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Subject: Chapters 9-12 of 'The Tunnel'TO all,Thanks you very much for your kind words in your e-mails. I am doing my
best to keep the story flowing to all of you who are quite bittorrent nymphets loudly demanding
the next four chapters. There is nothing nicer then that. Hope you enjoy
these new four chapters. Sorry I was on vacation last week and didn't have
internet access to post. Note to anyone who is interested... I finished
writing Chapter 28 while on vacation so all that have asked... there is
plenty more to come. Even though this might be a taboo request... If or
when this story gets a bit boring I hope you will let me know so I can do
something to try and make it better. That doesnt mean if you dont like a
paragraph I need to know that... no one can please everyone but I try
LOL....For now just enjoy the next four chapters and watch out for those
sweaty palms if your are enjoying too much smile.... Dwedno.
Chapter 9. Moving on after the fight.
It didn't take long for us to walk to Jon's house. When we went in his yard
he was already there cleaning the pool. I guess we gave him the idea to
swim too."Shawn please do me a favor. Before we get all comfy can you run back and
tell the others where we are incase we are missed.""Sure I am on the way.""Jon, can I do anything to help you?""Not right now. I am almost done anyway the pool isn't that bad and the
water is warm too. I should be done in a little while.""Kewl, I'll just sit and watch then."I sat on one of the chairs right next to the pool. He has a large area to
sun bathe in on the deck right up even with the water level of his above
ground pool and it's a great sun spot. I took in a few of the summer sun
rays and enjoyed watching him clean the leaves and junk out of his pool. He
finished up and ran a test on it to make sure it was ok to swim even though
no one had used it since the comet struck. His parents had taken good care
of it and by the looks of the pool it paid off."Jon I think it's only fair you get to jump in first."Without saying a word he did. I followed and we were in his pool up to our
chins. It was five feet deep in the middle and four feet along the edges. A
short time after Shawn was back."I told them, he yelled from the deck area. Now I'm coming in."With that he jumped and made a big splash landing feet and butt first into
the middle of the pool. He surfaced and swam over to me."Danny said he would definitely be over with Christian in a little bit. He
said he hasn't been in a pool in a while and can't wait. Your two friends
next door were outside watching me and they saw where I headed after I left
the house.""That's okay, they are pretty harmless Shawn. Thanks for letting me know.""Your welcome."Then he just took off and enjoyed the water. A little bit later Dan and his
brother showed up both in swim trunks. Little boys look so cute in them
especially Shawn. We were all in the water doing our thing when Jon swam up
to me."What's up?""Billy and Joe just walked by and they were in their trunks too. They sorta
lingered a bit and then they took off.""They will be back, I am sure of it. They are starting to miss the fun I
bet!""What should I do if they come back again?""Nothing let them come ask if they young nymphet pics want to join us.""And if they ask, what do you want me to say?""Well since it's your property it's totally up to you. I wouldn't tell you
what to do here just like I wouldn't expect anyone to tell me how to live
in my house.""Ummm, okay then what do you think I should do if they come back and want
to swim?""Tell them to come on in its hot out."He had a surprised look on his face."What?""I didn't think you wanted them around us.""Like I said it's your place and I don't care where Joey goes I am not mad
at him, as for Billy as long as he steers clear of me and doesn't get in my
face again I really don't care. Besides it wouldn't really be in his best
interest or too healthy to act like an ass here.""I guess your right. So then I will invite them in with us."I nodded at him and went back to enjoying the water. It felt like 100?
outside now in the direct sun. I wasn't a weatherman but if I had to guess
that is what I would think. Might be the hottest day so far this summer. I
am so used to seeing it all on TV it's so weird now not having any of that
anymore. I grabbed the floating chair and jumped onto it and just started
to drift along in the water. It felt good and the water was nice where it
touched my body. Occasionally I would splash water up on myself to keep
from burning. I felt someone between my legs and I decided to let them have
fun. So I kept my eyes shut and waited to see what they had in mind. I
wasn't sure who was watching if anyone but I felt a slight touch to my
bathing suit right at the bulge on my penis. It was barely a touch but I
felt the fingertip of whoever it was. It wasn't much but it made my cock
rise a little. I sat and waited for their next move. I felt the chair spin
and I was moving slowly. I guessed towards the edge of the pool since there
wasn't that much room to go for a ride. We stopped and again I felt the
same thing a finger gently touching me in the same spot. I was starting to
get hard a little and it was going to stand out like a single tree in the
middle of a parking lot soon. I cracked open my eye and it was Shawn
playing cock tease with me. He had moved me into a position where the
others had to come around to see if he was doing anything. The chair was
blocking anyone else's view of us. It was a little kinky but I liked it. So
far. Quietly I whispered so only he could hear me. Not that anyone really
could with all the splashing on the other end of the pool."While you're playing Shawn why don't you just take it out and suck it?""Out here? What if someone sees?""Well that is a possibility but you're the one who started teasing me and
then moved us out of site.""Yeah, I know but not so you could get a blow job just so I could see if
you were sleeping or not.""I wasn't but I might have dozed off soon. But you brought me some
attention and I won't be sleeping anytime soon."That was the end of the game anyway because someone splashed us from behind
and then I heard them yell out `what's Shawn doing over there?' and then
the back of the chair got hit and other funny, sexual suggestions started
to fly."Well its now or never Shawnie, either pull it out for everyone or turn us
around before they assume your doing something anyway."He got a real embarrassed look on his face as grabbed my lower legs and
shoved me and the chair backwards towards the middle of the pool. That
killed the cat calls and comments for now. I still however was semi hard
and surprisingly no one said a word about that. As I had expected the other
two were back. I saw them talking to Jon over on the other side of the pool
as I was watching everything now from the chair. They must have asked
because they threw their towels down and were running towards the ladder
and deck now. Jon was heading to me."Yeah I saw them. Told ya they would be back." "You were right. They asked if they could join us. Something about being
too hot and they were lonely Joe said. He asked if I minded and I said no
then he asked about you and I told them you didn't care so they both smiled
and well I guess you saw them tear ass to the ladder.""Yeah I did, they have been punished enough I guess, well Joey has. Still
not sure about Billy. After all he is a cutie but his mind isn't on cock
like us."He laughed."No it sure isn't. Guess he will be the straight one.""Yeah and lonely one if Joey comes back some day.""Guess so.""I'm going back to swim some more.""Okay, I'll be getting out soon I am starting to turn into a prune where I
haven't left the water. Some of me is burning from the sun and the rest is
water logged."We both laughed. I jumped off the chair and slid under the water for a
second. I popped up and headed for the ladder. I was getting hungry now
anyway. I would bet that they are thinking I am leaving because they came
in but this time they're wrong. It doesn't matter anyway because they will
think what they want to regardless of what anyone says. I yelled over to
Jon."I'm gonna dry off and go raid your refrig.""Good luck; there isn't much in there that is good anyway. Anything we have
is in your house."Yeah I forgot. But I got out and went in to see anyway. It was warm inside
his house and stuffy. Not many windows were open and his a/c wasn't on so I
left the screen door open to air it out some. I took a quick peak in the
refrig and only some old milk and lunch meat was in there. The freezer was
full of food though my usenet nymphet and I guess we could always take that home someday soon
and put it away for good eating. Looked like steaks and so on. Maybe its
time we had a nice b-b-q outside. Not today though it's just too hot. I am
glad I left the a/c on in my house. At least when we get home it will be
nice inside. I didn't know what I wanted to do now since I was getting
hungry and I had enough water. Plus my cock wanted more play now too thanks
to my little cock tease, Shawn. I went back out to the pool and walked
around to the side Jon was closest too."Well you were right not much to eat in there but plenty of good stuff in
the freezer. We should have a b-b-q soon and enjoy that.""What about today?""Nah, too hot, besides I am not in the mood to fire up the grill and I
really don't want anyone else touching it just in case, ya know?""Yeah I got ya. As soon as you got out Billy came over and asked me why you
left.""I would guess he probably said something else too like, he didn't want to
be in while we were. Or something like that, right?""You're good Tom, exactly or close to it. He thought you left when they
came in on purpose.""Can't wait to see what he says when I head home now.""You're leavin?""Yeah I'm hungry and I didn't eat much breakfast so I think I am going home
and grab a bite of lunch. If there is nothing there maybe I'll drive over
to burger king and go through the drive in and get a whopper.""Ha, ha! Funny boy. I want to see that. Besides you already have a
whopper... in your pants.""Thanks. But you know its not a total bad idea to go over to burger king
anyway and make something to eat, the buns might be a little stale but I am
sure anything frozen will be fine and the soda and ya know I just made
myself really hungry. I am going to walk home and get the car. I'll be back
after I get some dry clothes on. You want to go?""Well now that you made me hungry sure, why not let's go invade burger
king.""Okay you tell them and whoever wants to go can wrap a towel around them
and get out now so they won't wet the car too much.""Okay I'll let them know. What about...?""Same thing as home applies. If Joey wants to go he is welcome. Billy can
go suck my left nut!"He laughed."Okay I'll tell him that.""Be my guest I really could care less what you tell mister perfect. Be back
in a bit.""Okay see ya."He headed over to the pool and as I walked away. I heard him tell them and
a cheer went up. From most I guessed. I walked back and I was quickly at my
front door and heading up to bbs underage nymphets change. I whipped off my bathing suit before I
headed upstairs and walked around nude while I hung it up to dry in the
downstairs bathroom. It felt good to let the `boys' hang loose for a bit. I
looked down at them. My cock was still shriveled up some from the pool but
the boys were hanging already and I took a handful of them and gave myself
a nice squeeze. Felt good. Then I headed up to grab a change of clothes. I
checked the fridge first to see what we had and noticed we needed a few
things so I guess while I am downtown I will stop and pick up some
groceries too. The shop rite was always open for us now anyway. I chuckled
to myself. Our own special food center. Till we clean it out. I stood naked
in front of the hall mirror for a minute just to check out my body and
noticed a few more chest hairs coming in now and I tried to see my ass but
it wasn't that easy so I grabbed hold of my soft four inches and stroked it
for a bit. As usual it didn't take much for me to rise to attention. A
little more and I might have to clean the cum off the mirror. So I stopped
and turned sideways to admire my long six inches as it jutted out from my
hairy patch of pubic hair that I proudly wore above my groin. I felt like
jerking off but I was more hungry then horny for a change and I reluctantly
headed towards my room after giving myself one more look in the
mirror. Can't do that much with a house full of kids! Might as well enjoy
it while I can. I jumped in the shower and washed the chlorine off my body
and quickly got out and dried off. Before long I was in the car and pulling
up at Jon's front door. I got out and walked around back to see who was
going to join me. A few still in the water and Jon, Shawn and Danny were
out of the pool."What's up guys? Who's going to eat with me?""We all are said Jon."Danny got up and yelled for Chris to get out of the pool now."Should have done that before Dan. I really don't want wet seats. What are
you going to do about that?""I don't know. Can we run home and he can change really fast I really would
like to eat with you guys."I looked at Jon. He shrugged his shoulders."I guess so." I said."Come on Chris lets go."He and his brother ran the little way back to the house while I got in and
drove back around. I let them in and they ran upstairs and quickly
changed. A few minutes later they were back and in the car and we were off
to burger king. I pulled into the lot and asked if we should use the drive
thru. I got a chorus of laughs as I parked the car. I felt funny leaving
the other two behind but Billy wasn't invited and I suppose Joe isn't going
if Billy isn't so they stayed and swam. We all got out and headed inside. I
went behind the counter and looked around. The fire was still burning in
the griller even this long after everyone was gone. There was a lot of
spoiled food around as I looked for fresh. I opened a metal door to a
cooler and found what we wanted."Okay guys I got the meat. Whoppers for everyone and a small burger for
Chris?"All yelled in agreement so I threw on about 7 big burgers and two little
ones. I looked for some fresh buns and grabbed a sealed pack of semi fresh
buns. I took what was left and threw them in the freezer so we would have
some next time we were in the mood. A few minutes later I was making
burgers for everyone and then we all sat and ate. I even made some
fries. It was the best meal we had in a week. About twenty minutes later
there were five full bellies and belching was a plenty. We all laughed
every time someone burped. There was plenty of soda to go around and we all
filled our cups again as we were ready to leave. I was in a really good
mood so before we left without telling anyone I headed back behind the
counter and threw four more burgers on. They thought I was bringing them
home for us but little did they know I was actually making two a piece of
Joe and Billy. I wrapped them and we left and headed back to Jon's house
for the surprise. I parked in his driveway and before we could get out of
the car a frantic Joe came running out from the rear of the house with a
look of horror on his face.Chapter 10. Tragedy strikes...
"PLEASE HELP ME TOMMY BILLY SWALLOWED WATER!"I got out and ran around back as he rambled on more but I wasn't paying any
attention to him now my main concern was where Billy was."Where is he Joe?"He pointed at the pool."HE IS STILL IN THE FUCKING WATER???"I raced up the steps and he was lying face up but passed out in the
pool. Thankfully he was face up at least. I dove in and surfaced at his
side. He wasn't breathing."JON, GUYS HELP ME!"I dragged him to the edge of the pool and they pulled him out. I jumped up
on the side of the pool and jumped out over the side it as they were laying
him down on the ground. Thankfully I knew CPR from my lifeguard training I
had a few years ago."BACK UP!" I screamed at them.I got down next to him and started pumping on his chest. I pushed hard a
few times and water flew out of his mouth. I did it once more and got
another mouthful out then I started mouth to mouth on him."JON, COME HERE! Get on your knees and start pushing right here!"I pointed to the spot on his chest where I wanted him to start doing heart
massage on Billy."Don't push too hard just put both hands on his chest and start pumping
every three seconds! Count to two and three then push right there!"I filled his lungs again with my air in hopes that little nymphets peeing it wasn't too late."PUSH JON!"He started pushing on his chest. No response yet. I could hear Joey ranting
and crying hysterically in the back ground."Please save him Tommy, please!" He was shouting at me.Again I forced air into his lungs. I pushed Jon out of the way and did some
chest reps on him to see if I could get his heart started. Then I went back
to his face and tried air again. Jon caught on this time and started
pumping his chest properly. He left me to focus on Billy's breathing now. I
put my ear to his face. There still was no response... we have been working
now for a few minutes and chinese nymphet I haven't been able to revive him yet. NOT GOOD!
Even if I did now I don't have a clue how long he had been out before we
got back to the house and if I did bring him back I didn't know what type
of shape he would be in."Stop for a second Jon."I turned him over on his belly and pushed really hard on his upper back. A
decent amount of water came out of his mouth this time giving me hope I
still might be able to save him. I yanked him over and told Jon to start
pumping again. I took another deep breath and forced air into his lungs one
more time in hope that he would respond. Jon put his ear to Billy's chest."I think I got a heart beat Tommy!""Stop!"We both stopped and I put my ear to his nose."HE'S BREATHING!"I turned him over on his belly again and started forcing more water out of
his lungs again. Finally he started coughing. He coughed up a bit more
water and I stopped what I was doing. We had him back."Billy, its Tommy can you hear me?"No response. The only thing I heard was Joey crying in the background. I
slapped his face a few time."BILLY!"He moaned. Joey yelled out to him."Come on Billy wake up!!"More moans."Billy can you hear me?"Again I lightly slapped his face. He coughed more."Stop hitting me!" he said.A loud cheer went up from all. He was back. It appeared he might be okay
too."Billy illegal nymphet bbs
sit up man. Come on I need you sitting up."I pulled him up by both hands and motioned to Jon to get behind him."Prop him up Jon. Get behind him."Again he started coughing and threw up a bit of water and some stuff I
wasn't too interesting in viewing. His coughing continued for a bit longer."I think he might be okay I said aloud. Let's get him up and into a
chair. Shawn grab a chair please."He pulled one close to us and I got up and helped Billy to his feet."Sit there Bill."He sat and looked really out of it. He was pale and very clammy. I wished I
had more first aid training but I guess I had enough to bring him back."Take deep breaths Billy. As deep as you can."Every breath brought on coughing as he continued to expel more and more
pool ukrainian nymphets passwords water. Joey came over and looked at me. His face was strained and wet
from tears, his eyes red."Is he going to be okay Tommy?""I don't know for sure Joe, I think so but I am not a doctor and he was out
for a while. How long was he out before we got here?""Not too long. We were horsing around going under water and jumping up when
his head hit my knee. I didn't even think he was hurt till he stayed under
and didn't come up right away. I panicked and went under and grabbed
him. He wasn't breathing as I got him to the top and he was
floating. That's when you guys drove up and I jumped out of the pool and
ran to you. I hurt my side on the pool but it didn't matter. But now it's
killing me."I took a look but didn't see anything."Where is it?"He pointed at his side of his bathing suit."Want to show me or what?"Reluctantly and suddenly shy sweet ebony nymphets he hesitantly pulled down the side of his suit
an inch barely exposing a big red spot and a scrapped area that blended in
with the area but I could hardly see anything with him not cooperating
much."I can't see much Joe.""It hurts too much.""Joe if you want me to see it your going to have to drop your bathing suit
a little bit lower or lift it from the leg side. No one is looking they are
all focused on Billy and beside when did you become modest? I know what you
have under there remember? It wasn't that long ago I saw you naked. Now
either take them down some or I can't help you.""No, not now.""Okay then your on your own. It seems to me Billy must have gotten to you
quite well about showing off yourself. You better make a decision or just
live with whatever bruise you have."I turned away from him and focused back on Billy. He seemed to be doing
better and some color had come back into his face now."Feeling any better?""Yeah a little, I am hungry now all of a sudden."The thought came into my mind, the food. It was theirs anyway. I got up and
walked out to the car and grabbed the bag of now probably cold burgers. I
headed back to Billy and Joey was at his side trying to talk to him. I
didn't hear much but I caught the tail end of something about him being
sorry and he didn't show me. I didn't bother to guess but I figured he was
apologizing about something to do with him almost drowning."Here! I handed Joey the bag. I brought both of you back some burgers from
burger king. I was going to surprise you but the surprise was on us with
you being out cold in the pool. I hope you enjoy them." I dropped the bag into Billy's lap and turned to leave."I'm going now guys. I will be in my house if you want me."I said it aloud so all could here. I didn't wait for or expect any thank
you for the food or saving his life. Nor did I expect one from either of
them. It seemed that suddenly now that Billy was out of danger I was back
on their shit list. I just headed back to the car mumbling to myself about
how ungrateful they both are. I got in the car alone slammed the door and
peeled out in reverse out of Jon's driveway. I threw it into drive and took
off like a shot. I took the corner into our circle almost on two wheels and
parked the car. I got out and slammed the car door again then headed into
the house alone. I think you could hear the echo of the car door through
out the entire neighborhood but I didn't give a damn! I didn't get it. I
was just totally confused and frustrated. I just saved his fucking life and
brought them food which I promised myself I would never do and I didn't
even get a thank you. I wasn't looking for a blow job from either of them
but it went from tears to smiles to jeers awful fast. I was in the house
for a few minutes still steaming about how ungrateful they were when there
was a knock on the door. Why are the guys knocking I thought."Its open guys come in!" I yelled out not wanting to get up from the
kitchen table.I was expecting Jon or Shawn to come running in and trying to cheer me
up. Instead it was Billy and Joey. I was surprised. I guess after I stormed
off Jon must have read them the riot act or something. They didn't look too
happy."What do you two want?"Joey spoke fumbling for words at first then he made some sense."I err... we umm, I just wanted to say I was sorry for letting you leave
without saying anything and..." Billy cut him off."Thank you for saving my life Tommy. He came closer to me while Joey stood
his ground. He sat right next to me at the kitchen table and looked me in
the eyes. He looked better now. I mean it Tommy! Thanks for saving my
life. I am sorry I didn't say anything sooner, while you were still there I
mean. I wasn't thinking too straight and that buffoon over there was just
telling me about how you wanted to get into his pants right away. I didn't
think you were this time Tommy honest! I, I, jussssst...""You just what Billy?""I just thought you were being sincere about Joey's injury and wanted to
see if he was okay."I looked over at Joe. He hadn't moved an inch closer to me. He just stood
there in his skimpy bathing suit. It didn't leave much to the imagination
anyway! You couldn't see much because he didn't have much in it to begin
with. I looked back at Billy."I was being sincere, I was being concerned. But unfortunately Joe must
have thought I was going for a look at his little dick. I glared at him
then back at Billy. The last thing on my mind was sex at that moment. He
said he was hurt and why am I fucking explaining myself to either of you?"I paused and the silence in the room was deafening."You know I might have been a prick and hungry for sex while you were both
here but I will tell you both this now! I had every intention of trying to
patch things up with both of you. Joey I wasn't mad at you matter of fact I
was hoping that we could still be friends. I don't know what the fuck
happened while you were over staying with Billy these past few days but you
are not the same kid I knew before all this shit happened. Unless you find
a way to make me or yourself feel more comfortable around here I don't
think I need to see you anymore! Get out of my house you make me sick!
Billy I am glad you're feeling better. Thanks for having the balls to come
over and tell me something positive, if you need me for any reason because
you feel sick again come over anytime but leave your scared little friend
behind. Here I was thinking all this time everything might be okay some day
but I don't know if you brainwashed him against gay's or if he is just
afraid I might grab his cock or something now. Either way you two need to
do some serious thinking about what you want from me now. Like I said Billy
if you need me because you feel sick don't hesitate otherwise I think you
and him should go now before I lose my manners all together. I am glad your
okay Bill, I am sorry you had to get hurt but I am pretty hurt myself after
I had to leave Jon's that way. So you guys might want to think it over and
decide if I really am a sex monster or just a kid that likes cock. When you
decide let me know until sweet nymphet 3d then I don't really want to see either of you
anymore." I looked Billy in the eyes after I said that and I was shocked to see it a
tear actually rolled down his cheek. He got up hung his head and headed for
the door. Joey followed him without saying another word. Almost like a
puppy would follow his master. As they left the others walked
in... apparently they heard everything and must have been waiting outside
for them to finish. Jon came over to me as soon as they came in. Shawn,
Danny and Chris stood back as Jon came over."Didn't go too well did it?""No, not at all, it was pretty much a wasted trip for them. They were
better off staying away. I mean... FUCK! I just busted my ass trying to
save the kids life... dove in; got soaked... beat life back into him and
all he does is hardly... well hardly ANYTHING! To top it all off it looks
like he did brainwash Joey into thinking I am a sex whore."I looked at Jon. He didn't know what to say to me."You know what happened Jon?"He shook his head no while I continued to rant on."Joey came over while all of you were with Billy and told me he got hurt
getting out of the pool. I asked him to show me. Apparently it was under
his bathing suit or too close to his crotch or something. He pulled them
down a hair and I told him I couldn't see much and if he wanted me to help
I needed to see more. He got all stupid and pretty much walked away after
that. I mean what did he think I was going to do grab his balls and rape
him?"Jon just shook his head while I vented. The others came over and even Danny
came up behind me and told me I did good. Shawn came over too and put his
hand on my wet shoulder and tried to console me some. I grabbed his hand
and gave it a gentle squeeze as a thank you."I'm going to get out of these wet clothes and try to put this day behind
me guys I'll be back in a few minutes."I went up and took my time changing. I toweled off some and sat on the edge
of my bed in my dry underwear and wondered what happened to all of us. How
bad did I fuck things up? Did I? I guess I took too long because Shawn
either came up or snuck up and into the room. He came up behind me on the
bed, scooted across it and leaned on me. I grabbed his arms after he put
them lovingly around my neck from behind. I held them tightly for a second
and then released him. He moved around to my side of the bed and reached
over and gave me a nice big hug. I hadn't felt this bad in a while other
then the Danny thing but he certainly made me feel a whole lot better with
that hug. I took him closer and kissed his great smelling mop of hair. What
a sweet boy he had become. I held him tight for a moment and he whispered
in my ear that he loved me. I really think he means it. I love him a lot
too. I told him. My heart is still with Jon but this sweet boy even at nine
years old is really starting to make a deep impression with me. I sat there
and held him for a while and he didn't move away. I almost didn't want the
moment to end but I had to get back downstairs soon or the others might
worry."Thanks so much Shawnie, come on sweetie lets go back down to the others. I
just want to grab shorts and I will be right there.""I'll wait for you Tommy." He smiled at me and my heart just melted."Okay pal. Be right there."I dressed quickly and put my arm around him as we headed back downstairs to
join the others."You okay? Jon asked. I was starting to get worried.""Yeah I am thanks."I went over to Jon and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and I whispered
to him."Feeling better by the minute with all the love around me."Danny came over and actually gave me a hug next. Right in front of
everyone. I was really shocked!! He talked to me in a very low tone."I just wanted you to know that I do care about you too and I do trust you
too. I am sorry I doubted you the other day. I never will again, after
seeing you bring Billy back to life today I was so impressed I began to
think about how important you really are in all our lives. Thanks for
giving me a second chance."He gave me a little peck on the cheek after that and I really started to
feel wanted again."You guys are all so special to me. I just want you to know that. Thanks to
all of you for being here now. It means a whole lot."It was more then I ever expected. I guess these guys really do care about
me. I know I care a whole bunch about them. I choked back the
tears. Swallowed hard and wiped my eyes."I'm going out for a little air guys. Be back in a few minutes okay?"They knew I just needed a few minutes to adjust. I went from being so
disappointed a little while ago with Billy and Joe to being so happy now I
felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I just needed a little
time to clear my head. Alone. I headed out shutting the door behind
me. Billy was sitting alone next door which was a surprise in its own
right. I looked at him but didn't say a word as I took off in the other
direction slowly. I walked around for a little while and then headed back
so they wouldn't worry too much about me. When I got back Billy was still
sitting on his stoop. As I approached my door he got up and came towards
me."Please Billy topless young nymphets
I am not in a very good mood and I don't want to argue or
fight right now okay?""No, wait... please Tommy."I stopped."What is it? I said sternly."Well I just wanted to..."He paused for several seconds not saying anything."To what Bill, spit it out will you please...I really don't bite you know
all you have to do is speak your mind. You certainly did the other day,
that's why you're living alone with Joey now!""I know. Look I really am sorry and I really, really do want to thank you
for saving my life. Is there anything I can do?"I thought for a second but said none of the things that came to mind."Ummm, no, not really, nothing that I can think of anyway."I turned to go to my door."Even blow you?""Excuse me?""You heard me.""I thought I heard something but not from you. You actually asked me if I
wanted a BLOW JOB. This can't be Billy talking to me it has to be an
imposter! What did you do with Billy and who are you?"He laughed at that. The first time I heard him laugh in about a week."So what is it you're getting at Billy? I never thought I would live to
hear those words come out of your mouth in my lifetime.""Yeah I guess but its not every day someone saves my life either and I
couldn't think of anything I could possibly do that was strong enough to
make you understand I am serious when I said thank you this time... to make
you understand I really meant it before. So even though I am against doing
that type of thing I figured it wouldn't hurt me to give you something back
for giving me my life back.""Well I suppose I should be honored that you would offer up something that
is so bad in your mind just to prove nymphets free movies a point Billy but I couldn't possibly
take something bbs elweb nymphets as costly as a blow job from you, besides you have never
given one and I don't like being bit on top of the fact that you would
probably confuse the shit out of Joey if he ever found out.""Well, actually he sorta thought up the idea. After you chewed us out the
thought crossed both our minds and I don't think either of us cares now, we
are just both happy I am alive and well and a blow job is just a small way
to really say thanks. Plus I don't want to fight anymore and I really like
your food."I was floored! Didn't know what to say!! My cock did though. All this talk
made it start to grow. I didn't let on to him though. I almost wish it
didn't for once, I almost wish I could accept anything but this from him
just so I wouldn't feel that everything is so damn connected to sex!"Ahhhhh, so it's the food... I see. I guess I make a good burger. I didn't
know I was THAT good a cook though.""No, it's not that. I mean the food was a nice touch on top of saving me
and it was good even cold but I miss the guys company and I miss everything
that came with being around you guys and I saw how well all of you get
along together like today in the pool. I just don't want to be left out
anymore. If sex will get me back into your group then I guess I give in.""Billy it was never totally about sex. I mean maybe in the beginning before
I realized I was hurting everyone it might have been but this was about
your attitude and calling me gay! Now I don't get it. You think a blow job
is going to erase all those words about being gay you said to me? There is
nothing gayer then sucking another guys cock unless you take his up your
ass! You ready for that?""No..." his voice trailed off like he got the wind knocked out of him. He
lowered his head almost like he was shamed."I didn't mean it like I was going to butt fuck you Billy, what I mean is
if your willing to take my cock into your mouth all of a sudden then what
happened to your morals, to your feelings about being gay and all the nymphets nude ru
that you stood for? What you believe in!""I dunno. I think they are still there somewhere. I am just swallowing hard
and I guess swallowing my pride too. My dad would be so mad but he is gone
and you are all that is left in our world right now. I am sure there are
others out there somewhere but this is our neighborhood and I guess you're
the leader. You feed us and well... protect us so I have to...well...I
guess respect that. I will do what you ask for payment for saving my life
and for keeping Joey and I safe now. I don't want to fight anymore and I
don't want to be left out anymore. I give up, you win.""It's not about winning! It's about what harsh words you used when you
called me a fag and gay and so on. It's about respect...yes but its more
like this... so I let you suck me off... so I win. What do I win? Nothing
really Billy because I am not looking to win. I was looking for respect I
guess and asking a straight guy to suck you off when he isn't into it might
not be right but it was all I had then. It turned me on! I don't have or
need that anymore especially from you, especially after what you said and
now that you suddenly feel like you're out of options you surrender so to
speak and expect me to say okay its fine blow me and we will forget the
past."I wasn't yelling at him I was trying to convince him that he should stick
to his personal feelings, what he believes in without making myself look
foolish or making him do something just because..."You're confusing me Tommy. Slow down. All I asked is for you to forgive me
and except my offer as a symbol of an apology. So will you without all
those words? Yes or no?""I will but you need to understand it's not that simple. Blowing me or
anything that might happen isn't going to make me forget that it's a
cover. Its not you! I want you for what is inside of you. In here! I took
my finger and placed it on his chest. I don't want you because you feel
defeated. That isn't anymore right then you taking my dick in your mouth
and swallowing anything. You understand now?""Sorta...""Look, I don't care if you ever did anything with me or for me Billy what
matters is that you have to do what makes you feel right. Does sucking my
dick make you feel right?""No.""Then why offer it when you don't think it's the proper thing.""Because it will make me feel like I paid you back for saving my life and
it will make me feel like I belong again.""Belong?""Yes Tommy. I feel like an outsider. All the guys up in your house having
fun, my friends hanging out together and the sex or whatever else is
happening inside while I sit little nymphet nude models in there day after day looking at the four
walls or talking about nothing with Joey or even worse watching all of you
go out and come back smiling all the time! I feel so left out! I feel like
I am missing what little is left in my life because I decided to open my
mouth and say the wrong thing, even if it felt right at that time and most
of all... he is the most boring kid I know Tom. Sure he is nice and so on
but other then company he is nothing. Sure I like him but I don't do
anything with him other then live under the same roof. I want to be part of
the group again. I need to be! So that's why even against everything I
believe in I am offering you a blow job to forgive me for being such a
jerk."Boy what a dilemma. I was thinking should or shouldn't I take him up on
it. After all it's a nice thought but will he respect me in the morning. I
laughed inside. What nymphets links the hell. Might as well get something from him he
seems desperate enough to offer it and he has made his point."So Tom?"The evil side of me was awakened. MY other head was winning."Okay Billy, sure why not."He smiled. Thanks Tom you won't regret this I promise."Billy the only way I could regret it is if you bite me and if you do I
will just cut yours off. THAT is a promise! So I hope you're sincere."He swallowed hard with my words."VERY Tom, very! So when do you want it?""How about now? After all this cock talk I am feeling horny.""Sure let's go to your room and we will..." I cut him off."No. I don't think so. I don't need the whole group knowing you're in my
room just to blow me and neither do you...besides I have a better way to
end all this and make myself feel a little better for your smart ass
comments last time.""What's that?" he asked hesitantly."We can do it in your house and Joey has to watch it all and you have to
swallow all my cum!""OUCH, that's asking a lot Tommy even for me.""Okay then never mind. I was only checking to see if you had the balls to
do what I asked."I left it at that knowing I had him. I was so evil sometimes and he didn't
have a choice. Not after spilling his guts to me about how alone he
is. Sure it was prickish and I shouldn't be so mean but I wanted to really
see how devoted he is to his word and how big his balls really are after
all that talk. Saying yes would surely mean he was being honest in saying
that all this would mean he was all talk and needed us just because he was
tired of Joey and had nothing else left. The ball was in his court now and
he needed to make probably the toughest decision of his 13 year life. I
looked over his big body wondering how well he would do if he agreed. He
was 13 now and it wouldn't kill him to swallow some and on top of it all I
really wanted to see how good he would be and how good he looked totally
naked again. And as a side note I want to see Joey while his best friend is
blowing me and how he reacts. Now the only thing left was to see if Billy
really could do it. I turned and headed back to my door leaving him to
think it over I got to my door and he was still standing where I left him."So you think it over Billy because it's going to take big balls to do what
I asked and if you can you will have gained my respect again. Oh by the way
while you're sucking me off I want you totally naked too!"I reached out for the door to go in and he yelled wait."Do I really have to be naked?""Yup and I want to strip you right in front of Joey and you can't tell him
a thing.""Anything else you want? Geeze you suddenly have become very demanding.""Not really Billy I have become lets say even?"I could see him thinking real hard I had demanded everything expect anal
now and I was dying to see if he would take it."Okay Billy I understand you can't handle what I want but its okay I will
still respect you for at least thinking about it and having the balls to
offer it after all this crap. Especially coming forward and telling me all
that. Anyhow once I enter the house the deal is off and then it really gets
tougher on you."I could see the anger starting to build from me forcing a decision from
him."What could possibly get tougher then what you already asked?"I came off my stoop and walked right up to him and flatly answered him."To be blunt Bill, if I go in and you don't give me what I asked then they
next step will be anal on top of everything else and I know you don't have
the balls for that. I stuck my 6 inches up your ass and you will die."He swallowed very hard and I thought he was going to pass out."Boy you are a prick! He said. I thought you would be a little easy on me.""Well Bill I was and you did offer but now with the extra you can't seem to
handle it.""But you want me totally naked and in front of Joey. That's embarrassing
what if he doesn't want that?""Then he is free to leave and you are free to finish blowing me in
private. But I think I know Joey and if you start then he will not leave
his cock will be just as hard as mine will be from this.""You suck Tom!""Yes I do Billy, yes I do."I turned and headed back over to my door and when I got there I opened the
door and looked at him."If I go in it only gets worse so what will it be?"He knew I had him and I had him good but I didn't think even he had balls
that big to do what I wanted. He didn't answer."Okay Bill. See ya. If you change your mind ring my bell."I went inside and shut the door. He's fucked now, literally."Where ya been? Asked Jon. We have been waiting for you.""I took a walk and ran into Billy. He offered sex for food and a few other
things."It was just Jon and I so I said that aloud. I really didn't want anyone
else to know."Did he bite?""So close. I guess I asked too much.""Well you did say you wanted to get even.""I did but I went 100% on nude child nymphets him. He will never say yes to what I demanded.""Wow, that's pretty tough on a kid that almost died a few hours ago isn't
it Tom?""I suppose so but he brought it up. He wants to be able to join us again
and be our friend. So I went tough on him. He failed."Jon just smirked."I am going up to my room for a bit and lay down I am beat.""Okay see you for dinner?""You bet, if I sleep in just wake me or have Shawn wake me okay?""Sure Tommy. Talk sick room nymphet to you later."I headed up to my room. All the sex talk made me horny and I was beat too
so I just lay on my bed and closed my eyes for a bit. It wasn't long before
the doorbell rang. I had a feeling and I smiled. Jon yelled up to me. I
went to my bedroom door."Who is it Jon?""It's Billy and Joe."Interesting..."Send them up."Chapter 11. A new beginning.They came up and I waved them into my room and they shut the door."So what brings you both here?""Your offer, said Billy. I have thought it over.""Good but why is Joey here? You know my conditions. He wasn't supposed to
know anything.""He doesn't. He just wanted to come over with me. He didn't believe I even
offered you sex."I looked at him."Yes he did Joey so you believe me?"He shook his head yes."Okay Bill I believe you I am going back to your place."He got up and left."Guess you did a good job brainwashing him from sex. He isn't a bit
interested anymore. Wait till he sees you take my cock up your ass, he will
freak!""I didn't agree to that!""Ahhhhh but you did when you rang my bell or why are you here?""Okay you win. Anything you want but please don't hurt me or make me bleed?
I don't know how Joey is going to react but I don't want that on top of
everything else.""Okay I promise I won't rip you open.""Ahhhhh did you have to put it that way?""Sorry. You ready now?""As ready as I ever will be! You have any Vaseline or something so it won't
hurt?""I have lube but its going to hurt no matter what since it's your first
time so you better be ready for all 6 inches of my hot meat up your ass. I
promise I won't cum up there though that is for your mouth.""Your gonna butt fuck me and then make me taste my own shit?""Well you can wipe it off first if you want that's only fair.""Yuck, you gross me out!""I sure I do. When do you want to do this?""Might as well be now I need to cum anyway, let's go.""You need to cum?""Yeah I figured while I am giving you what you want at least you can get me
off Joey sure won't.""That's your problem with Joey. Maybe I will get you off if I feel up to
it. See how good you are first."I walked down with him."Going next door Jon be back in about an hour.""Okay, enjoy, he said. Be easy huh!"I smiled at him and shut the door."Be easy? Does he know Tom?""He knows some, yes.""Geeze did you have to tell everyone?""Nope just him. Lets go my cock is growing thinking about your ass."I love rubbing it in."Well xxx underage nymphets
you just better be easy with my ass. You have the lube?""Right here in my back pocket.""Okay."We walked next door and I got a look from Joey as I entered."We have come for something Joe.""What's that? A homo show?""Smart boy. Part of the agreement was it gets done in front of you.""I don't want to see this." "Well you were the one who told him it was a good idea to blow me wasn't
it?""Yeah, so? I meant in your house not mine. Well it is going to happen right
here and you can watch and see how well Billy does.""Ummm, no thanks. Not interested.""Billy you better talk to him or we have no deal."They went into the next room and I heard some loud arguing and stuff but I
couldn't make out anything. About a minute or so later both came out."He will watch as long as he doesn't have to do anything""No he doesn't but he might get hard watching. I know he did while he was
naked at my place that night. He seemed to get into it.""That was then, now I am no longer into guys.""Interesting Joe guess it will be a long time before you get a blow job
again. I hope your hand works well."I looked at Billy."Okay my friend strip. Totally naked not even socks."He pulled off his tee shirt and exposed his bare chest. I didn't notice at
the pool probably because I didn't get to look closely but he is starting
to get a few chest hairs now."Lift your arms for me."He raised both arms over his head, I got closer. Both pits were filling in
too. Not a lot yet but getting there. He still has some baby fat too but
just a little."Okay now the socks first."He sat and pulled both socks off and threw them next to a chair. Cute feet
about a size ten I guess."When did you shower last?""This morning, why?" "Because I underage nymphet xxx hate body odor and I don't want to smell stink on you while we
are doing this. Lift your arms again."He lifted and I took a smell."Just fine.""That's gross!" Commented Joey."Hey Joe I bet you stink you probably haven't showered since you were in
the pool have you?"He didn't answer."That's what I thought. No answer usually means I am right. Good thing
you're not having sex with me I would hate to smell stank while anything
happened. Why don't you go shower now.""Why should I?""Incase I feel like sucking you off before I go or maybe having a piece of
you sweet ass. I hate dirty ass holes."He gave me the finger and I turned back to Billy. Billy smirked at what I
said."Okay Bill now the shorts."Down they came. He kicked them off into the pile with the rest of his
clothes. He went to grab for his underwear."No! Stop, not them. I will do that when I am ready.""Okay, he said. When?""Shortly, first I want to have a little tease. Sit in the chair and spread
your legs wide."I pointed to a chair that wasn't in Joey's view on purpose just to see if
he would go out of his way to watch."Spread `em wide."I got on my knees and up close to his groin. He had a little bulge already
and I knew it wouldn't take much for him to stretch out his undies. I took
my finger and placed in right on the head of his cock and started rubbing
it ever so slowly. He fell back into the chair. I continued this steadily
rounding his cock head through his underwear. He began to grow and shut his
eyes. I glanced over at Joey and he was looking but couldn't see anything
but me and my arm moving. I would bet anything he was getting hard. I sped
up what I was doing and he let out a moan. Perfect! That will get Joey
going for sure. He was now tenting his underwear. I kept going. Faster then
slower after a few minutes he didn't open his eyes any longer and I knew I
had total control of him now. A wet spot appeared where I was playing with
his cock. He was probably getting close. Again he let out a moan and again
I looked over at Joey. He looked like he was about to get up or fall off
the edge of the chair he personal nymphet
was on. He was about 15 feet away from us and
couldn't see anything but could hear it all including the friction I was
making on Billy's underwear, I sped up and noticed the wet spot grow some
and knew it wouldn't take too much more of this before he would be ready to
blow his load. I stopped. He opened his eyes and had a disappointed look on
his face."Feel good?""Oh yeah!""Sure you like it and you're not gay! Stand up. Walk over by Joey and stand
in front of him. Grab your cock and don't say a word then come back over
here and stand right in front of me."He smiled."Okay, no problem."Good he was getting into this. He sveta nymphs walked over by Joe and did exactly what I
said to do. Joey's eyes widened as he grabbed his cock through his
underwear. Then he let go and walked back to me and stood right in front of
me. I turned him so Joe would get the full view of his cock when it sprang
from his underwear and I yanked them down to the floor. His cock sprung up
to attention. Had to be at least 5 inches if anything. I looked over at
Joey and I swore he wet his lips."Stay right here. I will be right back."I got up and walked over to Joey. He watched me not having a clue what I
was going to do."Stand up Joe.""No. You can't make me either." I grabbed a handful of the hair on the back of his head and yanked him
up. He yelled and I got to see what I though I would see."Not enjoying it too much Joey huh? What's that tent in your pants?"I let go of his hair and took a nice hold of his cock through his
shorts. He was rock hard."No! Your no homo Joey your cock is as hard as Billy's is. You're so full
of shit!"I gave it a real hard squeeze and I pushed him back into the chair he was
sitting in. He yelled in pain as I did that and I turned back to
Billy. He's enjoying this as much as you are and if he denies it he is full
of shit! I went back over to Billy and started playing with his balls they
were hanging nice and low and they felt great, I took hold of his cock with
my other hand and started to jerk him off. He was wet with precum and it
made the job so much easier. I went faster and began to tug down as much as
I could on his balls. I knew he couldn't last too much longer because he
was starting to lose his balance. I stopped again. And again I got a dirty
look."Not yet my friend. Your not allowed to cum till I say so and this tease is
the best weapon for making someone do a good job when they suck."I got up and went over to Joey and started to strip right in front of
him. First my tee shirt then my shorts leaving just my boxers with a 6 inch
tent in them from my cock being rock hard. I got closer to Joe and then
just when I was about two feet from him he was looking right at my cock I
pulled them down and moved in closer so my cock was just inches from his
face."Nice isn't it? You can watch while it goes up Billy's ass in a little
while"I turned and stuck my ass in his face and walked back over to Billy and
kicked off my boxers along the way."What do you mean up his ass? Billy what is he talking about you didn't say
anything about getting fucked by him just blowing him!!"He just shrugged his shoulders as I sat in the chair that he was sitting in
before."Okay Bill on your knees and start sucking me off."He did as he was told like he was programmed. I had Joey right where I
wanted him about two feet from us as Billy closed in on my hard cock. He
opened his mouth as I watched him take the head of my cock into it and I
gasped as he closed his lips on it. About three seconds later he pulled
off."It tastes funny." "Get used to it that's probably precum your tasting. It will get stronger
as you suck and then eventually you will taste the cum as I hits the roof
of your mouth. I haven't jerked off in two days so you are going to get
plenty of it too."He made a face and went back to sucking me off. He went slowly at first."Get it wet with your saliva the wetter it is the easier it will be for
you."He mumbled okay and did as he was told. Joey was watching as Billy bobbed
up and down on my cock. His eyes fixed on us. Billy was getting better by
the second as he started to pick up rhythm. It felt great. I closed my eyes
and enjoyed it. I was starting to get close now."Stop.""Why what's wrong?""Nothing I don't want to cum yet."I sat up on the edge of the chair."Stand up and turn around."He did as he was told. I reached out and took him by his hips. He felt
nice. I backed him up right to me just inches away. I glanced over at Joey
and he was fixed on what I was doing now. His hand wandered down to his
cock and he didn't even realize he was feeling himself up he was so fixated
on what I was about to do. I knew I had him! I spread Billy's ass cheeks
and inserted one finger right to the edge of his hole. Then I stuck it in
like I did the last time but much slower. He gasped and Joey jumped with
the noise he made. I did all I could not to laugh at Joey. I stuck my
finger in about an inch."How does that feel?""Okay."I went further. Now I had about half a finger in him. No reaction from him
I think Joey was wetting himself over there though. I pushed a bit farther
and again he gasped. I was in all the way now."Awesome!" Billy said.I reached through his legs with my other hand and grabbed his balls and
started to pump my finger slowly in and out of his ass he was a little dry
but I am sure he didn't know with all the excitement that was flowing
through his head. I tugged harder and harder but ever so slowly on his
balls as I pushed and pulled my finger out of his ass. His head went back
as I did this and I knew he was enjoying it. I let go of his balls and
reached through for his cock. It was standing straight out and leaking
precum like crazy. I took my finger out of his ass and used the precum to
wet it and my middle one and then I slowly stuck both of them back up his
ass. He began to lose his balance so I stopped and got up."On your knees and put your head into the pillow cushion." He did exactly what he was told without blinking. Now he was all mine. I
spread his butt cheeks again and looked at Joey he actually moved closer so
he could see this. I had to move a little faster because I was getting soft
but I knew it wouldn't matter as soon as I was ready I would have it back
nice and stiff. Slowly I inserted both fingers into Billy's ass and he
didn't even flinch this time until I got them half way in."Awwww, Owwwww imageport nymphet that hurts a little.""Push out and don't try to stop me from coming in and it won't hurt so
much." If you don't relax its going to hurt more this is only two fingers
and I have 6 inches waiting.""Okay."I turned to see where Joey was and he was almost over my back. I stopped
what I was doing and turned towards him."You seem to be a bit close Joey?"I totally embarrassed him and he turned beet red."I thought you didn't like this!"I reached out and grabbed his rock hard cock again through his shorts."Hey still feels like a hard cock to me!"He backed off."Stop touching my cock man!""Then move back this isn't your business anyway is it?"I reached out again and me moved back this time and I came up empty. I
turned back to Billy who still had his head buried in the pillow. I grabbed
his cock to wet my fingers again and pushed back into his ass. I turned
again and Joey moved closer."If you don't back away I am going to stop what I am doing and bend you
over this chair and forcefully shove my cock up your ass without loosening
you up now back off you pervert!"He got the hint but I had him right where I wanted him I just didn't let on
I wanted him seeing all this. I went back to Billy and stuck both fingers
in as far as I could. He gasped as I hit his prostrate and I pulled out and
started finger fucking his ass with my two fingers. I could tell by the
noises he was making he was starting to enjoy this. It was time. Joey was
back again and I got up and turned to him. He tried to move away but I
grabbed his arm and pulled him over."Jerk me off now!He took my cock without a word and started to get me hard again. I fondled
Billy's balls till I was ready. He had me hard in no time."Okay stop you homo."That broke his trance and he let go of me. I turned to Billy and warned him
I was about to enter his ass with my cock. It was a first for me too so I
didn't know how it would feel. I got close and pushed the head of it into
him, it went without a problem. I started to pull him to me and with the
Vaseline I had on it, it popped right into him. I slowly pushed as he
gasped again."That feels so weird!" he said."I'm half way in now Bill and I am going all the way now."I pushed again and he gasped again this time I wasn't stopping. He moaned
as I pushed farther and his sphincter muscle stopped me."Push like you have to shit or it's gonna hurt a lot!"I felt him push and it got easier to enter. I was past the hard part now
and I was almost all the way in. One more shove and that was it my balls
were now hitting his ass cheeks."I am in all the way how does it feel?""Like I have to shit!""You probably will have to when I am done. Joey don't just stand there go
get us a towel."He did as he was told hurrying back so he wouldn't miss a thing. I started
to pull out of him and then push in and slowly I developed a rhythm and
before long I was butt fucking the boy who didn't like boy sex. I sped up
and he moaned. I was now getting close with him clenching his ass muscles
around my cock head and I knew if I wanted to blow my load in his mouth I
would have to stop now. I pulled out of his ass with a plop sound as my
cock exited him. His head flew back with this.I looked and there was no bleeding just a stretched out hole where my hard
cock was. I took the towel from Joey and wiped off my cock."Okay get up its time for me to cum in your mouth!"With some hesitation he struggled to get up off the pillow mostly from
being in the position too long. When he got up he was red faced and a
little dizzy. He regained his balance and got on his knees. I was very
close now to wanting to cum anyway so this won't take long."Okay suck me off I am ready to cum now."He got on his knees and took my cock back into his mouth. He immediately
pulled off."Ewwww that reeks! Tastes like Vaseline and shit!"I laughed."Give me the towel."I wiped it off better and told him to try again."This isn't going to get any tastier so get used to it we are almost
through and you almost got your freedom back with us too. Maybe next time I
will just do this for kicks after all it seems like you didn't dislike it
too much. I know Joey needs to cum soon too by the way he keeps playing
with his cock over there."Joey turned red again as I embarrassed him yet again. This was more fun
then I could have imagined."Okay Billy I need to cum! Suck me off boy!"He got on hid knees again as I sat back down and spread my legs wide."This time I want you to play with my balls as you suck. Don't squeeze them
too hard just fondle them like I did to you before. I will warn you when I
am ready to cum and then when I am going to cum after that I want you to
back off when I hit peak orgasm so you don't ruin it for me. Okay?""Okay but how will I know when to back off?""If you actually last through all my cum without choking and don't back off
my cock I will pull your hair gently and that will be the nymphet model video signal to get off
me.""K."He took my cock back into his mouth and started sucking me again. He gagged
with what I assumed was the taste it still had but I held his mouth on my
cock this time with my hands on the back of his head and eventually he got
used to it and sped up sucking me. He grabbed my balls and started to play
with them and squeezed a bit harder... probably getting even for me holding
him down on my cock before I pulled on his hair and he stopped."Squeeze my nuts too hard again and I will hurt you like you never have you
got me?"He nodded yes and went back to sucking. I was really close now and I told
him so. He continued playing with my balls grabbing each one and moving it
around his fingers alternating back and forth. It brought me close really
fast. He even slid his hand down underneath and rubbed close to my ass hole
making me feel really good. I warned him it was time and he stopped playing
with my balls and put both hands on my upper thighs to brace himself. A few
more strokes on my cock and I was there. I let fly with my first load into
his mouth and another and another I felt it dribble out onto my legs as I
flooded his mouth with my spunk. In all I felt four solid shots of cum
leave my cock. He didn't choke once so I tapped on his head as my orgasm
grew to climax and he backed right off. I melted into the chair as I peaked
and the feeling flooded me like none I ever had before. He was awesome. My
heart was racing a mile a second and I felt the sweat roll off my forehead
and down my chest as I started to come back from the awesome explosion that
had rocked my brain from his sucking me off and me waiting two days to
cum. I opened my eyes and both of them were stari

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