Matt can you come back later?""That is why I am here Bryan I want to get this over with so we can move
on.""Okay I guess you can come in." he said.Mike rolled his eyes knowing he could have gotten out of there without an
issue until Matt walked in."Does he really have to put his two cents in now Bryan? Can't you just talk
to Austin and leave it at that?""No... Matt said loudly. After you threatened me last night I am going to
put my two cents in whether you like it or not!""Great!" Mike said.Both Matt and Bryan looked at him after he said that."You know if you keep the smart mouth going Mike I am going to have a
really hard time defending you.""From what? Just because Matt thinks something is wrong all of a sudden he
has to come crying to you and then nymphets portals collection
my world has to end?""I didn't come crying!" he screamed."Yeah well it sure seems like it!" Mike yelled back."Boys!" Bryan yelled out.The back and forth and screaming/yelling/arguing went on for about fifteen
minutes. That is why Ryan and Todd went outside. The whole house echoed
with they loudness. A good half hour after the yelling started all three of
them were tired now and no punches were thrown. Just accusations and finger
pointing."Okay this is what we are going to do, Bryan said. You two keep a distance
from each other till you can calm down. Mike I don't want you alone with
Austin for now and Matt I want you to stay clear of Austin too!""Why me? I didn't do anything!""Because I don't want him swayed for now! I want to talk to him first.""Okay... Fair enough!""After I talk to him and see what he thinks then I will let you two know
were you stand.""Okay." Mike said as he turned to go. He left the room and Bryan nymphets hair pussy looked at
Mike."You give me some time to talk to him and then I will give you your freedom
back to do what you like okay?""Yeah, I guess so." Matt squawked."Matt I know you don't like this but for now this is how we will keep the
peace. Now I am going to find Austin and we are going to talk now."Matt left and headed to the kitchen and Bryan headed to find Austin. He
poked his head inside the open door and Austin was in his room doing
something."Austin do you have time to talk to me?""Yeah I guess since things are finally quiet it's my turn now huh?""Yeah bud, now I want to hear your part of the story.""Okay." He said getting upHe followed Bryan back into his room and Bryan shut the door."What do you need to know Bryan?""Whatever you feel comfortable telling me.""Nothing really, I am okay its Mike and Matt who have the problem from what
I hear with all the yelling and arguing.""So you don't have a problem with Mike?""No sir. I like him. Sometimes he is really cool.""But what about everything Matt has told me and all the fighting... well I
guess Mike was right when he said that stuff.""What stuff?""That he would never hurt you but sometimes you can be a pain in the butt.""I guess he is right. Sometimes I am a pain but I am nine. Aren't I
supposed to be at this age?"Bryan laughed."Yeah I think you are correct Austin, at your age sometimes you are
supposed to be."He smiled at Austin and the kid smiled back."Well as long as you are okay and Mike hasn't done anything or scared you I
guess you can go and this is over with.""It should be over with because nothing ever happened.""Okay Austin, thanks. Sorry I bothered you.""No bother."Austin headed for his door and walked out. Bryan followed and headed out
too only he headed to find Mike. He checked his room and it was empty so he
went and looked around. Mike was found in the kitchen. He was having a chat
with Kate."Mike I need to apologize.""Huh?" free non nude nymphets
He said."I just talked to Austin nymphets in shorts and he said sparkle nymphets body you have never nymphets cunts galleries
scared him or
threatened him so I am sorry. You are free to do what you nymphet boy
want and hang out
with him or anyone else in the house.""Thanks for the good news Bryan.""No problem. Now nymphet angel I need to break the same news to Matt and I have a feeling
he won't be as happy as you are.""After what we just went through the last hour I agree with you Bryan." He
looked at Kate. "I'll see you later Kate I am going to enjoy my freedom
again."She waved to him and looked at Bryan."Don't you feel great now after what? An hour of yelling and finger
pointing... all nymphet russian you needed to do was talk to the kid.""Yeah I know now but I didn't then and you know I had to get to the truth
first. If I talked to Austin before I was sure it would have ended it
quickly Kate but who knows if I would have been as informed about those two
really hating one another like they do. Now that might be a problem.""Yeah I agree. I heard, the whole house heard you guys going at it. Ryan
and Todd went outside because they didn't like it.""Great! Not even a week living together and we are one big happy family. I
swear I would love to know how Tommy does it!""Yeah me too sweetie, me too.""Time to talk to Matt and see how mad he gets.""Well..." she said as she walked over to him. "It can't get any worse
because it's over. Matt is going to have to deal with the fact that
whatever he saw or thought he saw between Mike and Austin wasn't a big
deal!"With that Bryan got up and went to knock on Matt's door."Come in!""Matt I am sorry but I am not sure you are going to like what I have to
say.""Oh?""Austin told me that he doesn't have a problem with Mike and they get
along!""That's bull shit Bryan! Either Mike got to him and threatened him or he is
just...""Just what?""Ummm, just confused? I guess.""Well whatever it is, I expect you to act accordingly now since I spoke to
Austin and he didn't give me any indication that he was scared of Mike or
that he was threatened.""Yeah but its still not right Bryan. Something is going on nymphet websites between those
two.""Whether it is or not Matt it's great that you care enough to try and help
but you did your job. Now I need you to back off before you become the
instigator."He looked at Bryan with like he was saying `I don't think so' but said
nothing."Do I have your word that you won't provoke anymore problems with either
boy unless something major happens?""Yeah, I guess.""Thanks."With that Bryan turned and headed out of Matt's room. Down the hall Mike
had his ear to the hall and since it was quiet in the hall he heard just
about every word of their chat. Great! He thought to himself. I get a
second chance. Now I need to somehow talk to Austin and not cause any
problems but I can't fuck up again. No more pressure on the kid! That is
the one thing I can't do now or no one will believe Austin regardless of
what he says. I gotta do this right! Mike lay on his bed and thought about
how he was going to handle his second chance.
To get the rest of this story please go to my website at: entire chapter is there non stop and due to circumstances that are
basically out of my hands I need to try and bring more readers there so I
can keep the webpage up and Tunnel going. If the web page fails then most
likely Tunnel will end. Sorry this isnt a threat but I dont want to take
the chance of ending this story unnecessarilly when so many people seem to
still enjoy it. All other information is at the beginning of this chapter
(top of the page) Thanks, Dwedno.
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